Customer Service and Support. Our people make the difference to our customers.

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Our people make the difference

to our customers.

Customer Service

and Support.



NZ wide service


Support of rural and

remote areas

No 3rd party


just long-term staff

100% direct branch

network, 22 locations

24/7/365 access

to support

Proactive resolution

of issues

Happy customers

Our people

make the

difference to

our customers.

When our


talk about our

support, it’s

always our

people they

praise before

anything else.

Dave Paviour GM Customer Service and Quality Manager, Fuji Xerox New Zealand

Fuji Xerox Customer Service and Support

– at a glance.





It’s not enough to deliver outstanding technology. That’s only the tip

of the iceberg as far as we’re concerned.

As well as all the operational efficiencies and savings that go with the installation of our print devices and solutions, we are committed to seeing you enjoy optimal performance, maximum uptime and minimal fuss.

Fuji Xerox arguably supports more customers in New Zealand than any of our competitors. Our nationwide 30,000 strong customer base represents small businesses with 1-3 employees and perhaps one device, through to enterprise sized organisations with thousands of staff and hugely sophisticated IT environments. Some of our customers have been with us for between 20-30 years.

Common to all of our customers, regardless of the number of devices or complexity of their print solution, is that if something goes wrong, they need it fixed, and quickly. Our support offerings reflect the layers of complexity within that need, providing options to meet our customers’ expectations. Our customer service network comprises of 250 employees across 22 branches nationwide and our regional support centres, and every one of our people, works directly for us. We employ more certified engineers and technical specialists than any other company in the country.

Whangarei Auckland Tauranga Rotorua Napier Palmerston North Timaru Dunedin Invercargill New Plymouth Nelson Gisborne Blenheim Taupo Whanganui Westport Alexandra Greymouth Queenstown Hamilton Wellington Christchurch

Fuji Xerox Branches where staff are located Fuji Xerox Branches service locations




• Continuity -we know your business:

We have an outstanding history of long service within Fuji Xerox, ensuring continuity, stability and quality service and support for our customers. Long term familiarity with our customers’ solutions and business needs means an enhanced decision making process, and even faster resolution.

• Ability – we solve problems:

We invest in formal on-going training so that issues are always resolved as quickly and efficiently

as possible. Our people are highly skilled, qualified and professional. We fully understand that our ability to solve issues is important to the smooth running of your business.

• Consistency – we always like to exceed expectations:

Every staff member at Fuji Xerox has a commitment to ensuring your expectations are always being met, and more importantly to us, usually exceeded.

• Flexibility – we go that extra mile:

A high level of personal dedication to issue resolution sees our people go out of their way to make sure you up and running, and back in business, as soon as possible.

• Ownership – our reputation matters to us:

Our support people are not contractors, they are staff. Our name is dependent upon the service levels we deliver to our customers, so it’s not something we trust to just anyone.

The Fuji Xerox edge

Our People.

We have advanced and comprehensive service and support offerings,

and always get great feedback about the positive outcomes we deliver.

But we believe that what gives our support the edge is the quality of

the individuals who make up Fuji Xerox New Zealand.



Our People

Our Customer Service Engineers (CSEs): Our 145 nationwide customer service engineers who support our equipment. They all work directly for Fuji Xerox; we don’t use any contractors or third parties to provide service for any device we put in place, large or small. • Committed: The average

length of service for our CSE team is 12.5 years.

• Certified: All our CSEs must comply with electrical registration, health and safety and first aid training certification. They are also required to undertake our world-class formal certified training for all our products.

Our Analyst Team: Our 45 technical analysts do nothing but support our software and solutions. Once again, they are all staff members, and not contractors. Our analysts provide specialised technical support including onsite installation services from printer driver installation to advanced network consultancy. We invest in having our own people working with our own customers. For us, that’s just part of taking full ownership of every component of any solution we put in place.

Service coverage hours

Our service coverage by customer service engineers and analysts is from 8.30am – 5.00 pm on business days. We can offer extended coverage hours should you require them.

Access to global network

In addition to the support infrastructure in New Zealand, we have access to the entire global Fuji Xerox and Xerox technical expertise to ensure that the best available knowledge is applied to your business.

An overview of the



Fuji Xerox Customer Support

Centre - for personal care

and fast resolution

Our Customer Support Centre is your first point of contact.

Phone support is handled by our regionally resourced and trained team of technical specialists at the Support Centre. Whether the call is about delivery, contract details or making a service call that either requires second level support though our Technical Support Centre (TSC), or an onsite engineer our support staff are ready to help.

Our Support Centre is highly effective at issue resolution. Over 35% of all issues are resolved within minutes by a single call to our Customer Support Centre. If your issue is escalated from the CSC to the Technical Support Centre (TSC) you will hear back from us within 30 minutes. Using our web-based Remote Support Tool (RST) your support engineer will, with your permission, be able to see “over your shoulder” by connecting to your desktop. From here they can see what you are seeing, show you how to address the issue or even do it for you and also how to use our products, perform remote software and hardware configuration and run diagnostics.

To make sure that we are on exactly the same wave length as you, we have a lab with the full range of machines we sell set up and running at the TSC. This means our engineers can replicate your issues by testing problem files on the same device you are using. The resolution rate increases to 97% if the issue requires second level escalation.

Any issue that requires an onsite engineer is passed on via our Fuji Xerox TRACE systems to the Smartphone/Tablet of the appropriate in-field CSE who will action an on-site visit.

Service capability and

performance certification

Fuji Xerox is the only company of its kind with the internationally recognised Service Capability and Performance Certification. This prestigious award requires annual company reviews of corporate commitment, research and development, strategic direction, performance metrics and customer satisfaction. Achievement of the SCP Certification by the Sydney based Fuji Xerox Technical Support Centre and the Fuji Xerox Online Support Centre demonstrates our commitment to delivering best practice support services. For additional information on the SCP Certification, visit

Over 35% of all

issues are resolved

within minutes by

a single call to our

Customer Support




Online Support Assistant -

for self-help

You will have 24/7 access to the Online Support Assistant (OSA), Fuji Xerox’s web-based self-help tool.

OSA can be used as an instruction tool by staff and enables users to:

• Utilise online help: Your own Online Support Assistant provides instant self-help, with step-by-step instructions and information on Fuji Xerox’s products. The OSA is available 24 hours a day.

• Resolve simple problems: Clear step-by-step instructions to follow with our web-based self-help tutorials. This function enables a 20-30% first time resolution of most issues that a user might experience.

• Search and browse for help: You can easily find answers to common device problems and browse through ‘How To’ topics. View product specifications and frequently asked questions.

• Access downloads: All the latest software and drivers ready to be downloaded as required

• Get helpful advice on choosing the right stock for the job: View recommended material listings, media type and paper stock.

My Account - for personalised

online service

Through authorised users can manage your account online.

• Access personalised account information: View lease, support agreements and invoice details.

• eLogging and requests: Record meter readings, order toner or request machine relocations.

• Log support issues online, 24/7/365: Log a hardware or software support request online, and in real time, without needing to call the Support Centre.

• Order supplies: My Account is conveniently linked to our supplies website.

Fuji Xerox New Zealand



Billing Meter Consumable Status Fault Alert Usage Counter



Fuji Xerox

Internet Service Report Consumables SSL

Designed to make your life easy, the Fuji Xerox EP service provides a managed

services that monitor, maintain and replenish the consumables of your printing

infrastructure. Potential issues of equipment performance can be pre-emptively

assessed and solved with a central point of management.

Enjoy improved customer service benefits as issues of monitoring incidents and supply of consumables are shifted to Fuji Xerox. Reports are then generated for monitoring and optimising for better environmental practices.

Increase Staff Productivity

• Save valuable time in device management and administration. This will leave more time for productive work. Improve Equipment Productivity • Proactive monitoring of faults and consumables will minimise your downtime

and improve availability.

Sustainable Business Environment

• The wealth of knowledge gained from accurate accounts of your equivalent carbon output, plus power and paper usage will aid you in implementing and monitoring environmental best practices.

Fuji Xerox New Zealand



Automatic Meter Capture

Managed by Fuji Xerox, accurate meter readings are updated automatically.

• No need to manually check device usage

• Free up staff from time-consuming meter collection and submission activities

Proactive Incident Alert

For real-time problem resolution, providing remote, end-to-end incident management.

• Monitoring networked devices to help ensure they are up, running and ready for use

• Identifying potential issues, allowing for proactive action and greater device availability, with minimal user intervention

Proactive Consumables Management

An automated supply replenishment process which proactively re-orders consumables once they reach pre-determined levels. • An alert each time a consumable item is ordered

• Confidence in knowing that more consumables are on the way and you will have spares on hand before you run out • Free up staff from a time consuming role

The suite consists of:

Ideal for an


which has large

or fragmented

premises and

doesn’t wish to

tie up their own





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Office Locations

Contact Us.


New Zealand Head Office

Fuji Xerox New Zealand 17 Hargreaves Street College Hill

Auckland 1011 New Zealand

Fuji Xerox New Zealand

PO Box 5948 Wellesley Street Auckland 1141 New Zealand Telephone +64 9 377 3834 Fax +64 9 356 4444

Published in New Zealand May 2014

Our people make

the difference.