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2 California Big Time

3 Morphic Structures Exhibition 3 Career Curriculum Corner 3 Painting From Life Exhibition 4 Library Skill Shops

4 Arna’s Children 4 Infographic Knowledge 4 Humboldt Int’l Film Festival 5 Holocaust Museum Lecture

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March 30,2017

Congratulations to

Meredith Williams!

Meredith was selected as

the 2017 recipient of the

Pacific Sociological

Association Early Career

Innovation in Teaching

Sociology Award. This

award is designed to honor

and encourage the work of

junior faculty. This award

recognizes innovative and

creative approaches to

teaching and

demonstrated commitment

to mentoring students.




to Register

by Monday, April 3


Course Materials & Supplies

Adoption are due

APRIL 3rd for FALL TERM 2017

Adoptions can be submitted Online: enter Course/

Text book and Supplies information HERE


Shannon Sullivan’s ceramic sculptural discs are reminiscent of peering through a microscope onto specimen slides that might have mineral formations as well as biological structures. Her curiosity with micro imagery was born from growing up with her mother who worked in a

medical lab. Images unseen by the naked eye that require closer investigation has been an inspiration in

her work, which explores the nuances present in the living world. “The work asks

the viewer to question their relationship with place” to evoke the feeling of intimacy with the world that surrounds us.

David Zdrazil’s work is a fusion of traditional and contemporary pottery styles from the East and

West. His wood-fired ceramic vessels call upon geometric ratios,

textures, historic processes and materials that Zdrazil has extracted from his surroundings. Sustainability plays a large role in his work, as he often makes use of locally found materials. He describes his work as

“chunky style” in reference to the textures and masses he employs in his design as well as for the way he

combines his materials.

Third Street Gallery / 416 Third Street, Old Town, Eureka

Jim McVicter and Theresa Oats:

Two Views-Painting From Life

Humboldt State University Third Street Gallery presents, Two Views-Painting From Life, a two-person exhibition featuring representational paintings by husband and

wife Jim McVicker and Theresa Oats, who reside on California’s North Coast. Together, this exhibition explores their long partnership animated by a mutual

passion for painting the landscape, still life and portraits.

McVicker and Oats met in Humboldt County and were drawn to each other by their love of the landscape and their shared approach to painting. Both artists make their work from the direct observation of their subjects, eschewing the use of photographs as an aid in their process. When not painting outdoors, they are working on still life, figure painting and portraits in their large, sunny studio. Married

since 1988, they continue to make their home and studio on California’s North

Deidre Pike, Humboldt State’s very

own assistant professor in the

Department of Journalism and Mass

Communication asked students to

read journalism and other

media-related job listings on websites like

Media Bistro, Journalism Jobs and

the Poynter Institute job

board. Students pick 20 listings and

discern what employers are seeking

in applicants. Then students develop

lists of 10 specific job skills that they

would like to glean from both their

journalism major classes and other

classes at HSU. This exploration takes

about an hour and helps students

see their education as less

compartmentalized. They also get a

sense of what the job market looks

like today. They begin to refine their

vision for their future.

It’s one of 38 lessons at intro,

intermediate and capstone levels,

written by HSU faculty for HSU



if you’re

interested in finding a career lesson


Explore and engage hands-on with emerging technologies, pedagogies, engagement tools, open educational resources,

course design strategies, and more! Who: Faculty, Deans, Librarians and Staff

What: Grab a slice of Humboldt Pie and enjoy a series of brief (3-5 minutes each) presentations revolving around innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Presentations followed by hands-on exploration at our Innovation Stations. Enter the raffle for a chance to win an iPad mini!

When: Friday, April 7, 2017 from 3-5pm

Where: Humboldt Scholars Lab - Library 3rd Floor RSVP:

Visit our website for more information:

Teaching & Learning

Innovation Showcase


the Possibilities for Innovative

Education (PIE!)

Humboldt State University’s Goudi’ni Gallery presents Beyond Traditions: Recent Native Art Alumni featuring work in a variety of media

by five HSU Alumni and recent art graduates on display. Brittany Britton, Michelle Hernandez, Harley Hinkle, Nelia Marshall, and Eric Ruiz expound on histories, identities, stories and perceptions through

their photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, audio, and video. Photographs, portraits, and self-portraiture mingle with drawings and

paintings alongside audio installation, video performance, and sculptures to create Beyond Traditions. This exhibit weaves together the

diverse studio practices, personal narratives, and perspectives of five Native American artists, providing gallery viewers with the means to

broaden understanding and break through oft-held stereotypes.

The shared experience of Britton, Hinkle, Hernandez, Marshall, and Ruiz as HSU Department of Art graduates creates the opportunity to witness the commonalities and contrasts between the artistic practices of each Native alumnus. This is evident as the five artists describe intentions and



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