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If you would like copies of any of the newsletters below, please contact Natalie Rogers on 01489 774406 or email natalier@hwt.org.uk Autumn 1991 • Hampshire Purslane • Health Lobelia • Hairy Mallow • Purple Broomrape • Small Fleabane • Red-tipped Cudweed

• Holly coppicing and pollarding in Busketts Wood • Summer 1992

• New blood wanted! • Events in early 1992 Spring 1992

• Centaurium tenuiflorum on the Isle of Wight

• Large-leaved lime • Andy Byfield • New blood • Past events

• Events for Summer 1992: Fen Day; Harewood Forest • Fern Day

Winter 1992

• 1992 Holly cutting task, by N. A. Saunderson • Fen Day 27 June 1992, by Clive Chatters

• Field Trip – Harewood Forest – Arable Weeds, by Catherine Chatters • Fern Identification Day, by Catherine Chatters

• Rumours and Truths, by Clive Chatters • New Latin names, by N. A. Saunderson

• Future events: Red-tipped cudweed; holly pollarding task in the New Forest; man orchid site at Exton

• Name changes in C. Stace’s “New Flora of the British Isles” Summer 1993

• Future events: Wild flower festival at East End; Umbellifer Training Day; Arable Weed Day; Bramshill; Basingstoke Canal Aquatic Plant Training Day

• News and Information: White Way man orchid site scrub clearance, by Mike Finnemore

Lobelia urens heath lobelia, by Clive Chatters

• The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – Schedule 8 • Field cow wheat, Melampyrum arvense, by Clive Chatters • Chamomile, Chamaemelum nobile, by Clive Chatters • And finally… by Catherine Chatters

• Poster: Wild Flower Festival at East End Autumn 1993

• Events: Man orchid task at Exton; Red-tipped cudweed at Broomhurst Farm; Holly pollarding and coppicing in the New Forest


• Report on recent Flora Group events: Umbellifer Training Day, by Joan Cocksedge; Arable Weed Day, by Catherine Chatters; Warren Heath Ponds SSSI and Bramshill Common, by Vera Scott; Aquatic Plant Training Day, by Catherine Chatters

• News and Views: Chamomile, Chamaemelum nobile, by Heather R. Winship; Field cow wheat, Heath lobelia, Lizard orchid, JNCC Scarce Plant Project & Yellow tower cress,

Arabis glabra, by Clive Chatters; Rare lichens survey, by Neil Sanderson; Red-tipped

cudweed, Chris Hall; Some Hampshire plants abroad, by John Ounsted; Cotoneaster Key • Future Events: Umbellifer Evening

Spring 1994

• Events: Tower mustard, Arabis glabra, at Mears Kingsley Quarry; South Coast of Hayling Island; Angular Solomon’s seal, Polygonatum odoratum, in the New Forest; Wildflower Festival at East End, New Forest; Early Gentian, Gentianella anglica, Afton Down, Isle of Wight; Umbellifer Evening with Mervyn Southam; Habitat Survey Training Day; Joint event with Sussex Flora Group

• Ground Pine Search • New Forest lichens • Newsletter distribution list Winter 1994

• Events: New Forest bogs and sphagnum (bog moss) Training Day; British orchid talks; Red-tipped cudweed (Filago lutescens) at Fleet; Holly cutting, New Forest; Sallow coppicing, New Forest; Man orchid site at Exton; Annual General Meeting

• Reports on Events: Holly cutting for lichen conservation at Rockram Wood, New Forest, by Neil Sanderson; Man orchid site, by Graham C. M. Roberts; Tower mustard, by Joan Cocksedge; Umbellifer Evening at Gosport, by Catherine Chatters; Red-tipped cudweed, by Chris Hall

Spring 1995

• Forthcoming events: AGM; Hybrid water buttercups; Green-winged orchids; Perham Down; Coastal grasslands; Warnborough Greens; Bramble Training Day; Wild Service-tree

• Reports on events: Sphagnum (bog moss) Training Day, by Joan Cocksedge; Holly Pollarding

• News: Quinquenial Review, by Clive Chatters; 1994 Records; The trust and Recovery; Angular Solomon’s-seal

Autumn 1995

• Forthcoming events: Wild service tree; Plant identification and recording evening – Longstock; Red-tipped cudweed; Holly cutting, New Forest; Scrub clearance in the New Forest; Flora Group AGM;

• Reports on events: Perham Ranges, by Mike Wildish; Needs Ore visit; Warnborough Greens, by Clive Chatters

• News and views: The Flora of Hampshire Appeal; Alien plants of the British Isles; Filago Lutescnes monitoring, by Chris Hall; Guides to water buttercups, ferns and sphagnum mosses; Tree health alert, by Sarah Ball; Bee orchid in Winchester; Arable weeds in gardens and allotments; New discoveries & interesting records in Hampshire & the Isle of Wight

• Ideas for future events Spring 1996

• Forthcoming events: Joint trip to New Forest; Flora Group AGM and visit to North Solent NNR; Newtown Meadows, IoW; Ashford Hill NNR


• News and views: Hampshire flora; Atlas 2000 Project; Atlas 2000 Field Meeting Newport, Isle of Wight; BSBI trip to Hayling Island; Trees; Fungus 100; New disease threat to British dogwood trees; Species recovery reports; Hydrocotyle ranunculoides, by Chris Hall; Checklist of plants in North West Hampshire; Records from gardens and allotments, by Mary Flatt; Conserving wildlife in the UK: The Biodiversity Action Plan steering group report, by Patrick Cloughley

Autumn 1996

• Forthcoming events: Atlas 2000 meeting – mapping Hampshire’s flora; Holly cutting in the New Forest; Red-tipped cudweed

• News and views: Lyme’s disease; Interesting records; Goodyer’s Elm; Road verges, by John Moon; Arable weeds, by John Moon; Botanical societies; Pepperbox Hill; Tree damage alert; Wild service trees; Ancient tree survey; Atlas 2000; Orchid pollination; Perham ranges

Spring 1997

• Forthcoming events: Talk on flora of Australia; Coastal habitats of Hurst Spit; Atlas 2000 recording meeting in the Stockbridge area; Flora Group AGM – Butter Wood and area; Visit to New Forest with Wiltshire Botanical Society; Porton Down conservation area – advance notice; Wet heath flora identification

• News and views: Coulters Dean nature reserve; Special projects; Atlas 2000 – reports and meetings; Gardens and allotments; Hampshire ? Purslane; What is rare?; Cut-grass; Interesting records

Autumn 1997

• Forthcoming events: Atlas 2000 Exhibition Meeting; Red-tipped cudweed, Filago

lutescens; Holly cutting in the New Forest; Scrub clearance in the New Forest

• News and views: Progress report on Atlas 2000 in South Hampshire, by Pete Selby; Progress report on Atlas 2000 in North Hampshire, by Mike Wildish; Flora locale; Seed collecting, Native black poplars and Discovery of greater yellow-rattle, by Clive Chatters; Long-stalked orache, Atriplex longipes, by Patrick Cloughley; Borad-leaved cudweed

Filago pyramidata, by Clive Chatters and Patrick Cloughley; Other interesting finds;

Records from gardens in 1997; Field cow-wheat, by Clive Chatters; Plans for Summer 1998

Spring 1998

• Forthcoming events: Kew Millennium Seed Bank Appeal; Seed collection training; Flora Group AGM at Pamber Forest; New Forest – Flood plain woodland/fen/mire habitats; BSBI trip to Isle of Wight; Grasses, sedges and rushes identification training day – Anton Lakes; Bransbury Common; Whiteparish Common – joint event with Wiltshire Botanical Society • News and views: Effects of the Flora Group’s holly cutting, by Neil A. Sanderson; Lichens

on CD, by Neil A. Sanderson; Atlas 2000 progress report, South Hants., by Pete Selby; Interesting finds in gardens, by Mary Flatt; Are garden weeds under-recorded?, by Roger Veall; Interesting finds in South Hampshire

Spring 1998, Special Edition (no .pdf) • Kew Millennium Seed Bank

• 1 – Aim of seed collecting policy • 2 – Authorisation

• 3 – Targeting the species to collect

• 4 – Targeting the populations for collection • 5 – identification

• 6 – Seed collecting • 7 – Field documentation


• 9 – How to contact RBG Kew Autumn 1998

• Atlas 2000 progress reports for North Hampshire, South Hampshire and reports for field meetings

• Acid grasslands, by Clive Chatters • Hedgehog fungi in the New Forest • Species recovery

• Kew Millenium Seed Bank Appeal • Records of uncommon plants in gardens • Notable finds

• Important discoveries, by Clive Chatters • Eelmoor: A floral resurrection, by Chris Hall

• Plantago coronpus in the North West – overlooked or spreading? By Mike Wildish • Flora Group conservation work at Wilverley Bog

• Hampshire Habitat Survey Spring 1999

• Atlas 2000 progress report for North Hampshire, by Mike Wildish • Atlas 2000 progress report for South Hampshire, by Pete Selby • Tower mustard

• Oak dieback

• Key to New Forest roses

• Surveys for Hampshire Biodiversity Action Plan • Interesting records, South Hampshire

• Royal Botanic Gardens: Millennium Seed Bank • Butser Hill

• The search for red clover • Braemore Marsh

• Fungi are not plants • Man orchids

• Harewood Forest: arable weeds Autumn 1999

• Atlas 2000 progress report, North Hampshire, by Mike Wildish • Atlas 2000 progress report, South Hampshire

• Obituary – Paul Bowman

• Summer snowflake in South Hampshire, by N. A. Sanderson • Micheldever spoil heaps, by Clive Chatters

• Early meadow grass Poa infirma on Hayling Island, by Paul Stanley and Pete Selby • Note on the Stony Moors task, New Forest, by Neil Sanderson

Spring 2000

Crassula helmsii (Australian Swamp Stonecrop), by Debbie Wicks

• A solution to the Crassula helmsii problem? By Neil A. Sanderson • Red-tipped cudweed Filago lutescens at Broomhurst Farm • Fields of Vision – a future for Britain’s arable plants – conference • Arable plant discoveries in Hampshire

• Keep your eyes peeled for more arable plants! By Debbie Wicks Autumn 2000

• Discovery of the year? Mountain everlasting back from the dead, by Neil A. Sanderson • Sallow cutting at Stony Moors, by Neil A. Sanderson

• Good years for arable plants on the Isle of Wight • Sussex Botanical Recording Society


• Botanical records

• Top 20 grasses, by Pete Selby Spring 2001

• Crassula helmsii (Australian Swamp Stonecrop) by Sue Crutchley and Debbie Wicks • Conservation Work by Clive Chatters

• Rhododendron ponticum by Clive Chatters • Pillwort by Clive Chatters

Autumn 2001

• Small Fleabance at Ashford Hill by Clive Chatters • Ashford Hill Woods & Meadows by Dr. Peter Brough

• The Status of Marsh Clubmoss Lycopodiella inundata in North East Hampshire by Chris Hall

Spring 2002

• Bentley Station Meadow – a butterfly conservation nature reserve by Lynn Fomison • Large Scale Scrub Clearance at Holmsley Mire from Former Fen by Neil A Sanderson • Habitat translocation on the Woolmer Link Road by Neil A Sanderson

Autumn 2002

• The Flora of Magdalen Hill Down Butterfly Reserve by Phil Budd

Limosella aquatica – notes on a temporary pond during 2000 to 2001 by Naomi Ewald

• Boletes in the New Forest by Naomi Ewald • Survey News from Plantlife by Emma Pilgrim Spring 2003

• A New Flora for the Isle of Wight by Colin Pope

• Recording for BSBI ‘Local Change’ in Hampshire by Tony Mundell • VC11 Records compiled by Tony Mundell

• New VC12 Records compiled by Tony Mundell Autumn 2003

• Herriard Park – report of AGM and field meeting, by Paul Stanley • Hayling Island, by John Norton

• Sword leaved helleborines at Chappett’s, by Clive Chatters • Noar Hill, by Clive Chatters

• Saw Sedge CLadium mariscus rediscovered, by Clive Chatters • Conifer clearance, by Clive Chatters

• Marsh clubmoss (Lycopodiella inundata) in the New Forest, by Andy Byfield • Habitats of Marsh Clubmoss in the New Forest, by Neil Sanderson

Eriophorum gracile refound at Holmsley, by Neil Sanderson

• Back from the grave – the rediscovery of the lichen Bacidia subturgidula, by Neil Sanderson

• A tale of two tetrads, by Martin Rand • Local change news, by Pete Selby • VC12 records, compiled by Tony Mundell

• News from a far shore – Early Gentian (Gentianella anglica), by Richard Grogan • Early spider orchid (Ophrys sphegodes), by Richard Grogan

• Painting a picture of the Garden Isle – the Isle of Wight, by Richard Grogan • Rare arable weeds in oil seed rape


Spring 2004

• Tribute to Peter John Selby (1946 – 2003) by Tony Mundell & Elizabeth Young • Report of marsh clubmoss event at Woolmer Forest on 21 September 2003 by Neil


• VC11 Records compiled by Martin Rand • New VC12 Records compiled by Tony Mundell Autumn 2004

• Hairy, Southern and Borrer’s Woodrush – Field Recognition by Martin Rand

• Report of Visit to the Briddlesford Estate, Isle of Wight; 18 April 2004 by Martin Rand • Narrow Leaved Lungwort by Clive Chatters

• Bransbury Common SSSI – Report of Field Meeting and AGM held on 16 May 2004 by Tony Mundell

• Upright Chickweed by Clive Chatters

• Porton Down – Report of Field Meeting held on 29 May 2004 by Tony Mundell • Lady Orchids by Clive Chatters

• Recording Flora by Martin Rand

• Cut-leaved Germander at Micheldever Spoil Heaps by Mike Edwards • Red-tipped Cudweed at Broomhurst Farm by Chris Hall

• VC12 Records selected by Tony Mundell • VC11 Records collated by Martin Rand Spring 2005

• How Many Tor-grasses are there in Hampshire by Martin Rand

• New and Interesting Lichens & Associated Fungi from Hampshire by Neil Sanderson • Waxy Caps by Neil Sanderson

• Input of Plant Data into Mapmate by Tony Mundell & Martin Rand

• Some Additions to the Hampshire Bramble List since the Flora by David Allen • VC11 Records compiled by Martin Rand

• VC12 Records compiled by Tony Mundell Autumn 2005

• Exotic & Hybrid Elms in Hampshire by Martin Rand • The New Vascular Plant Red Data List for Great Britain • Input of Plant Data into Mapmate by Tony Mundell

• Hampshire Rare Plant Register: Site Lists for Species by Martin Rand • VC11 Records compiled by Martin Rand

• VC12 Records compiled by Tony Mundell Spring 2006

• Brambles in the New Forest – 2 July 2005 by John Norton • Waxcap Foray on 13 November 2005 by Neil Sanderson

• Important Arable Plant Areas: Identifying Key Arable Plant Sites for Conservation by Andy Byfield

• Potentially Important Arable Plant Areas? The Case for Long-term Wide Area Monitoring by Martin Rand

• Sea bindweed Calystegia soldanella at Hurst Shingle Spit by Elizabeth Young • Broughton / Buckholt Arable Plant Records

• Small Fleabane by Clive Chatters • Life 3 at Stony Moors by Neil Sanderson • Tick Bites and Lyme Disease

• New & Interesting Lichens & Associated Fungi from Hampshire – December 2005 by Neil Sanderson

• VC11 Records compiled by Martin Rand • VC12 Records compiled by Tony Mundell


Autumn 2006

• Eric Clement – a note by Elizabeth Young • Francis Rose – a tribute by Clive Chatters

• Tower Mustard task on 6th November 2006 – a report by Tony Mundell • Red-tipped Cudweed task on 10 Nov 2005 – a report by Tony Mundell

• Rare Plant Register meeting for Dwarf Sedge Carex humilis on 15 April 2006 – a report by Martin Rand

• Visit to Eelmoor Marsh on 17 Jun 2006 – a report by Tony Mundell

• Visit to Ashlett Creek / Calshot area on Wednesday 12 July 2006 – a report by Clive Chatters

• Conyza in Hampshire, and the new Flora of Great Britain – an article by Martin Rand • Visit to Greenham Common and Baynes and Bowdown Woods on 20 May 2006 • VC11 Records compiled by Martin Rand

• VC12 Records compiled by Tony Mundell Spring 2007

• Visit to Micheldever Spoil Heaps on 30th July 2006 – a report by Tony Mundell

• New and Interesting Lichens and Associated Fungi from Hampshire 2006 – a note by Neil


• Visit to Magdalen Hill Down on 6th August 2006 – a report by Tony Mundell

• The Rare Plant Register Meeting held on 3 September 2006 at Dibden

• Bottom and Kings Hat - a note by Martin Rand

• Sphagnum (bog moss) identification training day on Sunday 5 November 2006 – a note by

Steve Trotter

• Another invasive alien in Hampshire? - a note by John Norton

• Red-tipped Cudweed task on 9 November 2006 – a report by Tony Mundell

• Mapmate data input – a plea from Tony Mundell

• Hampshire Flora Group/BSBI exhibition meeting on 2nd December - a note by Natalie


• Hampshire Rare Plant Register: Progress Report by Martin Rand


• VC11 Records compiled by Martin Rand • VC12 Records compiled by Tony Mundell





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