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Africa and the Middle East, Orange s innovation regions


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november 2011 Press Kit

Africa and the Middle East,

Orange’s innovation regions


innovation at the heart of Orange’s strategy in

Africa and the Middle East

“With the Conquêtes 2015 project, Orange reaffirms its determination to develop its business in Africa and the Middle East on a sustainable basis. Our goal is to become a leading operator in these countries backed by our ability to offer innovative and customized services for everyone in all countries where we operate.”

Marc Rennard, Executive Director Africa Middle East.

“Orange’s customers in Africa and the Middle East are hungry for innovation and novelty. We will continue to increase resources for innovation in this region.”

Jean-Paul Cottet, Group Executive Director, Marketing and Innovation.

Development in emerging markets is a major aspect of the Group’s new “Conquêtes 2015” project, under which Orange’s 2015 goal is to reach 300 million customers worldwide and to double revenues in emerging markets, particularly in Africa and the Middle East.

Backed by a presence in 19 countries in the region, Orange already has over 67 million customers, up 23% in a year. Orange’s 2010 revenues amounted to e3.2 billlion growing 4.9% year on year, and up 7.8% excluding Egypt and Ivory Coast.

In order to meet these ambitious objectives, the Company now needs to move up a gear. Orange aims to double in size by moving into new markets and stepping up growth in countries where it already has a presence. In each country in the region, the Company plans to develop products and services tailored to the needs of its customers which improve their daily lives. A major challenge that can only be satisfied by innovation.

With a population of over one billion inhabitants and mobile phone penetration of under 50%, there is considerable potential growth in the African telecoms market. In

addition to this potential, there is also real diversity between the various markets: every country has its own specific features in terms of economic maturity, political openness and competition. The Tunisian market for example already has a relatively large middle class who have more sophisticated demands than some other countries in sub-Saharan Africa where Internet access is still a luxury.

Marc Rennard comments: “Orange’s market positioning in the Africa and Middle East region will be based on two unique qualities: quality of service and innovation”. The African market indeed demands a very specific kind of innovation. Originally a purchasing market, it now requires active new services and innovation that generates income, which even gives a boost to the entire Company.

However, the mobile market in Africa is still very different compared to western countries. Customers are generally younger and often poorer; they above all seek solutions to satisfy their immediate communication needs at the lowest cost. Consequently the mobile market in Africa is very dynamic and largely consists of pay-as-you-go packages (over 90% of the market) designed for customers who often use SIM cards from several operators.

In this environment, Orange stands out from the competition by its service quality. To achieve this, the Company capitalises on its experience and know-how as a large worldwide operator. It develops, customises and deploys high quality networks and innovative services that meet the specific needs and demands of its customers in Africa and the Middle East.

Some specific features of the markets

in Africa and the Middle East

Very young population

Importance of the community

Low GDP per inhabitant with few middle

class people

Most of the population in rural regions Under developed transport infrastructure Sometimes high illiteracy

Low proportion of people with bank


innovation with Orange:

a made-to-measure approach

in order to design and rapidly roll-out innovative services meeting the needs of its customers in Africa and the Middle East, Orange relies particularly on the Abidjan Technocentre in Ivory Coast, set up in 2010, and those in Amman (Jordan). Their work complements the other Technocentre sites in Châtillon (France) and London (UK), and Orange Labs in Cairo (Egypt). The Company’s decision to establish Technocentres in Amman and Abidjan enable us to have specific approaches to innovation for Africa and the Middle East, with teamwork recognized as a success», says Paul-François Fournier, Executive Director of the Technocentre.

opening the Abidjan Technocentre

Orange is opening the first Technocentre site in sub-Saharan Africa at Abidjan in Ivory Coast. As an innovation cornerstone in this region, especially West Africa, it will provide extra support for staff working in Jordan and Egypt, and will be inaugurated late 2011.

This new centre will design and produce product and service packages tailored to the specific needs of local people. Specialized in creating and bringing to market offers for mobile multimedia and mobile financial transactions (Orange Money) across the continent, it will focus on three areas:

- Designing services and content for low cost handsets, used by most African customers (mainly text and voice access).

- Facilitating access to social networks, essential today for staying connected and communicating locally or internationally.

- Creating an environment that helps people with projects, supporting them in carrying out their work. A team of experts has already been set up, and will be responsible for assisting subsidiaries in the roll-out of new offers.

The Abidjan Technocentre will encourage local initiatives. The aim is to assist African entrepreneurs to invent, test and ultimately market services and applications, by giving them access to development centres. The African subsidiaries will be heavily involved in driving these projects forward, providing contacts with developers, start-ups and students in their countries.

A springboard for innovation, the Abidjan Technocentre will boost synergies within the Group in sub-Saharan Africa, thereby improving reactivity to meet very dynamic local demand while also accelerating the roll-out of new services.

technocentre in Amman

Founded in 2008, the Amman Technocentre’s mission is to invent, design and support the market introduction of new products and services tailored to the specific needs of emerging markets in a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East. Its activities cover voice and broadband products and services in Africa, and offers intended for business. The Technocentre employees are organized into project teams: marketing staff, researchers, and technical and network specialists working in close collaboration. The marketing and R&D teams also work with local teams from each of the 19 countries in the region, to ensure that each product is really suited to the specific requirements of each market.


Orange Labs in Cairo

The Orange Labs in Cairo constitute a Research and Development centre composed of engineers, researchers and ergonomists. By developing links with universities, pharmaceutical companies and local businesses, this R&D centre provides an overview of the business environment of Africa and the Middle East. It works closely with the sites in Amman and Abidjan, Orange Business Services, and the Egyptian operator Mobinil, a Group subsidiary, to assist in the development of products and services specifically developed for these markets combining innovation and low cost: secure mobile payment, voice and multimedia services, high-speed networks (less costly infrastructure and Internet access), vertical applications (tailored for the business activities of specific economic sectors).

Orange Labs

The 15 Orange Labs constitute the Orange

Group’s world-wide network for innovation, with 3,500 employees (researchers, developers, marketing staff, ergonomists, designers, sociologists, etc.) on four continents.

The Technocentre is the Company’s product

and design factory for customer-focused innovations. Its task is to develop and deliver the right products and services at the right time in as many countries as possible where the Company operates.

Jordan Egypt Maurice Morocco Western Sahara Mali Niger Ivory Coast Sénégal

Guinée Central African Republic Cameroon Kenya Ouganda Botswana Madagascar Tunisia France Guinea Vanuatu République Dominicaine Martinique Guadeloupe Réunion République Du Congo Iraq


innovation in four dimensions

The Company’s world-wide size and experience and its considerable R&D resources are clearly major advantages in every country where it is present. But the real challenge in Africa and the Middle East is to know how to make use of this expertise to develop innovative services that are truly «African». As such, many services developed and launched by Orange on the continent don’t exist in any European country where the Company is established.

To achieve its revenue growth objectives, Orange is developing innovations in four important dimensions:

1. giving everyone access to all telephone and Internet services

The first dimension of innovation in Africa and the Middle East is to facilitate access for everyone to appropriate telephone and internet services with useful or entertaining products.

Basic offers for new customers

Orange is working to roll out essential telephone services (voice & SMS). To achieve this it creates solutions to overcome the barriers arising from poverty, illiteracy and inaccessibility:

- Orange reinforces the geographical and

economic inclusion of populations. In Niger

and Mali for example, Village Phone connects

villages by giving them access to mobile phone networks, which beforehand did not exist.

- Thanks to Voice SMS, Orange is developing

vocal access solutions for the illiterate.

- For low income people, Orange provides very cheap prices based on the level of traffic on the

network (Bonus Zone).

- Orange is also improving the mobile phone

experience by developing services with added

value. So, with Pay for Me, Orange offers

mobile collect calls. With Emergency Credit,

the user can have extra minutes if he has an

imperative need to contact someone, even if

his credit balance has run out. The Contact

Backup service enables the user to save all

his contacts safely and to recover them even if the SIM card is changed.

Parallel to this Orange is stepping up giving Internet access to the people, a major contribution to increased connection with others and an improvement in the quality of life for local populations.

Orange is thus active at every step in the chain that provides the customer with a quality service. It invests heavily in landline and under-water cables (LION, LION 2, ACE etc.) to provide bandwidth and international connectivity.

- For people living in remote rural areas (more than 60 % in sub-Saharan Africa), Orange has

launched Village Internet, a concrete solution

that provides web access for isolated villages.

Developing premium services

To meet the needs and expectations of all market segments, Orange is also developing up-market solutions with increasingly successful results:

- Orange is optimizing High Definition Voice

technology, making it compatible with a maximum number of mobiles.

- Its customers in Africa, Jordan, Tunisia and

Mauritius already benefit from Mobile TV.

This gives mobile phone access to local and international channels, and videos on demand covering a variety of subjects including music, sport, comedy, news etc.


- With BlackBerry, Orange offers a mobile

message service compatible with a wide range of telephones, for receiving and sending emails, even without a computer or Internet service.

Orange is one of the leaders in extending 3G networks in the region, in particular with an exclusive launch in Tunisia and Jordan, and networks in Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Uganda, Egypt, Mali and Niger.

Improving access to trendy content for young people

In its drive to develop mobile Internet, Orange is introducing an innovative variety of content and services, accessible from simple handsets, and particularly addressed to young users:

- Orange provides access to social networks (Facebook USSD/SMS) on mobile phones

from anywhere, or to chat sessions (Google

Chat SMS), encouraging local populations to

become more open to each other and to other countries, an essential step for Africa.

- As a sponsor of the African Nations Cup,

Orange is working to promote and develop African and European content. This has led

Orange to launch the Football Fan Club, a

mobile and community platform for sharing a passion for football.

2. offering mobile phone payment services for all

Orange’s second dimension for innovation is the

development of mobile financial services. This is an area with very important potential in Africa, where less than 10% of people have bank accounts, whereas almost half the African population have a mobile phone.

Since many Orange customers don’t have a bank

account, the introduction of Orange Money allows

them to open an account linked to a specific mobile

phone number. With this major offer for Africa,

where Orange now has 3 million customers, a whole range of services is now accessible to people who have no access to traditional banking and financial functions such as opening an account, transferring money to family, paying bills or setting up a savings plan...

Some specific telecoms features in

Africa and the Middle East

Mobile accounts are 95% pay-as-you-go The fixed line telephone network is very


The level of Internet penetration is under 5% African websites occupy less than 0.1% of


Enabling money transfers

While many Orange customers do not have a bank

account, Orange Money allows them to open an

account attached to a mobile telephone number.

In addition to the possibility of paying in and

withdrawing cash from the network of Orange

Money distributors (groceries, small businesses…),

users can also transfer money to their families or

other people, even internationally.

This person to person payment can also be used to pay salaries.

Providing a real payments system

Orange Money offers a complete range of electronic payment services for businesses and small traders. Customers can pay their electricity bills and public or administrative services without having to travel, and they

can even carry out transactions on e-business sites. And they can also pay numerous shops, restaurants, pharmacists, bakeries etc. without having to carry cash.

Providing access to financial services

Orange Money opens the way to financial services which are usually inaccessible to people who have not got a traditional bank account. One of the most

recent innovations of this service is the opportunity

to open an interest bearing savings account or

take out insurance policies.

3. supporting the development of SMEs and the economy

Orange encourages the economic and social

development of the 19 countries where it is established in Africa and the Middle East.

The Company is establishing innovative and practical solutions specifically tailored to local needs, in particular through its offers enabling people in Africa and the Middle East to set up small businesses and prosper with them. These innovations are spreading more and more throughout the Company, particularly in Eastern Europe.

- With its Popmail SMS mail service, Orange

enables professionals to receive emails by SMS on all telephones.

- Internet Everywhere provides low-cost

Internet access using a 3G USB stick and a pay-as-you-go account.

- Audio Conferencing enables professionals to

arrange conference calls extremely simply from their mobile phones.

- Thanks to the Video to Protect video

surveillance system, they can keep an eye on their business at all times, even when they are away.

- Orange also offers the Surf & Pay service for

re-charging or sharing the costs of Internet access in internet cafés or hotels.

Orange is also developing affordable customised

communication solutions such as My Office.

Launched in Senegal, Jordan, Bahrain and Uganda, this solution includes a series of communication services including email, organization tools, instantaneous messaging solutions etc.


This year the Company is launching the African Social Entrepreneur Awards. It hopes

thereby to give financial support and expertise to young businesses for which these services have a beneficial social impact among local people. This project is in line with the Company’s corporate social responsability policy.

By encouraging social entrepreneurs, Orange is also emphasizing the major role that information and communications technologies can have in the economic and social development of emerging market countries.

Orange awards Social Entrepreneur prizes in Africa

In conjunction with the prestigious Africacom Awards, in November 2011 Orange awarded the first prize for the best Social Entrepreneur in Africa Orange plans to promote entrepreneurial spirit and innovation by supporting entrepreneurs financially and otherwise in the development of their business. The launch of this prize forms part of the Company’s desired contribution as a responsible business to social and economic development in the countries where it is an operator. In addition to providing infrastructure and basic services, Orange invests in rolling out value-added services in healthcare, education and financial services...as well as taking part in introducing incubators.

With 634 projects in three months, this prize reveals a real entrepreneurial trend on the African continent. These projects cover the application of IT and communication technologies to varied industries including healthcare, agriculture, education, financial services and traders. They must be driven by young businesses less than three years old and must be deployed in at least one African country where Orange operates.

The prize giving took place during the AfricaCom Awards in Cape Town (South Africa), which are designed to reward the most outstanding innovation and performance in the communications industry on the continent. Three projects received awards - in the fields of agriculture, small traders and development of SMEs - and were awarded prizes ranging from €25,000 to €10,000 as well as support for six months from Company experts in IT and communication technologies and in business know-how.

Further details are available on www.starafrica.com.

Chez Orange, nous savons que de nombreux jeunes entrepreneurs sont conscients du rôle des Nouvelles Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication dans le développement sociétal. Afin de les aider à concrétiser leurs projets, Orange lance Le Prix de l’Entrepreneur Social en Afrique.

Les 3 gagnants du concours se verront attribuer une dotation allant jusqu’à 25 000 euros et seront accompagnés pendant six mois par des professionnels du secteur.

Pour participer au concours, rendez-vous sur StarAfrica.com jusqu’au 15 septembre 2011.

Le développement change avec Orange.

Le règlement du concours est déposé chez Maître Alliel, Huissier de Justice à Paris (75001), et disponible sur StarAfrica.com France Télécom, SA au capital de 10 595 434 424 e - RCS Paris 380 129 866.

Le Prix de l’Entrepreneur

Social en Afrique


Le Prix de… : Helvetica 45 Light - Corps 32 / Inter 36 Chez Orange… : Helvetica 55 roman - Corps : 10,5 / Inter 13,5 Le règlement du concours… : Helvetica 55 Roman - Corps : 8 / Inter 10


4. making a contribution to society

Orange is developing a series of simple, practical and useful services to aid populations in Africa and the Middle East in their daily lives.

- With Pocket Agricultural Feed, Orange helps

small producers in their contacts with potential buyers to market their crops.

- Orange also offers a range of health solutions as follows:

> Text to Change gives access to prevention

and health information content,

> M Pedigree offers a simple way of checking

on the authenticity of medicines and tracking counterfeits,

> Teledermatology makes possible medical

dermatology diagnoses at a distance via the telephone and its built-in camera,

> Mobile Baby makes medical imagery

accessible over the phone by simply using MMS.

> With the first solution for making paperless

third-party payments in Africa, Orange

modernizes and optimizes dialogue between health professionals and their patients.

Orange rewarded for its investment in Africa

Orange at the AfricaCom Awards

Highlighting its ongoing investment in African innovation, Orange was named this year in 10 out of 12 categories of the AfricaCom Awards 2011, for 18 products or services. This prestigious competition, in which Orange has previously been a prize winner, rewards the most striking innovations and performances each year in the communications industry on the African continent.

Frost & Sullivan

Orange has received the Customer Value Enhancement Award in the category Mobile Communications, from Frost & Sullivan. For 50 years now this consultancy has analyzed over 250,000 businesses around the world, rewarding the best of them in the fields of growth, innovation and leadership. Orange was distinguished for its achievements in providing value-added services for its customers in Africa.

Telecom Awards

This year Orange won Telecom Awards in two categories: Best New Product Launch for Mobile TV in Jordan, and Best VAS in Africa, for Ring Back Tone in Egypt.




innovative products specifically for

use in Africa and the Middle East

giving everyone access to all telephone

and Internet services

providing basic offers

for new customers 11

- Bonus Zone 12 - Emergency Credit 13 - Contacts Backup 14 - Village Internet 15 - Surf & Pay 16

developing premium services 17 - Popmail & BlackBerry 18 - HD Voice 19 - Mobile TV 20

easier access to trendy content for young people 21 - Facebook USSD/SMS 22 - Gmail SMS Chat 23 - Football Fan Club 24

offering mobile payment services for


- Orange Money 25

supporting the development of SMEs

- My Office 29 - Internet Everywhere 30 - AudioConferencing 32 - Video to Protect 32

making a positive social contribution

- Pocket Agricultural Feed 34 - Text To Change 34 - Ensuring authentic drugs 34 - Teledermatology 35 - Mobile Baby 35 - Third-party payment 35

Orange keeps its promise in Africa and the Middle East: enabling all its customers, everywhere in the world, to access essential services. Orange is actively working to develop innovative content in this region specifically tailored to the local people and their needs.

The Company is continually designing and developing new solutions, so that its customers can have access to the latest services via simple low cost handsets. And, based on the success of existing offers, Orange optimizes them, completes them and implements them in new regions.

Orange stands out from its competitors by meeting genuine needs and helping to create today the Africa and Middle East of tomorrow.


giving everyone access to all

Internet and telephone services


Bonus Zone

a dynamic charging system linked to the level of network load

up to 99% discount on calls, depending on network load!

Subscription to Bonus Zone allows savings of 1 to 99% of the cost of mobile calls. The principle is simple; as soon as the network load falls, depending on the time and place the subscriber’s mobile phone indicates the reduction applicable, between 1 and 99% of the initial cost.

Bonus Zone is based on a charging model that is both fun and innovative, with big reductions as the key.

heart of the solution

- Activated on explicit request from the customer (opt-in) by USSD message (very short written message compatible with 100% of telephones) before starting the call - level of discount sent to all handsets by

cell broadcast (real time communications channel displaying the discount

directly on mobile screens)

- Bonus Zone is exclusively reserved for voice calls by Orange subscribers - The offer is available to

pay-as-you-go customers

- Free service for Orange customers


A success that confirms the attraction of Bonus Zone in Africa

Bonus Zone was successfully launched in Botswana in June 2009. Now implemented in 8 countries, this offer already has 3 million users daily. It will shortly be implemented in other countries in the region.

giving everyone access to all Internet and telephone services


november 2011

Emergency Credit

an extra credit for emergencies

As well as pricing advantages like Bonus Zone, Orange hopes to grow even closer to its customers by going further in the provision of innovative services that have real added value. That’s why Emergency Credit, or «SOS Credit» was developed. This service was selected for the AfricaCom Awards in the category Customer Service Excellence. A successful initiative to improve customer satisfaction in daily life, while also boosting customer loyalty.

being able to reach someone under all circumstances

Developed since June 2010 through Mobinil, Orange’s Egyptian subsidiary, Emergency Credit meets the needs of customers who want to be able to count on their mobile at all times, and recharge their credit as soon as they need to. Automatically offered to subscribers who have reached the end of their pre-payment, this service allows them to make an important telephone call or send an SMS nevertheless.

Subscribers receive an SMS alert that warns them when their credit is running out, and offers them the Emergency Credit service. They can subscribe by simply sending an SMS and they pay the sum consumed with their next credit recharge.


After Egypt, where it was a complete success, Emergency Credit has now been extended to Senegal and Botswana. After chalking up 30 million requests a month, and developing steadily, this service has important customer potential in the years ahead.

giving everyone access to all Internet and telephone services

> providing basic offers for new customers


un prêt sans frais, ça dépanne !

SOS Crédit


Africa and the Middle East, Orange’s innovation regions

giving everyone access to all Internet and telephone services

> providing basic offers for new customers

Backing up your contacts

to keep your personal directory in a safe place

Another added value service from Orange, to make everyday use easier and more practical.

no more risk of losing your contacts With the Contact List Backup, you no longer fear losing your data and your contacts.

Subscribers to the service can save, restore and synchronize their SIM card or their directory on the Orange network, directly from their mobile or from the dedicated web interface. And if you lose your telephone or change your SIM card, you can recover all your contacts. a practical and time-saving solution The directory backup system can be

automatically configured. Directory backup also offers precious time saving by enabling the new SIM card to register user data directly.

Finally, Directory Backup ensures the authenticity and accuracy of data, unlike manual procedures which involve a risk of error.

a secure procedure

Personal data are conserved and secure on the Orange network. They remain entirely confidential.


la vie change avec

Sauvegarde Répertoire

avec la nouvelle SIM Simplify,

gardez votre répertoire en lieu sûr

retrouver change avec Orange


november 2011

Village Internet

opening an Internet access point for the whole village

While it is essential for Orange to launch innovative, practical and reliable services for its customers in Africa, the very first step is to ensure they have access to the network, even in places where it is not available through standard technologies.

developing Internet access for isolated populations

After Village Phone, awarded Best Solution for Rural Services at the AfricaCom Awards 2010, Village Internet today offers access to the Internet and to emails for Africa’s rural communities. Village Internet is in fact a kiosk powered by solar panels and transformed into a mini internet café where local people can come to surf the Internet, sometimes also established in schools or medical centres.

opening the village to the outside world and raising its standard of living

Village Internet enables village inhabitants to remain in contact with their friends or members of their family living abroad or in distant towns. It also allows villagers to equip themselves with the tools of modern technology so that they can be more efficient and productive in their economic activity. This solution considerably reduces the massive gap between large towns and the countryside. making life easier

In emergencies, rural inhabitants can rapidly be put in contact with a doctor. This service also enables them to save money; to order a product they no longer have to go into town, they can do it directly on-line. Farmers and gardeners can also find buyers of their crops without having to travel.

one step more towards development

Opening communication services for zones that are not covered brings isolated populations into the world and makes the local economy more dynamic. Village Internet is thus a real means of improving the standard and quality of life in African villages.

giving everyone access to all Internet and telephone services

> providing basic offers for new customers


Surf & Pay

a communal system for sharing and re-charging

Internet access

Surf & Pay is for hotels and internet cafés that want to provide their customers with Internet access using Wifi. It also allows individuals to share the costs of high speed mobile Internet access with their neighbours, using a payment interface that is both flexible and secure.

This is a practical solution to facilitate Internet access in Africa. The principal user can adapt the billing of his customers as he wishes, and when he wishes. Customers pay according to the time or volume consumed. Up to 20 people can be connected.


This service was launched in October 2011 in Uganda and Armenia.

giving everyone access to all Internet and telephone services


giving everyone access to

all telephone and Internet



giving everyone access to all telephone and Internet services

> developing premium services

Orange puts innovation at the heart of its business and seeks to share its know-how by offering its customers in Africa and the Middle East state-of-the-art technologies that meet and satisfy the demands of their daily professional and private lives.

Popmail & BlackBerry

mobile messaging solutions for everyone

pushmail for all

How can customers send or receive emails without a computer or Internet? Keeping in contact with people, even when travelling, can be very useful. Popmail from Orange lets customers use their mobile phone to manage their email accounts at a competitive price.

popmail is 100% compatible with all mobile phones

No need to have a smartphone! With Popmail from Orange customers can receive emails and reply to them by SMS, MMS or WAP from any type of mobile phone. An SMS tells customers that they have received an email and gives them the name of the sender, the subject heading and the text of the message (up to 1,250 characters). Orange can even open an email account for customers. Popmail is a cheap and easy solution.

Blackberry with or without a contract

Blackberry manages emails and social networks just like on a computer, while also giving them mobility. It is a professional solution that is also useful for keeping in contact with friends and family. Orange offers a monthly contract or pay-as-you-go package allowing people to receive, send or transfer their business and personal emails from their Blackberry and even read file attachments. Not forgetting contact lists, task and calendar management, business applications, Blackberry Messenger and social network applications.

at the heart of the solution

- Email alert on all chosen accounts: personal or business - Message reception, answering, sending and transfer - Perusal of file attachments (Blackberry)

- Message handling service (included with Blackberry or else downloadable) - Email reception by SMS, MMS or WAP for phones without Internet

- Calendar, task list and contact list functions for Internet or business accounts (Blackberry) - Secure access to business applications


Available in the Ivory Coast, in Cameroon, in the Central African Republic, Niger, Madagascar, Uganda, Guinea, Guinea Bissau and in Mali.

HD voice

now no need to shout to make yourself heard

hear better so you feel closer

With High Definition Voice technology, Orange subscribers get the best voice quality available today from mobile phone operators. More and more phones are now compatible.

This technology means they enjoy unrivalled listening quality because the high and low voice frequencies are better coded in order to block out background noise. They can now have crystal clear conversations that are so natural they would think their correspondent was in the same room. Shouting into phones, sometimes in a noisy place will be just a thing of the past… Now you can enjoy much more emotional conversations- without any “crackling” on the line.

A free service with any compatible mobile phone and 3G coverage.


Already available in 15 countries across the world including Egypt (Cairo), Kenya, Mauritius and Uganda.

giving everyone access to all telephone and Internet services


Mobile TV

the phone turns into High Definition TV

pushmail for all

Orange offers mobile phone television on a whole range of compatible phones giving high quality sound and pictures with a variety of content. TV programmes are broadcast live and VOD is just a click away. Such a nice way to keep up with the news when travelling and to ensure customers do not miss their favourite programme or sporting event.


Available in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Mauritius and Senegal

giving everyone access to all telephone and Internet services


giving everyone access to

all telephone and Internet



Africa and the Middle East, Orange’s innovation regions

giving everyone access to all telephone and Internet services

> easy access for young people to “trendy” content

Orange is looking to develop easy access to digital content for the populations of Africa and the Middle East. Because of the technical constraints of those countries, its mobile Internet products and services have been made compatible with simple hand-held devices. People living in even the most remote towns and villages can then enjoy local and international content that is so popular with young people.

USSD/SMS - based Facebook

get access to social networks through your mobile phone

access to social networks is essential for villages

USSD/SMS - based Facebook gives access to the social network from mobile phones, even very simple devices. Now villagers who do not have Internet or a computer can, for instance, keep in contact with friends and family, exchange messages and comment on their statuses, enlarge their circle of friends by sending and accepting invitations... USSD/SMS - based Facebook is accessible everywhere, any time as long as there is a telephone signal. The service is charged at a very cheap rate and provides real time interactivity between members enabling the network to reach out to populations that do not have Internet.

Very shortly it will even be possible to set up a Facebook account and a profile directly from your mobile phone. Access to the social networks for the inhabitants of Africa and the Middle East in even the most remote towns and villages really is a way to open them up to the outside world and is a useful tool in bringing them closer to other people.


This service will soon be available in Egypt and the Ivory Coast

november 2011

Gmail SMS Chat

real time chatting via SMS

a real time chat service to widen your circle of friends

Gmail SMS Chat means any Orange customer who has a Gmail account can send free textos to any Orange number.

The service allocates Gmail users with a block of free textos that they can send to any Orange customer they choose. Each time the Orange customer first replies to the SMS then 5 more free textos are added to the block. Gmail users can also add Orange customers to their contacts and start chatting with them even if they have no Gmail account.

Gmail SMS Chat means that mobile customers in Africa can widen their community even from the simplest of phones.

free of charge and no contract

This service is free of charge for Orange customers. Chat messages are the same price as an SMS.


Orange and Google launched this service in Senegal in July 2010 where it has already been a resounding success with nearly 700,000 users and four million textos sent in the first six months.

The service will be extended to all countries where the Company operates in Africa and the Middle East and is already available in Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Niger, Uganda, Kenya, the Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

giving everyone access to all telephone and Internet services

> easy access for young people to “trendy” content


Football Fan Club

the first African community of football fans

a mobile community platform for sharing your love of football

Football Fan Club provides African and European voice content using a technology that vocalises RSS flows. Community members then have access to rich and complete information on teams in the CAF (Confederation of African Football) and UEFA. They can discover the games and quizzes and win prizes and exclusive benefits.

In addition there are a number of tools and services that give members the possibility of voicing their opinion and exchanging news items and content between themselves.

Orange Football Club will be celebrating the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations

On the occasion of the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations a series of mini offers devoted to the event will be offered to users, such as access to live video content or to VOD on their mobile phone. They can then take part in quizzes, bet on matches etc. and feel all the excitement with the rest of the community at the heart of the event.


Already one and a half million customers in over 10 countries making more than 20 million requests. Football Fan Club is already available in Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger, the Central African Republic, Madagascar, Uganda, Botswana and Guinea Conakry as well as in Equatorial Guinea.

It will shortly be launched in Guinea Bissau, Tunisia, Senegal and in Kenya.

giving everyone access to all telephone and Internet services


offering payment

services on mobile

phones for everyone


offering payment services on mobile phones for everyone

in Madagascar

Orange Money

a purse in your mobile

Orange has invented Orange Money because so many inhabitants of Africa do not have a bank account, which is yet so essential. The group has a powerful network and technology that offers a complete range of mobile phone-based payment services that make transactions much easier and simplify your daily life.

transferring money with your mobile

With Orange money the group enables subscribers to open a payment account with their mobile phone number. They can then pay or withdraw money using the network of Orange Money distributors (located in small shops for instance) but also transfer money from their telephone to another person’s mobile.

a complete range of electronic payment services

On setting up a free Orange Money account the subscriber can take advantage of a number of services. Besides depositing and withdrawing money at Orange agencies or authorised partner outlets, he or she can make transfers, buy air time and pay invoices via a mobile phone.

managing money in a carefree way

Orange Money is a service offered in partnership with a bank.

The customer takes out an Orange Money account at Orange Money agencies or at authorised distributors which serve as money depositing and withdrawal counters. Invoices for goods or services (e.g. Orange, government departments, public services, shops etc.) are settled in just a few clicks and money transfers can be made to private individuals, friends or family even to other towns in the same country. Money can also be received from abroad.

The service has built-in security against the risk of theft or fraud. a growing number of loyal customers

Orange Money is creating growing satisfaction and loyalty amongst ever more customers because of the way it is tailored to specific African needs and because it offers users a variety of functions on one single device. Orange Money is available today in 8 countries where 3 million customers have chosen it: in the Ivory Coast since 2008, in Senegal, Mali, Niger, Madagascar, Kenya, Botswana and the Cameroon.

at the heart of the solution

- Accessible from any mobile phone - Partnered by a bank

- No need to have a bank account


november 2011


paying invoices with Orange Money

Bills become easier to pay

settling bills with your mobile phone

Orange Money users can now make banking transactions directly from their mobile phone. They can now settle their own bills or their family’s bills at any time, anywhere.

saving time and money

The Orange Money system brings African populations real benefits in countries where the payment of bills is so complicated. The service means you do not have to make long expensive journeys just to make a payment at special payment windows that are only open at specific times.

a practical solution

Orange Money customers themselves choose the amount they want to pay. They do not have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash about with the risk of losing it. What is more they receive confirmation of their payment directly on their mobile.


It is already possible to pay your bills with Orange Money in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Niger, Mali and Kenya.

The service will shortly be rolled out in Cameroon, Jordan, Uganda, Botswana, Mauritius, Egypt, Central Africa and Guinea Conakry.


supporting the


Orange designs innovative products and services specifically devoted to the needs of business people in the region so as to enable all segments of the African and Middle East population to access state-of-the-art solutions.

My Office

an easy-to-access messaging and

website solution for businesses

With its offerings combining website and emails in the company name, shared calendars and contact lists, My Office provides a range of innovative communication solutions that are easy to access for business people in small and medium sized companies and the self-employed.

My Office was short-listed for the 2011 AfricaCom Awards in the category “Best ICT Solution Provider for Enterprise Markets in Africa”. It offers customers technologies that were previously only accessible to large organisations.

state-of-the-art tools accessible to all companies even the smallest of them

My Office is a secure Internet portal for modern organisations looking for collaborative tools. It simplifies management by using cloud computing technology thereby optimising the ability of teams to work with and share information. It brings real gains in time and money by avoiding travel.

My Office is an economic solution accessible via PC or a mobile phone and hosted by Orange. It offers much more capabilities and possibilities than traditional email. Apart from its basic features it also offers various communication tools such as instant messaging, mobile applications for Android and iPhone, transferring large files and organisational tools such as shared calendars and address books etc. But it also offers Internet tools since My Office provides businesses with their own domain name (.com, .net, .org etc.) and the possibility to create an own website.

an add-on feature to Orange Internet

My Office enhances and completes the Orange Internet access service. My Office is simple to use and offers several paying options that are adaptable to user needs such as web hosting, extra data storage, multiple users etc.

maximum security

My Offers guarantees peace of mind since it automatically backs up web-mail content on its servers. Users no longer have to worry about data loss. The service also comes with powerful anti-virus and anti-spamming software that allows staff to work in peace without being disturbed and interrupted by nuisance traffic. It is accessible anywhere since connection is made with a unique login and password.

a solution tailored to the African market

My Office brings many features whose importance varies from country to country. In Africa mobile applications and the ability to connect from anywhere are essential. My Office is therefore particularly well adapted and is constantly being updated to bring even more benefits to its users.


The My Office service has already been launched on several European and

Internet Everywhere

opening up and facilitating access to the

Internet for all

orange is deploying 3G and connecting up Africa

Growth of the Internet in Africa will come largely with the deployment of 3G mobile networks, which will compensate for the low deployment of copper networks. Orange has already rolled out 3G in 8 countries (Botswana, Egypt, Jordan, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Kenya, Uganda and Tunisia) and now has more than a million customers using 3G mobiles as well as those customers connected via an “Internet Everywhere” USB key (available also in Kenya via a CDMA EVDO network).

Orange has a variety of offerings to enable people to take full advantage of the possibilities of the 3G network:

Internet Everywhere

Orange has developed a pocket modem so people can connect to the Internet at home or whilst on the move. With a simple USB key, the Internet Everywhere solution connects any fixed or laptop computer to the Internet using the Edge or 3G networks or even with WiFi.

This product is also available for business customers. The Business Everywhere solution allows access to a company’s VPN (virtual private network).

These are flexible solutions with or without a contract.


Business Everywhere / Internet Everywhere has been launched in most countries in Africa and the Middle East with or without a contract: Botswana, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Equatorial Guinea, Jordan, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Niger, Uganda, Central African Republic, Senegal and Tunisia.

The service now has more than a million and a half users.

The Flybox

With a Flybox you can get dual play (telephone and Internet access) without a telephone land-line. The Flybox connects to the 3G network thus setting up broadband Internet access (7.2Mb) via WiFi or an Ethernet cable that provides cheap telephony and a secure WiFi network. When on the move, the subscriber can connect his or her Flybox in different locations and still get service.


The Flybox was launched in 2007 and is already available in Egypt, Botswana and Tunisia at prices that vary depending on the country,

- A “light” version of the Flybox has been available since 2010 providing low cost basic services

- In just two months after its launch in Tunisia in September 2010 several thousand Tunisians have already adopted the Flybox


portals that given content access to everyone

Orange Magic Portal offers services that are cheap and easy to use such as recharging, “Call Me Back”, account follow-up as well as other leisure services (news, sport etc.). The system functions with USSD technology, a system of data exchange that is compatible with almost all devices, even the oldest ones, using the traditional GSM network.

The Orange vocal portal allows everyone, even if they are illiterate, to gain access to a range of audio content by calling an interactive vocal server using a short number. This portal was a great success during the last CAN Orange tournament where subscribers were able to catch up on the latest news and football results.



arranging a very simple teleconference via mobile phone,

on demand

Orange has designed AudioConferencing, a simple teleconferencing service, available on demand, that allows business people to increase their company’s efficiency. The service is perfect for distance apprenticeships and training.

A customised system allows the user to set up a telephone conference at any time, anywhere, with an unlimited number of participants and using any type of device. In addition maximum security is guaranteed.

AudioConferencing is practical and best in class. It guarantees:

- quality telephone appointments, with or without an intermediary - use of a private Internet portal to organise the conference - efficient and attentive customer service

This solution brings savings in the cost of international calls and also cuts down on travel. In addition, by reducing CO2

emissions it offers environmental benefits that are not insignificant.


AudioConferencing is already available in Niger and will shortly be deployed in the Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Madagascar, Mali and Uganda.

Video to Protect

keeping an eye on the business, all the time, from anywhere

Orange has developed Video to Protect, a simple and reassuring video-surveillance service that means managers of small to medium enterprises can now trade in peace and tranquillity.

The solution offers many features to protect the business premises. The management can:

- receive a direct alarm message if an incident occurs and can take a look and see if anything is taking place in their premises

- take a look at their premises whenever they wish, using their mobile or a PC - record, replay and export video easily with remote access

Anybody can install the system quickly and very easily by just setting up a surveillance camera that is easy to connect.


Video to Protect will shortly by open to small business people in Botswana before deployment to other countries in the region.

bringing benefits to

society at large


Orange is continually designing and updating a variety of services, products and practical content that are capable of truly assisting the populations of Africa and the Middle East in their daily lives.

Pocket Agricultural Feed

helping small producers in selling their produce

The Pocket Agricultural Feed service was recently launched in Niger and makes life easier for producers unable to access assistance from the Internet in their business. Using a simple mobile phone and an SMS or USSD technology, the system:

- Provides up-to-date price information from

the local produce markets (prices of various products – vegetables, seeds etc.). This information is especially useful for producers before putting their harvest up for sale because they cannot get it from any other source.

- The service can also establish contacts

between buyers and sellers of agricultural produce on specific local markets.

- By sending a simple SMS, a farmer who is about to harvest his crop can get a list of markets to choose from in deciding where to sell.

Text to change

health prevention and information content

The Text to change service gives subscribers access to a range of content and information to do with medical prevention. Users can reply to healthcare quizzes to win prizes such as telephone credits, medical products etc.

Ensuring authentic drugs

tracking counterfeit drugs

This service implemented in Kenya allows patients and medical personnel to check if drugs are authentic. They just have to send a 12-digit code hidden on a scratch sticker on the medicine box by SMS. Users receive back an answer saying «OK, genuine medicine», or «NO, code is not a valid code», together with the telephone number of the pharmaceutical company to denounce the fraud. This is a simple and ingenious solution to identify counterfeit drugs that may represent a real danger. The service is entirely free for patients since the pharmaceutical companies pay for the cost of the SMS.

bringing benefits to society at large



remote skin diagnosis

People can use the camera function on their mobile phone to send a picture of their skin and get a diagnosis on a remote access basis. The Teledermatology service collects pictures and descriptions of symptoms via the mobile phone network and transmits them to an on-line platform. Qualified dermatologists then access the data and provide a response to each case with a diagnosis and a programme of treatment.

Mobile Baby

medical imagery during pregnancy available on your mobile

Just by using MMS, the Mobile Baby service gives pregnant women and medical teams remote access to images such as ultrasound. This service allows users to share images virtually in real time by sending them directly from the x-ray or ultrasound device to a mobile phone. The service can also be developed by remote diagnosis or for medical emergencies.

Medical expenses

modern and efficient data exchange between

healthcare professionals and patients

Almerys, a subsidiary of Orange, is developing the first solution that does away with paper in the medical expenses reimbursement process in Africa, in particular Senegal.

The aim of this system is to do away with paper in processing the three-way data exchange between Healthcare insurers (so-called IPMs in French speaking Africa), healthcare professionals and the person receiving medical treatment. The system involves equipping healthcare professionals with specific web-based services in order to handle the “smart” health insurance cards issued to healthcare beneficiaries.


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