2014/2015. Please let us know how we can come alongside you and be a resource to you concerning these issues. Sincerely,

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PACN (Pregnancy Assistance Center North)wants to be a resource for the nurses,

teachers, counselors and students at our area schools. This letter will introduce you to PACN. PACN:

• has been in Montgomery County since 1987.

• has two locations – The Woodlands/Spring and Conroe.

• is a medical clinic.

• serves Montgomery and north Harris counties by providing services at no cost to

clients, which include:

 Pregnancy Testing

 STD Testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and HIV

 Ultrasounds – 6th to 24th week of pregnancy

 Educational Initiatives – VFS (Vouch for Success) – “earn-as-you-learn” program.

This is a self-paced learning curriculum. As clients reach their goals, they earn vouchers, which can be exchanged for baby items.

 Classes and Support Groups – Relationship Class (for married and unmarried

couples), Parenting Class, Childbirth & Newborn Education Class, Beauty for Ashes (a sexual abuse recovery group) CARE (a post-abortion recovery group). Our services are provided in English and Spanish. We have brochures available on many topics related to teen pregnancy, parenting and sexual health, and we are available to attend health fairs or speak to your students any time.

PACN’s desire is that when students come to you to talk about pregnancy or sexual health issues, you will feel confident and comfortable referring the students to us.

Please let us know how we can come alongside you and be a resource to you concerning these

issues. Sincerely,

Cindy Sunday Powell Executive Director


Client Snapshot & Medical Care Statistics

PACN believes women and men deserve access to unbiased, client-centered care that is relevant, compassionate and accurate, particularly when facing an unplanned pregnancy or sexual health concern. We see about 7,000 client visits each year.

PACN clients by age PACN clients by ethnic makeup

In the past year, PACN has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in free medical care, including:

• More than 1,500 pregnancy tests

• More than 950 ultrasounds performed by licensed RNs and sonographers

• More than 600 tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV

PACN’s free medical services help make our community healthier and more educated about pregnancy and sexual health.

All PACN clients receive prenatal counseling during their ultrasounds and hundreds were given prenatal vitamins to help ensure healthy baby development.

20 percent of PACN clients last year tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease.

When a client receives a positive result for chlamydia, gonorrhea and/or HIV, a trained consultant provides him/her with information about the STD and they are referred to a local clinic for treatment.


Feedback from the community

“PACN provides a much-needed service to those experiencing unplanned pregnancies in our community. I am always pleased when we are able to work alongside them in any capacity, because they are an agency in great standing in this area due to their reputation for quality services. I strongly support this agency in their endeavors!”

Glen Killian, MA, LPC Professor of Human Services Coordinator, Human Services Program Lone Star College – Montgomery “PACN is often the first place individuals go in Montgomery and north Harris counties for free pregnancy and STD/HIV testing. Licensed medical professionals, including RNs and

sonographers, perform free ultrasounds to aid in pregnancy decisions. I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the medical director at PACN for nine years, and thousands of clients have benefitted from not just the free medical services, but also from PACN’s free pregnancy options consulting and educational services. PACN is a top-notch medical facility where clients are treated with compassion and respect.”

Jon M. R. Rawson, M.D. PACN Medical Director Feedback from PACN clients

My consultant was absolutely just wonderful and amazing. I haven’t felt so much love coming from anyone other than my family in a long time. Thank you all very much.

Lauren, a client who came to PACN for a pregnancy test and consultation Everyone was very helpful and I learned more than I ever thought I would. I felt at ease in a safe, friendly environment.

Andrew, a client who came to PACN for an STD/HIV test When I came here, I was feeling very anxious and ready to be judged. I wasn’t judged and I came out feeling wonderful. Thank you for everything.

Jessica, a client who came to PACN for a pregnancy test and consultation You were all wonderful. Thank you so much for all of your care and concern. It means the world to me.


Our locations

Conroe PACN

115 N. San Jacinto Conroe, TX 77301

For appointments: 936-441-6442

PACN’s Administration Office is

located at the Conroe location.

Phone: 936-441-7755

PACN’s It’s All Good Resale Store is

next door to our Conroe location. Phone: 936-760-4194

Spring/Woodlands PACN

26464 I-45 N Spring, TX 77386

For appointments: 281-367-1518 The Spring/Woodlands PACN is located in the Oak Ridge North

Business Park, along with Scrubs and February Glass.


Connect with PACN

Visit us online at pacncommunity.org for:

• A PDF of the school packets PACN distributes

each school year

• A complete list of our services, classes,

programs and support groups

• Links to PACN’s Newsroom and Blog, where you

can stay up-to-date on all of PACN’s news

• Our Contact Form, an easy way to get in touch

with PACN 24 hours per day, seven days per week

• Our And the beat goes on… newsletter that

comes out every Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter

Students can visit pacn.org to:

• Submit an appointment request anytime, day

or night

• Learn about our services

• Get educated about pregnancy and sexual

health concerns

• Follow our Blog for information about healthy

relationships, forming good decision-making skills, details on classes, programs and

support groups and other relevant information

• Connect with us on social media

Stay in touch with PACN everywhere twitter.com/GoPACN





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