DRAMA CLUB SCRIPT. Term: Summer 2014 Day: Tuesday Age group: Title: Macbeth

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Term: Summer 2014

Day: Tuesday

Age group: 8-10

Title: Macbeth

All: When shall we three meet again, in thunder lightning or in rain All: When the Hurley burley’s don, when the battles lost and won All: That will be ere the set of sun,

Er: Where the place

All: Upon the heath, There to meet with MACBETH!

Cannon: Fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through fog and filthy air (NOISE) Be: What is this place?

A: I am not sure my friend but it has a strange air about it. Let’s rest here. Be: You fought well today my friend

A: Nonsense I have never seen anyone as brave as you in battle Banquo E: A drum a drum Macbeth doth come

Be: I feel like we are being watched

A: Me too, hold on a minute (Scream), What are these creatures Be: They look like women, but they can’t be because they have beards A: Creatures speak if you can, what are you?

Witches: Hail Macbeth, hail to thee C: Thane of Glarms

Witches: Hail Macbeth, hail to thee R: Thane of Cordor


J: That shalt be king thereafter A: What is this you speak, it can’t be

Be: Why do you look so shocked, they say you’re will be king. What of my future hags! Bi: Your sons will be kings but not you.

Be: (shrug) eh, good enough. (Witches retreat)

(Servants of the castle, hand over right ear leaning towards R) L: Meanwhile in Macbeths castle

R: Oh I do hope I hear from my husband soon.

C: Hem, hem, Lady Macbeth a letter from your husband.

R: He says he has earned a great respect, (cross stage) He also said he met some witches. All: Witches? Nah!

R: (Cross stage) and they said he is going to be king. All: King? Nah!

C: Lady Macbeth the king is coming here tonight

R: GASP King Duncan, I have to clean the place. (clap clap, all step forward and start cleaning) J: Excuse me

Cannon: Welcome home my Lord

J: I have returned, why are all the servants frantically cleaning

R: I’m glad you asked, but first tell me how you come to be Thane of Glarms and Cordor J: I could tell you but we have to be alone, leave us.

(All bow, back of stage)

J: I met some strange creatures who told me I would be king

R: But how is it possible the king still lives and he is coming here tonight J: We must make him feel welcome and we will discuss this later tonight. (ALL Trumpet)


Bi: I do wish they wouldn’t do that, everywhere I go trumpets, trumpets, trumpets. R: It is a pleasure to have you at our house, King Duncan

Bi: The pleasure is all mine, I had to see the new Thane of Cordor J: You are too kind

Bi: Nonsense the other one was a traitor and lost his head. That reminds me what are we having for dinner?


Bi: Thank you all, for making me feel so welcome, let’s eat. (Eat) This is delicious! (Freeze) R: Can I speak with you a moment my love

A: Please excuse me King Duncan. So, what’s the plan

R: I’m going to get the king drunk, and later on when he has returned to his room, you will creep in and kill him.

A: Oh I don’t know if I can. R: (Slap) Pull yourself together.

A: I don’t know if I can be the man you want me to be. R: Of course you can and you will.

A: But what if we fail. R: Then we fail. (All sleep)

Er: Why are you not in bed my son? C: The sky’s awake so I’m awake

Er: You know it is nearly midnight and you should be in bed. Who’s there? A: A friend, Banquo, a friend

Er: Macbeth? I thought you had gone to bed. We are just on our way now. This is my son Fleonce C: Is this Macbeth the great soldier you told me about?


Er: The very one now off to bed you go. I had a dream last night about those witches we met in the forest.

A: What a horrible dream that must’ve been

Er: But I can’t help thinking about it. Is what they say true? A: Wipe it from your mind; it is not worth thinking about Er: Thank you sir.


(All one slow step forward, rub eyes)

All: Is this a dagger I see before me? The handle towards my hand? Come let me clutch thee. (Swipe, swipe, hold.)

C: Art thou a dagger of the mind? Be: A false creation?

El: The cause of a heat oppressed brain? (Three onto knees, pray) A: My eyes are made the fools of the other senses.

L: There is no such thing!

R: It is the bloody business. (Three onto knees, pray) Er: I go and it is done, the bell invites me

J: hear it not Duncan for it is a knell

Bi: That summons thee to heaven, or to hell. (Three onto knees, pray) (Pull dagger, stand, turn, three steps, stab)

Er: GASP King Duncan’s dead! Be: Murder, murder!

(All sit. L is worried)

L: What is keeping my husband? Duncan’s death should be quick. The potion that I gave the guards won’t last long.


L: Why do you still have these weapons? The blood is still fresh on your hands. Bi: Did you hear anything?

L: When?

Bi: As I came back were there any screams? L: No the house is still sleeping

Bi: (SIGH) This is a sorry sight.

L: I will go and plant these on the sleeping guards. (Plant) Now my hands look like yours. (All knock)

Bi: What is that distant knocking? Quick to our beds we must go. (L and Bi exit)

C: Good morrow Macduff

Be: Good morrow Lennox, Why have you been in bed so late, did you drink too much last night? C: I think we all overdid it last night the King’s not even awake yet? (Laugh)

Be: Ah our master must be stirring, here he comes. C: Our knocking awoke him.

J: Good morrow to you both. Be: Is the king awake yet? J: Er, er, er not yet.

Be: I Must speak with him it is of great importance J: (arm round) How about I tell you when he is awake. Be: But it is not your job to do so.

C: What are you the kings hand maiden (Laugh)

J: (Extra laugh) Hand maiden, that’s a good one. (Serious) I’ll tell you when he is awake. EXIT


Bi: MURDER TREASON RING THE ALARM (Run to a point and ring the alarm) Er: Banquo, Donalblain, Malcolm awake!

A: Shake off your downy sleep. Death has come to this house. R: Ring the bell, ring the bell (Pull the bell)

BELL NOISE (Split into two sides facing one another, shout at one another, R and El come out and everyone freezes)

El: I don’t like this at all someone has murdered our father R: I don’t think we are safe here Malcolm

El: You are absolutely right. You go to England and I’ll go to Ireland. R: Good luck my brother (Exit opposite)

MACBETH HIRES MUDERERS C/Er SL practicing swordfighting

A: (SR) No one must suspect my guilt, the only person between me and the throne is Banquo. (All creep to Alex as evil murderer)

L: You called for us sir.

A: I have a job for you, you know Banquo All: Yes my lord

A: I want you to kill him and his son All: We shall my lord (creep to SL)

Er: That’s right son, keep your arm up, we’ll make a soldier of you yet. (C charges at left, hides behind)

Er: Run Fleonce, run as fast you can and don’t stop. (C EXITS, All circle around Er)


(Er drops, arms over the top of her, move away Er is dead, move away to the corners) MOVE TO TABLE POSITIONS

All: Cheers!

Bi: How glad I am that you are all able to attend my feast. Eat well until your stomachs are full my friends

(Er comes in, face Macbeth and point) Bi: Banquo it can’t be

C: What are you saying, there is nobody there Bi: Of course there is no one there

(Er walks around to the middle and points) Bi: Get out, get out of my house spirit! (Look at one another)

Bi: Everyone leave the feast is over. (Everyone complain)


All: Round and round the cauldron go, in the poisoned entrails throw (Hands up, Laugh)

GET CAULDRON All: (frog) Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Be: How now you secret black and midnight hags. C: Ah Macbeth we’ve been expecting you

Be: I need some more advice from you creatures Witches: ooh advice from us, (cannon) speak, demand J: Would you rather hear it from us, or our masters? Be: Call them. Let me see them.


(Up surround cauldron, all down, Billy up) Bi: Beware the Thane of Fife

(Up surround cauldron, step right, all down, Ellie up) El: Beware of man not born of woman.

(Up surround cauldron, step right, all down, Rachel up) R: Beware when Birnham wood comes to Dunsinane Hill

Be: (To aud, witches vanish) Well that’s ridiculous woods can’t move, where have they gone. Mh I have all the information I need.


El: Why won’t it come off, come off. (rub hands on floor, rub hands) come off. Out, Out. ALL: (examine El as doctors in a line at the back)

Er: I have watched this woman for two nights now. Be: When was the last time she walked?

L: (hands together) She has risen from her bed and put on her nightgown, then she takes a piece of paper and folds it.

J: And what happens then?

PAPER L: She doesn’t write upon it. She just seals it and puts it back.

R: Has she done any sleepwalking at all? L: Not to my knowledge doctor.

A: (Hand out) Here she comes, she looks fast asleep.

El: (Walks across stage, kneel down and rub hands) Out, out damn spot. Out I say! C: What is she saying?

Bi: Let’s watch her some more.

El: Will these hands ever be clean? Here’s the smell of blood! All the perfumes of Arabia cannot sweeten this hand. To bed I go.


All: Mmm yes, mmm yes.

BRANCHES Macbeth pacing

R: My Lord (Be jumps)

Be: Why have you got that goose faced look? R: Sir there are 10,000 …

Be: GEESE! Villian? R: No sir, soliders. Be: What soldiers? R: The English force sir

Be: Go and take thy goose-face to your position. I will not be afraid. I will defeat any enemy for the honour of my wife. (Move close behind tree branches)

Er: (Be falls down, all move to the sides) Turn hell hound.

Be: Do what you will Macduff for I cannot be harmed by any man born of a woman.

Er: Ah-HAH Then you will not feel my sword. (lunge forward, Macbeth dies) Now men fight for me your new king. Fight for honour, fight for Scotland.




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