Academie Lafayette Board of Director s Meeting May 13, 2013 MINUTES






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Academie Lafayette Board of Director’s Meeting

May 13, 2013 MINUTES Board Members Present:

Dave Cozad, President Joe Langle

Jon Otto Pam Gard Chad Phillips Harriet Plowman Leslie Kohlmeyer Dr. Margaret Anderson Board Members Absent: Mike Zeller, Vice President Staff Present:

Elimane Mbengue, Head of School Heather Royce, Principal/Cherry Campus Jacque Lane, Business Manager

Shelly Doucet, Development Director Anne Calvert, Teacher Representative

Meeting Opened at 6:05 p.m. by Dave Cozad

The meeting began with Mme. Rebekah Hyer’s 1st grade class giving a presentation of poetry readings. This lesson poetry was done in conjunction with the English teachers. Stakeholders Input – None

Teacher Representative Report – No report Parent Association Report

• Evening In Paris raised approximately $90,000 • PA meeting Tues., May 14

• Elections will be held during the meeting

Dave Cozad thanked the chairs of the Evening in Paris fundraising event for their hard work and a successful event.

Head of School Report


Curriculum and Instruction

- DESE auditor visited the school to observe the MAP testing process, which met his quality assurance guidelines/standards.

- Student grading will be completed based on recommendation from the

Academic Committee to adopt some of the standard-based grading principles. - Enrichment Program for 7th & 8th grades to be in place which will help to

improve teacher understanding of the curriculum and will also help student’s improve grades.

Human Resources

- Professional Development on Standard based grading will occur next year - Teacher evaluations are 80% completed and all teachers will be visited by the

end of next week. There is a plan to evaluate twice next year. - Teacher recruitment is in process.

- There have been three people apply for the 3rd-5th grade division director position.

- A full-time social worker for Cherry is being considered as well as a part-time English teacher for Middle school

- Teachers are requesting items needed for the next school year and determinations, based on budget, will be made.

Cherry Campus Report

- Finalizing decision for interactive whiteboard purchase for classrooms - Students writing thank you notes to the foundations that gave money for

playground and library.

- Great turnout from parents and grandparents for the Annual 2nd grade poetry celebration

- Final “Club de Cuisine” night is May 15th. Thanked parents and volunteers and the Junior League for their help.

Oak Campus

- Planning to move middle school classes to 3rd floor. This will mean that another science classroom will be needed on that floor and preparations are being made to equip the new classroom for science.

- New dismissal procedure is in plan, which has greatly improved the flow of student traffic out of the building, and teachers are escorting students to buses. • Continuous School Improvement

- 5 Essential Surveys – 88% participation for teachers and 92% for the students. The data is being analyzed and a report should be sent in the near future. The Consortium in Chicago will complete the report. Dave Cozad asked when the Board will receive the report and Mr. Mbengue replied that he hopes to have the information available at the next Board meeting. It was discussed as to how to include parents in the survey process and Mr. Mbengue stated that this question would be raised to the developers of this survey.

- New Student handbook is being revised for next year. - Revisions are beginning on Parent handbooks.


- Preparations being made for new family orientation to occur on June 11. - Kindergarten interviews have been completed on 116 students.

- Math books for next year (in French) will be purchased. Human Resources – Dr. Anderson

The Board will go into closed session to discuss personnel issue. Finance Report – Jacque Lane

Jacque Lane asked for approval of the April accounts payables, which had been sent previous to the meeting to all Board members. Jon Otto asked about the payment made for the Solar panels – Jacque stated that it was an in and out payment. He also asked about Waldo Hardware payment and it was explained that items are purchased for school repairs, etc. . He also asked about purchase of the Vespar and it was explained that this was purchased with funds from the PA for the EIP.

It was then requested that approval of the accounts payables be made. Motion

Jon Otto moved to approve the April accounts payable. Harriet Plowman seconded. Motion was unanimously approved.

The Finance Report continued as follows:

• DESE payment summary was distributed and explanation given by Jacque. She mentioned that she does not yet have concise numbers to start next year’s budget. • Classroom trust fund listed comes from gambling money.

• 6th grade trip is going well with payments continuing to be received from parents. • 8th grade trip fund is growing.

• Compilation of March – July actuals and projections for next two months presented.

• ADA report given.

• Transportation cost is on budget.

• Part B Special Ed payment received is higher due to receiving a larger allocation from the state.

• Receipts coming in under what was budgeted.

• Explanation given for increase in some of the expenses, which will be off set as payments, etc. coming in from parents, etc.

• LD Special Services is approx. $20,000 over and is coming out of local funds and not state funds.

• $40,000 check received from KCP&L for overpayment.

• Technology overpayment to AT&T will be received and Jacque gave an

explanation as to what caused this overpayment, which was a result of AT&T’s billing method.

• Jacque commented that in spite of the variances, the ending balance is very favorable.


• A copy of the financial dashboard was presented for review and explained. The BOD complimented Jacque on an outstanding job in preparing the dashboard was very well done and the clarity of the presentation were excellent.

Development Report – Shelly Doucet

• Presented detailed report of all gifts received as well as the capital campaign funds.

• Income received in gifts total over $600,000.00 • Capital Campaign detail was provided.

• Shelly Doucet then introduced Sarah Guthrie/AL grant writer who has also been researching AL graduates’ accomplishments. Sarah Guthrie gave information about colleges attended by AL students and other academic information she has obtained.

• Impact KC grant will fund speaker/sound system for Cherry Campus. She explained that this grant is currently being written to be submitted tomorrow. President’s Report – Dave Cozad

Dave asked if information on size of summer school program is available and Heather commented that the program should be comparable to last year’s program and enrollment forms are continuing to be received.

• KCMO appealed to Supreme Court re: litigation involving charter school payment to the KCMO School District.

• Graduation June 4th and all Board members are asked to attend.

• Dave asked if BOD, assisted by 8th graders, were in agreement to serve breakfast to the teachers again this year. Mr. Mbengue commented that he would consult teachers about this.

• Strategic Planning document to be presented to UCM. He also stated that a copy would be provided to the Kauffman Foundation as part of a funding request. He stated that some items in the Strategic Plan include governance improvement, BOD recruitment, BOD evaluation, and an administrative assistant to the board to be hired.

Dave Cozad continued by commenting that a point person be appointed to give a report on how the BOD is progressing on following the Strategic Plan.

He also mentioned that he suggests appointing a Governance Committee to research best policies to help board improve best practices, etc.

Board member terms are to be discussed re: limits for members and officers. He mentioned that in some of his research he has found that some school boards do have term limits. Jon Otto commented that the charter states that there are 3-year terms. Pam Gard commented that her concern is that long-term board members


bring more knowledge and skill levels to the board. She also mentioned that there is some concern re: parents as board members. Leslie Kohlmyer commented that she in favor of not limiting board terms after researching other companies policies and found that many successful companies do not have term limits. It was also asked if there are applicants for the two open positions and requested that copies of the applications be given to all board members. This item (board term limits) will not be on the Strategic Planning document. Discussion followed. Dr.

Anderson suggested that when discussing term limits, the legal experience of long term board is an asset. Recommendations for Governance Committee will be submitted at the next meeting.

Grievance Policy needs to be reviewed and revised as the current policy is deemed to not be very clear. He recommended that a clearer grievance policy be developed to ensure that all grievances go through proper channels before being presented to the board.

Dave mentioned that the June meeting would be a lengthy meeting due to reviewing and approving the budget, officer elections, and the board calendar. Dave Cozad then asked for stakeholder’s comments/questions/concerns.

Stakeholder Input

Lisa Bautista asked about parent elected board member terms and inquired as to whether or not the term limit could be lengthened. Jon Otto gave explanation as to what the process would include to amend the charter to change these limits.

The question of why there are two open board positions not filled? Dave responded that time is required to determine skills/expertise is needed in the new board members. Comments made by a parent that the board is moving forward in a positive manner. Dave Cozad then asked for a motion to move into closed session to discuss personnel. Motion

Pam Gard moved to go into closed session to discuss personnel. Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson.

Roll call vote taken.

Dave Cozad Joe Langle Jon Otto Pam Gard Chad Phillips Harriet Plowman Leslie Kohlmeyer


Dr. Margaret Anderson