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Marketing Department Organization N9


Academic year: 2021

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Marketing Department Organization


Chart IX

Director, Marketing Department N9

Deputy, Marketing Department N9B

Marketing Resources and Support N9C

Strategic Marketing Plans Manager N9D Events Marketing Division N91 Marketing Plans Division N92 Creative Production & Visual Information Division N93 Local Marketing & Leads Analysis

Division N94

Cyberspace Division N95


Chapter Nine MARKETING DEPARTMENT Organizational Relationship


Function. Plan, develop, direct, manage and coordinate all Navy Recruiting advertising and marketing activities in support of Navy recruiting. Identify and understand our target markets. Plan, develop, enhance and maintain the local and national advertising lead tracking system; manage and maintain national lead fulfillment and toll-free telephone facilities; plan, develop, enhance and maintain Navy recruiting websites and social media; manage lead distribution process to cyberspace recruiting center; manage and coordinate the use of all

recruiter exhibit support properties. Develop an awareness and image of Navy as an exciting career opportunity. Provide the target audience with pertinent, credible, and provocative information to inspire individuals to contact the Navy. Major Responsibilities

1. Coordinate the development and execution of the Annual Advertising and Marketing Plan that provides the objectives, strategies, initiatives and media plans for effectively

supporting the recruiting mission.

2. Plan, budget, and manage the development, production,

contract procurement, and distribution of all items contained in the approved Annual Advertising and Marketing Plan.

3. Manage all national recruiting advertising with civilian advertising agency, keep the Commander advised of the status. 4. Administer contracts funded from the recruiting advertising budget; liaison with appropriate commercial contractors, offices of the Bureau of Personnel and with various offices and agencies in the procurement of in-service and single service materials. 5. Advise the Commander on the status of recruiting advertising programs and material and on those additional programs that

require funding from the recruiting advertising budget. 6. Manage lead generation programs for field activities;


7. Manage the development and distribution of printed and audio/visual recruiting materials.

8. Monitor and evaluate local advertising efforts throughout the country via NAVCRUITREG Commanders.

9. Manage the development, production, procurement, and distribution of recruiting aid devices.

10. Manage recruiting exhibits.

11. Inspect all advertising and promotional materials; take corrective action where necessary.

12. Conduct research and surveys to determine the effectiveness of advertising materials and programs.

13. Serve as the Navy member of the Joint Advertising Marketing Research Studies (JAMRS) group.

14. Develop special programs and promotional plans for direct recruiting support; maintain contact with national figures and personalities to develop and execute promotional plans.

15. Manage and coordinate all aspects of communications media to include Internet, social media, chat rooms, banner

advertising, web postings and emerging media.


Function. Aligning with NAVCRUITCOM Strategic Objectives, execute supervisory duties as defined in OPM Supervisory Position Evaluation Guide, including but not limited to directing technical and administrative work of assigned personnel; aligning assets to meet command/unit mission

objectives and goals; and providing training for and development of assigned personnel. Oversee, manage and execute the day-to-day operations of the N9 Advertising and Marketing department. Each week, plan, prioritize and provide direction to Division supervisors. Provide technical assistance, policy

interpretation and guidance. Act as N9 department head during the Director's absence, in the full discharge of duties assigned.


Major Responsibilities

1. Develop advertising policy and strategy for national and local advertising operations.

2. Provide direct and indirect supervision for military and civilian personnel assigned to advertising divisions.

3. Plan, develop, coordinate and monitor activities of all divisions that execute the recruiting advertising program.

4. Advise department director on budget contracting, research, financial execution and advertising management systems.

5. Coordinate all phases of planning, production, and media placement with advertising divisions and commercial advertising agencies.

6. Manage and maintain coordination of vendors and contractors in support of director of events marketing operations.

7. Provide administrative management and coordination with the creative director concerning development, contracting, and

distribution control of radio and television visual information products created in support of Navy recruiting programs.

8. Function as Alternate Contracting Officer Technical Representative (COTR) for the advertising contract.

9. Assist in the planning and development of the Commanders Guidance and supporting documents in preparation for the Annual Advertising Marketing Plan.

10. Comply with all command civilian employee management business rules and supervisory responsibilities.

11. At all times, comply with all EO, safety program,

Management Internal Control program and Security and Privacy Act laws, directives and guidelines.

12. Prepare and provide required reports for N9 review and forward. Inform command leadership of activities/initiatives ongoing and anticipated.

13. Review the weekly agency marketing report and lead the daily planning meeting to monitor program progress and ensure


program initiatives are executed as planned and completed as designed.

14. Meet with assigned direct supervised personnel when required to complete development of annual employee critical elements, mid-term evaluations and end of year appraisals.


Function. Advise on advertising and marketing policy and

planning for national and local communications programs based on budget, marketplace, goaling, primary and secondary market

research information and command initiatives; track and monitor advertising spending to ensure the most effective use of

available resources; manage and provide staff advice and

assistance in matters concerning budgeting and contracting for the Marketing Department.

Major Responsibilities

1. Establish execution plans, controls, and procedures; prepare production reports; develop financial plans; coordinate and

disseminate information on advertising budget; ensure the most effective use of available resources.

2. Recommend approval/disapproval on field requests for local advertising actions exceeding $5000.00 in value.

3. Manage the financial and contractual aspects of the national agency contract, by developing appropriate contract and

financial systems for a multi-million dollar firm fixed price contract. Ensure proper controls for the Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) to manage the creative

development and purchase of advertising within existing resources.

4. Coordinate financial aspects of the detailed annual

advertising budget submission from Program Objective Memorandum (POM) through Congressional approval. Advise the department director on the status of the O&M budget, maintain departmental budget through STARS and Fast Data, provide recommendations concerning allocations and act as the focal point for financial management information. Provide staff support in matters


5. Financial planning. Modifications and management of the Advertising Agency contract. IRD processing, approvals and tracking.

6. Plan, develop, coordinate and monitor department major activities providing direct and indirect supervision of the staff. Collaborate with senior officials of other units to negotiate and coordinate work-related changes.

7. Provide and coordinate use of advertising and marketing research for the department. Metrics system and data review to develop a process to show Return on Investment (ROI).

STRATEGIC MARKETING PLANS MANAGER (N9D) Function. Assist Department Director in development of

marketing objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bounded. Review marketing mix analysis and provide input on target population for each program. Review marketing activity analysis for each program. Focus on each marketing activity for each program. Identify the program, the initiative timeframe, and the budget for the activity. Review events marketing activity analysis. Focus on specific

promotions. Identify specific techniques, and marketing messages for the target markets. Plan, implement and manage abstract marketing strategies that will support the recruiting mission. Identify which market niches to address using the correct advertising distribution channels. Work to develop a sound business strategy as direct marketing tactics flow

directly from this plan. Setup and coordinate a strategic

business unit for planning purposes. This unit is for strategy formulation and evaluation that will enable effective planning and marketing management.

Major Responsibilities

1. Provide advice on technical aspects of Navy national recruiting advertising.

2. Develop input to the annual advertising and marketing plan to include rationale, specific recruiting data, suggested

advertising and marketing products, and any insights on the difficulty in achieving the recruiting mission. All the input is presented to the contract-advertising agency for their


3. Support in the development of Navy advertising objectives and strategies for national advertising programs through

departmental advertising management planning.

4. Analyze current and projected annual advertising plan.

Monitor plan to ensure conformance to department objectives and strategies.

5. Maintain a level of expertise on advertising industry policies/procedures and apply them to Navy advertising management when applicable.

6. Support in assessing research results and recruiting program goals to provide relevant guidance to commercial advertising agencies for strategic creative direction and media planning.


Function. Develop strategic plans for events marketing for Enlisted, Officer and Navy Reserve program marketing and promotion opportunities. Develop and maintain coordination between various vendors and contractors in support of National and Local recruiting programs. Event support includes

conventions, sponsorships and National events. Major Responsibilities

1. Supervise a division in the planning, and execution in providing convention and seminar materials, manage Navy event marketing assets, such as the simulators, and other recruiting assets.

2. Coordinate with Navy and DoD show assets such as the Leap Frogs, Blue Angels and Navy Band to support Fleet Weeks and large air shows to put a visible Navy presence in the civilian community.

3. Coordinate with NAVCRUITDISTs to participate in the event marketing tours for national and regional events.

4. Build and manage all sponsorships packages, largely of the Diversity Directorate interest to ensure the proper promotion ahead of events and assign appropriate assets for the event and assign a tracking mechanism to evaluate and increase the return on investment from all sponsored events.


5. Maintain the Events Central Data Base to serve as the primary tool for all recruiting Districts to be made aware of the event, identify all logistics to support, manning and execution plan to ensure the best positive image for Navy.

6. Perform all NAVCRUITCOM Outreach responsibilities in concert with CHINFO Public Affairs Officer and NAVCO to ensure that the voice of Navy Recruiting is heard by all enterprises.


Function. Plan, coordinate, and manage the production and dissemination of all national advertising and collateral

material productions to support Navy recruiting, Navy Reserve recruiting; primary liaison with the Navy's contract advertising agency for the execution of the national advertising contract; advise and review advertising initiatives associated with the local advertising programs; effect liaison with several

production centers including NAVCRUITCOM recruiting program managers, Bureau of Naval Personnel, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, Navy Chief of Information, and other Navy activities in the management of all advertising production; initiate, develop, effect and market public service recruiting advertising programs; coordinate the placement of advertising with communications

media; administer the promotional items program; control and maintain historical advertising files.

Major Responsibilities

1. Provide advice on technical aspects of Navy national recruiting advertising.

2. Develop input to the annual advertising marketing plan to include rationale, specific recruiting data, suggested

advertising and marketing products, and any insights on the difficulty in achieving the recruiting mission. All the input is presented to the contract-advertising agency for their

consideration in developing the annual Strategic Plan.

3. Plan, develop, and coordinate the national advertising of Navy Recruiting Command.

4. Develop Navy advertising objectives and strategies for national advertising programs through departmental advertising management planning. Analyze current and projected annual advertising plan. Monitor plan to ensure conformance to objectives and strategies.


5. Coordinate all phases of planning, production, and media placement with Navy Recruiting Command department directors, the Chief of Naval Information, any external proponents as well as the commercial advertising agencies.

6. Keep informed on advertising industry policies/procedures and applies them to Navy advertising management when applicable. 7. Plan, coordinate, and exert management, funding control over all in-house, and agency activities.

8. Review and evaluate the progress of production or procurement of advertising material; recommend changes in schedule or methods of accomplishing the task.

9. Exert management and administrative control over advertising material clearance operations for the department.

10. Coordinate distribution, printing, and procurement of advertising materials.

11. Secure maximum placement of Public Service Advertising (PSA); generate, develop, and affect Navy public service recruiting publicity and advertising programs in print and electronic media.

12. Assess research results and recruiting program goals to provide relevant guidance to commercial advertising agencies for strategic creative direction and media planning.

CREATIVE PRODUCTION & VISUAL INFORMATION DIVISION (N93) Function. Create, design, and produce “master” printed

Recruiter-Assisted Devices (RADs) and visual information

collateral materials to support field recruiters and NAVCRUITCOM sponsored events as necessary. Create and provide oversight of custom designed radio and television spots for field recruiters. Manage, coordinate video productions and processes; procure

digital motion media products, oversee contracting and mass duplication of digital media recordings, visual information presentation equipment, digital/electronic presentations, and various forms of photographic products in support of Navy and DOD libraries. Manage operation of NAVCRUITCOM digital photo lab.


Major Responsibilities

1. Direct the production of recruiting collateral material masters through management of technical writers, graphic

designers, photographers, videographers, nonlinear video editors, and digital imaging operators.

2. Develop graphic standards based on current industry principles of design.

3. Provide professional guidance, digital imaging, and graphic support to field recruiters for special events, promotions, and niche markets not covered by our national advertising strategies. 4. Oversee contracting and duplication of localized Public

Service Announcement (PSA) radio and television material.

5. Provide graphics advice and guidance to department director. Also, perform oversight of applicable DoD, CNO directives

governing copyright and digital image enhancement and manipulation.

6. Advise the department director concerning development, contracting, and distribution control of radio and television visual information products created in support of Navy

recruiting programs.

7. Provide graphic design, photographic, and video services to headquarters staff.

8. Initiate contracting of graphics, multimedia, and

photographic services to support the development of recruiting material. Evaluate performance of service contractors and make recommendation to department director for process improvement. 9. Routinely evaluate and make recommendations for improvement concerning management, administration, and production technique, which would result in improved efficiency.

10. Provide visual information and graphic design guidance as a member of Navy Recruiting Command’s web-site development team. 11. Provide administrative management control of all Navy Recruiting Command’s and Navy Recruiting District’s visual information equipment inventory, review and update applicable


instructions, evaluate requests, and provide purchase approval of minor visual information equipment.

12. Manage construction of print packages to include print specifications, placement of digital images and graphics, print colors, fonts etc.

13. Screen all visual information graphics and photographs for accuracy and maintain a digitized image repository.

14. Manage a life cycle management program that ensures NRC maintains industry standard quality equipment/software for graphic design, photography, nonlinear editing systems, video acquisition systems, digital media duplication, audio recording acquisition equipment, and web development.

LOCAL MARKETING & LEADS ANALYSIS DIVISION (N94) Function. Develop and maintain local advertising and leads

production programs to ensure maximum utilization of advertising resources in support of Command leads generation objectives. Oversee the national leads fulfillment process and the follow-up of nationally generated leads. Oversee national call center operations. Establish goals for optimum district local

advertising resource management and funding based on broad direction from Director, Marketing Department. Develop

objectives and strategies for the field and the divisions Local Advertising Managers in order to effectively meet these goals. Establish and maintain a systematic approach to local

advertising policy formulation, field planning guidance, field advertising procurement, program administrative requirements, productivity evaluation techniques and training requirements. Major Responsibilities

1. Work with NAVCRUITCOM’s Training and Quality Assurance Department (N7) to assist with course of instruction for local leads production team (LPT) class at NAVCRUITCOM ORIENT UNIT. Assist with analysis of system needs, field requests and

NAVCRUITDIST/NAVCRUITREG production performance.

2. Establish goals for effective local advertising budget

utilization. Develop specific objectives and strategies for the field, and the local advertising managers, in order to


3. Brief Commander, NAVCRUITCOM and departmental directors at least monthly on effectiveness of NAVCRUITDIST Lead Production Teams (LPTs) in meeting planned productivity objectives.

4. Present recommendations for system modifications and necessary management actions to improve system and field productivity.

5. Supervise the operation of the Local Advertising Management Section (LAMS). Supervision includes the establishment of

projects and work schedules, setting standards and rating performance.

6. Plan training programs for subordinates and conduct training at Headquarters for LPT personnel. Recommend formal training considered necessary.

7. Review trip reports, National Training Teams inspection reports and production statistics to determine current and potential problem areas requiring management action or further study.

8. Provide assistance to NAVCRUITCOM’s Training and Inspection Team (N7) with NAVCRUITDIST assessments to gauge effectiveness of local advertising management and systems.

9. Participate in Headquarters workshops, PCO/PXO and OPO/EPO visits that pertain to local and national advertising leads management.

10. Oversee the implementation and management of the Navy

Advertising Leads Tracking System (NALTS) database with contract vendors, as well as NAVCRUITDISTs and NAVCRUITREGs.


Function. The Cyberspace function is to support field

recruiters by operating as a virtual field office for gathering and developing qualified leads for dissemination to the field. Major Responsibilities

1. Operate as a virtual Navy Recruiting District (NAVCRUITDIST) for gathering and developing qualified leads for further

dissemination to field recruiters using internet, chat, social media, and email.


2. Cyberspace Reserve Affiliation Coordinators (RAC) email all current active duty Navy personnel within six months of End of Active Obligated Service (EAOS) and offer sailors the chance to join the Navy Reserve. In additions, RAC recruiters will

contact all sailors currently in the Individual Ready Reserve to offer them the chance to join the Navy Reserve.

3. Cyber recruiters will use online resources to develop new leads when applicable. Cyber recruiters will provide initial program information and direct applicants to applicable resource experts.

4. Training on current Navy recruiting needs and objectives as well as recruiting ethics and business rules is essential in all endeavors of Cyber Recruiting and shall be emphasized.

5. Operations work in concert in support of RF2020. Deliver a faster, leaner, adaptable, and more capable recruiting force. 6. Cyberspace manages the NAVCRUITCOM command burial program that provides military honors to all deceased active duty and military veterans in our area of responsibility.


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