COVID19: Full Opening Risk Assessment and Action Plan

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Determine Capacity of School Building

Determine Staff Available to Work


Liaise with Parents Regarding Intention to Open Fully Undertake Risk Assessment and Action Plan Engage Governing Body, Staff and Union Reps in the

Plans for Full Opening Make Necessary Small Adaptations to Site Determine Remote Learning Offer/Contingency Plans Inform Parents of Re-opening Plans and Expectations

COVID19: Full Opening Risk Assessment and Action Plan

SCHOOL NAME: Northwick Park Primary Academy

OWNER: Mrs Emma Lane

Document created: 20.5.20

First issue date: 21.08.200

Second issue date: 13.11.2020

Purpose of this document:

This COVID19: Risk Assessment and Action Plan document sets out the decisions taken and measures put in place to prepare for the phased

re-opening of the school and ensure the school continues to operate in a safe way.

Existing policies and guidance continue to apply alongside the actions within this document, including but not limited to:

- Health and Safety Policy

- First Aid Policy

- Child Protection Policy

- CYP Response Plan

- DFE Guidance relating to COVID19

- Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) 2013

- The Health Protection (Notification) Regulations 2010

- Public Health England (PHE) (2017) ‘Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities’


Risk Assessment/ Action Plan Sections:

1. Preparing Buildings and Facilities ... 5

2. Emergency Evacuations ... 10

3. Cleaning and waste disposal ... 11

4. Classrooms ... 15

5. Staffing ... 22

6. Group Sizes ... 35

7. Social Distancing and Transport... 36

8. Catering ... 44

9. PPE ... 48

10. Response to suspected/ confirmed case of COVID19 in school ... 49

11. Pupil Re-orientation ... 51

12. Remote Education Congingency Plan ... 55

13. Transition into new year group ... 57

14. Safeguarding ... 58

15. Curriculum / learning environment ... 59

16. CYP with SEND ... 65

17. Attendance ... 67


19. Governors/ Governance ... 72 20. School events, including trips ... 72 21. Finance ... 74


Theme Control Measures Risk to Implementation Risk Level Pre-Action If applicable (High, Medium, Low. A for tasks which are actions) Action Required / Decision Made NP Specific in red LB specific in purple Action Completed Date If this is left blank

the action is already in place Risk Level Post-Action

Engagement in


Assessment and


Risk assessment process fully engages staff, governing body and union representatives.


Amended RA after first half term to be shared digitally with: 1) SLT 2) Chair of Governors and Chair of Directors 3) Governors and Directors 4) Union representatives 5) All staff 6) Chair of Audit committee and chairs of governors Shared to all parties by 13.11.20 Published on website 20.11.20




Buildings and


Premises and utilities have been health and safety checked and building is compliant.

 Water treatments  Fire alarm testing  Repairs

 Grass cutting  PAT testing

 Fridges and freezers  Boiler/ heating servicing  Internet services  Any other statutory

inspections  Insurance covers

reopening arrangements

Site Manager is unavailable H


The Trust employs 2 site managers and 1.5 further site staff. SLT have been trained in essential procedures to open/close site.

Insurance is provided by the government RPA scheme. RPA contacted to advise if any extra requirements for reopening. They advised to follow normal risk

management rules. All procedures detailed in the last assessment have been followed and completed

In place and ongoing



Office spaces re-designed to allow office-based staff to work safely.

Office does not allow for adequate space between staff members, no windows

for ventilation.


Office staff desks repositioned, and furniture removed to allow for improved distancing where necessary. Protective screens provided where

In place and ongoing


necessary. Staff

working changed hours or from home if necessary.

All desks to be kept clear of clutter to allow for ease of cleaning. Alcohol cleaning wipes available for use with telephones and other IT equipment. Encourage staff to use before they start using shared equipment for the first time.

Single desk office rooms to be better utilised. Purchase of wifi keyboards and mice so staff can have own set to plug into alternative computer when necessary. Desks to be cleaned before reoccupied

Entry and exit routes to the school are in place, any physical changes and/or signage required to allow social distancing are in place.

Bottlenecks likely at entrance to school. Social

distancing unlikely to be maintained.


NORTHWICK PARK MAP LEIGH BECK MAP Main gate open to pedestrian traffic only

In place and


at drop off and collection times. SLT to encourage parents to leave site and area directly outside asap

Different year groups will be using different entrances to site and have staggered start/finish times to reduce volume of pupils/parents on site Only one adult per family will be allowed on the premises and will have a large designated area to wait in.

Parents to have designated waiting areas that are large enough to allow them to socially distance. Increase space outside school building by closing main teacher car park. Staff


off-site or walk/cycle to work. No parking in unmarked bays or designated areas. Area outside kitchen for staff with medical conditions and unloading.

Nursery and daycare and reception parents will be allowed on site to drop off and collect children. Breakfast and after school club drop off and collection at Busy Bears.

Little Bears drop off and collection will be through the Nursery.

Consideration given to premises lettings and approach in place.

Hall used by pupils during day. Cannot be let and reassembled with sufficient

time for cleaning in between.

NP - Subletting of Little Lions buildings and 1 car parking

spot to Virgin Healthcare. Virgin staff need access to car park and their buildings.


Lettings risk assessment completed.

No lettings of inside school areas until guidance allows this safely and Directors, Governors and school leaders deem this sensible.

In place and ongoing Review Jan 21


Their site may reopen maternity service to public.

Little Lions - Relocate their parking place to outside kitchen. Advise them to avoid entry and exit of site when pupils/parents are in entrance areas. Ask that they advise us ASAP when they will be back open to public so we can amend RA MUGA – copies of hirer RA and Public Liability Insurance to be provided by hirer before they commence. Meeting to be held with Head/Site staff before activity starts.

Consideration given to the arrangements for any deliveries.

Deliveries arrive during high traffic times around school

opening/closing times Onloading points for deliveries in pupil areas

M Suppliers are already aware that deliveries will not be received at these times. Reception staff to reminded that they cannot accept deliveries at this time. Where possible deliveries to be

received in areas where there is no pupils access and low volumes of staff

In place and ongoing





Evacuation routes are confirmed, and signage accurately reflects these.

NB In the event of emergency the priority is getting out of the building calmly regardless of social distancing.

Consideration given to PEEP – buddies are assigned or

reassigned according to available persons.

Arrangements in place to support individuals with reduced mobility including cover arrangements in the case of reduced numbers of staff.

Current evacuation routes would cause multiple groups

of people to come into contact. More appropriate

alternatives are possible.


NPPA Evacuation Map LBA Evacuation Map Revised evacuation procedure and share with all staff and children.

Normal assembly points for all year groups PEEPs will be shared with all staff in the year group bubble. All classrooms have direct access to the outside of the building and are step free.

Fire drill will take place during the first full week that the school is open to test the plans and then again when Reception children are in school full time (28.09.20)

More staff than required were initially trained as fire marshals.

In place, share with staff by 1/9/20


Reminders from Site staff can be given and more training can be delivered if required. New ’Inventry’ sign in system fire marshal app to be used to record staff and if possible for pupils. Nursery and Daycare to use existing systems.


Cleaning and

waste disposal

Enhanced cleaning regime is in place in line with COVID19: Cleaning in non healthcare settings guidance.


Enhanced cleaning schedule implemented throughout the site, ensuring that contact points, worksurfaces, door handles, taps etc. are all thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Hand towels and handwash are to be checked and replaced as needed by site staff and cleaning staff Enhanced cleaning regime for toilet facilities particularly

In place and ongoing


door handles, locks and toilet flush.

Cleaning stations with wipes, gloves and aprons available in all class spaces. Staff will not be expected to use them but will be able to if they deem


Caretaker has been deployed to clean throughout the day Capacity of cleaning staff is

adequate to enable enhanced cleaning regime.


A member of cleaning staff will be working an extra 5 hours per week from 1 June.

Other cleaning staff are available to work extra shifts if needed.

In place and ongoing


Adequate cleaning supplies and facilities around the school are in place.

Arrangements for longer-term continual supplies are also in place.

No hand sanitiser for visitors to reception.

Classrooms do not have tissues.

Low supply of hand sanitiser.


Hand wash stations and/or hand sanitiser available at the school entrance.

All handwashing now indoors. 4 indoor water fountains have be converted into sinks. 2 Outdoor fountains into sinks by MUGA.

Outdoor handwashing still available where appropriate.

Lidded bins in

classrooms and offices Disposable tissues in each classroom to implement the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach Stock check and ordering schedule

By 1/9/20


reviewed and order made.

Staff & pupils

encouraged to use soap and water where possible with hand-sanitiser as back up, in line with guidance.

Sufficient time is available for the enhanced cleaning regime to take place.


Main kitchens areas were deep cleaned in April/May 2020. Other food preparation areas were deep cleaned on May 29 2020



Waste disposal process in place for potentially contaminated waste.


Contaminated waste bags and containers - kept closed and stored separately from

communal waste for 72 hours

In place and ongoing


Waste collections made when the minimum number of persons are on site, before 8am or after 4pm.



Classrooms have been re/arranged to allow as much space between individuals as practical.


Unnecessary furniture and equipment has been removed from class bases, entrance hall and office spaces.

All soft toys and furnishings that cannot easily be washed have been removed and put into storage.

All desks in classes from year 2 upwards have been moved so that all pupils face the front of the room.

Teachers have kept a 2m bubble around their teaching space when



they are delivering to the class.

Classroom entry and exit routes have been determined and appropriate signage in place.

L Northwick Park Map

Each class has own external entry point to the building

Where practical, staff to use external routes but internal routes are allowed to be used by adults if needed.

Staff should be aware of having conversations in corridors. Where possible these should take place outside or in a space suitable for social distancing.

Map will be distributed to all class bases to avoid year groups


crossing when using the corridors in necessary. Appropriate resources are

available within all classrooms e.g. IT, age specific resources. NB: sharing of equipment or stationery should be prevented where possible. Shared materials and surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected more frequently [source: protective measures guidance].

Resources which are not easily washable or wipeable have been be removed.

Information posters are displayed in every classroom, at the main entrance, places visible to those at the school gate, in the staffroom and in all toilets.

Soft toys, cushions and beanbags in classrooms not

easily washable.

No COVID19 information posters currently in place. Limited reminders/ awareness for children.




From year 2 upwards, Pupils will have their own equipment on their tables. This will be in place for year 1 once they begin setting later in the year if these guidelines are still in place.

Bags and personal belongs kept in own space or locker. These should be limited to a water bottle and lunch box and book bag where this is used.

Ziplock bags will be provided to Y6 pupils for valuable items (keys, bus fare,

phones). Pupils should place these items in the bag and then the



teacher will store the items for the day.

Pupils will wear PE kit and Forest school kit on days when they are doing those subjects to avoid extra bags in school.

All classrooms have age appropriate furniture and excess furniture has been removed.

Communal resources have now been returned to their usual storage places. Ideally, staff will collect

resources on a Monday and keep them for the week.

All resources must be returned on Thursday


after school to allow 72 hours before being used by another year group.

If resources are needed by another year group within the week, they will be deep cleaned before use. Class teachers will be responsible for ensuring this happens.

Remove soft furnishings that cannot be washed from all class bases that are being used. Any soft furnishings that are not essential will also be removed to allow for maximum space in class bases. These will be cleaned and stored for future use.

Small medical kit will be available in each year


group so pupils do not need to go to the office/medical area unless they have a serious accident or suspected Covid19. Each class will keep records and inform parents via normal slip method - copies of which will be provided with medical kit. A medical list will be provided for each class which should be kept in the top drawer of the teacher’s desk.

Posters displayed in all Classes and in the toilets.

these are examples from ECC

e-Bug posters:  Horrid hands  Super sneezes  Hand hygiene


 Respiratory hygiene  Microbe mania

IT equipment M iPads to be cleaned

before every use with anti bac wipes and before being put back in the case.

IT team or whoever takes trolley to the next class to clean trolley handle and clasps after each use.

Teachers to clean down class laptops at the end of each sessions if anyone else will be using it.

ICT suite will only be able to be used for timetabled slots.


Pupils will be taught to clean down the equipment as they leave with wipes. The next user will also clear the equipment before they begin their lessons.



Staffing numbers required for entire eligible cohort have been determined including support staff such as facilities, IT, midday and office/admin staff. Including at least one of the following:

 Paediatric First aider (where children under 3yrs)

 Designated

Safeguarding Lead (DSL)  SENCO

 Caretaker/site member  Office staff member

Paediatric First Aider unable to work on site for the 1st

week of June.



Staff plans for the year are complete and there is contingency for sickness. A register of staff working outside of their normal patterns will be kept in the office in case of confirmed COVID-19 case. All staff are expected back on site in September.

All Foundation Stage staff hold a current Paediatric First Aid certificate

In case of absence, there is sufficient cover in place

In place and ongoing


Each site has two designated

safeguarding leads. Each can move to the other site if needed. Trust has 3 qualified SENCO’s

Trust has 3.5 Caretaking/Site Staff IT staff amended hours to cover early mornings as a priority. LB IT not covered Monday but specialist IT support available from NP. Office covered 8am - 4.30pm/8-4 LB Approach to staff absence

reporting and recording in place. All staff aware.

M Text Headteacher before 7am, as is school policy

If any member of staff has COVID symptoms, they should follow

In place and ongoing


COVID-19 working procedure

If Headteacher is unwell, Head of School and Deputies will lead the schools. There is significant leadership capacity throughout the academy chain and Heads of school, Deputy Heads and Assistant Headteachers can be redeployed to either site. Systems, structures and strategies are in place for SLT to follow.

Risk assessments in place for those staff who were previously working from home due to shielding, (clinically vulnerable and/or living with someone in these groups), and appropriate arrangements for mitigating risk are identified.

Members of staff who have been shielding at home are now expected to return to


H Review staff that need individual RA. These should be completed before return to work after half term.


Individual RA template Plans to respond to increased

sickness levels are in place. Cover arrangements determined (including leaders and

safeguarding designated leads) – on a weekly rather than daily basis to minimise contacts.

Insufficient staff in school to allow for pupils to be safely

catered for

M Cover to be

monitored every morning after 7am to allow staff to call in for that day.

Office staff to be redeployed between sites or use SLT. Site staff may be asked to work across sites and extra hours to cover sickness.

Use outside contractors for cleaning if


Simple menu in place in case of catering staff sickness.

In place and ongoing


Contact with regularly used supply cover will be maintained in case of emergency.

If Business Manager is unwell, potential major issues with payroll, supplier payments, Gov returns. These can all be done remotely if isolating. SBM services to provide cover for sickness.

Consideration given to staff clothing expectations and information shared with staff

M Normal dress codes apply with adaptations. Staff can wear trainers or sandals

No loose/floaty clothing to be worn

Staff are advised to wear/bring warm

In place and ongoing


clothes as the weather becomes colder. Windows and in some places doors will be open to provide ventilation. Approaches for meetings and

staff training in place.

Planned staff meetings will not be able to take place to discuss plans for September Staff training schedule will have to be put on hold due

to social distancing restrictions

M Staff training sessions will take place with 2m social distancing in place and in well ventilated rooms.

If needed, meetings will be repeated to keep numbers manageable Zoom and Teams is available for use if needed.

School has bought into ‘Flick’ to deliver online remote staff training

Team planning

between schools in the

In place and ongoing


chain will take place via Zoom.

Consideration given to staffing roles and responsibilities with regards to the contingency remote provision alongside in-school provision.

M If a Bubble needs to self-isolate, those teachers would implement the online structure and work from home. All other staff would be in school and a member of SLT would be designated as in-school liaison between isolating staff and the school.

In place and ongoing


Consideration given to the options for redeployment of staff to support the effective working of the school.

If redeployment is taking place staff are aware of controls and processes in respect of tasks they are unfamiliar with.

M All staff are employed by the MAT and as normal practice can be deployed to either school

Many LSA’s have been trained in classroom delivery and will be given planning if they are needed

In place and ongoing


Approach to support wellbeing, mental health and resilience in

M A member of SLT is a Trained Mental Health First Aider at Work and

In place and ongoing


place, including bereavement support

How staff are supported to follow this within their own situations and that of pupils and colleagues is clear.

is available to work across both sites. Training session was held in September 2020 and further staff opportunities are planned through the year.

The Bereavement Policy has been reviewed to ensure it reflects current circumstances and arrangements

Bonnie to give training to staff to give ideas for activities to support pupils

Staff are aware of available support and advice for schools and pupils available from ECC, including the Educational Psychology service uk/admin/COVID-19/Pages/default.aspx


Arrangements for accessing testing, if and when necessary, are in place. Staff are clear on returning to work guidance.

Process in place for use of the limited number of self-testing kits.

M Staff will be given the following document as guidance. It will also be displayed in the school office and in all classes. COVID-19 working procedure

This will be updated as guidance changes. Staff will be kept informed of any changes via staff briefing and emails.

Self-testing kits

allocated to school will be offered to families who fulfil one of the following criteria: vulnerable pupils; limited access to transport due to physical conditions or child-care needs; parents who would struggle to complete online processes. Kits will also be available to staff if needed.

1/9/20 and ongoing


Decisions on the use of kits would be made by a member of SLT. The approach for inducting new

starters has been reviewed and updated in line with current situation.

M Regular contact has been made with new starters and relevant policies will be shared prior to taking up employment. HT to continue to be in email and phone contact with new starters.

Each new starter will have a designated line manager allocated who can be their first point of contact for day to day queries.

1/9/20 L

Return to school procedures are clear for all staff.

M Staff briefings take place weekly in both schools to keep staff abreast of any changes. All staff to receive revised RA and working procedures via email half termly. RA will be published on school website.

Weekly review of RA practise Half termly full review of RA shared with staff


Where procedures have changed, staff will be given briefing sheets after being given the details either in a meeting or via email. Staff will be invited to bring their own cup, plate and spoon to school. They will be advised that communal catering facilities in the staff room should be avoided where possible. Arrangements to return any

furloughed staff in place.


Any staff contracts that need to be issued, extended or amended considering the current situation have been.

A Staff contracts remain the same as pre lockdown.

No contracts are being ended this summer. Any temporary salaried staff contracts will be made permanent in September

In place and ongoing


One-to-one Tutors were formally advised their services would no longer be required, in line with the terms of their casual contracts. Contact will be made with them to return, if they wish, when the situation changes to allow this. Individual RA will need to be

completed if applicable. Any HR processes that were

in-train prior to or put on hold due to the COVID19 emergency, have been appropriately resolved.

M The school currently has no outstanding HR processes on hold.

In place and ongoing


Arrangements in place for any visitors/ contractors on site, protocols and expectations shared.

NB: Their employer may require them to wear PPE. This should be documented as part of the risk assessment carried out by the Contractor.

M Contractors will be asked to share their COVID-19 RA details before access to site allowed. Share school protocols.

Visitors will be limited to necessities (social worker visits, school nurse) and individuals who are needed to provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

In place and ongoing


Parents will be discouraged from visiting school and will be asked to

communicate via email or phone call to the office in the first instance.

Zoom and Teams are available for staff to have contact with parents if needed. Visitors will be informed of school practice and will be informed of protocol at the office. Hand sanitizer will be available.

School office to ask visitors of any PPE protocol they need to follow in school and advise SLT if there are any conflicts will school policy .

Roofing contractor expected to still be on site in October. Contractors to stay in


their own hub, no facilities to be shared with school.

Arrangements in place for any externally employed adults delivering learning in school e.g. sports coaches, music tutors, forest school leaders. Protocols and expectations shared.

M Music lessons to resume in September following guideline in the school RA and music services RA. Back up online provision is available if tutors cannot attend school or pupils are self-isolating. Music Service RA Mel will return to school to teach PE lessons. Lessons will take place outside or in the school hall. RA and protocols will be shared with Mel before he starts back in school. He will provide a copy of his own RA.

1/9/20 L


Group Sizes

All children are included in distinct groups/ ‘bubbles’ that do not mix and the number of

In 3 form entry primary school, toilet block shared by

both classes. M

Pupils will be in year group bubbles to allow for ability setting across the year group.


children in each bubble is as small

as possible. Rainbow room will be

in year group bubbles on specific days and cleaned between groups

Each year group will have specific toilets. Map showing toilets Staffing allocations to groups

determined, minimising contact with multiple groups as much as possible.

M Staffing numbers are high so we have flexibility built into the staffing plan

Cover is available through LSA’s and teachers on non- teaching days

Very few staff will teach in more than one bubble and where this is necessary, their cover has been considered through job share and LSA’s trained in class delivery

In place and ongoing



Arrangements for social distancing in place to consider:

M Northwick Park




Distancing and


 Staggered school drop off/pick up times and locations (if possible) without reducing teaching time  Staggered or limited

amounts of moving around the school/ corridors

 Classroom design

 Break and lunch times are staggered. Plans for social distancing during these times in place, such as when queuing for lunches  Toilet arrangements

Most access is possible via external routes and this will be used where possible. Timetables have been written to limit crossing and disruption to lessons. Toilets and sinks will be designated to year groups and have been detailed on the map. Staff to only send 1 pupil from each class at a time to the toilet to avoid queuing.

Disabled toilet in upper KS2 used for pupils with medical needs. Users of this toilet will be known to SENCO. Break and lunch times staggered

Enhanced supervision at lunch time. SLT available if needed for extra supervision. Supervision to ensure handwashing and sensible social


distancing before school, at breaktimes and lunch and home time

Bubbles will have designated spaces that only cross briefly for access

Where classes are sharing toilets blocks enhanced cleaning will be in place.

New digital signing in system is now in place. After signing in, staff are encouraged to use the outside of the building to reach their teaching spaces. Staff toilets - Nursery – own toilet Reception – back corridor

Other classes – disabled toilet. Staff to socially distance when moving to and from the toilet.


Access staff toilets through back doors of the toilet block. Office – front toilet Daycare and nursery have staff toilets All other staff to use back entrance to the toilet block

Staff may walk through school building if needed but are encouraged to use external routes where possible

Information shared with parents regarding pupils travelling to school, encouraging walking and avoiding public transport as much as possible.

M Regular update letters sent to parents and reminders where needed. SLT are also available at site entrances at the start and end of the day. Paper copy will be available at the school office if requested. Only one visitor at a time will be admitted to


the school office. Visitors will be expected to wait outside until the previous person has left.

Support in place for CYP who have no alternative, to access public transport safely, adhering to social distancing protocols where possible.


Currently no pupils are travelling by public transport without parent guidance. Contact has been made with pupils who have done this in the past. They have been asked to contact school should be situation change.


Arrangements in place with transport providers to support any staggered start/end times.

NA No transport

arrangements currently in place. We will update this if the situation changes.


Approach to avoiding children and young people entering school congregating and breaching social distancing is in place.

M On arrival, students move straight to class base and sit at their table and wait for rest of class to arrive/class to begin.

Reminder of start times will be put in parent communication and SLT will monitor arrival in


school. Parents will be informed if pupils are repeatedly on school premises outside of teaching hours. Arrangements have been made for families who have children in different year groups where this is needed. Approach to potential breaches

of social distancing in place, including in the case of repeat or deliberate breaches.

M Pupils will be reminded to social distance where possible and practical.

If pupils refuse to conform with requests, SLT will speak to the child and then contact parents, if appropriate. Enhanced support and individualised approach in place for students who might struggle to follow expectations Inform SLT of repeat breaches and action will be taken in line with the school behaviour policy

In place and ongoing


Approach to assemblies – if still occurring, plan in place to manage social distancing.

M Assemblies will be

taken in year group bubbles or via zoom. Weekly assemblies are recorded and placed on the school system for teachers to watch.

In place and ongoing


Social distancing plans communicated with parents, including approach to breaches.

M SENCO will liaise with all EHCP pupils/parents before return to school to prepare them for the changes they will find Each bubble have dedicated LSA’s. They will be the first port of pupil support where needed

Posters are on display around the school to remind the school community about social distancing where this is possible and practical. Class teachers should remind pupils of the expectation during the day, especially before break, lunch and at the end of the day.

Mobile phones carried by staff to allow



between SLT, office and staff in Class. Numbers will be collected and checked during the first week back.

Behaviour policy has been reasonably adjusted and if need be Parents contacted to collect children from school if needed Arrangements in place for the use

of the playground, including equipment.

NB: outdoor equipment should not be used unless it is appropriately cleaned between groups of children and young people using it, and that multiple groups do not use it simultaneously.

M Play equipment will only be used by one bubble.

Nursery – own play areas

Reception – Bus Year 1 – Shop play area Year 2 – gym trail Year 3 – Tyres and big equipment

Year 4 – Big equipment at the back of KS1 playground Year groups can arrange to borrow PE equipment for use at playtime on the same return system as equipment for lessons.

In place and ongoing




Arrangements in place to provide food to CYP on site, including the requirement of universal free school meals.

Both school kitchens have been deep cleaned during lockdown period as per normal maintenance schedule



Stocks of food will be replenished and organised in the summer break ready for return to school Consider possible redeployment of other members of staff if sickness becomes an issue.

Consider transfer of hot food between sites or further simplification of menus.

Several members of staff who do not work in the Kitchen are qualified in using Kitchen equipment and can be used for

additional support if needed.



Arrangements for when and where each group will take lunch (and snack time if necessary) are in place so that children do not mix with children from other groups.

M Each bubble has a designated outside space for breaktime, lunch and PE.

Nursery to sit on current canteen


furniture as normal Social Distancing not applicable to this age group.

Reception to eat in hall on class tables.

Hot food will be

delivered to classrooms in disposable


LSA’s have been given the option of working through their lunch break and the majority have taken this option. Teachers will be asked to avoid the staff room in the morning to allow for LSA’s to use the space.

Teachers can make hot drinks in the staff room at break and take back to their room in lidded cups.


A maximum of 16 people can be in the staff room at any one time – 8 at tables and 8 on soft chairs. If the staff room is full, staff will be able to eat in the hall. A break/lunch priority time table is on display on the staff room and anyone not on the list can only use the room if space allows.

A maximum of 8 people can be in the staff room at any one time. If the staff room is full, staff will be able to eat in the hall.

Arrangements for food deliveries in place

L Deliveries will take place early morning before school start.

In place and ongoing


Menu M Two week simple menu

in place adhering to current nutrition standards and factor in availability of supplies

In place and ongoing



Nursery snacks and Busy Bears meals will be prepared and served by staff following food hygiene guidelines. Children will be served food and buffet style delivery will not be used.

Free milk delivery to restart 3 Sept. Cups to be washed in

dishwasher No tuck and fruit available for purchase in school.

Parents to be advised to send child in with own mid-morning snack for KS2 pupils.

All children have been advised to bring their own water bottle. Disposable cups Water bottles will be available if children do not have access to these.


Water bottles can be filled from the external taps or water bottle stations by adults wearing gloves. Jugs of water can be collected from the staff room to refill bottles.

All drinking fountains to be closed using hazard tape to make it clear to pupils. Some are being turned into sinks over half term.

Handwashing stations have been moved indoors where possible MAP

Summer Holiday Food vouchers for eligible CYP ordered.

A Free meal voucher scheme has now ended and we will implement any new schemes once they are announced.

In place and ongoing




PPE requirements understood and appropriate supplies in place. Long term approach to obtaining

adequate PPE supplies in place. Stocks not available

H Gloves and aprons sourced and available in school.

Masks have not been worn by staff so far and if a staff member feels

In place and ongoing


they should wear a mask, they should discuss it with SLT. This will be reviewed if guidance changes. Full PPE available in medical room for use if child displays

symptoms (visor, apron, gloves). Stocks to be replenished as necessary and can be moved between sites if required

Visors available for office staff dealing with children displaying symptoms. It is recommended staff wear masks as well as visors.

Review 1/9/20 to ensure stocks are still available


Response to


confirmed case

Approach to confirmed COVID19 cases in place: during school day

 Which staff member/s should be informed/ take action  Area established to be used if an individual is displaying symptoms H COVID-19 working procedure Pupil to be taken to medical room and office staff advised so they can ring for child

In place and ongoing


of COVID19 in


during the school day and needs to be isolated  Cleaning procedure in place  Arrangements for informing parent community in place to be collected and inform SLT. Members of SLT to be used as necessary to stay with child and then follow school guidance as above.

Full PPE to be used by staff while they are waiting for child to be collected.

Medical room clear of external clutter. Other unused rooms to be used as back up if more than 1 child is awaiting collection for displaying COVID symptoms. Approach to confirmed COVID19

cases in place: outside of school hours

 Approach to relocating CYP away from certain parts of the school to clean, if possible  Cleaning procedure in


H Staff to follow the school procedure as set out in COVID-19 working procedure If a pupil has a suspected or have a confirmed case of COVID19 they are to

In place and ongoing


 Arrangements for informing parent community in place

inform the school office as usual and then follow the procedure set out in the parent guide.

Process in place to engage with the Test and Trace and contract tracing process.

Refer to ECC and public health guidance for more information.

A Procedure and contact details for East of England Health Protection Team scheme available in working procedure or here: In place and ongoing A




back into school after a period of closure/ being at


Approach and expectations around school uniform

determined and communicated with parents.


Parent expectations will be communicated via email (copies will be available at the school office). By sending children to school, parents are agreeing to abide by this.

Pupils are expecting to be in full school uniform on return to school in September. On Forest school and PE days, they will be asked to wear their kit to school for the day to



avoid excess bags in class.

Pupils will not need to bring in any equipment from home for lessons. Reading books can be taken home and will be brought to and from school in reading folders.

When books are changed they will be placed in a quarantined book box. These books will be returned to central stock on Mondays.

Staff will wipe books before returning them to central stock areas. Changes to the school

day/timetables shared with parents.

A Yes, as detailed above 1/9/20 A

All students instructed to bring a water bottle each day. Water fountains cleaning arrangements in place.

M Water fountains have been closed off and water bottle refill has been arranged. Fountains will be changed to


handwashing stations where possible. Plastic cups and some spare water bottles will be available to any children who don’t have their own Water bottles for sale at class entrances or via purchase on scopay to be delivered to the child in class. Approach to preparing pupils for

a return to academic work and new social situations is developed and shared by all teaching staff. This includes bringing together pupils who have remained in school during closure and those at home and celebrating non-academic achievements of pupils whilst at home/ during school closure.

M If a bubble is closed, staff will allow time on return to class to talk to the children about any changes in school and to celebrate the work they have done at home.

Space has been made on the school website to showcase work that pupils have done at home and at school. This provision will remain available in case of any groups needing to work at home.


Approach to supporting wellbeing, mental health and resilience, including bereavement support is in place.

M Bonnie will be in school Monday, Tuesday and Friday

LB phone support for Bonnie, can move if needed

Mental Health Policy in place and teaching and support staff have been recently trained in Child and Adult mental health. Further training is booked for

September training days.

The school website will continue to sign post parents to support Daily relaxation, wellbeing and mindfulness activities in all classes Continued opportunities to talk about home learning and events that have happened will be scheduled in class time if deemed necessary, but this will be done


sensitively so as not to impact teaching and learning time. Re-orientation support for school

leavers is developed.

M Plans will be made to

bring back year 6 and year 2 leavers when it is deemed safe to

celebrate their time at school. This will be kept on hold until further guidance is available.

When advised safe and sensible


Consideration of the impact of COVID19 on families and whether any additional support may be required:

 Financial

 Increased FSM eligibility  Referrals to social care and

other support

 PPG/ vulnerable groups

M These are in place and

Head Teacher is aware of cases through support for vulnerable groups.

SENCOs have capacity for referrals to support groups.

Bonnie Raby will be available in school for pupils who need support. Cases will be prioritised through discussion with SLT and SENCO’s

In place L


All students have access to technology and remote learning offer is available to be switched

Bubble needs to self-isolate because of a positive case of


M Staff meeting time

allocated each half term to update and

In place and ongoing






on as a contingency when needed.

make new home learning packs.

Purple Mash will be used as our home learning platform. All classes have used this in school so that children are aware of the programme and how to log on.

Parent guide to purple mash to be sent out via email.

All year group leads to have purple mash log in details available

remotely. Parents advised to email year group email for help in the first instance. In the event of a bubble going down work will be:

Digital work pack sent via email


Physical work pack

available to collect from school or delivered home if circumstances dictate.

Purple Mash daily tasks in either English or Maths and topic set by teachers.

If a bubble isolates, staff will phone all pupils in their class during the second week of isolation to check in with them.



into new year


What will need to be different this year because

of COVID19?

Online/ website support for families and young people around transition.

To be reviewed later in the year

Plan for transitions between school years taking into account what needs to be different due to partial opening, remote and face to face:

 EY to Primary

 Primary to Secondary  Vulnerable children  Children with SEND  Physical and sensory

needs, including

M Details for January and

Easter new starters will be added in subsequent assessments.


adaptations, equipment etc (lead in times)



Consideration given to any CYP who may need support with their return to school and consultation has been undertaken with the family and other agencies involved.

CYP previously deemed to be safer at home and family are anxious about returning

to school.


Review the CYP’s risk assessment to identify any support or

arrangements needed for their return to school.

All vulnerable pupils will have an LSA point of contact in their bubbles.

Weekly CAS meetings will happen in

September, frequency to be reviewed after then.

1/9/20 L

Staff are prepared for supporting wellbeing of pupils and receiving any potential disclosures.

M Staff refresher training in September and November. Also using on line training from FLICK learning. All disclosures will be left at the main office to be passed to the Head Teacher.


Updated Child Protection Policy in place.

M Child Protection Policy being reviewed over

Ratified and in place


the summer break and will be adopted by the start of September Where appropriate, work with

other agencies, such as social care, has been undertaken to support vulnerable CYP to return to school.

M These meetings have been on-going and will continue to be a

priority. Headteacher or Deputy will be available throughout the


School nurse liaises with Headteacher weekly

In place and ongoing


Where physical contact is required in the context of managing behaviour, ensure appropriate hygiene measures are in place to mitigate any risk of transmission.

M We do not have any pupils currently who have needed use of physical contact for behaviour management In extreme cases SLT only will use restrained stated in the behaviour policy.

In place and ongoing



Current learning plans, revised expectations and required adjustments have been considered.

M First half term of the year will have a strong focus on mental health and well-being. We will be resuming a full broad and balanced curriculum using formative assessment


Curriculum /



to ascertain the pupils learning needs in the first term.

Year 6 assessments before half term. Rest of the school are assessing over a couple of weeks starting 16.11.20.

We will return to our curriculum planed topics but rework plans to suit front-facing learning. We will also adapt to allow time for PHSE, well-being and recovery curriculum time.

Music lessons have been altered to allow for safe practise. Woodwind lessons take place in the hall with the pupils distanced and the room

ventilated. If the hall is unavailable, lessons are adapted so that

instruments are not blown.


Upper school singing is now year 6 and takes place in the hall. Up to 15 children from year 5 can choose this as a golden time option and sit at the back of the hall, at least 3m behind the last row of year 6 pupils.

Other year groups will begin singing after Christmas in one-off sessions to prepare for Christmas recordings. Time will be allowed between sessions for the room to be ventillated.

Consideration has been given to what activity is more difficult/ not possible to be undertaken with social distancing in place? Each activity should be risk assessed and should not be run unless the risks can be mitigated

 PE

M PE adapted – gym and dance – order of units rearranged to allow different bubbles to use equipment.

Pupils taught to wipe down mats after sessions that they are used for.


 Practical science lessons

 Music Practical science

adapted to suit front facing learning or taken outside of the


Music lessons have been altered to allow for safe practise and is detailed above. Equipment to be returned and cleaned or left unused for 72 hours between groups Personal equipment kept by individuals. Laptops and iPads will be cleaned after each use.

Forest school will continue in year 6. Other year groups will be timetabled sessions as staff are available. Tools and equipment will be cleaned after each use. The school will be able to lend pupils clothing or boots


for Forest School and will ensure they are not used again until 72 hours have passed. LB won’t use Forest School.

Whole school approach to adapting curriculum (S/M/L term), including:

 Wellbeing curriculum  recognising

‘non-curriculum’ learning that has been done

 capturing pupil

achievements/ outcomes  utilising the DFE

‘catch-up’ funding and programmes

M Staff are trained and supported in front of classroom delivery style and aware of how best to provide students with additional support. Planned programme of formative assessment will begin towards the end of September Parent consultations will be held before half term.

Parents will be seen by teachers in their classrooms under the following conditions:

1) Parents to enter and exit school via external classroom doors and around


the outside of the building.

2) Only one parent per child. Siblings of primary school age and under can attend with the parent.

3) All meetings will be socially distanced. Meetings will end before 4.30 to allow cleaning to take place.

4) All meetings will last no longer than 5 minutes and there is adequate time between meetings for parents to leave before the next arrives.


5) Parents have been offered phone consultation as an alternative.

First instalment of DFE catch up money has been received. Will be used for

group/individual intervention Student behaviour policy

reviewed to reflect the current circumstances.

M Behaviour policy has been reviewed in line with the current guidance.

A new behaviour policy is waiting to be ratified by the Governing Body.

Ratified 20/7/20 L



Approach to provision of the elements of the EHCP including health/therapies.

Staff availability

Adaptability of resources Availability of professionals

M Review provision and interventions

Reasonable Endeavours continue to be


Where support can be in place via online communications, we will use the school


Zoom account or through the mechanisms of the agency delivering support.

Face to face visits have resumed with the following adaptations: 1) Visitors log to be kept in the office. Visitors will be asked to log who they saw and roughly for how long.

2) Visitors will have a designated seat in the classroom, maintain 2m distance from pupils and staff and ideally for no longer than 10 minutes. If the visit requires the

professional to be in the room for longer this needs to be agreed by a member of SLT and noted in the visitor log.

3) Visitors can take pupils out of classroom to work with them but this needs to be logged


and left with the school office. Normal

safeguarding policy will still apply.

Annual reviews. Lack of available


Limitations of a virtual meeting

Reasonable endeavours and adapted resources and provision

M These have begun either in person

following the guidelines set out for visitors or via virtual meetings using Zoom or teams.

In place and ongoing


Requests for assessment. Adapted assessments Ability to access evidence Availability of professional evidence

Longer time to gather evidence

M Where these were ongoing we will continue to review in line with school policy

Ongoing L

Consider any CYP who may need support with their return to school and consult with the family and other agencies involved.

Including any support required for CYP to understand new rules i.e. social distancing.

Individual care needs Pupils with mobility issues

M PPE available for 1-1 LSA’s who are providing close personal care. (LMM)

All pupils with additional need are back in school.

1/9/20 L



Approach to promoting and supporting attendance for all pupils determined, including those who may be anxious.

M Attendance officers will resume calling pupils as per the school policy


If deemed necessary, plans can be made for anxious pupils to arrive/leave school outside of busy periods SLT will be available on at school entrances and are contactable at the start of the school day to assist any pupils who are anxious about coming into school. LSA’s based in year group bubbles can also be available to support pupils coming into school.

Higher levels of intervention from Bonnie Raby may be sought in extreme cases Approach to support for parents

where rates of persistent absence were high before closure.

M Attendance officers to communicate as necessary with the families on our attendance risk list

3/9/20 L



Information shared with staff around the full opening plan, returning to site, amendments to

A Full risk assessment reviewed and shared with staff and stakeholders half


usual working patterns/practices and groups.

termly. Following consultation it is available on the school website.

Governors consulted on full opening plans.

A Reviewed RA will be emailed to governors for comments and amendments. Weekly amendments and evaluation sheets to be shared with each chair of Governors and Academy Director. Directors and

Governors to sign off RA after consultation between Head and Governors as described above. Shared by 23/10/20 On website by 2/11/20 A

Union representatives consulted on full opening plans.

A RA will be read and checked against published union guidance

Union advise will be sought from the school representatives before publishing on the website.


Risk Assessment published on website, where more than 50 staff.

A The amended Risk Assessment will be published on the school website after

consultation with Governors, Directors, Union representatives and staff and no later than 2nd November

20.11.20 A

Communications with parents:  Plan for full opening  Social distancing plan Wellbeing/ pastoral support/ support and acknowledgement to parents of home learning  Attendance  Uniform  Transport  Behaviour  Test and trace

 Staggered start and end times

 Expectations when in school and at home (if self-isolating is necessary)

A Communication with parents is regular and changes are detailed as need via emailed letters.

All letters are sent to staff via email so that they understand what is happening across the school.

Paper copies can be available from the school office.

Ongoing A

Pupil communications around:  Changes to timetable  Social distancing

arrangements  Staggered start times

A Weekly assemblies will be filmed or zoomed to classes so consistent messages can be delivered by the Headteacher. Ongoing A


 Expectations when in school and at home (if self-isolating is necessary)  Travelling to and from

school safely

On-going regular communication plans determined to ensure parents are kept well-informed

A Communication will continue from school to parents through emails, letters, website updates and social media posts. Parents have been reminded that they are not to take messages to class teachers at drop off or collection time. Urgent messages can be left with SLT at the entrance points. Parents will be asked to communicate with school via email or calls to the office.

Detailed plans will be shared with school office staff so that they can answer queries. Staff will be expected to refer questions to Headteacher or SLT if

In place and ongoing


they are unsure as is common practise.




Meetings and decisions that need to be taken prioritised.

A Virtual governing body and Directors meetings will continue

HT to continue weekly briefings with Director and SLT

In place and ongoing


Governors are clear on their role in the planning and full opening of the school, including support to leaders.

Approach to communication between Leaders and governors is clear and understood.

A Governors have been communicated with via email and training on completing risk assessments provided. Risk Assessment shared and if necessary, a virtual meeting will be held


Updated and sent again 13.11.20


Governors prepared for start of school year (clerking, etc).

A Academy directors are in place and both schools have full governing body. SIP to continue as planned and revised during the autumn term.

In place and ongoing



The school’s annual calendar of events has been reviewed and decisions made on cancelling or

A No school trips have been booked for the next academic year.

Reviewed January 21


School events,

including trips

going ahead with events in the immediate term, including school trips.

This will be reviewed at October half term. Local visits outside of school are now possible. Purpose will be discussed with EVC and if deemed

appropriate to learning, RA undertaken. No visits involving coach or car travel will be agreed in the autumn term. Harvest festival has been booked to take place digitally. Reception Christmas event will be a pre-recorded podcast style narrative. Pupils will practise actions and live performance elements to go alongside this in classes and perform to parents outside. Performances will be one class at a time with only 2 guests per child. Guests will be asked to wear masks to allow for higher numbers of visitors.


All other year groups will record an item in class to be shared on the school website. All permissions for this will be sought before publication on the website.



Additional costs incurred due to COVID19 are understood and clearly documented.

This continues to be recorded by the SBM and her team. Claims submitted for

reimbursement for example, increased premises related costs; additional cleaning; support for FSM

A Monies have been received for free school meal costs from first 2 weeks of lockdown. Discussions have taken place with ‘SMB services’ and they have advised claims cannot be made if school will end year in position better than budget. Keep records and review before another claim is made.

Any loss of income understood, including the impact of lettings and the financial implications of possibly not restarting.

M New financial year, some impact already included in new budget. Impact of COVID on income currently off set in some part by savings


made by changes to staff hours required. Insurance claims, including

visits/trips booked previously.

None required. Some trip money still held by school this may need to be refunded. All costs were recouped. Reintroduction or re-contracting

services, such as:  Cleaning  IT support  Catering

A IT support contract has been increased in both schools in new financial year in light of extra strain on IT

requirements. This may need further funding. Improved internet speeds with new provider to match with NP are being sought for LB. Plan to be running by March 2021 In house cleaning and catering services have been running

throughout Additional cleaner recruited for NP for day time clean.

Consideration given to any support that may be brokered through working together, for example, partnerships, trusts etc.

A The two trust schools will continue to work closely together through this time.


Support provided by SBM network with other finance

professionals but only remotely.

Before and

after school


Approach in place for before/after school clubs implements the necessary protective measures.

After hours care needed for pupils in different year group bubbles.

Enhanced handwashing needed

M Busy Bears and Little Bears (breakfast and after school care) at both schools will continue to run. Registers will be taken and available in case a child in out of hours care has a positive test for COVID-19. In this instance, these children will self-isolate in line with government and school policy.

At the start of the school day, pupils will be taken to their classes at their allotted time by a member of staff. 8.15 - Year 6 8.30 - Year 3, 4, 5 8.45 - Year 1, 2 8.55 - Reception 1/9/20 L


Nursery pupils will be taken by members of nursery to Busy/Little Bears

At the end of the day, an LSA from each year group bubble will take the children to BB/ 2.25 - Year 6 2.40 - Year 3,4,5 2.50 - Year R 2.55 - Year 1,2 After school clubs outside of

extended school provision implement the necessary protective measures.

Mixing pupils and staff from different bubbles

Social distancing and enhanced cleaning

M Clubs have not run as planned this term due to increased duties for staff and the need to reintroduce pupils to school routine. This will be reviewed in January. Mel’s football will be available to specific year groups and these will not be mixed. Rock Band to take place during PPA time on a Friday. We will run two bands so bubbles will not be mixed. Music tutor in attendance will

Reviewed January 21


follow EMS RA and guidelines.




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