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Supporting Collaborative Video Editing Over Cloud Storage


Academic year: 2021

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Supporting Collaborative Video Editing

Over Cloud Storage

Hyeong-Bae An1, Jongmoon Park1, Myung-Joon Lee2

School of Electircal Engineering, University of Ulsan, 93, Daehak-ro, Nam-gu 680749 Ulsan, Korea

1{ahb910306, monster28g}@gmail.com, 2mjlee@ulsan.ac.kr

Abstract. We present a new video editing tool which provides systematic collaboration features for user groups defined by XMPP messaging service. In addition, the tool supports group repository over cloud storage through utilizing the C3ware collaboration middleware. The video editing functions of the tool is presented by extending the open source video editing software Pitivi with useful collaborative functions.

Keywords: video editing, collaborative video editing, C3ware, XMPP

1 Introduction

Good collaboration tools for video editing can be very helpful to increase productivity and quality in video editing tasks for both professional and fun purposes [1]. Although there are some tools supporting simple collaboration features in video editing process [2, 3, 4], those tools do not provide systematic collaboration functionality for video editing tasks.

In this paper, we present a collaboration tool for video editing named LetsVi, which is composed of two core components: management tool and editing tool. Through the management tool, the group manager for the video editing task creates and maintains the associated project, partitioning the task and assigning each partitioned subtask to one of the group members along with appropriate role. The management tool provides functionality for monitoring the progress and status of each partitioned subtask in addition to splitting and merging video clips. All of the associated video data and housekeeping information are stored and maintained in the associated workspace specific to the group over cloud storage through C3ware [5]. As for the editing tool, Pitivi [6] - one of famous open source video editing software - is extended with useful collaborative functions. With this tool, each user can update his/her work periodically to the management tool and monitoring the progresses of other subtasks. LetsVi also provides XMPP messaging service [7] for communication among project members.


2 The proposed video editing tool

2.1 System structure

LetsVi is composed of two core components: management tool and editing tool. For communication and user/group management, LetsVi utilize the Openfire XMPP server, which is extended for effective sharing of user/group information and authentication through the C3ware and LDAP [8] server. Figure 1 shows the system structure of LetsVi, presenting process to synchronize group information and sharing collaborative resources in LetsVi

Fig. 1. System structure of LetsVi

2.2 User interface & feature

A. Management tool

The management tool is used for creating and maintaining the collaborative video editing projects. A project manager works through the main user interface of the tool composed of 4 tabs: Project, Task Assignment, Monitoring and Merge. Usually, project members communicate each other through the associated XMPP messaging service.


a) Project Tab

A user can create his/her project, becoming the manager of the project. The manager administrates the project name, state and members of the created projects in the Project Tab. In addition, the Project Tab provides a utility buttons for modifying and removing project.

b) Task Assignment Tab

The Task Assignment Tab is used for splitting the original video file to assign appropriate tasks on the split video clips to specific project members. After partitioning the original video file from his/her local storage and assigning tasks to the members, the manager uploads the associated video clips and the information on the task assignment to the collaborative workspace which is available to the project group through C3ware. In case of editing different video files, the manager can assign each of those files to a specific project member.

After splitting the video file, the names of the split video clips are shown on the list. Then the manager can assign tasks to project members by specifying the associated video clips and editing roles. The information on the task assignment is displayed on the tab as a list by showing the information on each subtask assignment which consists of file name, member name and editing role.

By double-clicking items of the list, the manager can modify the assignment details. Completing the assignment job, the manager uploads the split video clips and the xml file including the information on the task assignment to the group workspace over cloud storage provided by C3ware. When uploading is complete, the management tool sends a message ‘you have a new task from LetsVi’ to the project members through XMPP messaging.

c) Monitoring Tab

The Monitoring tab provides features for observing the state of the selected project and the work progress of project members. The manager can see the list of on-going subtasks of the project on the top of monitoring tab. If the manager selects the subtask item on the list, the manager can see the detail information of the editing project and the associated event log. The event log is updated whenever the project members perform their editing work. Through the event log on each subtask, the manager can check the progress of the subtask, and monitor the current state of the project. The manager can refer the comments on each task from other members, playing the video clip of the task through the video player component using the Gstreamer library. d) Merge Tab

As a final process of the editing project, the Merge Tab provides the function of integrating the video clips edited by all subtasks. Using the download button on top of the Merge Tab, all of the edited video clips are downloaded from the collaborative workspace, being displayed on the list below. Through the right side of the tab interface, the manager can play and check the video clips to be merged through the video player component using the Gstreamer library. After merging the video clips by clicking the Merge button, the manager uploads the complete video file to the collaborative workspace through the upload button finally so that project members can share the result.


B. Editing tool

For the implementation of the editing tool for LetsVi, we adopt Pitivi as the basis of the tool since it is one of the popular open source video editor. In addition to the various video editing functions from Pitivi, the editing tool provides collaborative features in relation to the management tool. For effective collaboration, we present an XMPP messaging client for LetsVi which enables the tool to work in association with the user/group information of C3ware and XMPP server. Based on the information, it is interconnected with the collaborative workspaces provided by C3ware. Also, as in the management tool, it provides users the monitoring function for other tasks in the same project

3 Result

In this paper, we introduced a new collaboration tool named LetsVi which meets the requirement from the concept of collaboration. LetsVi is a collaboration tool for video editing that can increase productivity and quality for professional and fun purposes. Through its management tool, the manager of a group of people for a video editing task can create and maintain the associated project in a systematic way. The management tool enables the manager to easily partition the task and assign the subtasks to the group members. The management tool also provides functionality for monitoring the progress and status of each subtask. All of the associated video data and housekeeping information are stored and maintained in the associated workspace specific to the group over cloud storage through C3ware. Through the XMPP messaging client for LetsVi and the extension of Pitivi, the editing tool provides rich collaboration features in association with collaborative workspaces provided by C3ware as well as the editing features from Pitivi.


This research was partially supported by Basic Science Research Program through the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Education (No. 2013R1A1A4A01004459)


1. Engström, A., Esbjörnsson, M. and Juhlin, O. “Mobile Collaborative Live Video Mixing”. In ProcMobileHCI. ACM Press, 157-166 (2008)

2. Novacut, http://www.novacut.com/


4. WeVideo, www.wevideo.com

5. Lee, H.-C., Park, J.-E., Lee, M.-J.: “C3ware: A Middleware Supporting Collaborative Services over Cloud Storage”. The Computer Journal, 217-224 (2013)

6. Pitivi, www.pitivi.org 7. XMPP, http://xmpp.org/

8. LDAP, HOWES, T., SMITH, M., AND GOOD, G. “Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services”. Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc., Indianapolis, IN (1999)


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