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Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise from Vodafone. The power to collaborate


Academic year: 2021

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Now you have the


Microsoft Office


365 from Vodafone is

designed for enterprise businesses like yours.

It provides you with the Microsoft products

you know and trust – email, calendars,

instant messaging (IM), web conferencing

and file sharing. And it adds fast, reliable and

secure connectivity from Vodafone so you

can work the way you want, on virtually any

device, virtually anywhere.

Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone - it just works

In today’s evolving marketplace, you need to provide your people with flexible working while also ensuring your whole business is operating more efficiently. Now there’s a way of controlling costs while also embracing new ways of working.

Combining cloud versions of Microsoft’s most popular and trusted products with Vodafone’s secure, reliable fixed and mobile connectivity, Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone is the complete communication and collaboration solution for large organisations. It provides a seamless user experience, regardless of whether you are using your desktop PC, a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Office 365 provides you with the tools you need to give your customers the comprehensive service they expect from your business, but also the agility to be responsive and dynamic like a smaller business. It’s a completely flexible solution which allows you to select all of the Microsoft products or just the ones that are most suited to your business.

With Office 365 you will enjoy enterprise-grade email, scheduling, collaboration and task-list tools for a predictable, per-user monthly fee.




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Total peace of mind Enhanced security protecting your files, devices and users A hosted cloud solution

Always working with the very latest software versions

Enhanced business mobility Easy and secure access on many devices Lync Online

Collaborate easily in real time

Exhange Online Enterprise-grade email and shared calendar

Office 365 ProPlus Access the latest versions of Office tools including: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and One Note

Seamlessly connectivity Fast, reliable and secure connectivity from Vodafone

One supplier

One contact and predictable, monthly, per-user costs SharePoint Online

Collaboration and knowledge-share on the move


Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone is

designed for the 21st Century workspace.

Vodafone’s extensive experience of

implementing business-grade connectivity

tools such as Office 365 means we know

exactly how you can realise a whole range

of operational possibilities and embrace

effective new ways of working.

Develop – faster

You get a single view of all information about personal contacts and shared business contacts across your offices, across the world. And this is dynamic data: wherever you see a colleague’s name in Office 365, you can quickly and easily interact with them. No more waiting for an email response or a call back. Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone gives you the tools to get things done – fast. You won’t have to wait long to get up and running either, thanks to Microsoft’s straightforward, web-based portal that makes it easier than ever to set up, manage and secure Office 365 across multiple offices.

Achieve – with business mobility

Office 365 is accessible from virtually anywhere so your people can work effectively and stay connected on the move, whether travelling between sites or between customer meetings. Whenever you sign in to your account, your applications, documents and settings are right there, just the way you left them. All you need is an internet connection – and you can continue your work whenever, wherever. This level of flexible working expands the reach and scope of the services you can offer. Big business just got bigger.

Unleash – with secure collaboration

In a few clicks, set up a team site with SharePoint that lets you and your colleagues work on documents together, making comments and changes to the same document at the same time. This is flexible working that really works. Store your files in a private online storage area, so they’re safe and accessible even if your server goes down, or if a device is lost or stolen. These files synchronise with a designated folder on every connected desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone so you can share documents and work with colleagues on the same version and access your documents even when you are offline.

Connect – and stay connected


Vodafone can be your single supplier,

from initial set-up to ongoing support.

No ongoing investment in on-site


Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone is

packed full of features for fast, efficient and

effective communication with the people

who matter most to your business.

A simple, all-in-one solution managed by us for you

You get business-grade software tools from Microsoft with a reliable service and a predictable monthly cost from Vodafone.

Hosted in the cloud

Office 365 is a hosted cloud solution that includes the suite of Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Lync, Publisher and Access. Because it’s hosted in the cloud, your software is always up-to-date and there are no licenses or upgrades to worry about. Office 365 can be configured to your specifications.

Personal productivity on demand

Get up and running instantly, wherever you are, with Office applications available on any device – including a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This also means your people can work remotely on documents together, making comments and changes to the same document at the same time. Work files are kept in a private and secure online storage area too, synchronised with a folder on your desktop PC or laptop, so you don’t always have to be online to access documents.

Worry-free IT

Microsoft’s staightforward, web-based portal makes it easier than ever to set up, manage and secure Office 365, while management tools give your IT department more power to monitor performance across your organisation to help ensure that Office 365 performs at peak levels to keep your business productive. And because the software is hosted in the cloud, your IT department won’t have to make sure everything is up-to-date and running properly – it’s done for you – which means you can say ‘goodbye’ to expensive servers, IT maintenance costs and masses of administrative paperwork.

Data security


Find information and handle emails

quicker, co-ordinate schedules, keep

up-to-date with contacts and social networks.

All connected to the cloud for anytime,

anywhere access from Vodafone.

Broadest business network

You can create powerful networks for your organisation by using Microsoft SharePoint, Lync and Exchange Online in combination. These unifying communication tools help you connect, communicate and collaborate with the people you work with and with important contacts – so your organisation is always at the table no matter where in the world the next meeting may be.

Business intelligence and knowledge-share

Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone gives you intuitive new ways to explore your data and gain new insight. With one click, you can visualise and analyse data in greater depth than ever before. For example, by combining Microsoft Excel with SQL Server, you can centrally investigate and quickly generate insight from large data stores.

Brand-strengthening collaboration

You can collaborate remotely with colleagues across different departments and geographies on a range of devices, to create visually striking and dynamic documents, with all changes synced in a single place. You can also share your work quickly and easily with other stakeholders or customers, by using the

The power of the web and multimedia

Integrate rich web or intranet content directly into your Office 365 documents, bringing your files to life with real-time views of dynamic content. Stay up-to-the-minute with reporting systems, integrate directly with map services or see what your customers are saying without having to update your files.

More control, less cost


Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone

works for many different enterprises.

A case in point

A nationwide group of estate agents with both residential and commercial departments wanting to cut cost and complexity out of their day-to-day operations without compromising face-to-face customer service.

The challenge

• A network of over 150 offices up and down the country • Keeping 600 sales representatives connected when

they’re on the road or visiting properties

• A difficulty in sharing sales trends and property hotspots within the group

• A growing online presence that is starting to cause issues with real-time data-sharing

• A need to keep sales reps and potential customers in the loop with real-time property insight

How Microsoft Office 365 from

Vodafone has helped

Everyone within the enterprise now has real-time access to the group intranet wherever they are, giving them up-to-the-minute sales information, property prices and customer details. Information can be accessed via a desktop PC, in the office, or on their company tablets and smartphones when working remotely.

HD video conferencing means face-to-face meetings are now possible between the group’s 150 offices without the time and cost pressures of travel. It also provides a means of sharing property portfolios quickly between offices.

Online queries regarding the property sales are now handled instantly by the sales team, with customers directed to the most appropriate available representative with a single mouse-click. The ability for the group’s workforce to access all areas on a single device has improved customer service, cut IT complexity while also ensuring more secure and reliable data-sharing.


When you and your people can operate free from the physical

boundaries of time and place, you can embrace new ways

of working.

Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone is designed for businesses like yours. It will give you the Microsoft products you know and trust and the fast, reliable, secure connectivity from Vodafone you need to work the way you want, on virtually any device, virtually anywhere.

Extensive range of mobile devices

One supplier, one contact

Predictable, monthly, per-user costs

Ongoing support for your business

Seamless, secure connectivity Set-up support







Vodafone Solution Specialists – helping you find the right services for your business





Exchange Online



SharePoint Online



Lync™ Online



Office and Web Apps

Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft 2013 Exchange Server as a cloud-based service. It gives users rich and familiar access to email, calendar, contacts and tasks across PCs, the web and mobile devices.

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a cloud-based service, hosted and managed by Microsoft and Vodafone, for businesses of all sizes. Instead of installing and deploying SharePoint 2013 Server on premises, any business can now simply subscribe to SharePoint Online to provide their employees with an enterprise grade solution for creating sites to share documents and information with colleagues and customers.

Microsoft Lync Online is a hosted, enterprise-class communications solution based on Microsoft Lync 2013. Lync Online provides organisations with next-generation communications capabilities, including Presence, Instant Messaging (IM), and PC-to-PC audio and video calling. In addition, Lync Online works with Microsoft Office 2013, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SharePoint, helping users communicate using the applications they understand.

With Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus and Office Web Apps, users get the latest version of the Microsoft Office applications below, seamlessly connected and delivered with cloud services, so they can access their documents, email, and calendars from virtually any device. Office 365 ProPlus is included in some versions of Office 365 for Enterprise. Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project are available at additional cost.





Access methods: Outlook Web App, POP3, IMAP4, Outlook Anywhere, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync®

Mobile device support: Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Exchange Web Services: Use this programming interface to access and manipulate mailbox database information such as folders, messages, calendar items, contacts, and tasks Inbox rules

Delegate access: Can access other mailboxes

Instant messaging interoperability in Outlook Web App (Requires Lync Online or Microsoft Lync Server)

Personal archive: Store historical messaging data in an alternate storage location

Legal hold: Configure whether data within a mailbox should be retained for litigation purposes in your organisation Retention policies: Meet legal and business data archival requirements

Storage (pooled):

10GB base tenant storage plus 500MB per enterprise user account My Site storage allocation (does not count against tenant‘s overall storage pool): 500MB of personal storage per My Site (once provisioned)

Site collections per tenant:

Up to 3000 (non-My Site site collections) Total storage per tenant:

Up to 5TB

File upload limit: 250 MB

7GB personal cloud storage with SkyDrive Pro

Instant Messaging:

Send instant messages to customers and colleagues PC-to-PC audio and video calling:

Collaborate through audio/video calling with your colleagues and customers


Microsoft Exchange Online

Exchange Online Plan 1

Email, Calendar, Contacts, Personal Archive Discovery,

Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam Exchange Online

Plan 2

Includes Exchange Online Plan 1 + & Compliance Archiving

Microsoft SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online Plan 1

Advanced online portal for collaboration, file storage, team sites, and web sites

SharePoint Online Plan 2

Includes SharePoint Online Plan 1 + Data visualization, Access/ Excel/Visio services

Microsoft Lync Online

Lync Online Plan 1 Instant Messaging, Presence, Voice and Video

Lync Online Plan 2 Includes Lync Online Plan 1 + Virtual Meetings

Microsoft Office

Office 365 ProPlus Client productivity applications and web apps (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Communicator, Access, InfoPath, Publisher, OneNote, Lync) Office Web Apps with

SharePoint Plan 1

Convenient online companions to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to do light editing of documents directly from your Web browser with SharePoint Online capabilities

Office Web Apps with SharePoint Plan 2

Convenient online companions to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote to do light editing of documents directly from your Web browser with advanced SharePoint Online capabilities

SkyDrive Pro

7GB personal cloud storage for most users

Free telephone support To be completed

by market

Changeable telephone support To be completed

by market

Migration Services Remote set-up and migration

To be completed by market

On-site set-up and migration To be completed

by market

Business package key features

System Requirements – Software supported by Microsoft Online Services

Set-up Support

Component Supported Version

Operating systems Operating System: Office 2013 requires Windows 7, Windows 8

or Mac OSX

It isn’t possible to install Office 2013 on a PC running Windows XP or Vista.

Computer and processor: 1 gigahertz (Ghz) or faster x86- or x64-bit processor with SSE2 instruction set

Memory (RAM): 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32 bit); 2 gigabytes (GB) RAM (64 bit)

Hard Disk: 3.0 gigabytes (GB) available

Display: Graphics hardware acceleration requires a DirectX10 graphics card and 1024 x 576 resolution

Office 365 ProPlus streaming requires Windows 7 or 8

Supported Browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10; Mozilla Firefox 10.x or a later

version; Apple Safari 5; or Google Chrome 17.x.

Multi-Touch A touch-enabled device is required to use any multi-touch

functionality. However, all features and functionality are always available by using a keyboard, mouse, or other standard or accessible input device. Note that new touch features are optimised for use with Windows 8.

Email Clients Outlook 2013

Outlook 2010 SP1 with April 2012 Cumulative Update Outlook 2007 SP3 with July 2012 Cumulative Update Entourage 2008 for Mac, Web Services Edition Outlook for Mac 2011

Outlook clients earlier than Outlook 2007 are not supported. Email clients on Mac operating systems that require DAV, such as Entourage 2008 for Mac RTM and Entourage 2004,

are not supported

Mobile Devices Mobile email clients must support Exchange ActiveSync

Application Specific Requirements



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