Welcome to the NEW Esso Fleet Online Designed to make your life easier and save you money.







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Welcome to the NEW Esso Fleet Online…Designed to make your life

easier and save you money.

We are pleased to announce exciting new features on Esso Fleet Online. Please take a few minutes to read all about the changes.

New Home Page

Change to Card Maintenance Screens New Purchase Controls

Convenient Online Payments Online Access to Invoices

New home page

As soon as you log in, you’ll see all your key account information at a glance. Links to frequently used features provide you with easy access.

Note that your invoice information, such as last payment and available credit, are right at the top of the screen. If you want to schedule a payment, simply click Make Payment.

Below the invoice information you’ll see your cards and drivers with links to the available actions.

Quick action buttons are next to each card or select More Card Features for other actions such as Add a card.


Change to Card Maintenance Screens – Add, Update, Replace, Terminate

You’ll notice the “Product Restriction” column has been renamed “Profile”. This change is a result of the new “Controls” feature that allows you to set new purchase limits beyond your current card restrictions.

For instance, if your current cards limit purchases to Fuel & Top-Up Fluids, you can now add additional restrictions such as fueling only on weekdays between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.


New Purchase Controls help you closely manage your bottom line.

Use our handy PROFILE MANAGER to set Purchase Controls based on the specific needs of your vehicles and drivers.

Profiles allow you to define a set of purchase limits that you can then assign to specific cards. For example, you can create a “Delivery Driver” Profile that limits purchases to Fuel and Parts and Service, while allowing a “Sales Team” Profile to make purchases inside the store. You can create as many Profiles as your need to meet your business needs.

Profile Manager displays your list of Profiles with the Type, Status and Number of cards assigned to each profile. On this page you can select the link to view and edit an existing Profile or you can add a new Profile.

Add a new Profile or edit an existing Profile.

The first time you go to Profile Manager, you’ll see a default Profile for each type of card you are using — 1) Unrestricted, 2) Fuel & Fluids and 3) Fuel, Fluids, Maintenance. For instance, if you only have Unrestricted cards, you will only see an Unrestricted Profile.

The Default Profile is automatically assigned to any new cards you request, although you can change the assignment if needed. There are no limits automatically assigned to the Default Profile(s), so it’s important for youto enter values in your Default Profile(s) in order to take advantage of purchase controls.



Adding a new Profile

For a new Profile, enter the NAME and select the TYPE — Fuel, Fluids, Maintenance; Unrestricted; or Fuel & Fluids. The list is based on the type of cards you use.



Authorization Amount and Frequency

First select the period of time to which your authorization controls will apply. You can select a different refresh period for each profile you create. We will keep running totals of each limit based on your selection from one of these time periods:

Daily 24-hour period that begins and ends at midnight Eastern Time each day.

Weekly 7-day period that begins at midnight Eastern Time on the day of the week you select.

Twice Monthly Approximately a two-week period that begins at midnight Eastern Time on the 1 st

and 15th of each month.

Monthly Monthly period that begins at midnight Eastern Time on the first calendar day of the

month and ends at midnight Eastern Time on the last calendar day of the month.

Next you can choose the overall controls for the refresh period selected above by entering values for any of these controls:

1. Total Number of Transactions Per Period 2. Total Dollars Per Period

3. Total Fuel Litres/Units Per Period

Recommendation: Since the most restrictive limit will apply, you should set the overall limits equal to or higher than the individual Product Type Control limits (see below).

Select the time period and enter values for the three limits.

Check the available products and enter limits.



Product Type

Product Type Controls allow you to customize cards with limits for each product category you select. Based on the product codes that are included in the transaction, our system determines if the card is authorized to make the purchase. If the product type is allowed and the limits you set have not been reached, the purchase is

authorized. If the product type is not allowed or the limit has been reached, the transaction is declined.

Since pay-at-the-pump transactions are pre-authorized before the gas is pumped, the actual dollar amount is not known at the time of authorization. As a result, per transaction controls are not enforceable for pay-at-the-pump transactions, but will apply to in-store purchases.

In addition to Fuel and Top-Up Fluids which are required for all card types, you may also be able to select Maintenance and Merchandise.

For each product type that is checked, you can enter limit values ranging from the system minimum to “No Limit Set” in each of these categories: Dollars per Transaction, Transactions per Period, and Dollars per Period. The minimum allowed values are:


Product Type Transaction Dollars per Transactions per Period Dollars per Period

Fuel $30 2 $30

Top-Up Fluids $1 1 $1

Maintenance $1 1 $1

Merchandise $1 1 $1

Recommendation: To ensure that drivers with legitimate business needs are not declined use of the card, set Dollars per Period and Transactions per Period limits above the highest possible purchasing level. For instance, if drivers have an occasional need to purchase $300 in a day, set a higher limit, such as $400. Keep in mind that if a purchase is declined, the driver will need to provide another form of payment. Customer Service cannot override a fleet manager's preset limits.



Day of Week and Time of Day

The time of day and day of week is based on the location of the purchase. Check each day on which you want to allow purchasing. If desired, you can also enter up to two time periods when you want to allow purchasing on each of the selected days.

Recommendation: Allow your drivers additional time before and after normal working hours to fuel their vehicles. For example, if the hours your drivers are scheduled for deliveries are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., set your limits to begin at 6 a.m. and end at 8 p.m. to allow drivers time to fuel at the end or beginning of the day.


You will be presented with a confirmation screen listing all your selections for the Profile. While you may want to print this screen for your records, it’s easy to review profile settings from any maintenance screens that display the assigned profile name.



Assign Profiles

Now that you have created a Profile you will need to assign it to the appropriate cards. You’ll find the Assign Profile feature under the Controls menu.

On the Assign Profile screen, you can search for a specific card by entering the Vehicle Card Number or Company Vehicle ID or you can simply select SEARCH to display a list of all your cards.

Now you can choose to assign the Profile to the entire list or apply the Profile to individual cards.

Assign Profile to all cards listed below or assign the Profile to individual cards.


From any Card Management screen — Add, Update, Replace, Terminate— you will see the assigned Profile so you can reassign or click View to see the settings.


Convenient Online Payment

Making a payment is quick and easy once you set up a bank account. You can set up to 4 banks accounts from which to choose when making a payment.


Set Up Bank

[add screen showing navigation to set up bank]

Click the Add Bank Account button.


Enter the bank information in the pop-up window — Routing transit number, account number and account name. The cheque image helps you locate the information on your cheque.

Click OK.

Enter bank information and name. Click OK when done.

Review the bank information to make sure it is correct. To make changes, select RESET. Before you select SUBMIT, click the PAD agreement PDF and print the form with instructions. A PAD agreement is required for each different bank you set up.

Be sure to click SUBMIT to save the bank information you entered. Until you complete and submit an approved PAD Agreement, the status of this bank will be PENDING and you cannot choose this bank to make a payment.

Status remains Pending until you submit an approved PAD.

Print PAD Agreement form and then click SUBMIT.


You will receive an email notification when the bank status is changed to Approved so you can then make payments using that bank. When you’re ready to make a payment, simply select Make Payment on the home page.


Online access to Invoices

To view your invoices and reports, select Standard Reports from the Query menu.

Select the Period Ending date and SUBMIT. You will see a list of the available files for that period. To retrieve a file, click the name. A PDF file will be opened which you can view, print and save. We will start building up to 13 months of invoices and reports so you can retrieve them at any time.

Select a date and click submit. Click on the file name to open the PDF.

We encourage you to try Esso Fleet Online if you’re not already a user. See for yourself how easy it is to manage your account at your convenience right from your desktop.

Sign up for a User ID and Password at www.essofleetnow.com. If already a user, log in at www.essofleetonline.com.