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Aghreni Digital Marketing. World Class Interactive Marketing Now serving India


Academic year: 2021

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Aghreni Digital Marketing


Aghreni Overview

• Leader in Digital Marketing

– Acquisition : Acquire new customers

– Retention: Up sell/Cross sell and engage existing


• Channel focus: Email & Mobile

• Founding Executives from #1 ranked provider in the

• Founding Executives from #1 ranked provider in the

US. Experience serving clients like Citibank,

Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Proctor & Gamble

• Europe’s leading emarketing platform + localized


Aghreni Offerings

Acquire new customers


Partners opt-in network

Up sell and Engage

existing customers using


Partners opt-in network

• Over 5 million double opt-in names • Rich demographics from consumers

to CXOs

• Comprehensive Conversion Metrics

• Integrated email & mobile marketing platform

• Comprehensive Reporting • Industry leading deliverability


Partner Opt-in Network

Double Opt-In Email List

Database across India

Profiles of Consumers, Tech enthusiasts, Managers,


Email sent from the Partner ID

Extensive Tracking and reporting


225,000+ customer profiles across the country based on preferences

650,000+ fresher database across the country based on courses pursued

225,000+ Tech Enthusiasts profiles across the country

65,000+ profiles of Resellers and IT Channel companies

32,000+ profiles of High Net-worth Individuals

90,000+ profiles of Small and Medium business enterprises

25,000+ profiles of Financial Managers and CFOs

12,000+ profiles of CXOs

Customer Profile Data

12,000+ profiles of CXOs

450,000+ employees in IT, ITES and Blue-chip companies in India

750,000+ customer profiles interested in food, events, etc.



ICICI Lombard General Insurance

India Today Book Club





Our Clients



Shoppers Stop


KotakMahindra Many More……..



Integrated email and Mobile ASP

Network setup

Inbound Management

Classroom training

Account Management

Account Management Team

Customer Support Access

Online Resources


e-messenger Features:

Integrated functionality for both email and Mobile SMS


Basic Functionality

– Import and Export Facilities

– Bounce Processing: Eliminate dead addresses – Profile enrichment by recipients

Advanced Functionality

– Sophisticated selection of target groups – Sophisticated selection of target groups

– Spanned administration via super-newsletters

– Event Engine – Build relationships with constant dialogue – Split Send Out

Automatic Generation of text, SMS and fax messages from the

content of the corresponding HTML template


e-messenger Features:


e-messenger Features:

Upload: Use messages from your mail client directly

Archive and Drafts: Store and reuse messages

Personalized previews: Verify before sending

Multiple format: Send out as SMS, Fax and Flash

Personalized attachments

Reply Handling: Use personalized contact options

Feedback and Analysis options

Feedback and Analysis options

– Integrated accounting

– Tracking – openings, forwards and clicks – Viral Marketing: Forward tracking

– Aggregated statistics – Event Tracking and ROI


e-messenger Features:

Security Measures

– High Security Server Farm

– Continuous Monitoring for a stable environment – Multi level backup

– Firewalls: Restricted access to your system – Permission Management:

– Security Audit: External verification of safety standards – Blacklist: Exclude complainers forever

– Detailed subscription information – Maximum message limitation


e-messenger Features:

ASP Solution: the smart way of email marketing

– Lower cost of infrastructure and maintenance

– Relationships with mail providers: Removing blockage fast

• Modern Architecture: Distributed Performance

– Java based: Adaptability through modular design – Cluster architecture: faster and safer

• Interfaces

• Interfaces

– Web interface

– File based interface: FTP, SFTP, SCP, HTTP, HTTPS – SOAP (Web services)

– Direct Database – Direct Request

– Data Formats: XML, csv and Excel – Email


Integrated solutions at no extra cost through our strong partner


Deliverability Network Webanalytics


E-Commerce Performance Marketing Data Analysis E-Commerce Software


International Clients – Leading companies trust our products &



Automotive FMCG

Finance Media

Insurance Associations


Fashion/ Lifestyle Travel


Indian Clients – Leading companies beginning to trust our

products & services


Why e-messenger?


– Affordable pricing for Indian companies

Deep Local Support

– Best email practices from reputed email and online marketing companies (we provide development support to some of the best companies in USA and Europe ) – Deep Technical Knowledge

End to End Services

– Professional Services, Lead Generation, Email Campaign Execution, Email Creative Development, Web Site Development, and Support

Creative Development, Web Site Development, and Support

Migration Support

– Have executed several large clients from other platforms including Epsilon

– Will work with you to plan and execute the migration from Epsilon platform both data, campaigns and integrations with your backend systems flawlessly

– Will maintain the reputation and white listing status of your company and subscriber base


Why e-messenger?

Features Own SMTP Mailers Hosted SMTP Mailers Tier 2 ESP Tier 1 ESP

Hardware and Software Client manages Vendor manages Vendor manages Vendor manages Internal Effort Extremely time consuming More time consuming Minimal Virtually none Internal Skills Internal experts required Some know-how beneficial Little Know-how needed No Know-how needed Availability Poor Medium High Extremely High Security Poor Medium High Extremely High Performance & Scalability Poor Medium Medium Extremely High Reputation of Sender Poor Medium High Extremely High Deliverability Poor (<50%) Medium (40 to 60%) High (60 to 80%) Extremely High (> 95%)

ESP – Email Service Provider

Tier 2 ESP – Benchmark, Campaigner, iContact, etc, StreamSend, etc. Tier 1 ESP – eCircle, Epsilon, Strongmail, Responsys, etc.

Deliverability Poor (<50%) Medium (40 to 60%) High (60 to 80%) Extremely High (> 95%) ISP Relations None None Limited Very Good

Feedback Loop from ISPs None None Limited or None Very Good and at a Price Price/Email sent 1 to 2 paise 2 to 3 paise 5 to 10 paise 15 paise and above Reports Rudimentary Basic Medium Rich

Functionality Basic Basic Medium Extremely high Best Practices None None Medium Very High Support Limited Limited Self Service

Good Support. Mostly from outside the country


Aghreni Advantages

ISP Relations


Return Path

List Cleansing


Thank You

Aghreni Technologies Private Limited 50, 1st Cross, 27th Main Road

BTM Layout 1st Stage

Bangalore – 560 068 INDIA

246, Fifth Avenue, Ste 301 New York, NY 10001


Web: http://www.aghreni.com

Email: info@aghreni.com

Ph: +91 80 4204 2734 (India) 1 646 340 3409 (US Direct)


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