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quiet, no emission, good look,

quiet, no emission, good look,

low insurance price, low power

low insurance price, low power





high battery price

high battery price

Recommendable Recommendable Yes:Yes:

My quiet and reliable car since 1998.

My quiet and reliable car since 1998.

Dec 19th, 2005 Dec 19th, 2005 Member since: Member since: Reviews: Reviews:

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Citroen Saxo Electric

Citroen Saxo Electric

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 As I wrot

 As I wrote in my e in my last revlast review, I own iew, I own and driand drive a eleve a electric car. ctric car. It is my It is my seconsecond electric d electric car and I car and I own and own and drive thedrive the CCiitt electric

electric since May 1998. since May 1998.

Until now I drove over 100.000 km with this car. Time to write a review! Until now I drove over 100.000 km with this car. Time to write a review!

Until now I had with this car never a breakdown. Drove from vienna to Hamburg and back. From

Until now I had with this car never a breakdown. Drove from vienna to Hamburg and back. From MonacoMonaco to Vien to Vien Looks

Looks ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

53 Ciao members have rated this review on average:


Consumption ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To charge the battery full, it need approx. 7-8 hours. After the 4. hour, it is near "0" charge. The reason is, that th (in the car) charge within the first 4 hours all batteries tougether. Here the batteries can get a little bit power differ hours the charger charge every battery singular to the same power. This need more time and do not need much take approx. 17 kWh power if I charge it full. With this 17 kwh power I can drive approx. 100 ks (62 Miles)

1 l petroleum have approx. 10 kWh power. This means that my car need for 62 miles approx. 0.373 gallons(UK) ( petroleum.

Conversions from Liter to Gallons

To charge my car I need a normal general power outlet (the same as my computer  or Television use) with 230 V Reach


With one Battery charge it is possible to drive in summer approx. 100 km. (sometimes I drove 150 km, but normal I found a length converter at: 100 km are 62.14 Miles.

With Winter wheels I can drive approx. 80 kms.

 After a charge of 4 hours the Battery have the power that I can drive above distance. Engine


The power of the engine are 15 kW. Thats not much but the efficiency of the engine is approx. 90%. With this effi only a little bit lower power on the street as other cars.

Insurance price ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 As my engine power is low, I pay also only a low insurance for the car. approx. 70 Euro each year. Price of the electric power


I have the possibility to take at night for the electric car "night power". The price for this power is lower as for "day the price is approx. 0.10 Euro for each kW/h with power from Atom, Coal, Gas,...

But I use only renewable power from wind, biomass, sun,... the price for this power is a little bit more 0.13 Euro fo I can say that my car do not have any emission!

Quality ~~~~~~~

Until now I had no "really" problem. The garage with Citroen workers are very expensive at the service. At this re Citroen garage for the regular car service.

Volume ~~~~~~~~~

My car have 3 doors, 4 seats and a boot. I think that in the boot can fit 3 bear boxes. I is possible (tested) that I d woman, 2 children and two baby buggies.


Features ~~~~~~~ Driver Airbag Electric windowcontrol power steering power brake

very good Battery scale the car do not have a gear

The car weight is a little bit over 1000 kg.

Practice experience ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It is not possible that the Battery will be unforeseen emty because the Battery Scale work very good. It is for me say the reach, which it is possible to drive. Normaly I say that for 100% power, it is possible to drive 100 km. But i is possible to drive with only 30% power 50 km.

When I drive with the car, the engine is very quiet. There are only the wheels which make a little "sound". It is for to drive with this car.

The maximum speed are 91 km/h

If I use the brake, the engine will make power and give the power back to the battery. This make the reach also t similar high as in a town.

My personal opinion is that this is the perfect car for persons he live in the town or have up to approx. 50 km to th with the car already to vacation. I do not like the expensive Citroen service prices.

Battery service ~~~~~~~~~~~

Citroen make the Battery service apporx. 2-3 times every year. For the battery service I have a agreement for whi every month and Citroen make the service and if the Battery will break then I receive new. After 80000 kms I rec batteries for my car.

Battery Scale ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I have two differenc battery scales. One where I can read the total power from the battery and one where I can re power which I use or which I give to the battery (if I use the brake)

Technical details ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ weight: 1060 kg

maximum overall weight: 1430 kg maximum speed: 91 km/h

revolutions 1600 emissions (g/km): 0

acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h: 8,3 seconds

Batteries +++++++++

20 NiCd Batteries and each have 6 Voltage / 120Ah, total tension 120 Voltage Energy demand 18 kW/h for 100 km

Energy demand within the first 4 hours: 3 kW each hour, in the 5. hour 2 kW and within the last 3 hours total 4 k The Energy demand can be a little bit different from charge to charge. Normaly it is between 16-18 kw/h.


Pictures of Citroen Saxo Electric

Near Hamburg (Germany) Possible grant /sponsorship

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please ask your government.

I received 20% from my local government. Car insurance:

I pay 70 Euro every year. My parents pay for a petroleum car approx. 500 Euro every year. Car price


The car is no longer in manufactur 

But some years ago I saw the car as new car  (sale out) for 8000 Euro. The regular price (also paied by me) was Petroleum prices are rising and rising. At this reason are electric cars a alternative to petroleum cars. And electric emissions. The engine do not need power if you are waiting at the traffic light, the car make power if you use the good car for persons as me because I drive only approx. 10000 Miles (15000 km) every year.

 At Ciao Germany it is possible to upload pictures to every review. Isn't it here or is it only that I am unable to find

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 Annna 13.06.2006 12:32  A car I'd love:-)

 jesi 25.03.2006 23:10

You can upload pictures (and the link first appears) once you have a green dot beside your name ~ that is why you have been able to upload the picture now. At, you have the green dot at 500 points whereas at it is not until you the 1001 points have ~ I think I would like an electric car (although it sounds a little slow) as long as it could carry enough things for me ~ particularly since the road-fund-tax has been just dropped to £0 for cars with no emissions

~ ... ~ ♥ ~ jes ~ ♥♥ Barbara01 18.03.2006 19:15

Great and very good review.

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