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Warm winters, plenty of sunshine, world famous attractions and miles of nearby beaches help make Orange County a great place to live and work. Orange County, Florida is home to a diverse population of over 1,000,000 residents spanning approximately 1,000 square miles.


The Orange County Convention Center is owned and operated by Orange County Government, which consists of a seven member County Commission, six of whom are elected from single member districts and a County Mayor elected Countywide. The Mayor serves as chair of the Board and Chief Executive of the County. The County Commission collectively oversees the management of the Center.

Located in the heart of the area's tourism district, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) serves as the perfect event destination. Whether visiting as a planner, an exhibitor, an attendee or a member of the community, the OCCC is committed to making the experience a successful one. We encourage people to come and find out for themselves why we are known as "The Center of Hospitality"!

With strategic leadership throughout Orange County, the Center has evolved into a state-of-the-art, world-class convention facility.

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is one of very few facilities of its kind. In addition to providing exceptional service to event planners, exhibitors and attendees, the OCCC serves the local community as an engine designed to promote economic growth to local businesses by bringing millions of dollars into the area. Funding for operations and capital improvements are generated by operating revenues from rental and services and the Tourist Development Tax, not local tax dollars.

OCCC customers include, but are not limited to, the following groups:

 Professional Associations  Educational Associations

 Medical Associations  Scientific Organizations

 Trade Associations  Religious Groups


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Economic Impact:

On average, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) hosts approximately one million delegates annually and provides a $1.9 billion dollar total economic impact annually to the Central Florida economy, all at no cost to Orange County Citizens. In addition to the $1.9 billion dollar annual impact, other noteworthy benefits to the community include:

 More than 25,500 employees are impacted directly or indirectly by the OCCC.  More than 1,000 businesses are impacted by OCCC activity.

 The OCCC's activity yields a tax savings of $87.50 per Orange County household. Mission:

The Orange County Convention Center's mission is economic development while providing outstanding service to clients and users of the OCCC. Click on to read the entire "OCCC Mission Statement", to review the Center's History, or to read about OCCC Employee and Client Outreach efforts.

Facility Facts • Fun Facts • Annual Report

Orange County’s “Center of Hospitality”:

Since 1983, the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) has served its clients as a venue for trade shows, conventions and meetings. During that time span the facility has undergone five extensive expansion periods. It is now the nation's second largest convention center, hosting over 200 events a year.The award-winning Orange County Convention Center provides a multitude of event options in two beautifully appointed facilities. Located 15 minutes from Orlando International Airport, the Center is surrounded by 115,000 guest rooms that include more than 1,800 four-diamond accommodations. The Center’s broad offering of show management and exhibitor services, ranging from catering to telecommunications, are considered one of the finest in the convention industry. Ranked a Top 10 destination by CNN in 2012, Orange County is home to world famous attractions including Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World among other, drawing 51 million tourists annually.


The opening of the North/South Building, with its 950,282 square feet of exhibition space – including two acoustically engineered general assembly areas, 25 meeting rooms/94 breakouts – doubled the size of the Orange County Convention Center. But, it wasn’t just the increase in square footage that captured the attention of meeting planners and guests. With its 80-foot high glass walls and distinctive arched entrances, this building has been heralded as a Central Florida landmark. The flexibility and efficiencies of the new building start with wide column spacing, a full utility grid on 30-foot centers, an extensive catwalk network and computer-controlled lighting systems. Other amenities include four food courts and two innovative, full-service restaurants overlooking the exhibit floor. To make event load-in a breeze, the building offers two underground loading docks, 76 truck bays, nine drive-in truck entrances, two roll-up doors and an airplane door.


 950,282 square feet of exhibition space  In-house rigging and technical services

 Two 92,000 square foot general assembly areas  Internet and telecommunications services

 25 meeting rooms/94 breakouts  In-house electric, plumbing and utilities services

 2 full service restaurants  Full utility grid on 30-foot centers

 4 food courts  2 covered loading docks/76 truck bays

 2 business centers  9 exhibit-floor truck entrances


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Since the first phase of the Orange County Convention Center’s West Building opened in 1983, the Center has welcomed more than 15 million visitors. Over the last two decades, this building has gone through several expansions in order to accommodate the growing demands for conventions and tradeshows, yet it has always retained both the flavor and functionality of the original architecture and design. Today, this tech-marvel, designed to handle both mega shows and smaller events, offers every convenience you would expect from a world-class facility, including 1.1 million square feet of contiguous exhibition space, 49 meeting rooms, 141 breakouts, the 2,643-seat Chapin Theater, a 160-seat lecture hall and wireless mobility throughout the facility. A focal point of the West Building is the beautifully appointed Valencia Room, a 62,182 square foot multi-purpose dining and general session venue that can hold up to 6,000 people at one time. The facility’s half mile of loading dock space, the largest in the country, is strategically located on one level. FEATURES OF THE WEST BUILDING:

 1,103,535 square feet of exhibition space  Business center

 49 meeting rooms/141 breakouts  In-house rigging and technical services

 62,182 square foot multi-purpose Valencia Room  Internet and telecommunications services

 2,643-seat Chapin Theater  In-house electric, plumbing and utilities services

 160-seat lecture hall  97 covered truck bays on one level

 1 full-service restaurant (Osprey Café)  14 exhibit-floor truck entrances

 4 food courts  Covered boarding for 32 buses

 1,450 on-site parking spaces Green Initiatives:

The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is not only known for being the second largest convention center in the nation and “The Center of Hospitality” located in the heart of Orlando’s tourism district, but it is also becoming nationally-recognized for its green initiatives. The OCCC exemplifies its commitment to environmental stewardship through ongoing projects and consistent review of its facilities and processes.

As an industry leader, the Orange County Convention Center is proud to feature the following current and near-term projects:

 Received ISO 14001:2004 Certification for EMS (recycling efforts)

 Applying Xeriscape™ planting principles

 Utilizing Green Seal™ certified cleaning products

 Pilot testing low-flow faucets

 Irrigating with reclaimed water

 Installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system

 Working with event organizers and guests to support and execute green events

The OCCC continues its dedication to outstanding hospitality and extends that commitment to green programs, education, and achievements.

Future Focus:

The OCCC is committed to staying up to date with technology by continuing to make content mobile ready on the OCCC Mobile Web App. Visitors can find floor plans, business services, transportation options and more on the mobile site. This app was the recipient of the 2012 Tradeshow Executive Innovation Award for most innovative technology servicing attendees.


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Visitors can also follow the OCCC on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to gain valuable information on the services available to guests. Social media also assists in the marketing not only of the OCCC but also the events. Additionally, social media is used as an outlet to disseminate emergency information.

To learn more about the Orange County Convention Center, please visit:


Operating Budget: $65 Million

Capital Improvement Budget: $187 Million over five years

Total Hotel Rooms: 115,000

Total Staff: 394 Regular Employees

The General Manager of the Orange County Convention Center assists the Executive Director in the overall customer experience and day-to-day management of the Orange County Convention Center. This position will have a primary responsibility for the safe and efficient operation of the facility. He/she will respond to the needs of outside business and tourism organizations. The General Manager will work directly with the Executive Director and the Deputy General Managers to support the overall strategic plan of the OCCC.

Additionally, o

verall direction, coordination, budgeting and evaluation of assigned divisions.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Public Administration or a closely related field and five years management experience in the hospitality industry is required. The position reports to the Executive Director of the OCCC.


 The General Manager will work directly with the Executive Director and the Deputy General Managers to support the overall strategic plan of the OCCC.

 Develop strategy, overall direction, coordination, budgeting and evaluation of assigned divisions.

 Assists in the day-to-day management of the OCCC. With the Executive Director, develops, coordinates and implements operating procedures.

 Works directly with the Capital Planning section and designated project teams and architects to implement approved building projects and programs. The OCCC has an approved CIP budget of $187 million over the next five years for upgrades and improvements to the facility.

 Establishes and communicates policies and procedures for the safe operation of the OCCC to staff, tradeshow and meeting clients and service partners. Additionally, maintains close communication and interaction with OCCC divisions to integrate client requirements with safe operation and maintenance of the OCCC.

 Participates in convention industry associations to remain aware of trends that may impact the OCCC.

 Through evaluation and research, uses staffing and financial resources efficiently by developing workflow systems that eliminate redundancy, expedite results and create a learning environment for employees.

 Prepares reports with recommendations on best practices.

 Fosters a culture of efficient operations and a positive learning environment for employees.

 Assesses skills and abilities of key staff in order to develop a thorough and evolving succession plan.

 Responds to the needs of the Board of County Commissioners and to outside business and tourism organizations, such as Visit Orlando (VO), the Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association (CFHLA) and the Chamber of Commerce, etc.


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 Assumes duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director in their absence.

 Meets the Center of Hospitality (CoH) standards.

 Performs other duties of a comparable level as assigned.


 The General Manager candidate must possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in Business, Public Administration or a closely related field.

 Must have a minimum of five years of management experience in the hospitality industry, preferably leading a large-scale hospitality facility demonstrating knowledge of exposition, convention and facility management techniques.

 Experience in working with community businesses and visitor and tourism organizations is ideal.

 Must have a demonstrated record of working in partnership with Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus and the hotel and hospitality sectors to sell/market the Convention Center to maximize economic impact on the community.

 Credible and respected peer recognition in public or private facilities operations such as convention center, hotel, arena or related facilities.

 Specific knowledge of national or international trade shows, associations or conventions.

 Experience in organizational diagnosis and analysis in evaluating service delivery, organizational structures and operating capability, as well as recommending innovating organizational changes.

 Strong interpersonal, communication, customer service and problem solving skills.

 Strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills in order to provide professional expertise and guidance to management and staff. Have a clear understanding and acceptance of the principles and relationships of County government and possess the ability to work effectively in an active policy administrative citizen participative governmental process.

 Ability to work a flexible schedule including evenings, weekends and holidays.


 Customer and team focused with an eagerness to participate with internal and external teams and clients.

 Be an energetic, innovative, and can-do administrator serving as a motivator and example for staff and employees.

 Be a strong, decisive, results-oriented administrator who develops personnel through firm and clear direction, delegates while retaining accountability, and provides supportive counsel as appropriate.

 Follow a management style which involves a “no surprises” approach in presenting all the facts and alternatives to County Government, hotel, Visit Orlando and onsite teams.

 Foster a participative environment.

 Possess honest and complete integrity and have a high sense of personal and professional ethics.

 Familiar with and committed to goal setting and strategic planning.

 Experience, self-confidence and maturity to deal with divergent personalities effectively, not being intimidated or deterred from offering professional counsel and leadership.


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 Ability to clearly and concisely present facts, data and alternatives to County leadership and the Board of County Commissioners.

 Ability and comfort level on stage and in front of a large audience.

 Possess and maintain a personal commitment to high levels of customer service with the willingness to evaluate the satisfaction of public, visitors, area businesses, employees and management.

 Be a quick study and have the ability to hit the ground running.

 Be a decisive, supportive, sharing and “get it done” results-oriented administrator.

 Follow and promote a strong customer service orientation in municipal activities and services, being particularly responsive to public requests for information and services.

 Be innovative and creative and have the ability to anticipate municipal problems, concerns, and opportunities.

 Be “thought-provoking” and be able to provide intellectual leadership to professional staff.

 Have a sense of humor.


 Through one-on-one’s, meet with the OCCC supervisory team, Visit Orlando and hotel leadership to know what is working and what can be enhanced to improve customer and stakeholder experience.

 Understand the budget and with the Executive Director, prioritize oversight of the approved CIP budget of $187 million over the next five years for upgrades and improvements to the facility.

 Development of an integrated business and strategic plan to create a positive and proactive working relationship with Visit Orlando and the major hotels that directly impact the OCCC.

 Establish confidence with all levels of City(s) and County Government (Council(s) / Mayor(s), etc.), DMO and hotel leadership.

 Evaluation of the OCCC’s competitive set/position in the convention and trade show industry and establish metrics to raise the bar related to the conventioneers experience and physical property.

 Evaluate booking process, pricing policies, operational procedures, and contract service provider contracts.

 While removing silos and barriers, create a new vision and strategic plan to enhance the conventioneers experience and overall satisfaction complete with metrics to monitor success.

 Ensure an OCCC team focused mentality of exceeding expectations; if not “yes” to customers then solutions to meet mutual expectations.

 With the assistance of the Executive Director and Deputy General Managers get to know and meet the top 10 potential clients for the OCCC and the top 10 current clients and develop a plan with OCCC and Visit Orlando leadership to earn new or retain existing business.

If you are interested in this position please respond via e-mail with cover letter, resume, and compensation information to: Mark Gnatovic, Vice President, SearchWide™

Email: or Phone: 817-251-9118

For additional information on this and other opportunities with SearchWide™ Please visit




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