World Guiding Bingo. Give each girl a blank grid and a copy of the answers between 3-4 girls.







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World Guiding Bingo

Equipment needed:

Counters/matches/or jelly beans



20 minutes

Activity details:

Give each girl a blank grid and a copy of the answers between 3-4 girls. Each girl is to write any one of the answers from the answer sheet in each square randomly. There are 35 questions and only 25 squares so not all answers will be used. Each girl should have a different looking Bingo grid. The questions are then read in any order and if a girl thinks she has the answer on her board, she raises her hand. When the correct answer has been given, any girl who has that answer on her board needs to put a counter/ match/jelly bean on that square.

The purpose is to get a line of 5 correct answers in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

This game can be played a number of times, mixing up the order of the questions or the girls can make new answer grids.

This bingo game can be used for a range of topics – you just need to think up the questions and answers – by getting each girl to make up her own Bingo grid it saves time.


World Guiding 1

World Guiding Bingo Questions

Questions Tick when question has been


1. Where did Olave and Robert Baden-Powell meet? – Cruise ship

2. What was Robert Baden-Powell’s sister’s name – Agnes

3. What was Robert Baden-Powell’s wife’s name – Olave

4. Who attended a rally at Crystal Palace – Scouts

5. What was held at Crystal Palace in 1909 – Rally

6. What was Robert Baden-Powell’s title in the Scouts –

Chief Scout of the World

7. Where is Pax Lodge located? – London

8. Which World Centre do you reach by hiking 30 minutes uphill from Adelboden? – Our Chalet

9. Which world Centre’s name means “going together” – Sangam

10. How many World Centres are there? – Four

11. “Our Cabana” is located in this country – Mexico

12. Which World Centre’s name means “small cabin by a stream” – Our Cabana

13. Where is Our Chalet – Switzerland

14. When is Lord Baden-Powell’s birthday – 22nd February

15. What do we celebrate on 22nd February – World Thinking Day

16. Which was the first Victorian Unit of Guides – 1st Hawthorn

17. What year did Guiding officially start in Australia? 1911

18. Which hand do we use to salute with? Right

19. Which hand do we shake hands with? Left

20. What is the Guide motto? Be Prepared


World Guiding 1

21. Taps is sung when? At the end of a meeting

22. How many fingers do we salute with? Three

23. What year was Robert Baden-Powell born in? 1857

24. Where was the siege in Africa that gave Robert Baden-Powell the ideas for Scouts? Mafeking

25. What is the name of the book written by Baden-Powell and first published in January 1908? Scouting for Boys

26. Where was the name Guides taken from? The Khyber Guides 27. What year did Robert marry Olave? 1912

28. What year did Olave Baden-Powell die? 1977

29. What flag is flown outside each world centre? World Flag

30. What does the Pax in Pax Lodge mean? Peace

31. Where can Guides from anywhere in the world stay? Four World Centres

32. What can you do in winter at Our Chalet? Go skiing

33. The first World Centre in England was originally called what? Our Ark 34. What does every Guide around the world make when she becomes a guide? A Promise

35. What badge do all Guides wear around the world? World Badge


World Guiding 1


World Guiding 1

World Guiding Bingo Answers

1857 1911 1912 1977 1st Hawthorn 22nd February A Promise Agnes

At the end of a meeting Be Prepared

Cruise ship Four

Four World Centres Go skiing Left London Mafeking Mexico Olave Our Ark Our Cabana Our Chalet Peace Rally Right Sangam

Scouting for Boys Scouts


The Khyber Guides Three

World Badge

World Chief Commissioner World Flag


WAGGGS Dominos

Equipment needed:

Counter/match/or jelly bean



20 minutes

Activity details:

To assemble

Each page of the template makes 5 dominos, 30 dominos in all, the template has them in sequential order of question/answer. Stick copies of the domino pages onto cardboard, then cut out each domino.

E.g. the fi rst domino consists of

You may like to add more questions/answers and/or laminate the dominos to make them last. You can make a set for each

Patrol to play. Play:

All dominos are turned face down, girls choose 4 each to start. Any girl may start by placing one of her dominos on the table. The next girl tries to add one of hers. If she can’t match either end, she must pick up another domino until she can add one to the game.

Then it is the next girl’s turn.

When all the spare dominos have been taken girls just “pass” if they can not add to the game.

It may be helpful for Leaders/Patrol Leaders to have a list of the correct answers just in case.



World Guiding 2

A Guide is loyal and

can be trusted

Guide House in India A Guide is polite

and considerate Thinking Day


World Guiding 2

respects all living things A Guide does a good

turn every day A Guide has courage and is

cheerful in all difficulties

Guide House in UK Guide House in Mexico


World Guiding 2

thinks, says and does Founder of Scouting

Lord Robert Baden-Powell TAPS

song sung at Guides World Chief Guide

Lady Olave Baden-Powell Year that Girl Guides started in Australia


World Guiding 2

World Trefoil A Guide makes good

use of her time Lord Baden-Powell’s sister

Agnes Baden-Powell Guides shake hands with

their left hand A Guide is


World Guiding 2

do my best A Guide takes care of her own

possessions and those of other

people Small groups of girls

Patrols A Guide is friendly and a

sister to all Guides Island where first Scout camp was held


World Guiding 2

SOS in Morse code Federation Star

Largest star on the Australian Flag Colours

Carrying and presenting of flags To serve the Queen and

my country A Guide is


Thai Friendship


Equipment needed:

Per Guide - 115cm lengths of wool in 6 colours











20 minutes

Activity details:

Tie the bell to the middle of one of the lengths of wool

Take your 6 lengths of wool together and tie 13 overhand knots in the wool with even distances apart.

Join the ends with a reef knot. The legend:

10 of the knots represent the Guide Law. One knot represents the promise. One knot represents the unity of Guiding. One knot represents friendship. The reef knot is used as it won’t slip and allow the link of friendship around the world to break.

The colours:

Gold – sun that shines above the world

Blue – waters of the world that divide our land Red – hope of continued friendship and peace Green – nature that provides beauty worldwide

Mauve – arts of the world, all unique to their cultures Pink – unit of all colours within the Guide sisterhood

The Bell: An old Thai custom says that the sound it makes frightens away evil


Reef Knot Overhand Knot

Source Reef knot -

Source Overhand knot - overhand.jpg


Taps in Maori

Haere Ra, e teao,

E te tai, te puke, te rangi

Kei te pai, piri mai

Te Atua.



Equipment needed:

Newspaper or Tennis Balls

Colour paper

String/Cord Scissors


40 minutes

To make you will require :

1. The cords should be about 800mm long, so you can also tie around the paper ball

2. You can if you wish plait different coloured wool together to make a nicer looking Poi cord.

3. Push the newspaper into a ball (or use tennis ball) and tie one end of the cord around the ball.

4. Cut the coloured paper into a square about 400mm x 400mm.

5. Place the ball in the middle of the paper and gather the material over the ball.

6. Cut another piece of cord to tie the opening in the material up.

7. You can also add a layer of plastic over the Bag Poi and tie as before. This will make them last longer when used outside.

8. Trim the gathered paper with the scissors.

9. Tie loops or knots in the ends of the cord to hold onto as handles.

10. Make another one and you have your fi rst set of Poi.

The traditional poi was used in games and physical exercises to sharpen refl exes, increase fl exibility and improve coordination.

Basic Poi Toa (said poy toe-a): Hand-to-Hand Passing

Initially have the players spinning the Poi Toa while standing still. Have them make big circles (with the ki or head of the Poi Toa) and then have them shorten their ropes to make small circle - and then letting out the rope to make big circles again.

Then move the players on. Have them practice spinning and handing over the Poi Toa to each other with-out the Poi Toa stopping – they can do this in pairs. Body and hand positions are crucial when successfully passing and receiving a spinning Poi Toa.

Next, divide the players into two equal teams. Have them standing still in a straight line with a two metre gap down the middle. Give the front person in each line a Poi Toa.

On “Go!” they pass it to the next one in line, and so on, until the Poi Toa reaches the last player in the line who then runs to the front of the line, still spinning the Poi Toa, and sits down. The rest of the team sits down also.

The fi rst team “down” (having passed correctly and having kept the Poi Toa spinning) wins.

Could also have the players keep going until everyone has had a turn at being in the front of their line. (This activity can also be adapted into a circle).


The Woozle Song

Equipment needed:






The Ranger Song

Blessed be the woozles one and all,

Blessed be their sparkling eyes.

Rangers and woozles side by side

Look for them here and far and wide.

Woozles are with us, and they’re here to stay.

Woozles are red and so are we,





Giving of service they will be





Always a smile, a smile to see us through.

Over the mountains they will climb,

Over the sea they’ll sail.






ying high

Woozling forth in love with life.

Woozles are growing stronger every day.





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