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FACULTY BIOS. School of Business Administration and Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University


Academic year: 2021

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James Barker

School of Business Administration and Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University James R. Barker is the Hebert S. Lamb Chair in Business Education in the School of Business Administration and Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Professor Barker¹s research interests focus on the role of strategic behavior in the development of sustainable knowledge, innovation, and change initiatives and the

consequences of these initiatives on organizational governance systems, markets, and practices. His projects include collaborative research with scientists at the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories and with scholars at the University of Melbourne, US Air Force Academy, and University of Strathclyde. He has also consulted with a variety of public, private, and service organizations. Professor Barker¹s teaching and consultation focuses on managing the value creation process across organization and market levels and emphasizes strategic leadership (both planning and implementation), stakeholder relationship management, sustainable enterprise management, and strategic change and innovation management. Claudia De Fuentes

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

Claudia is an assistant professor at the Sobey School of Business. She holds a PhD (2007) in economics and management of innovation and technical change from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM), Mexico. Her research interests include innovative firms, systems of innovation, the creation and use of knowledge in a globalized economy,

new forms of academy industry collaboration that foster innovation, knowledge spillovers and absorptive capabilities, and science and technology policy. She has participated in numerous research projects, combining qualitative and quantitative research methods. Her research results have been published in different journals and she has presented most of them at international conferences.

Gabrielle Durepos

Gerald Schwartz School of Business, St. Francis Xavier University

Gabrielle Durepos is an Assistant Professor at the Gerald Schwartz School of Business, St. Francis Xavier University in Canada. Her co-authored book: ANTi-History: Theorizing the Past, History, and Historiography in Management and Organization Studies, uses ANT to address the


call for an historic turn in management and organization studies. She is a co-editor of both the SAGE Encyclopedia of Case Study Research as well as the SAGE Major Work on Case Study Methods in Business Research. Her recent publications appear in Management &

Organizational History, Journal of Management History, Critical Perspectives on International Business, and Organization. She previously co-edited a special issue on theorizing the past at the journal Management & Organizational History. She is currently engaged in an organizational history of a provincial museum complex in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Päivi Mirjam Eriksson

Department of Business, University of Eastern Finland

Päivi Eriksson is Professor of Management at the University of Eastern Finland and adjunct professor (docent) at Aalto University and University of Tampere in Finland. Her current research interests include strategy and innovation practice, empathy, gender, critical sense making and qualitative research methods. She has published her research in scholarly journals such as Gender, Work and Organization, European Journal of Marketing, Scandinavian Journal of Management, Consumption, Markets & Culture, and International Journal of

Entrepreneurship and Gender. She has also co-authored a book ‘Qualitative Methods in Business Research’ (Sage 2008, second edition coming out in 2015) covering all major approaches within qualitative management research.

Russell Fralich

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

Russell Fralich is assistant professor of strategy at Saint Mary's University. He has fifteen years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. His research explores the role of the perception of others on strategic action, specifically focusing on executive legitimacy, reputation, status and prestige. He uses such quantitative methods as factor analysis, multiple regression, multilevel regression, and structural equation modelling.

Christopher M. Hartt

B.A. (Political Science), Dalhousie University; MBA (Finance), Saint Mary’s University; PhD (Management), Saint Mary’s University

Chris’ vision as an instructor is to enact learning. As such, his philosophy is that students actively and respectfully embrace and question knowledge. Chris’ primary research interest is in the choices people make and how those choices are influenced by the other people and objects with which they interact. This has led to my work with Actor-Network Theory and Critical Sensemaking.


Choices are everywhere; therefore Chris is interested in nearly any source of data. Chris’ peer-reviewed publications reflect a variety of sources for his work including news reports, archival data, twitter and other social media and even television documentaries.

Virpi Malin

School of Business and Economics, Jyväskylä University

Virpi Malin (PhD, MBA) is a university lecturer at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics. She has background both in adult education and business and is a qualified university teacher. She was first appointed as a substitute lecturer for management and leadership at JSBE in 2007-2010. She has given courses in various fields of management and leadership, research methods and organizational learning and has also supervised

undergraduate studies. Her licentiate examination was a theoretical study about organizational learning from a critical perspective and the dissertation dealt with the same problematic empirically. The empirical material was gathered in a program of managers studying at JSBE to get a PhD and analyzed using Goffmanian frame analysis. Her current responsibilities at JSBE include research, lecturing and educational development. She is also a member of the JSBE teaching council. Her research interests cover organizational learning and management education, Critical Management Studies and Goffmanian frame analysis.

****************************************************************************** Jean Helms Mills

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

Jean is a Professor of Management at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University, Canada and Professor (part time) at Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics,

Jyväskylä University, Finland. In 2009-2010 she was Co-divisional Chair of the CMS Division of AoM and served for a number of years on the Administrative Sciences of Canada Executive. Currently, Jean is an Associate Editor of Gender, Work and Organization and serves on the editorial boards of several other journals. Her books include Making Sense of Organizational Change (Routledge, 2003), Understanding Organizational Change (Routledge, 2009) and the forthcoming Routledge Companion to Critical Management Studies.

Esa Hiltunen

Department of Business, University of Eastern Finland

Esa Hiltunen is a postdoctoral researcher and teacher. He earned a D.Sc. (Econ.) in management from University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio in 2013. Prior to becoming an academic, he has spent years in the retail trade business. His current research interest includes qualitative research methods, positive identity construction and motivation issues at work.


Marke Kivijärvi

Department of Business, University of Eastern Finland

Marke Kivijärvi is project researcher at Department of Business, University of Eastern Finland. Her research interests include strategy, discourse studies and postcolonialism. She is finalizing her PhD on Finnish strategy discourse vis-à-vis the Chinese market. She is also a part of

innovation management research group that has an overall interest in innovation practice. Besides her research, she supervises Bachelor’s theses in the area of innovation management. Margaret McKee

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

Margaret C. McKee is an Assistant Professor in the Management Department of Saint Mary's University, and defended her PhD in 2008. While relatively new to academia, Margaret also spent 20 years working in the public and private sector, and running her own consulting firm. She will share insights from this varied work experience in her session.

Steve McKenna,

School of HRM, York University

Dr Steve McKenna is Full Professor of Human Resource Management at York University, Toronto. His research interests include global mobility and movement; critical approaches to human resource management; post-colonialism and organization studies and; alternative approaches to ethical HRM. Dr McKenna has published widely in these areas and others in The Service Industries Journal, Management International Review, Management Learning,

Organization, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of Business Ethics and the British Journal of Management. He has been a self-initiated expatriate, migrant and organizational expatriate living and working in Asia, Europe and North America. He is currently on the Editorial Board for Personnel Review and the forthcoming Journal of Organizational Effectiveness.

Albert Mills

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

Albert J. Mills is the Director of the Sobey PhD Management (Saint Mary's University, Canada) and Professor of Management. He is the former President of ASAC (2004-05), Divisional Chair of CMS-AoM (2009-2010), and the Executive Director of the Atlantic Schools of Business. He is the author of 32 books and edited collections, including `Sex, Strategy and the Stratosphere: The Gendering of Airline Cultures" (Routledge, 2008); "Business Research Methods" (Oxford University Press, 2011), and the forthcoming "Routledge Companion to Management and Organizational History" (Routledge, 2014).


James O’Brien

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

James obtained his doctorate in Business Administration from the Ivey Business School of Western University in 2009. He is interested in personal selection, resiliency, evidence-based management, and a range of methodological issues. James is also an avid coffee drinker, an Arsenal supporter, and a Mac user (since 1988).


Maureen A. Scully

College of Manager, University of Massachusetts - Boston

Maureen is a faculty member in the College of Management, where she also serves as

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. She studies how the ideology of meritocracy is invoked to legitimate inequality in the United States and thereby impedes efforts to address poverty. She also examines how “tempered radicals,” working from inside traditional corporate and

workplace locations, can engage in change efforts that make a difference and improve social justice. She is a coauthor of a textbook widely used in MBA programs, Managing for the Future: Organizational Behavior and Processes, now in its 3rd edition, and a coeditor of a volume on gendered approaches to work and change, Reader in Gender, Work and Organization. Her research has appeared in Academy of Management Journal, Human Relations, Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Organization Science, Organization Studies, and Stanford Social Innovation Review.

****************************************************************************** Kelly Thomson

School of Administrative Studies, York University

Dr. Kelly Thomson is an Assistant Professor in the Management area of the School of

Administrative Studies at York University. As an organizational theorist, she studies social and organizing processes in a variety of contexts. She has three main streams of research: the transitions of international professionals across social contexts, and is currently studying the global migration of accounting professionals; entrepreneurial processes and the construction of new industries, specifically the cable industry in Canada; finally, organizing amongst

professionals in healthcare; specifically, examining complex patients and adverse events. She teaches advanced topics in strategy and research design and qualitative methods. She is appointed to the graduate programs of health policy and management and the Master of


Disaster and Emergency Management. She presents her research in scholarly journals and international conferences as well as to practitioners. She was the Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development in the Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies at York and the champion and Faculty Lead starting the York Bridging program for Internationally Educated Professionals in Business and Information Technology. Her work has been supported by grants through the SSHRC as well as from Great West Life Assurance Company.

****************************************************************************** Amy Thurlow

Department of Communication Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University

BPR (Mount Saint Vincent University), MA (Saint Mary's), APR, PhD (Saint Mary's)

Amy Thurlow is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University. Before joining the Mount in 2005, she taught business communication at the Fred C. Manning School of Business at Acadia University. Prior to that, she was the program coordinator for the Advanced Diploma in Public Relations at the Nova Scotia Community College where she was responsible for program delivery and development.

Amy's professional experience includes working as an Organizational Development Consultant, developing and implementing staff education programs at the IWK Health Centre, providing strategic counsel to staff and management in the area of communication skills and

teambuilding. In addition to this her experience in public relations includes work with a variety of government and community organizations both in Canada and internationally.

Amy has a PhD in management. Her research is in the area of organizational communication and change. She holds an MA in International Development Studies from Saint Mary's University in Halifax, and a Bachelor of Public Relations degree from Mount Saint Vincent University. She is an accredited public relations practitioner (APR) and a member of the Canadian Public Relations Society.

Terrance Weatherbee

FC Manning School of Business, Acadia University

Terrance Weatherbee is a Professor of Management at the FC Manning School of Business at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. His publications have appeared in


Organizational Research Methods and the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences. His primary academic interest is on the historiography of management thought and organization theory, specifically their instantiation as historical representations and the implications for either empirical or theoretical based research. His workshop is designed to expose PhD

students to the 'historic turn' currently underway in management and organizational studies in order to highlight the problematic(s) of historical representation in academic research. He will also provide a survey of the various historiographic approaches and methodologies that students may wish to draw upon in their research endeavors going forward.

Hugh Willmott

Organization Studies, Cardiff Business School

Hugh Willmott is Research Professor in Organization Studies, Cardiff Business School and has held visiting professors at Copenhagen Business School and the Universities of Uppsala, Lund, Innsbruck, Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney. He previously held professorial appointments at the UMIST (now Manchester Business School) and Cambridge. He co-founded the International Labour Process Conference and the International Critical Management Studies Conference. He currently serves on the board of Academy of Management Review, Organization Studies, Journal of Management Studies and is an Associate Editor of Organization. He has previously served on the board of Administrative Science Quarterly and Accounting, Organizations and Society. He has contributed to a wide range of management and social science journals and has published over 20 books. Full details can be found on his homepage :



Anthony Yue

Department of Communication Studies, Mount Saint Vincent University

Anthony R. Yue is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada. His research is concerned with how the individual navigates their organized world. This informs his writing in topic areas such as authenticity, identity construction, leadership in extreme environments, management pedagogy and gossip at work. He is also keenly interested in a variety of research methods and is a co-author of Business Research Methods (Oxford University Press, 2011).


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