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University Benefits. Information on University Benefits including: FGCU Life Insurance Long Term Disability Long Term Care


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April 2014

University Benefits


Information on University Benefits including:

FGCU Life Insurance

Long Term Disability

Long Term Care


All full-time and part-time Faculty and Staff receive an FGCU Life Insurance benefit equal to one and a half times their annual base salary. FGCU pays the entire premium for this benefit. Coverage begins the day you start employment with the University and will continue while you are employed. For example, if you earn $30,000 a year, your policy would pay $45,000, to your beneficiary in the event of your death. Employees in the Executive Service pay plan receive coverage equal to two times their annual salary.

What is included in my life insurance benefit?

Beyond paying a benefit in the event of your death, your group life insurance plan has other important features.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) – Provides your beneficiaries with financial protection if your death is due to a covered accident and provides you a benefit if you are dismembered due to a covered accident, whether at work or elsewhere.

Portability – If you are no longer eligible for coverage, and are under the age of 70, you may be eligible to continue your Basic Life insurance. Portable coverage must be applied for within 31 days of termination.

Accelerated Death Benefit – If you become terminally ill with 12 months or less to live, you may request early payment of up to 100 percent of your life insurance amount.

Conversion – You can convert terminated term life coverage to an individual life insurance policy if applied for within 31 days of termination.

Waiver of premium – If you become disabled as defined by your policy, life insurance premiums may be waived.

What additional services are available?

Beneficiary Management – Minnesota Life maintains your beneficiary designation for the FGCU plan. Your beneficiary will automatically be the same as you have chosen under the State of Florida plan. If you would like to designate an alternate beneficiary, please contact Human Resources or Minnesota Life at 1-866-293-6047 for a paper beneficiary form.

Beneficiary Financial Counseling – Beneficiaries who receive at least $25,000 in policy benefits may choose to use independent beneficiary counseling services from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

FGCU Life Insurance


Benefits Administered Through

The Gabor Agency

SUS Long Term Disability- Non Pre-tax

Offered by The Standard through the Gabor Agency. This policy pays 66 and two-thirds percent of annual salary for as long as you remain disabled or until Social Security normal retirement age.

Catastrophic benefits are paid at 80% of salary.*

Employee must elect this supplemental LTD option within the first 90 days of employment. Please note, it is not customarily available for enrollment during the annual open enrollment period. If elected after first 60 days of employment enrollment is subject to medical examination, coverage can be denied and you may not be eligible for coverage during subsequent open enrollment period.

Choice of elimination periods– an elimination period means a period of continuous disability which must be satisfied before you are eligible to receive benefits from The Standard. Under the 30 day Elimination Period Option, weekly benefits begin on the 31st day of disability and under the 90 day Elimination Period Option monthly benefits begin on the 91st day of disability.

Cost– the monthly cost to participate in the 30 day Elimination Period Option is $.85 per $100 of covered monthly salary, collected on a bi-weekly basis. Should you prefer to participate in the 90 day Elimination Period Option, the monthly cost is $.59 per $100 of covered monthly salary, collected on a bi-weekly basis.

*Catastrophic benefits require the loss of two of six Activities of Daily Living or a Severe Cognitive Impairment for disabilities lasting longer than 90 days.



Enrollment forms must be sent to Human Resources

University Contact:

Aaron Cheesman

850-321-3790 cell

850-701-0027 fax


Supplemental Life Insurance through the Gabor Agency

Group Term Life Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance is offered guaranteed issue (no medical exam required) to new employees during their first 60 days of employment. You may apply for coverage at anytime by providing evi- dence of insurability. Group Term Life Insurance is available in increments of $1,000, up to four times your salary, with a maximum limit for $200,000. The minimum amount available is $25,000.

You must be an active non-faculty employee working at least 30 hours each week or a faculty employ- ee regularly appointed 75% or more. Participants must not be full-time members of the armed forces. Children are eligible from birth to age 21 or 25 if a full-time student.

Your spouse/domestic partner is eligible for up to $50,000 in Guaranteed Issue coverage (no medical exam), as long as their benefit amount does not exceed your own. You may cover all of your eligible children for $5.00 a month and each child will have $10,000 of life insurance coverage.

You may not apply for Dependent Life coverage without insuring yourself.


Monthly Premium rates per $1000 of coverage are shown below by age groups. Rates are based on employee and spouse’s current age as of the effective date. The premium is adjusted, effective Octo- ber 1st, following the date that an employee and/or spouse’s age falls into a higher age group.

Ages <25 $. 05 Ages 30-34 $.08 Ages 45-49 $.214 Ages 55-59 $.61 Ages 65-69 $1.55 Ages 25-29 $.06 Ages 35-44 $.128 Ages 50-54 $.38 Ages 60-64 $.96 Ages 70-74 $2.45

Rates are available for ages 75 and above See brochure for full details. Group Term Life Insurance


Permanent Life Insurance (Universal Life Extra)

Permanent Life Insurance (Universal Life Extra) is a flexible premium life insurance policy that is guaranteed to stay in force throughout the life of the primary insured. As long as the premium is consistently paid on time, no matter how low the interest rates fall or how high the cost of insurance climbs, the policy will not lapse and premiums will never increase. Underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance Company

Plan features:

Easy Payroll Deduction with no paper bills to pay.

Offered Guaranteed Issue (no medical exam required) for eligible employees up to four times salary - to a maximum of $250,000 - and for eligible spouses up to $50,000.

Full portability of coverage; if you leave your job or retire the plan goes with you with no rate increase.

The coverage allows for the adjustment of the death benefit as needs (or budgets) change.

Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Option, Safety Benefit and Transportation Benefit included.

Level Term Life Insurance

Level Term Life Insurance offered through Gabor is the least expensive form of life insurance available through the University. Underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance Company

Plan features:

Easy Payroll Deduction.

Competitive Pricing. Level Term provides gender based ratings.

Predictable Premiums. Premiums will not increase during your initial term.

Customizable Coverage. Choose a term that fits your needs—10, 15, 20, 30 years.

Advanced Access for Illness. Available if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Portable Coverage. If you leave your job or retire, your policy goes with you with no increase in rates.

Return of Premium Term

Return of Premium Term is a fully guaranteed life insurance policy that will return every penny of premium paid, tax-free, if no death benefit is paid during the initial term. Premiums will never increase during your initial period. The policy is available in 20 or 30 year term periods, depending on age, and is fully portable. Underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance Company


Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care can be needed at any age. Unexpected events, such as accidents, severe illness or memory loss can leave a person financially vulnerable. Long Term Care Insurance helps the insured preserve assets while maintaining independence and control over their destiny.

Long Term Care Insurance is available simplified issue to new employees during the first 60 days of employment. The program is fully portable at the same rate upon termination of employment or retirement.

Underwritten by John Hancock through the Gabor Agency this policy provides benefits to help you and your family manage cost of long term care services that may be needed when you can no longer perform normal activities of daily living. Offered through payroll deduction at a discounted rate to you and eligible family members.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD & D)

AD&D Insurance is a very low cost supplemental coverage that provides benefits in the event of an accidental death or dismemberment. Coverage is 24 hours a day, on or off the job. This includes emergency travel assistance coverage while an insured employee is traveling more that 100 miles from their home either on business or for pleasure. The program is offered guaranteed issue to all new full-time employees and coverage is not convertible upon elimination of employment or retirement. Underwritten by The Standard Insurance Co.


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Human Resources

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