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IC Alumni Card


IC Card

AL-MAWARID Bank and IC Alumni Association join

efforts to introduce the first of its kind affinity credit card in the Lebanese market:

IC Alumni card

IC Alumni card from AL-MAWARID Bank is the only credit card that highlights your affinity as a member of the International College Alumni. The card is designed to reflect your pride as an IC Alumni member and a former IC student.

This credit card offers valuable benefits for the cardholder while contributing to fundraising for social and educational activities by supporting the IC Alumni’s projects.

card types

AL-MAWARID Bank IC Alumni Card is offered to you in two types:

gold card

Credit limit range: from USD 4,000 to USD 7,000

Card price: USD 125

Supplementary card price: USD 55

platinum card

Credit limit range: USD 7,000 and above

Card price: USD 175


IC Alumni


IC Alumni benefits

Support theIC Alumni activities by using your card. The more you use your card, the more points you will earn which will be translated into financial contribution to funding IC Alumni projects.

cardholder benefits

IC Alumni card by AL-MAWARID Bank empowers you in multiple ways. Once you start using it, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Cash back benefit

The cash back benefit is quite rewarding.

Yearly cash back on purchases will be credited to your credit card account. Holders of IC Alumni Classic & Gold cards will get 0.5% while holders of the IC Alumni Platinum card will get 1% cash back on their purchases.

o No minimum amount to redeem your points, o withdrawals through ATM and cash advance are

not eligible for cash back,

o points are not transferable from one card to the other,

o the accumulated points are automatically cancelled in case the related card is closed, o to be entitled for cash back, the card should be in


IC Card

Pension fund

Secure your tomorrow by building a highly gratifying pension fund linked to the card with premium interest rates guaranteed for 5 years.

For your convenience, the pension account will be funded by monthly installments which will be withdrawn from your card’s line of credit.

As soon as you activate your IC Alumni card, successfully complete 12 consecutive monthly installments while maintaining 50% utilization rate on your card for the same period, AL-MAWARID Bank will reward you by paying 1 additional installment on your behalf. As long as you maintain this performance and your card is in good standing, you will be entitled yearly for 1 free month installment.

Minimum monthly installment amount: o IC Alumni Gold card: USD 100 o IC Alumni Platinum card: USD 300

The pension account is automatically closed when a card is cancelled.

Zero interest on IC Alumni

membership fees

The IC Alumni card provides you with an easy mechanism to pay your ALUMNI membership fee. AL-MAWARID Bank grants you the opportunity to pay your IC Alumni membership fees through your IC Alumni card without being charged any interest!


IC Alumni


Visa premium services

With the Visa premium services, AL-MAWARID Bank welcomes you to a world of exclusive benefits and worldwide privileges.

Medical and legal referral (applicable to the holders of

IC Alumni Gold & Platinum card)

The medical and legal referral services support you and your immediate family when you are travelling together to a location outside your principal country of residence for up to 90 days.

Complimentary medical referral services include: medical telephone advice, referral to a local medical service provider.

(The medical and legal referral cover is only valid when at least 50% of the travel ticket’s cost is settled with your Visa Gold or Platinum card. Legal services and medical services are chargeable).

For 24-hour medical and legal referral, call the International SOS Assistance Alarm Centers on +44 (0) 20 8762 8373 or visit the link http://www.visacemea.com to use one of the listed toll-free numbers.

You can as well email your enquiry to bankservices@internationalsos.com

Special offers & exclusive privileges (applicable to the holders of IC Alumni Gold & Platinum card)

If you are a frequent traveller, love spending time shopping and dining, and are interested in sports, music and adventure or all the other treats life can offer, visit the following links and benefit from a wide variety of special offers and exclusive privileges:

For IC Alumni Gold card:


For IC Alumni Platinum card:


IC Card

Purchase protection* (applicable to the holders of IC Alumni

Platinum card)

Rid yourself of worries and safeguard your purchases against Accidental Damage or Theft occurring within 90 days from the date of purchase as indicated on the store receipt. You can benefit from coverage of up to USD 1,500 per article. To benefit from this protection use your card to purchase the goods.

Visit http://www.visacemea.com to get a list of covered items and terms & conditions.

Extended warranty* (applicable to the holders of IC Alumni

Platinum card)

Get an exceptional coverage by doubling the original manufacturer’s warranty period up to a maximum of 24 months. The coverage of the Extended Warranty is up to USD 1,500 per single item. To benefit from this warranty use your card to purchase the goods.

Visit http://www.visacemea.com to get a list of covered items and terms & conditions.

* Claim process (purchase protection & Extended warranty)

Send your claims to claims@axa-assistance-claims. com or call AXA Claims Helpline on

+44 (0)207 477 2350.

The notification should be sent within 28 days of an incident or loss, enclosing original invoices, receipts and reports

card bill payment


Paying monthly dues on your credit cards has never been easier:

o Cash at any AL-MAWARID Bank branch. o Direct debit request from any of your bank


o Through the bank’s collectors within Greater Beirut area (monthly fees apply).


IC Alumni


reward programs

& added-value


Classic card for IC fresh graduates

IC Alumni cardholders will be automatically pre-approved to grant their IC fresh graduate children an IC Alumni classic card with zero annual fees and a pension account of USD 50 per month.

“Kermelak” program

Benefit from matchless discounts and special rebates when using AL-MAWARID Bank cards at selected merchants.

Bill domiciliation

Domicile your phone and electricity bills on your credit cards with hassle free subscription process & zero domiciliation fees for the first year.

SMS service

Every time you use your card, a notification message is sent to your mobile. (charges apply)

Virtual banking

E-banking & mobile banking allow you to follow up on your payments & outstanding balance in addition to other banking operations.

Just ask for it and you will have a free access to our services (fees apply on some banking operations).

The information stated in this brochure is correct at the time of printing in July 2013. It can be altered without any prior notification.


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