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A Full-Service Restoration Contractor

the franchise that

makes you indispensible





You have an opportunity to be the Hero with Restoration 1

When disaster strikes, people need to be able to

put their trust in reliable, dependable hands.

This is why so many turn to Restoration 1 for

water, smoke, fire and mold restoration. Using

consistent methods of operation, Restoration 1

ensures the kind of customer satisfaction that

leads to referrals and repeat business!

Through planned expansion via franchising, our goal is to grow

into a national brand that's known for high quality customer

service and exceptional work.

Meeting urgent needs

When an emergency situation occurs, fast action is required. Water damage can either be caused by natural phenomena such as flood, hurricane, and tornado, or by more commonplace things like a bursting water pipe or sump pump malfunction. Destruction can begin within minutes of water intrusion, and immediate action can minimize or even prevent moisture damage.1 Not to mention,

even a relatively small amount of unwanted water can lead to mold, and exposure to mold can cause health problems such as difficulty breathing, fatigue, nausea, headaches and more. 2

In the event of fire, professional services are recommended to remediate smoke and fire damage.3 In most fires, smoke results

from a combination of burning wood as well as plastics, fabrics, foods and other materials, which produces a range of toxic off-gasses as well as complex odors.4 If improperly removed,

smoke odor will reoccur from time to time.5

Restoration 1 uses cutting edge techniques and equipment to expertly handle these and other situations. If you're selected to join our team, you'll follow our established business system to serve – and impress – your customers!

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Superb business system

Carefully researched and well-established over the years, the

Restoration 1 business system will be your guide as you set up and

operate your franchise. It consists of the following elements:

Total quality control

Every aspect of your business will reflect Restoration 1’s commitment to quality production and craftsmanship. Your franchise will use the best in materials, tools and equipment, which you’ll keep well-maintained. Employees will receive extensive training that enables them to perform excellent work.

Exceptional customer care

Restoration 1 strives to satisfy all client needs to the fullest, operating with the understanding that a satisfied customer is one of our best assets. You and your staff will guide clients through the restoration process, which will be backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. You’ll build a reputation for reliability by always arriving on time and completing jobs within the time frame estimated.


Your Restoration 1 franchise will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet customers’ needs. Our system is designed to deliver the shortest turnaround time possible, so you’ll maintain a stock of crucial materials to eliminate downtime. With well-trained, well-equipped technicians, you’ll always be ready to take on any task!


Valued services

Mold Removal and Mold Inspection

Mold remediation, removal and inspection services will be your premiere services. You will help find, detect, test, identify and remediate all toxic and black mold.

Water Damage Restoration

Your Restoration 1 franchise will offer a coordinated program designed to remove water and prevent further damage. This is especially critical for home and business owners after severe flooding.

Fire Damage Restoration

With an objective to effectively eliminate all fire, smoke and water damage in a timely, methodical manner, you'll provide a thorough cleaning and overall reestablishment of a structure to its pre-fire condition.

Reconstruction Services

Your Restoration 1 franchise gives you the option of providing reconstruction services in order to offer one-source availability to your customers!

Setting up Your Franchise

You'll operate your Restoration 1 franchise out of the convenience and low overhead of a home office. Inventory such as supplies and equipment may be stored in your garage or a low-cost storage space, whichever works best for your circumstances. Franchisees are expected to purchase a late model van, which will be wrapped in the eye-catching Restoration 1 vinyl signage to reinforce the brand and attract attention.

Extensive support is a pillar of the Restoration 1 franchise. We will be with you every step of the way.

Extensive training

You'll attend classroom training that covers administrations, operations, customer service techniques and other important aspects of the business. On-site training gives you hands-on experience in restoration including how to apply our techniques, how to use our equipment, and how to work with insurance adjusters and insurance companies. As you prepare to open your business, we'll be on hand to assist you.


Proper marketing is essential to to any business, Restoration 1 is a business model designed with a marketing and advertising focus. We will train and teach you how to market your services effectively and with professionalism. Marketing instruction will include how to educate local contractors in the advantages of using Restoration 1 services, how to introduce your services to customers in their homes, how to quote prices and sell your services, and much more. The in-depth Restoration 1 website and advanced web-marketing platforms as an excellent

marketing tool in and of itself!

Operations manual

You'll receive a comprehensive operations manual that contains everything you need to know about the Restoration 1 franchise. This will provide an invaluable reference tool as you start out and in the years to come.

Ongoing support

We stand behind our franchisees 100 percent, making ourselves available to answer questions and give expert guidance and advice. If you should need us, we're only a phone call or an email away.


How to qualify

To be considered as a franchisee candidate, you should possess the following:

• Strong sales and customer service abilities

• Ability to work with insurance adjusters, plumbers and

other tradesmen

• High success drive and readiness to be on call 24/7 • Ability to multi-task across multiple restoration jobs • Self-motivation with a high energy level

• Proven problem-solving skills

• Willingness to perform physical labor

If this sounds like you, we'd like to talk!

To learn more about the Restoration 1 franchise opportunity, refer to the contact information on the back cover of this brochure. We'll be awarding a limited number of franchises in your area so don't wait – contact us today!

If you’ve been seeking the opportunity to be your own

boss in a hands-on business with enormous potential,

a Restoration 1 franchise might be for you!


110 E. Broward Blvd.

Suite 1700

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Phone: 1.800.861.1946






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