KENTUCKY READING ASSOCIATION College or University Research Grant Application

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KENTUCKY READING ASSOCIATION College or University Research Grant Application



Grants of up to $1,000.00 for research expenses are available for Kentucky advanced doctoral students, or college/university faculty members in carrying out a literacy research project in the state of Kentucky. Advanced doctoral students should be through their qualifying exams and in the proposal writing phase in order to apply. NOTE: No indirect costs can be taken by the University for this grant-award. This grant is awarded directly to the faculty member or advanced doctoral student, not the university.


Any Kentucky advanced doctoral student, college/university faculty member who is a member of the Kentucky Reading Association. KRA board members are not eligible to apply.


Applications due: February 1, 2016 Grants awarded: Late May

Grant implementation: 2016-2017 How to Apply

Applications are available through the Kentucky Reading Association website. The application consists of application data (title, abstract, proposed start and end dates, research description, research significance, methodology, bibliography, budget). Applications must be authored by the faculty member(s)/advanced doctoral student conducting the research. Contact if you have questions about the application process. Return the completed application to

Judging Criteria

Winning research proposals will be judged by the following criteria: • Rational for the research;

• Convincing connection to state literacy needs; • Clear connection to KRA goals;

• Strength and sensitivity of methods and data collection procedures; • Feasibility of study, including sensible timeline

Completion and Research Report/Synthesis

Upon completion of the research project, the grant recipient is required to send a written report or research synthesis detailing the findings, implications, and future areas of research. The report should also include a section for reflection for the grant recipient to share limitations or lessons


learned from the research project. If a written report is not received, the doctoral student or faculty member will be ineligible for future grant funding and must reimburse KRA for the full award. Templates for the written report/synthesis will be sent following the award announcement sent out by KRA.

All sections of this form must be completed. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered or reviewed by the Awards Committee.


Applicant’s full name: ___________________________ Institution _______________________ Optional:

Co-Applicant’s full name(s) _______________________ Institution _____________________ _______________________ Institution ______________________ Applicant’s Work Address: ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ City _____________________________ State ______ Zip ________ Work Phone _____________________ Home Phone ________________________

Work Email Address ____________________________________________________________ Home Email Address ____________________________________________________________


Short Summary: Requested Amount: Research Methods:


SECTION C: DETAILED PROJECT DESCRIPTION Full Project Title: (150 characters maximum)

Abstract: Describe the purpose, method, and potential significance of the proposed research: (700 characters minimum)

Proposed Start Date: Proposed End Date:

Research Description: The description of the proposed research should be as specific as possible and follow the type of outline used for typical dissertation or sponsored research proposals. The description should be limited to and include the following elements:

• Research Question – Identify the research question, problem, or hypothesis being studied.

• Rationale – Provide a rationale for the study. Relate the research question to the relevant, supporting research literature. Discuss how previous research findings or assumptions suggest that your study is significant. Connect the proposed research project to state needs and KRA goals. Describe the potential impact of your work on research and practice in literacy in Kentucky.

(10,000 characters maximum)

• Methodology: Describe the context and participants for the study. In addition, include the following: (10,000 characters maximum)

Consider the following:

o Methods – procedures and description o Data Collection

o Instrumentation

o Data Analysis – framework and procedures o Detailed timeline and work plan

• Bibliography: Provide complete bibliographic information for all sources cited in the research proposal. (10,000 characters maximum)

• Budget: Describe and explain the rationale for each budget line item. Enter “0” in amount and “none” in descriptor if necessary.

o Personnel Amount:

o Personnel Description and Rationale: (200 characters maximum) o Materials Amount:

o Materials Description and Rationale: (200 characters maximum) o Travel Amount:

o Travel Description and Rationale: (200 characters maximum)

o Technology Amount (limited to 25% of budget and for the purpose of collection or data analysis):

o Computer Description and Rationale: (200 characters maximum) o Office Expenses Amount:


o Other Amount:

o Other Description and Rationale: (200 characters maximum)

o Amount of Outside funding (if this grant is combined with a larger grant): o Sources of Outside Project-Related Funding (if none, enter “none”) o Total Project Budget:

SECTION D: ADVISOR CONTACT INFORMATION (Applicable only for advanced doctoral students)

Advisor’s full name: ___________________________ Official Title ______________________ Institution name: _______________________________________________________________ Department: ________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________ City _____________________________ State ______ Zip ________

Work Phone ____________________________

Work Email Address ____________________________________________________________ SECTION E: SCHOOL OFFICIAL CONTACT INFORMATION

If this is a faculty-initiated research project, enter contact information for the school official or teacher who can verify permission has been obtained to conduct research. Include as a separate attachment, IRB confirmation to conduct the proposed research project.

IRB paperwork included: Yes No In Progress

School Official full name: ________________________________________________________ School Official Title: ___________________________________________________________ Institution name: _______________________________________________________________ Department: ___________________________________________________________________ School Official Phone ____________________________



1. Must be a faculty member or advanced doctoral student at a Kentucky college or university 2. Must be a member of KRA (to join, refer to the KRA website)

3. Must provide to the Awards Committee by January, 2016 a) Completed application form

b) Vita

c) Agreement of parties to participate – IRB approval

If awarded a KRA College Research Grant, I agree to use the money explicitly for the purposes outlined in this proposal. I agree to turn in any receipts within 1 month of the proposed end date of the project. I agree to submit a written report/synthesis at the completion of my research. Signature ____________________________________ Date ___________________

The KRA Committee shall make its recommendations to the KRA Board of Directors for approval. Award winners shall be given a maximum of $5000 toward college research. Grants will be announced by the end of May.





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