Weft Curriculum. Expectations. Hair Extension Profit Potential. Profit Potential with Permanent Extensions

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(1)Weft Curriculum.

(2) Weft Curriculum. Expectations Hair Extension Profit Potential • What are Wefts? • Hand Tied vs. Machine Tied Wefts • HALO® PRO Weft Hair Extensions • The Consultation: Color Matching & Servicing • Installation & Hands-On Training • Blending • Removal • Maintenance • Transformations • Marketing. Profit Potential with Permanent Extensions • Extensions have the largest average ticket in a salon. • Fastest growing area/segment in the industry. • The profit margin is much higher compared to a color service. • Give your client solutions to their hair needs. • It creates client loyalty. • Increases your market and client base.. haloprofessional.com. 1.

(3) Weft Curriculum. What are Weft Hair Extensions Hand Tied Wefts are individual strands of hair that are tied together by hand, creating a secure, strong, thin weft. Ideal for Fine to Medium hair. Traditional Machine Wefts are made with loose or “bulk” hair that is fed through a triple-head sewing machine to add a reinforced stitching near the top of the individual strands. The hair is then folded over and stitched again to create the final weft extensions. Ideal for Medium to Thick hair. PU Machine Wefts are made by tying hair into a fine mesh, adding reinforcement by stitching through the mesh and finalizing the wefts with a polyurethane (PU) bond to prevent shedding while still keeping it lightweight and customizable. Ideal for Medium to Thick hair.. How the Wefts are Applied: This method is applied using silicone lined beads as a base. It’s a quick solution for the ultimate full-coverage application. No tape, glue or heat is needed for this method.. Weft Extension Benefits • HALO® PRO Weft Extensions are made with the highest quality 100% Remy Human Hair available. • The application time is quick with no time consuming or harmful effects of bonding, heat, glue. • No visible gaps, which makes it look natural and full. • Adds length and volume instantly. • Enhance color without the use of harsh chemicals. • You will have more hair to work with, creating dramatic transformations for your clients.. Wear Your HALO® PRO Extensions Like Your Own Natural Hair: • Swim, Sleep, Exercise - they work with your lifestyle. • Once applied they are virtually undetectable and incredibly gorgeous. • 25 Shades: 19 Original colors - 6 Balayage Blends. haloprofessional.com. 2.

(4) Weft Curriculum. Consultation with the Client • Book a 15-30 Minute Slot Discussing Specific Hair Goals. • Never over the phone: A proper consultation should always be conducted in person. • Photo of Desired Look: Have the client bring in a picture of their hair inspiration. • Proper Care/Maintenance: Educate client on aftercare and maintenance costs.. Talking to Your Client • Are you looking for a permanent or temporary extension? • Have you worn extensions before? • How often do you wash and condition your hair? • Are you looking for volume, length or both? • Would you like fullness or volume in the crown area? • How experienced are you with styling tools and what products do you use on your hair?. Deposit is Non-Refundable • Always collect enough money up front to cover the cost of the product. • Book your clients appointment at least a week from the consultation to ensure product delivery.. haloprofessional.com. 3.

(5) Professional Color Collection. 25 Professional Colors Including 6 Best Selling Balayage Blends. Color Swatch • HALO® PRO takes pride in being known for providing the most beautiful color shades and blends •. New Professional Color Ring is made of fi ve packs of actual hair extensions. This allows you to see the true dimension and tones of our colors.. • If the client has a melted root, darker root, balayage or ombre, recommend a Balayage color to provide the most seamless blend. •. Rule of thumb when matching Balayage Colors: The base color of the wefts should be within 2 levels of their hair color.. • Your client may need multiple colors to achieve a perfect color match. • Straight Hair- Slight Body Wave. haloprofessional.com. Original Colors. 1 Black. 1B Dark Brown / Soft Black. 1B/30 Dark Brown with Auburn Highlights. 2 Dark Brown. 3 Medium Brown. 4 Medium Auburn Brown. 4/27 Medium Auburn Brown with Highlights. 5/24 Medium / Light Brown with Highlights. 33 Dark Auburn. 30 Auburn. 612 Medium Blonde with Auburn Lowlights. 622 Warm Blonde with High & Low Lights. 812 Natural Dark Blonde with Subtle Highlights. 882 Ash Blonde with Cool Highlights. 116 Cool Blonde with Highlights. 112 Warm Blonde with Highlights. Please refer to The HALO® PRO Color Ring for accurate colors. 14/24 Light Warm Blonde 613 Platinum with Highlights. 60 Violet Platinum. Balayage Blends. B4/27 Balayage Medium Auburn Brown with Highlights. B6 Balayage Lightest Brown, Darkest Blonde. B622 Balayage Warm Blonde with High & Low Lights. B116 Balayage Cool Blonde with Highlights. B14/24 Balayage Light Warm Blonde with Highlights. B6O Balayage Violet Platinum. 4.

(6) Hand Tied Weft Pricing. 18” Hand Tied Original $199 1 Pack Includes 4 Wefts 15 grams per weft / total grams 60. First Time Installation Plus Cost of Hair This formulation is with 3 packs of 22 ” Original Hand Tied. 18” Hand Tied Balayage $204 1 Pack Includes 4 Wefts 15 grams per weft / total grams 60. Your Cost Original 22” $229 x 3 Packs. $ 687. Your Fee $100 Per Row 4 Rows Installation. $ 400. Total for Client. $ 1087. **Shipping is an additional fee. 22” Hand Tied Original $229 1 Pack Includes 3 Wefts. Maintenance Charge 10 - 30 Minutes. $35 - $50 PER ROW. Re-Application Charge 1 1/2 - 3 Hours. $100 - $150 PER ROW. 20 grams per weft / total grams 60. 22” Hand Tied Balayage $234 1 Pack Includes 3 Wefts 20 grams per weft / total grams. haloprofessional.com. 5.

(7) Machine Tied Weft Pricing. 18” Machine Tied Original $184 1 Pack Includes: 1 Double Weft 60 grams. First Time Installation Plus Cost of Hair This formulation is with 3 packs of 22 ” Original Hand Tied. 18” Machine Tied Balayage $189 1 Pack Includes: 1 Double Weft 60 grams. Your Cost Original 22” $214 x 3 Packs. $ 642. Your Fee $100 Per Row 4 Rows Installation. $ 400. Total for Client. $ 1042. **Shipping is an additional fee. 22” Machine Tied Original $214 1 Pack Includes: 1 Double Weft. Maintenance Charge 10 - 30 Minutes. $35 - $50 PER ROW. Re-Application Charge 1 1/2 - 3 Hours. $100 - $150 PER ROW. 60 grams. 22” Machine Tied Balayage $219 1 Pack Includes: 1 Double Weft 60 grams. haloprofessional.com. 6.

(8) Weft Curriculum. Determining the Amount of Hair Average Application Amount : • Thick Hair 2-4 Packs • Medium Hair 1-2 Packs • Thin Hair 1 Packs. The amount of HALO® PRO Hair Extensions needed for a full head application varies according to the texture and density of your client’s hair. • Not enough hair installed, the finished look will be unnatural and the extensions will be obvious. • Install too many and the extensions could be heavy on your client’s hair, causing tension. Generally the extensions should be installed to match the density of your client’s natural hair.. Custom Coloring Tips : • 10 Volume and Under • Deposit ONLY • Apply color on slightly damp hair for even distribution • No Lifting, No High-Lift Tint, No Bleach • ALWAYS TEST STRAND • Make sure hair is completely saturated. • When taking blonde to dark, use principles of color correction. Fill and deposit. . Extensions are processed/porus and take ashy very quickly.. haloprofessional.com. 7.

(9) Weft Curriculum. Application Required Tools: • Sectioning Comb • Sectioning Clips • Mini Clips • Silicone Lined Beads • Looping Tool • Pliers • Nylon Thread • C-Needle • Stork Scissors • Shears • Razor. Guidelines/ Application Tips • Stay approximately one inch into the hairline around the entire perimeter of the head. If your client . has fi ner or thinner hair, you may need to move farther into the hairline to cover the wefts.. • The distance from the parting to the beaded foundation is determined by the density of your . client’s natural hair. The fi ner the hair, the further away you should place the bead to ensure there. is enough natural hair to support the weight of the wefts.. • Stay approximately one inch away from the crown and from any growth patterns. • Always install on clean, blow dried and fl at iron hair. haloprofessional.com. 8.

(10) Weft Curriculum. Application Process How to Create the Silicone Lined Bead Base: Step 1. Start your base of silicone lined beads. . Sub-sections with no natural hair in between the beads Step 2. Measure the weft to the length of your beaded section.. PRO TIP - If using a hand-tied weft you can either fold over the weft to double it or place the weft glue on the edge you cut to prevent any shedding. Step 3. Before application pre-thread the C needle with a nylon thread that matches the base color of the weft to have a seamless blend. The length of the nylon thread needs to be three times the length of the weft you are installing to ensure you will have enough thread. Step 4. Place the weft on top of the beaded section and secure with mini clips. Step 5. Beginning on the left side, the first bead is where you’ll start to anchor the weft. Step 6. Start by placing your needle through the natural hair on the top left side of your first secured bead. Continue pulling the thread all the way through then tie your first knot to secure the weft. Step 7. Take your C needle through the top of the left side of your secured bead going under the weft pull the thread all the way through and as the loop is being formed take your needle on top of the loop going down through the loop creating your first stitch. Step 8. For your next stitch repeat going through the top of the weft still creating your loop, alternating the direction of your needle now going underneath your loop.. PRO TIP - Repeat Step 6 twice on each corner of the first bead to anchor/secure the weft properly. Step 7. Continue the sewing technique on each bead (left and right side) . creating a secure stitch on the top of the weft. Step 8. To complete the row finish with the same stitch as you did with the first bead. . This will anchor the weft on the last bead.. haloprofessional.com. 9.

(11) Weft Curriculum. Full Head Placement for Length and Volume: Time: 1 1/2 - 3 Hours Row 1:. Begins in the nape area about one-inch into the hairline for your first row.. Row 2: Must be in a “U-Shaped” Pattern to follow the curvature of the head. Place the second row at least an inch above the first row. Row 3: Above the occipital bone in a “U-Shaped” pattern and continue to the front of the head, staying one-inch back into the hairline. Row 4: Will be an inch above the third row and maintain the “U-Shaped” pattern but staying below the crown in the back of the head.. PRO TIP - If using more than one pack of wefts, leave less natural hair in between rows. By compressing rows together, you can fit more wefts on the head. Row 5: Are visually placed. If you need mini rows on the sides or underneath the crown. Cut to desired length and do a perimeter check before securing the wefts.. Density/Partial Placement: Time: 30 Minutes to 1 Hour 15 Minutes Row 1:. Begin under the occipital bone and apply a weft one-inch into the hairline.. Row 2: “U-Shaped” pattern above the occipital bone extending to the front of the head.. PRO TIP - If more hair is desired, use the placement designed for length and volume to create a more blended look.. haloprofessional.com. 10.

(12) Weft Curriculum. haloprofessional.com. 11.

(13) Weft Curriculum. Blending the Weft Extensions • Section hair into 2 segments with client’s desired part, apex to nape. • Starting in the back take 1” vertical sections and slide cut or use a razor, connecting the ends of the client’s natural hair to the length of the Extensions. • Using the first section as a guide, work your way around the head towards the front. • If desired, slide cut, or use a razor around the face to . blend Extensions with client’s face framing.. Texture Matching: • The extension hair is always nicer than our natural hair! • Bounce the razor up and down on the hair to give it texture. Weight Removal: •. If your client has a heavy weight line/ haircut texturize the ends using a slight diagonal angle using texturizing shear to remove weight (no length) This ensures the most seamless blend possible.. • If using a razor a carving technique is recommended. Grabbing the section of hair and taking the razor from the underneath from the mid section down carve out the weight. Using this technique prior to the installation is a game changer!!!. • These techniques are for achieving the most seamless installation possible but must be discussed with the client prior. • This is not a haircut but a weight removal service. • If they removed the extensions in the future their hair would still have the same natural integrity.. haloprofessional.com. 12.

(14) Weft Curriculum. Maintenance Required Tools: • Sectioning Clips • Pliers • Looping tool • Silicone lined beads. PRO TIP - Ask your client to come in with clean, dry, flat ironed hair. Step 1.. Begin in the Nape of the neck.. Step 2.. Use a clip to pin up the entire weft exposing the silicone bead.. Step 3.. Gently pull silicone lined beads down to a 0-degree elevation .. Step 4. Open the bead, releasing all the natural shed, slide the bead back up towards the scalp clamp the bead closed. Step 5. Continue steps 2-4 row-by-row throughout the head.. haloprofessional.com. 13.

(15) Weft Curriculum. Removal/ Re-Application Required Tools: • Sectioning Clips • Pliers • Scissors • Silicone lined beads. Step 1.. Cut the thread attached at the beaded base, Releasing the weft.. Step 2.. Using your pliers, open each bead and remove them from the natural hair.. Step 3.. Comb out the shed, remove any tangles that have occurred in the past 4-6 weeks.. Step 4. While the wefts are out of the natural hair, provide any chemical services necessary: Color, highlight, touch up, blowout, etc.. PRO TIP - If your client needs a chemical smoothing treatment you must follow the manufacturer’s directions. Typically you must wait a week to put on the silicone-lined bead on smoothed out hair. Step 5. Wash, blow-dry, fl at iron and reapply the wefts if desired.. haloprofessional.com. 14.

(16) Weft Curriculum. Care and Washing Instructions Washing: Step 1. Brush out each weft from ends to the top before you shower. Step 2. Be sure to wash from the top to the ends.. PRO TIP - Avoid washing your hair upside down or scrunching. Keeping all the hair in the direction the cuticle lays will help keep the longevity of your extensions. Step 3. Wash with a light shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Rinse thoroughly (through the wefts) The client has twice as much hair, so rinse twice as much. Step 4. Leave in conditioner and a serum on the ends of the extensions.. PRO TIP - Avoid brushing the extensions when wet. Allow to air dry or use a heat protectant to blow dry. When washing separate hair into two smaller pigtails. It will be easier to manage.. Care: • Gently brush 2-3 times daily. • Brush hair from ends working up. • Wash with Sulfate-Free shampoo. • Do not color Extensions at home. • Do not go to bed with wet hair (wet Extensions). • Pull all hair into a ponytail or braid before bed to avoid tangling while sleeping. • Always wear Extensions in a braid or ponytail when exercising or swimming. • Always rinse or shampoo immediately after swimming in a chlorine pool or salt water.. haloprofessional.com. 15.

(17) Weft Curriculum. Marketing the service with HALO® PRO • Marketing in your salon can be as easy as displaying the color ring on your mirror. • Offer FREE consultations. • Wear Extensions personally or install on a co-worker to use as a billboard. • Potential clients from existing clientele. • Offer a referral special. • Take “Before and After” photos of your. clients to create more dynamic content. for Instagram posts.. haloprofessional.com. 16.





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