Assistant Director Injury Management Advisory Services

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Contact Officer

James McKenzie, Director Health Services on 03 9627 5451

Closing date

Thursday 08 March 2011 at 11.00pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

How to apply

1. In one combined word document include

a. your completed Application Cover Sheet (the last page of this document),

b. your responses addressing the selection criteria; and

c. your resume outlining your work history, relevant qualifications and training.

2. Apply online - When applying you will be asked to upload your combined application and enter your personal details.

Assistant Director

Injury Management Advisory Services

Executive Level 1

Health Services Team

Recovery and Support Services Group

Ongoing Vacancy – Full-time/Part-time



The Role

Overview of the team

The Injury Management Advisory Service (IMAS) forms part of the Health Services Team. IMAS provides rehabilitation and return to work advice to injured workers, employers and Comcare staff including recovery and support service delivery teams.

Overview of the role

As Assistant Director you will work closely with the Director and your fellow Assistant Director to ensure operational excellence both within the team and in supporting the wider Recovery and Support Group functions.

You will supervise, provide guidance to and support the team of Injury Management Advisors; provide guidance and share your specialist knowledge in injury

management and return to work strategies; play a key role in building productive working relationships across the organisation and with injured workers, employers and other stakeholders.

You will be required to assist in developing strategies for the management of high risk claims based on best practise and evidence based decision making.


Relevant experience and qualifications in workplace rehabilitation, injury management or allied health fields

Duty statement

1. Manage the provision of rehabilitation and injury management assistance and support to the Recovery and Support Group and employers.

2. Manage and deliver strategic initiatives with internal and external stakeholders to develop and promote better practice in injury prevention and management. 3. Assist employers to improve occupational health & safety, rehabilitation and

workers’ compensation performance.

4. Assist in developing strategies for the management of high risk claims. 5. Supervising, guiding, mentoring and/or training staff.

6. Actively develop and maintain working relationships across the organisation and with employers and stakeholders.

7. Represent Comcare at internal and external meetings and forums. 8. Participate in corporate learning and development activities.

9. Promote workplace safety, equity and diversity and environment practices in the workplace.


10. Demonstrate and model safe attitudes, values and behaviours in order to uphold your health and safety duties.

11. Commit to, promote and model the APS Values and APS Code of Conduct.

How to apply

Your statement of claims against the selection criteria is your opportunity to demonstrate your competency and is the most important factor in determining whether your application will be short-listed. Your claims against each criterion should be no longer than a page.

It is recommended that you address each selection criterion and provide evidence of your suitability. Give examples from your current or past role(s) which demonstrate how you meet the criterion. The STAR approach is one way of presenting information against selection criteria. For each criteria think about the following and use these points to form sentences:

Situation: Set the context by describing the circumstance whether you used the skills or qualities and gained the experience.

Task: What was your role?

Approach: What did you do and how did you do it? Result: What did you achieve?

What was the end result and how does it relate to the job you are applying for?

For more information on how to apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service please go


The Selection Process

Comcare uses a competitive merit process. The process will likely take approximately six weeks for short listing, interviewing, reference checking and offers to be made.

Eligibility and specific conditions of employment

1. Character clearance (police records check)

2. Health assessment

3. Intermittent interstate travel

For information on conditions of employment, please refer to our website


Selection Criteria

The following selection criteria are based on Integrated Leadership System

1. Job specific

ο Relevant qualifications and demonstrated experience in workplace

rehabilitation, injury management or allied health fields with a commitment to provide high quality services.

2. Supports strategic thinking

ο Supports and contributes to the formulation and achievement of a team and/or business corporate goals.

ο Provides direction to others regarding the purpose and importance of their work.

3. Achieves results

ο Takes responsibility for managing projects, achieving objectives and progressing work.

ο Ability to engage internal and external expertise and utilise evidence base to improve work outcomes.

4. Cultivates productive working relationships

ο Proven ability to build and sustain relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

ο Guides, mentors and develops people. 5. Exemplifies personal drive and integrity

ο Takes personal responsibility for meeting objectives and progressing work. ο Commitment to and ability to model the behaviours required by the APS

Values, APS Code of Conduct. 6. Communicates with influence

ο Communication verbally and in writing at a very high standard. ο Represent Comcare with credibility and professionalism.


What we offer



Note: Complete and save this form before commencing your online application

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Canberra Melbourne

Please provide two current referees who have supervised and assessed your performance within the workplace.

Do you require any special arrangements to be made for assessment e.g. interview? If yes, a member of the selection panel will contact you for more details.

EL1 Assistant Director, Injury Management Advisory Services, Health Services Team

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If yes, please advise of the redundancy benefit period expiry date Have you ever been found to have breached the APS Code of Conduct? If yes, please specify employer’s name and the date?

Do you have a security clearance? If so, what level? i.e. protected/secret

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