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Disambiguation by Information Structure in DRT


Academic year: 2020

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In order to prove the stability of periodic solutions for the Benney-Luke equation, we have to establish existence and uniqueness of mild solutions in an appropriate space for

In this section we will consider the Lie algebra A 17 ; it is a 2-dimensional Lie subalgebra of the Lie algebra of the generalized orthogonal group O2, 2 of neutral signature 4 ,

Section 3 gives three applications of a result proved in 2 , states a transformation theorem using the q-Stirling numbers, and presents some related applications.. Section 4 attempts

If the cause for re-revision was PJI (49 patients) the majority (40 patients, 81.6%) had already had one or more revision surgeries due to previous

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The com- bination of both is more likely as the age-matched ACLT joints in our study had both more severe synovitis com- pared to all other groups and higher modified Mankin

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The present study was conducted to test the hypotheses that patients with right- or left-sided TKA show a signifi- cant increase in BRT from pre-operative (pre-op, 1 day before

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Conclusion: Synovitis and CD activity increase during the day in RA patients, especially in joints of the dominant hands and in patients without corticosteroids.. Keywords:

Besides, given that there is lack of an operational definition for frailty and sarcopenia, it would be a worthwhile endeavor to investigate the com- bined or sequential use of

Here, we performed a retrospective analysis of 15 patients with chronic hematogenous tibia osteo- myelitis treated with the induced membrane two-stage surgical technique to assess

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