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All students attending Carroll have a language-based learning disability; however, their skill level and educational needs for high school vary widely. Each student is a unique individual with distinctive needs and interests. There is a school for everyone, but not one school for everyone.

On average, approximately 1/3 of graduating Carroll students return to their public or technical school, 1/3 go to private day schools, and 1/3 go to boarding schools for high school. The types of schools students attend depend on the child’s academic

development, independence, self-advocacy, and ability to apply strategies and be an active learner.

Support is offered in varying degrees at schools, and the needs of each individual child should be considered when selecting certain schools. Following are the broad

categories of the types of school programs that exist, ranging from the most supportive to the least.

A - Maximum Support - School with remedial LD support

B - Moderate Support - Mainstream setting with integrated academic support and accommodations

C – Minimal Support - Mainstream faster-paced setting that can be understanding of students with different learning styples, but provides little support. Tutorial support can be arranged; drop-in Learning Centers might be available and few accommodations are allowed.

D – No Support – Demanding school with heavy workload and no accommodations.

Sample lists of schools that match the profile within each category are highlighted on the following pages. This is not to be considered inclusive of all the options within these categories; it is New England-based and intended to be used merely as a guide to help you begin your research.



Provides Specialized/ Remedial Support - The LD school – offers a full-service remedial support program to the LD student population: day or boarding

Corwin Russell/Broccoli Hall, MA (grades 5-12, D) * Eagle Hill School, MA (grades 8-12, D & B)

Forman School, CT (grades 9-12, B) Gow School, NY (grades 7-PG, B)

Greenwood School, VT (grades 5–9, B) Kildonan School, NY (grades 6-PG, B) Landmark School, MA (grades 2-12, D & B) * Learning Prep School, MA (grades 2-12, D) * Linden Hill School, MA (grades 5-9, B) Maplebrook School, NY (grades 5-12, B) Oxford Academy, CT (grades 9-12, B, boys) White Oak School, MA (grades 5–12, D) * Willow Hill, MA (grades 5-12, D) *

* = Approved 766 Program


College Prep, mainstream education setting with Academic Support on site – a school, public or private that offers an integrated LD program within the larger school. These services are provided during the school day and are delivered in various ways with varied levels of support:

• Full day of small group classes or certain classes, usually math and English. • Through a Learning Center, which can provide both subject specific assistance

and support with study skills, writing skills, organization, time management, and varied remedial assistance.

B - MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS All public middle schools with IEP in place Cardigan Mountain School, NH (grades 6-9, B) Eaglebrook School, MA (grades 6-9, B & D) Fessenden School, MA (grades K-9, D & B, boys) Hillside School, MA (grades 5-9, D & B, boys) Indian Mountain School, CT (grades 6-9, B) Rectory School, CT (grades. 5-9, B)

Rumsey Hall School, CT (grades 5-9, B)


B - HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS – MODERATE SUPPORT All public high schools with IEP in place

Assabet Valley Reg. Vocational, MA (grades 9-12, D) Brewster Academy, NH (grades 9-12, B)

Carroll Nine (C9), MA (grade 9, D) * approved 766 program

Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, MA (grades 9-12, D & B) Cushing Academy, MA (grades 9-12, D & B)

Darrow School, NY (grades 9-12, B) Dublin School, NH (grades 9-12, B) Gann Academy, MA (grades 9-12, D) Gould Academy, ME (grades 9-12, B) Hoosac School, NY (grades 8–12, B)

Keefe Technical School, MA (grades 9-12, D) Kent’s Hill School, ME (grades 9-12, B) Malden Catholic, MA (grades 9–12, D) Marvelwood School, CT (grades 9-12, B)

Minuteman Career & Tech High School, MA (grades 9-12, D) Miss Hall's School, MA (grades 9-12, B, girls)

New Hampton School, NH (grades 9-12, B) Proctor Academy, NH (grades 9-12, B) Purnell School, NJ (grades 9-12, B, girls) Salisbury School, CT (grades 9-12, B, boys) St. Andrew’s School, RI (grades 7-12, D & B) St. Johnsbury Academy, VT (grades 9-12, B) Stoneleigh Burnham, MA (grades 9-12, B, girls) Tilton School, NH (grades 9-12, B)

Trinity Pawling School, CT (grades 9-12, B, boys) Vermont Academy, VT (grades 9-12, B)

Waldorf High School, MA (grades 9-12, D) White Mountain School, VT (grades 9-12, B) Winchendon School, MA (grades 8-12, D & B)


College Prep, mainstream, faster-paced setting. Parents arrange for subject support tutorials. Writing and math labs may be available as well as drop-in Learning Centers. Extra time is generally provided for tests when there is a documented need.

(There are many that meet this profile; this is merely a sampling of the schools in this category.) Applewild School, MA (grades K-9, D)

Austin Prep, MA (grades 6–12, D)

Avon Old Farms School, CT (grades 9–12, B, boys) Beaver Country Day, MA (grades 6-12, D)

Belmont Day School, MA (grades K-8, D) Berkshire School, MA (grades 9-12, B)


C – MINIMAL/ NO SUPPORT – continued Brimmer and May, MA (grades K-12, D)

Cambridge School of Weston, MA (grades 9-12, D) Catholic Memorial, MA (grades 9–12, D)

Charles River School, MA (grades K-8, D) Clark School, MA (grades K–10, D)

Coyle Cassidy High School, MA (grades 9–12, D) Dana Hall School, MA (grades 7-12, D & B, girls) Dedham Country Day, MA (grades K-8, D) Dexter School, MA (grades K-12, D, boys) Fay School, MA (grades 1-9, D & B) Fenn School, MA (grades 6-8, D, boys) High Mowing School, NH (grades 9–12, B) Holderness, NH (grades 9-12, B)

Jewish Community Day School, MA (grades K–8, D) Kimball Union Academy, NH (grades 9–12, B)

Lawrence Academy, MA (grades 9-12, D & B)

Lexington Christian Academy, MA (grades 6-12, D) Marian High School, MA (grades 9-12, D)

Matignon High School, MA (grades 9-12, D) Meridian Academy, MA (grades 6–12, D) Mount St. Charles, RI (grades 7-12, D) Newman School, MA (grades 9–12, D) Parker Charter School, MA (grades 7-12, D) Prospect Hill Academy, MA (grades 1-12, D) Providence Country Day, RI (grades 5–12, D) Rashi Jewish Day School, MA (grades K-8, D) School One, RI (grades 9-12, D)

Southfield School, MA (grades K-12, D, girls) St. Bernard’s High School, MA (grades 9-12, D)

St. John’s High School, Shrewsbury MA (grades 9-12, D) St. Joseph’s Preparatory High School, MA (grades 9-12, D) St. Sebastian’s, MA (grades 7-12, D, boys)

Suffield Academy, CT (grades 9 – 12, B) Thayer Academy, MA (grades 6–12, D) Walnut Hill School, MA (grades 9-12, D & B) Worcester Academy, MA (grades 6-12, D & B) Xaverian Brothers, MA (grades 9–12, D, boys)



Competitive College Prep, fast-paced, demanding schools with heavy workload and no accommodations.

Archbishop Williams High School Arlington Catholic High School Bancroft School

Belmont Hill School

Boston College High School Brooks School

Buckingham Browne & Nichols Commonwealth School Concord Academy Governor’s Academy Groton School Middlesex School Milton Academy Newton Country Day

Noble and Greenough School Northfield Mt. Herman Pingree School

Rivers School

Roxbury Latin School Shore Country Day St. John’s Prep St. Marks, MA Tabor Academy Winsor School