Board of Directors Meeting

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Board of Directors’ Meeting

Meeting Date: 14 July 2011

Agenda Item: 11




To advise the Board of the project management approach and

activities being undertaken to implement the Board decision to

transfer the management of FM services to in house



A Project team has been established to drive the

implementation of the Board decision to transfer the

management of FM services to the in house team.

The paper briefly describes the project management

approach being deployed and identifies the key players

involved in implementation.


To note the progress report


Nick Chatten, Special Projects & Estates Director

Presented by:

Sue Barnett, Director of Operations


Facilities Management (FM): transfer of service provision

The mobilisation of the FM in house service is being delivered using tight project management systems and tools.

Project Plan

A detailed mobilisation project plan (summarised in the format of a GANNT chart) has been developed identifying all key tasks, dependencies and timescales for completion.

Risk Register

A separate section has been temporarily added to the Trust Risk Register to allow for tracking and management of identified risks to the successful delivery of the project.

Project Board

The Senior Responsible Officer, reporting to the Executive and the Board on progress is Sue Barnett. Nick Chatten is the Project Director.

A small project board, comprising Sue Barnett, Nick Chatten, Philip Kitchener, Associate Director, Facilities Management and Marcus Hill, Project Manager, meet, weekly (Friday pm) and formally account for progress on the project, reviewing any variances from plan and the project risk register. A weekly Project Report is prepared in advance of the meeting summarising progress and issues.

Core Project Team

Nick Chatten, Philip Kitchener and Marcus Hill meet every day (8.30am) to review emerging issues and to agree responses.

Mobilisation Team

The mobilisation team involves a wide cross section of FM related and specialist managers and advisors from across the Trust. Each member of the mobilisation team has specific project tasks and responsibilities (see table). The team meets formally to review progress overall each Wednesday afternoon for 1 hour.


Summary of Role Transition team member(s)

Project Director Overall responsibility for the successful outcome of the Transition Nick Chatten

Project Manager Support the Project Director, establish Project and Programme Management office, manage

Project processes and programme management regime, co-ordinate overall programme and project reporting, maintain project risk register

Marcus Hill (interim)

Associate Director, Facilities & Estates

Lead the FM team, support and challenge, exit management, maintain continuity of services July to Sept 11, deliver non-contract related SCIP plans.

Philip Kitchener, supported by Paul Theocleous (interim)

Hard FM lead Ensure a seamless transition for Hard services from Carillion/supply chain; develop PPM regime

and asset management plans; establish technology solution for Hard services (e.g. CAFM, Helpdesk, PPM); plan technical systems training and familiarisation; ensure all equipment, supplies and services are in place; ensure all staff are trained and have equipment, work wear etc

Terry Robertson supported by _TBC____(interim)

Soft FM lead Ensure a seamless transition for Soft services from Carillion/supply chain; Ensure stakeholder

needs are addressed (e.g. Infection Control) in the development of soft services; ensure all staff are trained and have equipment, work wear, etc; ensure all equipment, supplies and services are in place; Identify training needs that can be provided via supply chain – then implement.

Susan Robinson (interim) supported by Paul Gilbert

HR Lead Colin Moore (interim)

HR Manager

Advice and support on HR issues to subject workstream leads, TUPE expertise, transfer

practicalities, training and induction, TU relations Jeanette Howard (interim)

Dep. Dir. Workforce Workforce oversight, Trust internal consistency, workforce strategic view etc Andy Boden

Financial Controller Mobilising financial systems and processes, cash handling, accounting, etc Shaun Elliott

Finance Manager Budget setting, financial modelling/forecasting Karel Ponder

Procurement Manager Contracts, novation of contracts, ongoing supply and longer term procurement strategy Kevin Everitt

Security Advisor Mobilising security workstream Peter Symkiss

Infection Control Compliance with Trust requirements in mobilisation and service models re. infection control Heather Dakin

Energy & Environment Environmental strategy for the new FM regime, train staff/ familiarisation Vall Rasaratnam

QA Systems Establish QA systems for new service monitoring Vall Rasaratnam

Fire Advisor Compliance with Trust requirements in mobilisation and service models re. fire Tony Terry

Health & Safety Compliance with Trust requirements in mobilisation and service models re. H&S. Support to Risk

Register and risk assessments

Mike McCarron

Project Administrator Support to project team, organisation document control etc Jacqui Gregory

Commercial & Legal Disengagement with Carillion and novation of contracts Andrew Knott

IT Manager IT infrastructure, supporting/mobilising helpdesk, FM applications etc Darren Atkins

Communications All aspects on internal and external communication re the project, newsletters etc Paul Searle

Emergency Planning Exit arrangement with Carillion for FM Business Continuity Plans, identify overlap/gap analysis,

strategy to mitigate risk, update policy & records


Transition and Continuity

In addition to the ‘Transition team’, a ‘Continuity team’ is overseeing the current service up to the point of transfer at the end of September.

We have attempted to ensure that the Transition team and Continuity team work hand in glove, and that the Associate Director is able to contribute to both the mobilisation but remain accountable for the day to day management of the FM service.

Additional capacity

To increase management capacity overall during the intensive three month period of mobilisation we have appointed three interim FM specialists to work alongside the Trust managers responsible for FM Services, these are:

 Paul Theocleous, an experienced FM manager who will principally contribute to the continuity work but will support specific aspects of the transformation where he brings particular expertise to the Trust; Paul will lead on delivering SCIP/efficiency plans out with the FM contracted services.

 Susan Robinson, a second experienced FM manager, who particularly brings considerable cleaning and cleaning technology expertise to the project and will lead on mobilisation of the housekeeping services; she will support other work streams as appropriate.

 Simon Davison, an experienced Hard FM manager who will work with Terry Robertson in both mobilisation and continuity work.

We have also contracted two very experienced HR professionals, Colin Moore and Jeanette Howard, who will ensure all employment related issues are addressed.

Marcus Hill, the interim consultant appointed to help to support the development of the decision process on the future model of FM, will stay with the Trust for the mobilisation period as Project Manager.

All members of the Transition and Continuity teams have access to a shared computer drive containing data resources, records of meetings, project plan, risk register, etc. A dedicated mobilisation office has been established so as to provide a focused environment and not impact upon the day to day FM team.


Initial meetings have been held with trade unions locally to discuss the process of mobilisation and relevant early issues. Ongoing dialogue with local union branch representatives will continue throughout the mobilisation period.

Arrangements have been made to meet with groups of Carillion employees in the second and third weeks of July to brief them on the Trust’s approach to mobilisation and to commence the data collection on individual employees that will be required for the smooth transfer of employer under the TUPE regulations.

Relationship with Carillion

It is important that a strong relationship is maintained with Carillion during the transition period. The cornerstone for this is the Trust’s 14 year relationship with Carillion. Regular weekly meetings are held between the Trust core team and the senior on-site Carillion


management to discuss progress and issues of common concern. This does not replace the day-to-day and hour-by-hour contact with Carillion that happens throughout the week. Carillion mobilised their PCT Contract on 1 July 2011 and this went smoothly this now allows them now to focus their attention on a successful exit from the Trust.

A formalised record of information requests and responses between the Trust and Carillion has been established to ease the transfer of information and to minimise risk of duplication of effort.

Delivery to Programme

The project plan is reviewed weekly with the Director of Operations. As at 1 July all key delivery milestones have been met and the programme is on course to complete mobilisation on 1 October 2011.




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