Here is the front cover of our new text what do you think it will be about?







Full text


Here is the front cover of our new

text…what do you think it will be


What do you think the title of our

new text could be? Why?


The Happy Prince

by Oscar Wilde


Tuesday 6


January 2021


To make predictions using inference


What can you see on the front


What colours can you see?

What is central in the picture? Where is it positioned? What do you notice about the buildings? What does this tell us? What do you

think the story is going

to be about?


By the end of this lesson,

we are going to write a

paragraph to match each

of the subheadings.

So, before we begin…do

you want to know what I

was able to deduce and


The Statue: The statue is positioned in a central position on the front cover of the text. This suggests the statue is

important. The statue is golden and gold is a regal/royal colour. Gold is a symbol of wealth and the title, ‘The Happy Prince’, makes me think this story is about a wealthy prince. The statue is shown with the person holding a sword

and they look to be wearing a military uniform, like the Romans or Greeks would wear. This could mean the story is set in a previous period of time. The statue is positioned on top of a pillar, this pillar is towering high above in the sky and they have a clear view of the city. This could suggest they are in charge of looking after the people living in the city, making decisions and are highly regarded. I think they are highly regarded because they are stood proud on

a pillar for everyone to admire and look at. As statue is in the middle of the picture, it tells me the statue is very important.


Colours: The colours are very royal colours and they are the colours used to represent the churches liturgical calendar. With purple, green and gold being the main colours used. Purple Represents Justice. Green Represents Faith. Gold Represents Power. Therefore, I think the colours used suggest this story is about a powerful Prince who

rules in a very fair and just way. The sky is purple, rather than blue, this could suggest the Prince is new to his role and is ready to spread justice throughout his town. There are many green roofs scattered around the city, this could

suggest the people have faith in the prince and they believe he will be capable of doing a good job. The most common colour is gold, this suggests the wealthy prince is very powerful. As a prince, he may be young, and the


Look at the town. Does the town remind you of anywhere you may have

visited already?


Positano Florence


Newcastle city



The Town: The town is simply majestic, with a range of different buildings and sizes. The town looks similar to an Italian town with beautifully coloured buildings, statues, domes all closely packed together.

Most of the buildings have a spire (a pointed needle type shape) placed at the top of the building and most spires are elongated and have birds attached to them. The spires make the buildings appear taller and are a symbol of the

heavenly aspirations of reaching the highest heights above. The spires and birds are a symbol of freedom as the spires are reaching towards the heavens above and the birds are able to soar and fly wherever and whenever they want. The buildings are very close together which could suggest the town is jam packed and filled with people. The


Text : The title of the text is written in capital letters and catches the readers attention instantly. The font of the text is very simple and suggests this is a very classic story. The capital letters make me, as a reader, predict the story is all about the prince. Beneath the title, there are smaller capital letters and this tells us the story is linked to a well known author, Oscar Wilde. There is then a line separating the title and the authors name, this suggests the author

has adapted the original story and the line is separating the two of them. The font used for the authors name is slightly smaller but still very classic, this suggests the author is a very classical writer too or it could suggest the author wants the reader to be captivated by the picture rather than the text. Amongst the text, there is a swallow

flying though the authors name, leaving stars in its midst. This could suggest the story is about a rising star as the swallow is rising above.


Sizing: The front cover is split into two, with a picture of the bustling town and then details of the title and author.

The largest part of the picture is the pillar and statue, the reader’s attention is instantly drawn here. This could

mean the story is all about the person the statue has been created of. The second largest element of the front cover

is the title therefore, I predict the statue is of the happy prince and the story is going to be about the prince’s

journey through royalty. The third largest element is the green dome building. This building could be where the prince lives or it could be where the prince longs to be. In the churches liturgical calendar, green represents


Themes: Clocks on the buildings Birds Royal colours Statue Prince Royalty


Themes: There are several key themes from analysing the front cover. Firstly, there is a link to royalty with the title, the statue and the royal colours. Secondly, on most buildings there are visible clocks. Could his story be about the timing? The prince may want to make the most of his time before he is king or it could be linked to how he uses his

time to spread joy throughout his town. The final theme is the birds. The swallow at the bottom of the front cover is releasing stars, this could mean the birds are a sign of soaring expectations. The birds are free to do as they wish


So, what have you managed to deduce and infer from the front cover?

If you have a printer, you can print off the following sheet or you can

write the subheadings down and write a paragraph to match each.

Good luck!


Colours:___________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ Text: _____________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ The Statue: _______________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ The town _________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ _________________________________ Sizing: _______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Themes: ________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________





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