MEETINGS & CONVENTIONS SALES PLAN. Prepared by: Janet Roach, Meetings & Conventions Director

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2014-2015 SALES PLAN

Prepared by:

Janet Roach, Meetings & Conventions Director

GOAL: Generate 7,250 definite room nights, representing a 2% increase over fiscal year 2013-2014.


Maximizing the use of meeting facilities by securing or assisting four meetings or conventions per month through direct sales and partnerships with the local industry in the following market segments:



Social, Military, Education, Religious and Fraternal (SMERF)


Provide assistance to meeting planners with all aspects of their request for proposal including disbursing qualified leads to appropriate meeting venues and hotels and organizing and conducting site visits.

Promote the Transportation Fund, Bid Pool and Special Event Grant Programs, providing Tallahassee an advantage over other destinations.


Promote Tallahassee as a destination for “smaller meetings” that can be accommodated in Leon County hotels and meeting venues to association meetings planners.

Maintain active memberships in the Tallahassee Society of Association Executives (TSAE), Florida Society of Association Executives (FSAE), Small Market Meetings, and Meeting Professionals International (MPI).



Attend, exhibit and participate at annual conferences, tradeshows, educational events and networking opportunities including XSite Tradeshow, TSAE Power Luncheons, FSAE Annual Conference, MPI Southeast Regional Conference, Connect Marketplace and Small Market Meetings Conference.

Sponsor and host events attended by meeting professionals such as MPI North Florida’s Monthly Educational Meeting and FSAE’s VIP Reception.

Attend and participate at VISIT FLORIDA hosted events including Florida Encounter, an appointment based tradeshow and VIP Atlanta, attended by 100 Atlanta-based meeting professionals.

Maximize on Tallahassee’s geographic and topographic advantages by focusing on environmental and nature based groups.

Collaborate with the Marketing Department to increase exposure and frequency of messaging to the association market segment by adverting on and and in association e-newsletters.

Promote Tallahassee to regional meetings and conferences as an ideal location in the southeast with drive distances within five hours of most regional cities.

Host a Familiarization Tour and showcase Tallahassee’s meeting venues and other assets for meeting planners/decision makers.

Distribute quarterly emails to targeted association planners.


Promote Tallahassee as a destination for “smaller meetings” that can be accommodated in Leon County hotels and meeting venues to state and national government meeting and convention groups.

Maintain an active membership in the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP).

Attend and network at monthly SGMP Florida Capital Chapter meetings and co-sponsor one luncheon at a partner venue.

Attend educational conferences and tradeshows attended by government meeting

professionals including Florida Meeting Showcase, Florida Capital Events Tradeshow and SGMP National Education Conference.



Utilize position on the SGMP National Board of Directors as an avenue to gain added exposure for Visit Tallahassee focusing on the members in the southeast and those from Region 1 chapters including; National Capital, New England, North Carolina, Greater Pittsburgh and Old Dominion.


Promote Tallahassee as a destination for “small meetings” to meeting professionals and decision makers representing social, military, education, religious and fraternal (SMERF) meeting and convention groups that can be accommodated in Leon County hotels and meeting venues.

Attend trade shows targeting SMERF markets including: Rejuvenate Marketplace and Small Market Meetings.

Continue to cultivate relationships with professors and department leaders at Florida State University, Florida Agriculture Mechanical University and Tallahassee Community College by prospecting and conducting sales calls that educate them about Visit Tallahassee’s services and promote our funding resources for meetings & conventions.

Distribute targeted emails promoting the destination for its unique meeting venues and well as it affordability quarterly.

Host a Familiarization Tour and showcase Tallahassee’s meeting venues and other assets for meeting planners/decision makers.

Target local chapters of national and regional organizations related to niche markets such as religious, fraternal and social groups.


Promote Tallahassee as a destination for “smaller meetings” groups that can be accommodated in Leon County hotels and meeting venues to corporate meeting professionals.

Maximize exposure with meeting planners affiliated with MPI North Florida by attending meetings quarterly, sponsoring the November MPI North Florida Jacksonville Luncheon, purchasing a three month banner ad on and adding these contacts to the iDSS database.




Promote cooperative opportunities to partners for increased exposure and maximize available marketing resources including:

Provide booth share opportunities targeting Tallahassee based association and government meeting planners at Capital Events Trade Show and Florida Meeting Showcase.

Partner with local meeting venues, hotels and restaurants to host a familiarization tour to meeting planners/decision makers from associations and SMERF market segments. Collaborate with local industry partners and the other Tourism Development Departments to host a sales mission in a city that offers direct flight to Tallahassee such as Atlanta, Charlotte or Dallas Ft. Worth.

Provide advertising and promotional opportunities in targeted email newsletters quarterly to association, government, corporate and SMERF market segments.

Co-sponsor the November Meeting Professionals International (MPI) North Florida Luncheon in Jacksonville attended by 50 meeting professionals.

Co-host a monthly meeting for the Florida Capital Chapter of the Society of Government Meeting Professionals (SGMP) attended by 40 government meeting professionals. Schedule meetings with local industry partners and encourage them to utilize the Transportation Fund, Bid Pool and Special Event Grant Programs as ways of giving Tallahassee a competitive advantage over other destinations and address the concern of lack of hotel rooms attached to convention space.

Conduct quarterly meetings with key contacts at area meeting venues/hotels throughout the year to maintain close relationships, exchange ideas and information in additional to annual holiday sales calls to area hotels.




GOAL: Create four educational seminars focusing on customer & quality service for front line hospitality industry staff and related professionals.


Provide the Leon County hospitality community resources and training so they can offer exceptional customer service to visitors.

Provide customized training for front line hospitality employees who have direct visitor interaction on a regular and ongoing basis including hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, sporting facilities, municipalities, attractions, shopping malls, major events, event volunteers and valet companies.

Develop an interactive presentation in partnership with local stake holders for use by audiences less likely to attend traditional training workshops such as taxi drivers.


GOAL: Work with Florida State University, private hotel development companies and other entities to expand the meeting space in Leon County to attract new business to the destination.


Support and be a resource to industry partners who are considering or expanding their meeting space.

Continue educating industry partners and developers on the needs of the destination that will support increased meetings and conventions economic growth.



FY 2015 Budget Summary

Meetings & Conventions

FY 2013-2014 FY 2014-2015

Other Contractual Services $ - Other Contractual Services $ -

Travel & Per Diem 13,388 Travel & Per Diem

11,500 Postage - Postage -

Rental & Leases - Rental & Leases - Printing & Binding - Printing & Binding - Promotional Activities - Promotional Activities - TDC Merchandise - TDC Merchandise - TDC Direct Sales & Promotions


TDC Direct Sales & Promotions 25,340 TDC Community Relations 4,400 TDC Community Relations 4,900 Other Current Charges

30,000 Other Current Charges

40,000 Uniforms - Uniforms - Publications, Memberships 1,400 Publications, Memberships 1,740 Training 1,000 Training 1,000 Sponsorships & Contributions

4,750 Sponsorships & Contributions

5,150 Sub-total Operating 81,418 Sub-total Operating 89,590 Industry Participation 4,534 Industry Participation 800 Total Budget $76,884 Total Budget $ 88,790 Notes/Comments:

Other current charges have increased by $10,000 for Bid Pool ($20,000) and Transportation Assistance Funds ($20,000).

Industry participation is reduced due to the uncertainty of partner participation with the flux in local meeting hotels’ ownership, management and staff.



FY 2014/15 Sales Plan Detail

Department Meetings & Conventions

Date Show/Event Location Target Show Cost Travel Cost


Participation Net Cost

10/15/2014 TSAE Meeting Planner Symposium & Expo Tallahassee, FL Association 975 - 975

10/28-30, 2014 Rejuvenate Marketplace Atlanta, GA Religious 3,450 1,200 - 4,650

Nov, 2014 MPI North Florida Jacksonville, FL Corporate & Association 35 500 535

Nov, 2014 SGMP National Board Meeting TBD Government

12/3-5, 2014 Florida Encounter Ft. Lauderdale, FL Corporate & Association 2,300 1,200 - 3,500

Jan, 2015 SGMP National Board Meeting TBD Government 0 - -

-2/17/2015 XSite Tradeshow Tallahassee, FL

Government, Corporate &

Association 0 - -

-March, 2015 FSAE Meet & Greet TBA Association 50 500 550

March, 2015 SGMP National Board Meeting Washington, DC Government 0 - -

-April, 2015 MPI NF Ed Con Education Day Jacksonville, FL Corporate & Association 600 500 - 1,100

May, 2015 VIP Atlanta/Visit Florida Atlanta, GA Corporate & Association 1,300 800 - 2,100

May, 2015 Capital Events Tradeshow Tallahassee, FL

Government, Corporate &

Association 850 400 450

May, 2015 SGMP National Conference Minneapolis, MN Government 800

June, 2015 Sales Mission

Atlanta, GA or Charlotte, NC

Government, Corporate &

Association 2,500 1,200 3,700

July, 2015 FSAE Annual Meeting TBA Association 600 1,200 - 1,800

March, 2015 SGMP National Board Meeting TBD Government 0 - -

-August, 2015 MPI SEC TBA Corporate & Association 500 1,200 - 1,700

August, 2015 Connect Marketplace TBA SMERF & Association 3,450 1,600 - 5,050

August, 2015 Florida Meeting Showcase Tallahassee, FL Government & Association 850 400 450

9/27-29, 2015 Small Market Meetings Little Rock, AR SMERF & Association 1,600 1,600 3,200

Fall, 2015 FAM Tallahassee, FL

Government, Corporate &

Association 5,000 - 5,000

Year Round SGMP Capital Chapter Meeting Tallahassee, FL Government 150 - 150

Year Round MPI NF Tallahassee Meetings Tallahassee, FL Corporate & Association 180 - 180

Year Round TSAE Power Luncheons Tallahassee, FL Association 150 - 150





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