Community Health Center Association of Connecticut

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Community Health Center

Association of Connecticut

Community Health Center

Association of Connecticut

Today, more Conecticut patients and families are receiving a full spectrum

of quality health care services thanks to the support of Connecticut’s leaders.

East Hartford Community Healthcare


In 2006, Connecticut’s Federally Qualified Health Centers received

$25.8 million in bond funds. Here’s what we did…

From the Office of the Honorable Governor M. Jodi Rell

Dear Friends:

As Governor of the State of Connecticut, I would like to thank the Community Health Center Association of Connecticut for their tireless advocacy to improve access to health care for the citizens of this state.

More than 80 service delivery sites do an outstanding job of addressing the critical challenges facing health care professionals, business leaders and government officials. The Centers have a reputation for providing comprehensive, first-rate health care for more than 217,000 patients. In fact, the Association shares my goal to ensure that access to affordable health care coverage is available to every Connecticut resident who needs it.

Each of the Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) in Connecticut has increased levels of service, extended hours of operation, enhanced its facilities and secured state-of-the-art medical equipment. They have also recruited top-notch physicians and medical personnel.

In addition, the state has made sound investments in Connecticut’s FQHCs. In 2006, we approved $25.8 million in bonding for the Centers. In 2007, $2.5 million was appropriated over two years from the Department of Public Health and an additional $4.5 million over two years from the Department of Social Services.

Finally, last year marked the passage of several major health care initiatives, including my Charter Oak Health Plan, which will provide health care coverage to thousands of Connecticut residents who need it most.

As always, I look forward to working with the Community Health Centers of Connecticut in improving the state’s health care system and ensuring my historic Charter Oak Health Plan moves forward – for the good of all Connecticut residents.


M. Jodi Rell Governor


What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Expanding the 21 Grand Street site by 39,000 square feet

■ Constructing 18 dental operatories

■ Expanding services for medical, dental and other health services President and CEO:

Alfreda Turner


21 Grand Street, Hartford

401 New Britain Avenue, Hartford COHC at CT Children’s Medical Center 282 Washington Street, Hartford

Charter Oak

Health Center


currently serve 20,777 patients; 80,544 visits

Will serve an additional 5,620 patients providing an additional 31,420 visits

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Open a major comprehensive outpatient primary care satellite facility in the South End of Hartford with special

outreach to the elderly with limited mobility

■ Staff new facility with multi-lingual clinicians with geriatric expertise ■ Purchase Mobile Medical Van for New Access Point


Chief Executive Officer:

Michael Sherman

Location 500 Albany Avenue Hartford


Health Services

What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Completed third floor at 500 Albany Avenue to expand Women’s Health and Pediatrics clinics

■ Provided 14,000 sq. ft. of new clinical space for additional services including Adolescent Medicine

■ Expanded services for Adult Medicine, Diabetes, HIV, Podiatry and Eye Care


Serve 16,000 persons, generating over 65,000 visits annually

Newly completed space will accommodate an additional 10,000 patient visits

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Construct a six-chair satellite dental facility

■ Create Medical and Dental satellite facility with 10 new exam rooms ■ Open two storefront satellite medical sites


What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Broke ground for construction of a new health center facility

■ 10,000 square foot building will house nine new exam rooms; 6 new dental suites


serve more than 1,700 patients; new site will serve 1,500 new patients

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Complete interior construction of 6 dental suites in Torrington Site to serve 5,275 new patients

■ Add 3,500 square feet to Torrington site for dental and primary care services to treat 3,525 more patients

Community Health & Wellness Center of Greater Torrington

Executive Director:

Kathleen Grimaud


157 Litchfield Street, Torrington Future location 459 Migeon Avenue,Torrington


Health &

Wellness Center

of Greater



What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Purchased a new building at 110 Connecticut Boulevard

■ Renovating space to create a new Women and Children’s Center

■ Completed eighth dental operatory in East Hartford

■ Purchased digital radiograph equipment for the dental departments in East Hartford, Manchester and Vernon


serve more than 10,000 patients and will serve an additional 4,151 patients

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Acquire equipment for new Women and Children’s Center ■ Refurbish facility at 94 Connecticut Boulevard

■ Acquire additional portable dental equipment to provide oral hygiene services at area elementary schools ■ Purchase 8,000 square foot building in Manchester to serve an additional 17,100 patients

Chief Executive Officer:

Marjorie A. Berry


94 Connecticut Boulevard, East Hartford 110 Connecticut Boulevard, East Hartford Manchester Community Health Services 150 North Main, Manchester

Vernon Community, Health Services 3 Prospect Street, Vernon

East Hartford



East Hartford Community HealthCare


What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Purchased and completed Phase I of restoration of 6,000 square foot building

■ Finalizing the plans for Phase II and Phase III of an 8,000 square foot expansion

■ Expanding pharmacy space and pediatric waiting room


serve more than 13,000 patients and will provide 1,800 new patient visits

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Purchase a 4,400 square foot building for a Dental Facility/Wellness Center/Laboratory ■ Renovate space at 374 Grand Avenue for additional waiting and exam room space

Executive Director:

Katrina Clark


374 Grand Avenue, New Haven Bella Vista

339 Eastern Street, New Haven

Fair Haven


Health Center

Fair Haven Community


What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Relocating to new 30,000 square foot facility in Willimantic

■ Consolidate medical and dental services in Willimantic into one building

■ Double dental operatories to 11, expand medical exam rooms to 22, create a brand new behavioral health department

■ Acquire an 8,000 square foot facility in Putnam to house six medical exam rooms, six dental operatories, two behavioral health offices to provide 12,000 medical, dental and behavioral health visits


Currently serve more than 13,000 patients, expect to provide 40,000 medical, dental and behavioral health visits annually, doubling current capacity

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Create satellite facilities in Stafford Springs, Plainfield, Thompson/North Grovesnordale, Brooklyn and Mansfield to

provide primary care services to 17,000 more patients and mental health services to 3,400 more patients

■ Equip additional dental operatories to provide care for an additional 11,250 dental patients

Executive Director:

Arvind Shaw


1315 Main Street, Willimantic 54 Reynolds Street, Danielson

330 Washington Street, Suite 510, Norwich Dental Van

231 Broad Street, Danielson


Family Health



What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Embarked on a project to expand clinical space for dental and specialty services including orthopedics, gastroenterology, and otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

■ Creating state-of-the-art behavioral health space for Child and Family Guidance Clinic and Adult Psychiatric Clinic

■ Renovating 428 Columbus Avenue for expansion of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Pharmacy, and Obstetrics and Gynecology


currently serving more than 28,000 patients a year

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Renovate and operate new clinic in Hamden and newly purchased West Haven Health Center

■ Acquire and renovate property at 2 Thorn Street, New Haven for expanded medical and behavioral health services ■ Acquire and renovate space to replace Women’s Health Services on State Street

■ Purchase and expand primary and behavorial health services in Ansonia

Chief Executive Officer:

Cornell Scott

Locations Adult Psychiatric Clinic

393 Columbus Avenue, New Haven Columbus House

586 Ella Grasso Blvd., New Haven Community Health Connection 121 Wakelee Avenue, Ansonia

Derby Dental Clinic, 4 Mountain Street, Derby Dixwell Health Center

226 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven Grant Street Partnership

62 Grant Street, West Haven

400-428 Columbus Avenue, New Haven West Haven Health Center

285 Main Street, West Haven State Street Health Services 911 State Street, New Haven

Hill Health



Executive Director:

Lawrence Cross

Location 121 Water Street Norwalk



Health Center

What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Renovating and outfitting 24,000 square feet at new location

■ Expanding hours to serve more patients


Will serve an additional 5,000 patients to expand visits from 30,000 to 40,000

With Your Support, We Can...


Chief Executive Officer

Ludwig Spinelli


Optimus Health Care, Inc. 471 Barnum Ave., Bridgeport 982 East Main St., Bridgeport 727 Honeyspot Road, Stratford Park City Primary Care Center 64 Black Rock Ave., Bridgeport Ralphola Taylor Community Center 790 Central Ave., Bridgeport Stamford Community Health Center 245 Selleck Str., Stamford

137 Henry Str., Stamford

1351 Washington Boulevard, Stamford The Chase Wellness Center

1071 East Main Str., Bridgeport Hollow Community Health Center 82 George Str., Bridgeport


Health Care

What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Began construction on a new facility at 805 Atlantic Street in Stamford to offer new services

for behavioral health and obstetrics and creating space for family practice residents from Stamford Hospital

■ Opened new dental clinic at 1351 Washington Boulevard, Stamford equipped with seven dental operatories


increased services in the south End of stamford to more than 40,000 patients. Expanded total services to more than 170,000 visits annually.

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Open a new Bridgeport-East End Family Facility ■ Create two additional school-based health centers

■ Add three more dental operatories at the East Main Street, Bridgeport

■ Complete the second floor at 805 Atlantic Street, Stamford

■ Expand the existing facilities at Park City Primary Care in Bridgeport, adding more exam rooms for OB/GYN,



Katherine Yacavone


361 Bird Street, Bridgeport Marina Village

743 South Avenue, Bridgeport 1046 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport 968 Fairfield Avenue, Bridgeport 510 Clinton Avenue, Bridgeport



Health Center

What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Opened newly constructed primary care headquarters at 968 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport

■ Doubled Southwest’s capacity to deliver comprehensive services with the addition of 15 medical exam rooms and seven dental operatories at the new site


increased patient visits by 21%, and 2,675 new users from July 2007 through January 15, 2008

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Transfer medical, dental and mental health services from currently leased space at 361 Bird Street to a new

10,000 square foot facility in census tract 703 in Bridgeport

■ Construct a new 12,000 square foot facility to provide care for an additional 9,150 medical patients,


President, Chief Executive Officer:

Donald Thompson


80 Phoenix Avenue, Waterbury 1302 South Main, Waterbury


Health Center

What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Relocated to 80 Phoenix Avenue and completed required improvements

■ Renovated space to accommodate laboratory services, chronic disease care and specialty services


increase of 1,249 unduplicated patients and 1,461 patient visits

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Upgrade smoke and fire systems

■ Replace windows and upgrade security to include video cameras

■ Build/acquire an additional building to allow for expanding services and more patients ■ Include a new dental center with 12 dental chairs at the proposed new site


What We Did & Current Projects Underway

■ Planning renovations to UCFS Health Center in Norwich

■ Opened a new outpatient site in Jewett City


anticipate providing care to 2,640 new patients, and providing a total of 55,009 patient visits annually

With Your Support, We Can...

■ Complete the renovation of the UCFS Health Center in Norwich, adding five new medical treatment rooms,

two new handicap accessible dental operatories, four new behavioral health offices and enlarged, more efficient reception and waiting areas.

■ Construct and equip a new outpatient facility in Colchester to include medical, dental and behavioral health services. ■ Install a new Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records system.

■ Construct a building to house all UCFS administrative functions.

President, Chief Executive Officer:

Chuck Seeman


47 Town Street, Norwich 400 Bayonet Street Suite 103, New London

212 Upton Road, Suite C, Colchester Center for Work & Family

21 Chicago Avenue, Groton 70 Main Street, Jewitt City


Community &

Family Services


FQHCs Are Making A Major Impact

In addition to expanding facilities and increasing access to care, FQHCs are moving forward with a number of initiatives that will continue to positively impact their ability to deliver high quality and consistent health care throughout the state.

These initiatives include:

■ Open more hours to include more nights and weekends ■ Non-emergency transportation

■ Cancer screening ■ Tobacco cessation

■ Primary Care Case Management pilot (PCCM) ■ Prenatal care for undocumented patients

■ Through an arrangement with the Connecticut Department of Social Services, an out stationed

eligibility worker will be on site at every FQHC to assist patients with issues regarding state health insurance programs.

“Electronification” For Quality Care

More and more community health centers are prioritizing the use of electronic health records in order to improve quality of care and patient safety.

Electronification will allow community health centers to:

■ Make patient data more available for care decisions ■ Assure opportunities for preventive health are not missed ■ Facilitate the use of best practices and e-prescribing ■ Realize economies and prevent fragmentation of care

■ Share information across all providers at all points of service--at primary care sites, specialty care

practices, emergency departments and inpatient settings.

■ Provide more benefit to their patients and to the health care system for fewer dollars.

Some centers are currently using electronic health records but not all centers are able to acquire the necessary hardware and software without additional funding.

Growth in Patient Visits

1,003,865 961,411 855,187 2004 2005 2006


For over 40 years, CHCACT members have provided services to those with little

or no ability to pay for health care.

CHCACT members provide services to over 190,000 patients throughout the state.

CHCACT members are the state’s largest primary care delivery system for the

uninsured and underserved population.

CHCACT members provide care in homeless shelters.

CHCACT members provide portable dental services in more than 100 schools.

CHCACT members provide services in nursing homes, food banks, soup kitchens,

and at other community sites.

CHCACT members provide evening and weekend hours, as well as 24-hour

on-call coverage.

CHCACT members offer high quality health care to every member of the family.

One in every 15 people in Connecticut receives services at a Federally Qualified

Health Center.

Our Pledge:

To reduce Connecticut

health care costs by providing

medical homes to patients who

would otherwise rely on emergency




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