Position Team Leader, Therapy

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Position Description


Team Leader, Therapy

Reports to General Manager

Location Wellington

Term Full time, permanent

Background Information

The Help Foundation was founded in 1985 in to provide a comprehensive rape and sexual abuse crisis support and counselling service for individuals, families, community, local and government organisations. The Foundation operates from offices in Wellington and Porirua.

Services provided include:

24 hour Crisis and Support Service:

 Support and crisis intervention to victims of rape or sexual abuse through the forensic medical and Police Statement taking process and subsequent legal processes. This service is provided in collaboration with Wellington and Porirua Police, and Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Service.

 Information and support about reporting rape or sexual abuse to the police

 Telephone and face to face support for people dealing with the impact of sexual violence on their lives

 Support and information for parents whose children may have been harmed by another child or adult

 Support and information for people who are concerned about another person’s sexual behaviour

 Court preparation and support

 Advocacy and support with other agencies

 Access to resources and alternative support such as recommended books and websites.


Counselling Service:

As part of the ongoing and long-term support, the HELP Foundation

provides counselling and art therapy for women, men and children who have been sexually abused and/or suffered from domestic violence.

Education and Prevention

The Sexual Abuse Prevention Network is a collaboration of HELP, Wellington Rape Crisis and WellStop established to undertake primary prevention of sexual violence in our community.

Purpose of position

Ensure the ongoing delivery of recovery and prevention services for people impacted by sexual violence in accordance with HELP’s strategic objectives including:

 Managing the counselling/therapeutic services for clients in Wellington and Porirua in accordance with the code of ethics principles of practice of the Foundation

 Direct client service delivery

 Community liaison and networking to maintain HELP’s profile

Key Accountabilities Outcomes Required Management of Counselling


 Ensure Therapists workloads are

managed appropriately

 Provide oversight and direction to

the team in accordance with the HELP’s policies and procedures.

 Coach, mentor, and develop staff,

providing career development planning and opportunities.

 Empower team members to take

responsibility for their jobs and goals.

 Foster a spirit of teamwork and unity

among the team that allows for cohesiveness, supportiveness, and working effectively together to

enable each team member to succeed.


culture that is consistent with the overall organisation's mission, vision, and values of the organization.

 Lead your team by using a

performance management and development process that provides an overall context and framework to encourage employee contribution and includes goal setting, feedback, and performance development planning.

 Lead your team to meet the

organisation's expectations for productivity, quality, and goal accomplishment.

 Provide effective performance

feedback through employee recognition, rewards, with the assistance when necessary.

 Undertake staff training as necessary

and appropriate.

 Support the General Manager in the

recruitment of new therapists.

Management of counselling delivery to ensure that all HELP’s clients receive a holistic, timely, well resourced service.

 Meet with Team Leader Social Work

to triage all client referrals.

 Allocate clients to therapists ensuring

that clients receive appropriate counselling/therapeutic services.

 Work with the Team Leader, Social

Work by having regular meetings, sharing information about their clients, including reviewing cases to ensure that the clients receive the most appropriate service.


team accountable for ensuring paper work is up to date and supervision is up to date.

 Manage the Therapy Team ensuring

that clients receive appropriate counselling or referral.

 Keep the General Manager fully

informed of any issues relating to the delivery of HELP’s professional services.

Counselling/Therapeutic Services

 Assessing clients' behaviour and


 Developing, administering and

monitoring appropriate treatment therapies and strategies.

 Provision ofeffective

counselling/therapeutic intervention for survivors of sexual and/or family violence

 Actively seek opportunities to

develop and practice culturally safe ways of working with Maori. Community liaison and

networking to ensure HELP clients receive a

comprehensive service

 Develop and maintain HELP’s profile

in the community by participating in formal and informal networks, attending relevant meetings and distribution of brochures and promotional material.

 Be fully informed of other services

available in the region.

 Establish and maintain working

relationships with key community and government agencies through regular meetings, liaison and collaboration.


procedures in conjunction with the Team Leader, Counsellor and the General Manager

procedures are update and reflect best practice within the sector  Research and draft new Policy as

required by Board and General Manager

Professional Development/ Supervision

 Attend regular clinical supervision  Monitor and attend to work related

stress and trauma as part of supervision.

 Maintaining relevant professional skills and knowledge through attendance at training as negotiated with the General Manager.

Other  May be required to take on other

duties as requested by the General Manager from to time

HELP believes that as an employee, regardless of individual’s role, we are all advocates within our community. Therefore, there is an expectation that all our employees will be proactive in spreading positive messages around prevention of sexual abuse.

Working Relationships

 General Manager

 Team Leader, Social Work  Social Workers and Therapists  After Hour Crisis Team

 Wellington Office administration team  External agencies

Qualifications and experience The following is essential to the role:

 Sound and demonstrated clinical experience in sexual abuse trauma counselling

 Staff management

 Degree in Psychotherapy or Psychology  Sound and demonstrated clinical experience


 Be eligible for, or has already obtained, ACC accreditation ideally including ability to complete assessments within the as part of the ACC ISSC Contract

 Has a knowledge of relevant legislation e.g. Privacy Act, Health and Disability, CYF Act etc.

 Is a member of NZAC, ANZASW or other relevant professional body


 Therapeutic and social assessment skills

 Knowledge and analysis of the issues and implication facing sexual abuse survivors

 Demonstrated knowledge of, and an ability to work with Maori and Pacific Island communities Good networking and relationship building skills

 Team building and relationship management skills  Good organisational skills

 High level of written and verbal communication skills

 Reasonable familiarity with Microsoft packages and good basic keyboard skills

Personal qualities

 Have a commitment to the principles of HELP’s mission and goals  Have a commitment to the articles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi

 Flexibility, self motivation and adaptability

 An ability to work in an empathic, non-judgemental, client focussed manner

 A commitment to working collaboratively both within the organisation and with a wide range of agencies and community groups

 Able to work independently with appropriate decision making  An ability to set clear professional boundaries

 Reliability, energy and a sense of humour




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