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Canteen Management Thesis Chapter 1


Academic year: 2021

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A Thesis Proposal Presented to

The Faculty of the Graduate School Marikina Polytechnic College

Marikina City


In Partial Fulfillment

of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Education _______________ By Jonalyn L. Santos 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS


Pages TITLE PAGE . . . i ACKNOWLEDGEMENT . . . i i DEDICATION . . . i i i TABLE OF CONTENTS . . . i v CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study . . . 1

Statement of the Problem . . . 6

Significance of the Study . . . 7

Scope and Delimitation of the Study . . . 8

II CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK Review of Related Literature and Studies . . . 9

Synthesis of the Related Studies . . . 25

Conceptual Model of the Study . . . 26

Definition of Terms . . . 28

III RESEARCH DESIGN Methods of Research . . . ... . . 31

Sources of Data . . . … . . . 31


Data Gathering Procedure . . . .. . . 33

Statistical Treatment of Data . . . …. . . 34

BIBLIOGRAPHY . . . … . . . 35

CURRICULUM VITAE . . . …. .. . . 37


The researcher wishes to convey and express her extreme and profound thanks to all those persons who in one way or another extended their benevolent support, and inspired, encouraged and helped in the completion of this study. Without them, this research would not have been realized.

Foremost and above all, the greatest acknowledgement is due to our Almighty - and ever loving God for all. The many wisdom and talent He bestowed upon the researcher and the countless blessings showered upon her family all through the years;

Dr. Lauro Z. De Guzman the District II Supervisor of Marikina, for his fatherly advice and words of encouragement which facilitated the development of the work.

Raquel A. Lawas, for all the many invaluable guidance, intelligent ideas and sensible works of encouragement which made this research study a better one.

Lastly to her niece Genny S. Loyola who patiently helped the researcher in encoding the final draft of the study.



The researcher wishes to dedicate this work

to her relatives and family,

most specially to her sons Jorel and Justin,

who served as her inspiration,

Her loving husband Joselito

for his moral and spiritual support which

made the

researcher to become determined to finish

and pursue this study.

Alsoo her late parent whose death have

made the researcher to move on

to face life squarely and courageously.

Lastly, to all her students of Concepcion

Elementary School,

beloved relatives and friends,

this researcher extends her sincerest



CHAPTER I Introduction

This chapter presents the background of the study, statement of the problem, significance of the study, and it’s scope and delimitation.

Background of the Study

There are two types of school canteen management in the Philippine public elementary the first is the cooperative type and the second is the school manage type. For some school, they prefer the cooperative type of school canteen management but for others, they prefer the school manage type. Currently, the first type is the cooperative management that is implemented in most schools because it is more service oriented, student-focused and teacher-based management which would allow the school to be more decisive to resource generation and public service implementation (Sandoval, 2013: 22)

A few years back, all public elementary school in the Philippines were ordered to put up a canteen through a Department of Education Memorandum. There were guidelines to be followed according to the memorandum such as, the school canteen shall help eliminate malnutrition among pupils. It shall serves as a venue for the development of desirable


eating habit of pupils. Service should be the main consideration for operating a school canteen. Profit shall only be secondary since the clientele are pupils who are dependent only on their meager allowance from their parents. Reporting and accounting of the proceeds from the operation of a school canteen shall be made by the parties concerned to emphasize transparency and accountability. It was stated on the Department of Education Policy that school canteen shall adhere to professional management and sound business practices as well as to safety and security measures.

The Department of Education is strongly committed to support student health and well-being through its curriculum in schools and a range of initiatives that offer opportunities that promote physically fit individuals who love eating healthy food. Schools are encouraged to implement comprehensive health and well-being programs, including food and nutrition education. The establishment and operation of school canteen is important in developing love and interest in buying nutritious and healthy food among students, faculty and the school personnel, making it possible for them to enjoy nutritious and healthy food at affordable prices during the school day. The canteen should also provide the pupils a variety of foods and dishes that enhance their skills and knowledge. (DepEd Order no. 8 of 2007 )

Ladia (2013) stated that recognizing the importance of eating the right kind of food in children’s growth and development, many schools


imperative therefore, that the child who spends the greater part of his/her waking hours in school be given food that are nutritious and economical. There are plenty of students with meager allowance for snacks in the public schools, therefore it is necessary that daily food served in the school canteen are assured to be within the means of the children. Considerations are given to the nutritive value of the food items being served to them. However, there are other factors in the process which are not given attention which may adversely affect the school’s total development program especially if the canteen is being mismanaged by a group or an individual.

Presently, there is an existing problem in the operation of most school canteen, about issues on profit transparency and accountability were failed to be settled until today. Majority of the cooperative members wanted the school canteen manager to resign from the position because of mismanagement. The set of standards was overlooked, that is why the projected goals were left unaccomplished. Aside from mismanagement, the need for facilities is of great concern, facilities are needed to provide quality services which is the reason why costumers keep on patronizing its products and services. The students who are the vital component of the school development program suffer. The canteen, in its mission to nourish the children’s mind and provide quality services failed to accomplish its target goal which is evident in the complaints raised and presented to the


board. The dilemma continuous to exist and remains unsolved. The quality and quantity of food served is also affected. This result in getting more complaints from the canteen’s clientele.

As a nurse by profession and as a school nurse, one of my important goal and task in our school is to ensure the health and welfare of our pupils while inside the school premises. Nutritious foods play a major role on child’s growth and development as according to the study of Cruz (2013). In order to function properly, the brain needs a constant supply of healthy fats, proteins, carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals. The amino acids found in high-protein foods are responsible for the firing of brain’ chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. Vitamins and minerals convert amino acids to neurotransmitter, while sugars found in fruits and vegetable power the brain. When a child is deficient in any one of that food sources, he might seem confused, irritable, distracted or apathetic. Unfortunately, excessive intake of foods high in fats, calories and sugar might lead to acquire a lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hepatic steatosis according to the recent studies it can all began at a very young age. ron-deficiency anemia can be a problem for some children. Iron is an oxygen-carrying component of blood. Children need iron for expanding blood volume which is accompanied during periods of rapid growth. For girls, the beginning of menstruation in late childhood adds an extra demand for iron due to the regular loss of iron in menstrual blood. Meats, fish, poultry, and enriched


diets that are adequate in Vitamins A and C. When children do not eat enough fruits and vegetables they run the risk of having low intakes of vitamins A and C. B Complex vitamins (thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and other B vitamins) come from a variety of foods, including grain products, meat and meat substitutes and dairy products (The Health Magazine, 2013). Food served at the canteen are always the same everyday nothing change. Foods in the tray such as Fudgee bar, chocolitos were containing too much sugar which is excessive to the recommended daily allowance needed for children. I wonder, why I had an average of 5 pupils a day complaints of toothache and abdominal pain because hot food should be served hot but it was served cold especially in afternoon session. One of the precipitating factors to aggravate toothache is the intake of too sweet foods. This was the reason why the researcher wants to conduct this study because of willingness to help improve the present school canteen practices.

Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to assess the canteen management practices as basis for an enhanced handbook in selected public elementary schools in Marikina City District II during school year 2016 – 2017.

Specifically, it sought answers to the following questions:

1. What is the status of the school canteen practices as perceived by the teachers and canteen personnel in terms of:


a. quality and quantity of food served

b. kinds of service rendered to the customers c. prices of the commodities

d. utilization of canteen facilities e. transparency of profit

f. efficiency of coop staff; and

2. Is there a significant difference between the perception of the canteen personnel and teacher respondents on the status of school canteen practices?

3. What are the comments and suggestions of the respondents to improve the school canteen practices?

4. What enhancement can be proposed by the researcher to the handbook as output of the study?

Significance of the Study

The findings and result of the present study would primarily benefits the pupils and might as well teachers and head manager. Likewise, it was the objective of this study to evaluate the difficulties encountered by the students as to the kind of service that they received and identifying the aspect of the school canteen management that should be improved. Moreover, this research may provide opportunities for reflective thought and thereby enhance professionalism among members of the cooperative, so that they improve efficiency and offer delicious yet affordable food. The results of this study could provide the management of


canteen and to let them know that the existing situation really affects the totality of the service that they are rendering. The results of the study will also make a management realize the need to objectively solve the problems encountered in the canteen operations. The findings may also serve as guide for canteen managers in the planning, preparation and implementation of their new programs. The study will provide some insights and information on how they will manage the canteen for the benefit of the customers such as the teachers and the pupils who are their main clients who must be served and be satisfied.

To the Division Superintendents. The result of the study could serve as

baseline data on conducting needs analysis towards improving the canteen operations of every school in respective districts. This may also be of help in conducting group discussions in solving canteen operation problems in Districts.

To the school principals. The result of this study can help them in

guiding the teachers and personnel, specifically the canteen managers, in proper management and operation of the canteen as part of the administrative arm and as one of the school’s tools in fulfilling its duties to its major stakeholders, who are the students in their respective schools.

To the school canteen managers. The study will serve as guiding

principle in its total operations considering the quantity and quality of services to its client. The result of the study may also serve as enlightenment for them as overseers to continuously improve their services and be of help to clients bearing


in mind their social responsibility and not to focus on profitability alone. The study could also be of help for the canteen managers ‘planning, preparation, and implementation of their new programs.

To the canteen staff. This study could provide opportunities for reflective

thought and thereby enhance professionalism among members of the canteen personnel, so that they may improve efficiency at work and offer delicious yet affordable food

To the teachers and personnel. The study may serve as information for

them to help the canteen manager in the operation of the canteen. This may also serve as an eye-opener for them to actively take part in maintaining the good service of the canteen and be able to recognize its value to the school. They may also be aware of their part as cooperative members and so they must imbibe the concept of shared capital and resources with the sense of ownership and for them to also serve as tool in improving the canteen services and patronizing its products and services.

Specifically, this study will benefit the different stakeholders as it may be an input which can be of advantage to the following:

To other education administrators. The result of the study may be of

great help in improving the effectiveness in their respective area of canteen operations.

To the students. The study may give result in understanding regarding

helping out in patronizing the canteen services and appreciating its effort in providing nutritious foods and better services for the benefit of the students.


baseline and references for future studies related to the present study and for other researchers to look into other variables not covered within the bound of this study.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The study will focus on the assessment of the canteen management practices as perceived by the teachers and canteen personnel of selected public elementary schools in Marikina City District II. The respondents of this study consisted of the __ school teachers and __canteen personnel from selected top most populated schools in District II of Marikina City namely SSS Elementary School, H. Bautista Elementary School and Concepcion Elementary School. This study will be limited to the assessment of school canteen management practices in terms of quality and quantity of food served, kinds of service rendered to the customers, prices of the commodities, utilization of canteen facilities, transparency of profit, and efficiency of coop staff. This study will be conducted during the School Year 2016-2017. Finally, an enhanced handbook on canteen operation standard shall be the output of the study.


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