Il mestiere di realizzare soluzioni di backup a prova di PMI

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Il mestiere di realizzare soluzioni di backup

a prova di PMI


Who in this room…

• Struggles with centralized backup?

• Has used WinRE for BMDR for Server 08 or R2 based system?

• What if – you could directly control your client BackupAssist install remotely?

• Who wants to slash the time and effort to monitor large number of backup installs?

• Who here uses Apple or Android devices?

• Want to learn how to spot a potential BackupAssist customer?



• Background on BackupAssist

• What iSCSI means to you and your clients

• New: Recovery for Win RE users

• In Development: Remote control for



Who BackupAssist appeals to

Shoal Chamber of Commerce

( BA, Exchange) Order:x283

Health Matrix

(BA, Zip) Order:x294

Network Laundry ( BA) Order:x295 Kent Manufacturing ( BA, SQL, VMGR, Rsync) Order: x172 Microprinting ( BA, SQL) Order: x283 Stewart Construction ( BA) Order: x242 Dr. Geddes Clinic ( BA) Order: x321 St Paul School ( BA) Order: x293

Pro Refrigeration Services

( BA, Open File, Zip) Order: x293

The Chapel

E Personnel Services

( BA, SQL) Order: x240

Braemer & Nelson Attorney

( BA, SQL, Exchange) Order: x293

Focus Merchandise Design

( BA, Exchange) Order: x298

SMB Electrical

( BA) Order: x203

Maryland U

( BA) Order: x272

Nutworks Media

( BA, Rsync) Order: x195

Cabrilio Hoist

( BA, SQL) Order: x274

Ledboer Turf & Grass

( BA, Exchange) Order: x282

Machine Fabrik

( BA, Rsync)


Customer Sweet spot

Between 5 – 99 employees Business runs 1-3 servers

Use Microsoft based products

Not for Profit

Education sector Automotive Legal firms Accountancy Recruitment/HR Light industries Healthcare and Medical


Outdoor and Travel

Hotels & Motels

Food and Markets Printing services

Security services Government

Construction and Engineering Marketing and Design



Financial and Insurance

Telecommunication Timber and Forestry


What do they want

• Simple solution to common problems

System to get the job done right

Doesn’t create a complicated mess


Our unique approach

• Use the best existing backup technologies and ideas…

• Optimize them to make sure they do what you need…

• Wrap them in a simple, easy to use system

• License it affordably



• Network protocol designed for centralized data storage • Easy : Remote diskspace appears as a local drive.  • Powerful: NTFS and VSS support • Fast: Low protocol overheads, block based • Low cost: No specialized hardware required



• Useful for backups because…

• iSCSI enables imaging backup to centralized network locations!

• So you get all the “local backup” benefits:

• “Incremental” storage for historical backups – lots of history

• Fast “incremental” source scanning if configured

• Plus the benefits of centralized backup

• Centralized management


iSCSI Support

1. Enter the IP address or  server name and click  “Search” 2. Select your target 3. Enter the path, and  optionally CHAP  Authentication. Then click “Test  connection…”


With BackupAssist…

• No surprise implementation, with smart data security features.

• Automatic connection to the iSCSI target before the backup, if it’s not already connected.

• The backup volume is hidden, and not exposed as a drive letter unless you want it to be.

• Automatic disconnection after the backup, to avoid accidental or malicious corruption


• QUESTION: How does Windows Recovery Environment support 

iSCSI Restores?

iSCSI Support


Introducing RecoverAssist

• Our very own bootable recovery environment for Server 2008 & Server 2008 R2, SBS 2008/2011 and Windows 7/Vista.

• A complete replacement for the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

• Overcomes limitations and bugs in WinRE • Beta version available in November


Windows Recovery Environment

• It works… some of the time… • It’s a bit cumbersome

• It takes a while to learn how to use it • You have to be very skillful to use it


Recover Assist

• More reliable • More stable • Easier to use

• You can do things with it that you can’t with WinRE • Easier to use


Windows RE vs. RecoverAssist


Windows RE vs. RecoverAssist

BUT I can summarise it in 4 main points. • Create your own bootable recovery media

• Add drivers to your recovery environment (scsi,raid..) • Avoid common BSOD problems after recovery


Create your own bootable recovery media

• USB Flash drives • SD Cards


• ISO Image File

No need to install a Dvd drive in every server anymore!


So you don’t see this


Avoid common BSOD problems after recovery:

• Caused by different class of boot disk

• Can fix existing machine

restored with WinRE



Recover from backup locations not supported by


• iSCSI Target

• Container VHD


Let’s see how easy it is to recovery from iSCSI


Add drivers to your recovery environment

ƒ Add driver packs from ƒ Add drivers from manufacturer discs


How to recover from iSCSI?

Step 1: Click here to recovery from iSCSI


How to recover from iSCSI?

Step 2: Configure  your network card


How to recover from iSCSI?

Step 3: Specify IP address or host name of your

iSCSI target, and optional CHAP authentication


• Centrally control your backup jobs from one location • ETA mid 2011


1. Resellers are busy!

2. BackupAssist is all about saving time. 3. All of us have web based devices.


Let’s join the dots…


saves time

We own 

mobile devices


are busy


Something Convenient – One Report

• Concise summary of all jobs across all


• Drill down by clicking the links

• Any problems are

placed at the top of the report

• Emailed to you

daily, or view in


Something Cool

• CMC-Xpress

Mobile app for

-iOS - iPhone/iPad -Android devices


Convenient and Cool

• Centralized Monitoring Console on your phone or


• Daily Status Report

• View past reports

• Forward via email

• Search for a report

• Access last 90 days

• Forward via email


What we covered this morning

1) CMC = slash time and effort to monitor backup jobs 2) iSCSI = Incremental imaging to centralized storage 3) RecoverAssist = powerful and simple BMDR recovery


4) CMC-Xpress = App for iOS/Android devices

5) Remote Control = Simplify the administration of your backup jobs



Steven Chua, Business Development Manager di Cortex I.T.




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