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The next generation of

Print Management






A truly integrated Print

Management solution

“ What used to take us 20 minutes before, now takes 5-10 minutes,

which is a huge savings. Not only can we process orders more

quickly, they are more accurate, since no human is involved.

Together with the intelligence we gather from the reporting

features, the system literally pays for itself!”


Print Management

With over 10,000 systems sold worldwide, PrintSmith is a flexible, feature-rich print management software (MIS) that offers powerful estimating, point-of-sale, account management, production management, receivables and sales analysis tools within a single, easy-to-use application.

• Full business reporting capabilities provide real-time analytics that allow you to identify productivity and job costing

• Real-time status updates allow for full visibility across your production floor

End-to-End integrated workflow

Looking for an end-to-end workflow? PrintSmith Vision is integrated to our premier Web-to-Print solution EFI Digital StoreFront®

and EFI Fiery®

servers and controllers. The EFI end-to-end integrated workflow has saved thousands of companies millions of dollars. • Automates key elements in web-to-print and print

production workflows

• Eliminates manual touchpoints and mitigates errors • Streamlines operations and reduces turnaround


EFI™ PrintSmith™ Vision is a browser-based, scalable and customizable print

management solution designed to streamline operations, reduce costs and provide

the visibility you need to be successful.


Features of PrintSmith Vision

• Easy-to-use and leverage solution: PrintSmith Vision offers a browser based interface that lets the user focus on improving business performance

• Remote secure access from mobile, tablet and desktop: Extended visibility allows you to service your customers whether you are on the road or in the office

• Flexible and Scalable: Offering a modular architecture, EFI PrintSmith Vision lets you choose the solution that best fits your business requirements, size and budget providing the ability and flexibility to grow with your organization as your business needs evolve

• Easy and Quick Implementation: PrintSmith Vision is a self-implemented solution and can be fully functional within 40 hours



Features of PrintSmith Vision

Estimating & Quoting

• EFI PrintSmith Vision lets you create estimates for all of your jobs from business cards to complex projects • Advanced features include automatic profi t

estimating, multi-bidding, invoice templates for repeat jobs and more

• EFI PrintSmith Vision tracks every estimate ever created and provides you with a win/loss ratio by customer, so you know which clients off er the greatest profi t potential

Financial Management - Financial Statements

• Simplifi ed handling of payments with a complete display of all open/unpaid items for each account

• Ability to post partial and full payments, spread payments over invoices, process refunds and post to several accounts being paid through one master billing account

• Closeouts are available on a daily, monthly and yearly basis or for any other designated time frame

• Daily and monthly sales reports let you review sales and receipts by category, new invoices, invoice profi tability, etc.

• Detailed aging reports for every account, including contact information, make tracking and collection easier • Account reports give you the data you need to manage each account

• Customer statements include invoice numbers, products, total amounts, balance due, and more

• EFI PrintSmith Vision is also integrated with many leading accounting packages to give you complete fi nancial reporting


PrintSmith Vision Dashboard

• Provide users with faster access to the information they need with the ability to set follow up reminders to make the most out of every opportunity

• Our goal is to eliminate touchpoints while moving the user as quickly as possible to the information needed to make informed operational and business decisions

“PrintSmith Vision’s dashboard… is the first thing our staff

looks at, and everyone can quickly see which jobs are

due, and we are all better prepared as we head into to our

morning meeting each day.”



Order Management

• Pending Documents is the “control central” for checking the status of estimates and invoices and seeing what’s due and when it’s due

• Powerful sorting and search capabilities help keep you organized • Manage your stock inventory with the Stock Order report

- Daily reports provide a complete a list of all the paper you will need (including size, quantity, and cost) to complete every job

- If you track stock inventories, you can automatically restock when a minimum level is reached • Track jobs through entire production process




• Automate your scheduling process, increase your throughput and manage your resources more effectively • A state-of-the art scheduling solution provides a simplify way to manage your entire scheduling process,

offering drag-and-drop capabilities and job tags that are automatically updated in real time with status information as they move through production

Purchase Orders

• Many jobs require items such as paper or ink that you must purchase. To help you manage the purchasing process, you can create purchase orders in PrintSmith Vision for the kinds of supplies or outside services that you typically need for the jobs you produce

• You can create purchase orders for stock, invoices, jobs, and charges, as well as create generic purchase orders • When you receive the item(s) on the purchase order, you can record a partial receipt or indicate that a line item

or the entire purchase order is complete

• You can review the purchase orders that were created for a particular supplier as well as the list of all purchase orders created for an invoice


Shop Floor Data Collection

• With PrintSmith Vision Tracker your company gains full automation and complete real-time visibility into all aspects of your operations including real-time shop fl oor data and comprehensive job costing information

• Save time and improve response to customer’s job status inquiries as the location of jobs are updated as they move through the production cycle

Mobile Views

• The new PrintSmith Vision Mobile Views empowers your team to maintain operational visibility while on the road or at home

• This is an excellent tool if you need to check work-in-process, check the status of a job, or review an account’s history

• The extended visibility allows you to service your customer without making a trip back to the plant or calling a staff member


• The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that lets you control and track your customer relationships to improve customer satisfaction as well as to increase your sales

• With the CRM you can:

- Manage your customers, contacts, and prospects - Understand the markets your customers are in and

what they buy


Nothing herein should be construed as a warranty in addition to the express warranty statement provided with EFI products and services.

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“I really don’t know how anyone can run a printing

business without PrintSmith. All the information I need to

grow my business to levels I never thought possible is right

there. PrintSmith is critical for me and my business.”






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