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70% of the world is covered by water,


Academic year: 2021

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70% of the world is covered by water ,

the rest is covered by clemeNts .


About the Network:

Global Broker Network

Clements Worldwide, the leading provider of insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations, offers agents and brokers access to its complete range of commercial and personal insurance products. Serving the expatriate and multinational community for over 65 years, Clements seeks partners to expand its innovative products and exceptional service into new markets.

The Global Broker Network was established to provide a partnership opportunity for licensed insurance agents and brokers worldwide looking to gain a competitive edge with international insurance. A dedicated service team at the company’s headquarters in Washington, DC and London oversees the network and provides assistance to members to help streamline client management.

• Competitive commission structure

• Access to international markets

• Worldwide coverage

• Quick, hassle-free claims service

• Insurance solutions for a one-time risk or ongoing basis

Online Resources

• Online fulfillment capabilities for quoting and payment

• Automated policy issuance on major product lines

• Secure online broker portal for quoting and pipeline management

Relationship Management

• Dedicated team to support sales efforts, client servicing, and product training

• Account rounding and cross selling support

• Monthly reporting and lead tracking

• Licensed insurance agents and brokers with regional access to expatriates or seeking to enter this growing market segment

• Insurance associations located outside the United States

• Insurance aggregators

• Service providers Broker Benefits:

Who Should Join:


International Products: Individuals

• Auto Physical Damage & Liability

• Personal Property

• Worldwide Health

• Travel Medical

• Personal Umbrella

• Personal Accident

• Kidnap & Ransom

• Term Life

Brokers Receiving Commission:

A valid insurance license (Property & Casualty) and/or (Life & Health) is required.

If your affiliated firm receives the commissions, you and the firm must meet the license requirements of the account.

Affiliates Receiving Lead Generation Compensation:

No license is required.

Contact us by visiting www.clements.com/cps or email at cps@clements.com


• Fleet

• Personal Accident

• Kidnap & Ransom

• Foreign Property & General Liability

• Workers’ Compensation

• Directors & Officers Liability

• Emergency Evacuation

• Transit and Cargo

• Group Health

• Group Life


• Political Violence


To Apply:


About the Company: Clements Worldwide is the leading provider of insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers worldwide auto, property, health, life and commercial insurance with superior customer service and claims response to customers in more than 170 countries.

To be the premier provider of global insurance solutions.

Through the energy and creativity of empowered employees, we provide innovative global insurance solutions, offering financial protection to individuals and organizations.

1947 by Robert Clements and M. Juanita Guess-Clements. In 2011, Clements & Company began doing business as Clements Worldwide.

Washington D.C. (Headquarters) London, UK

Dubai, UAE

Jon Clements, Chairman & CEO Chris Beck, President

2008, 2009, 2010 Best Practices Award

2011, 2012, 2013 Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America

2009 Growth: 15% (GPW) 2010 Growth: 18% (GPW) 2011 Growth: 18% (GPW) 2012 Growth: 8% (GPW)

Net Sales by Division:

Individual: 33%

Commercial: 67%


U.S. Headquarters ONE Thomas Circle NW 8th Floor

London, UK 40 Lime Street 4th Floor

Dubai, UAE The Gate Precinct Building 3 - DIFC

Company Fact Sheet







& Distinctions:

Financial Highlights:


Contact Information:


Expat Insurance Solutions Automobile

Comprehensive, Collision, Theft and Liability coverage for your automobile to keep you on the road.

Personal Property

Coverage for personal items damaged during the relocation process, while in your foreign residence or when traveling.

Global Individual Health

Worldwide medical plans ensure that you and your family continue to receive quality care throughout the world.

Kidnap & Ransom

Unique coverage that assists you and your family toward a positive resolution should a crisis event occur.

Travel Medical

A short-term healthcare policy designed for the international traveler.

Term Life

Financial support for your beneficiary if a life-ending event occurs within a specified period of time.

Insurance Solutions for International Organizations WorldAuto


- Commercial Auto

Comprehensive, Collision, Theft and Liability policy to keep your commercial vehicles on the road.

Foreign Property & Liability

A customized package policy including property and liability coverage designed to protect an organization’s investment abroad.

Directors & Officers Liability

Liability protection for decisions made by the leaders and board members of an organization.

Group Medical Insurance

Worldwide medical plans ensure that your employees and their families continue to receive quality care throughout the world.

Product Portfolio


Insurance Solutions for International Organizations (continued) Foreign Workers’ Compensation

Liability insurance to aid organizations when it is necessary to pay benefits and furnish medical care to employees who injure themselves while on the job.

Long Term Disability

Income replacement plan to provide assistance when a disability or illness prohibits your employees from working.

Group Life Insurance

Our flexible approach to group life insurance allows us to meet the specific needs of any size or type of organization.

Transit & Cargo Including War Risk

Global protection is available to protect your organization’s goods and property in transit.

Personal Accident

Provides financial security to your organization in the event of an injury or permanent disability.

Political Evacuation

Coverage against possible losses resulting from sudden political disturbance in a host country.

Kidnap & Ransom

Unique coverage that assists your organization and employees toward a positive resolution should an unfortunate event occur.

War & Terrorism

A coverage extension is available for a loss or business interruption that occurs as a result of an act of war or

terrorism on certain policies.


Any individual living outside of his or her home country (country of citizenship or passport).

Expatriates tend to be more highly educated, have a higher than average income and face some very specifi c challenges when moving abroad, like learning the local language. They generally develop a strong expat community in specifi c regions to share information and for social interaction.

6.32 million Americans alone (excluding military) live in 160+ countries.

Estimated fi gures by region:


Consumer Profi le:

Defi ning the Expatriate Market

• Africa: 171,000

• East Asia and Pacifi c: 864,000

• Europe: 1,612,000

• Middle East: 870,000

• South Central Asia: 212,000

• Western Hemisphere: 2,591,000

Top Emerging Locations:




14% 2%

20 to 29 30 to 39 40 to 49 50 to 59 60+

Age of Expatriates





Long-Term Short-Term One Way

International Transfers



Assignment Type for Expatriates China (13%)

India (9%) Russia (7%) Singapore (3%) UAE (2%) Australia (2%) Brazil (2%) Poland (2%)

United Kingdom (2%) Canada (2%)

About the Market:

Top Locations for Expatriate Assignments:

China (19%)

United States (17%) United Kingdom (12%) Singapore (4%)

Switzerland (4%)

Germany (4%)

Japan (3%)

Belgium (3%)

Australia (3%)

Russia (2%)


Asia is home to the majority of the highest paid expats in the world: Expats earning more than US $250,000 are in Hong Kong (27%), Japan (26%) and India (25%). The lowest paid expats earning under US $100,000 live in Australia and Belgium.

Over two-thirds (68%) of expats says they are saving and investing more since they moved away from their home country. Individuals who are concerned with their fi nancial affairs are more likely to invest in insurance to protect their assets, especially while abroad in high risk locations.

Over half of expats (58%) surveyed in 2009 have lived abroad for more than fi ve years. However, most expats only stay in their respective country of residence for between seven months and two years.

There are numerous organizations that serve expatriates around the world. These entities function as important gateways to the market and provide a wealth of information about expatriates in a particular region. Communications and involvement in these organizations increase your potential for success in the expatriate market.

What Types of Insurance Do Expats Need?

• International Auto

• International Property/Home Contents & Liability

• International Health

• International Life

• Personal Accident

• Kidnap & Ransom




0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%

With Children on Assignment Accompanied by Spouse/Partner on

Assignment Married

Expatriates & Their Families

• Chambers of Commerce

• American Organizations

• Expat Associations

- Federation of American Womens Clubs Overseas

- Families in Global Transition - International Newcomers Clubs

• United Nations

• Embassies

• Expat Websites - Expatexchange.com - Expatwomen.com - Expatica.com Accessing the

Expatriate Market:

Market Characteristics:


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