Can You Afford Network Downtime?

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• Proven agentless architecture

• Advanced monitoring features

• Comprehensive security options

• Unparalleled reliability

• Ease of use

• Low cost of ownership

• Detailed and accurate reports

Can You afford

network downtime?

10 Years of Excellence

Secure network monitoring software you can rely on to

proactively monitor, aLert and reCoVer your critical

applications and infrastructure equipment.

ADMIN DASHBOARD - ipMonitor’s Admin Dashboard

centralizes status, reports, system information and access to external resources in a single convenient location.


Product Overview 1

ipmonitor –

Your essential network monitoring, alerting and recovery Solution

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monitor everything 24/7

Quality Assurance, Windows, Resource, SNMP and Uptime Monitors test availability, responsiveness and performance quality of critical applications, databases and infrastructure equipment such as:

• Windows® NT, 2000, XP, 2003

• Microsoft® Exchange, IIS, SQL, Site Server, Transaction Server

• RAS, WINS, DHCP • Oracle® SQL

• Dell® & Hewlett Packard® servers

• Cisco® routers

• Foundry Networks® switches

• APC® back-up power protection systems

• NetBotz® environmental monitors

• Memory, disk space, fan, CPU & battery • Inbound, outbound, & percentile bandwidth

recover Service automatically

Many Monitors, such as the Quality Assurance, Bandwidth, Disk Space, CPU, Memory, Battery, Event Log and SNMP Monitors, provide the information you need to take action before trouble happens and users are affected.

However, in the event that trouble is detected or a failure occurs, various Recovery mechanisms are able to automatically take corrective action:

• Restart failed applications • Restart Windows Services • Reboot machines • Start external applications • Run recovery scripts

alert when trouble occurs

Notification Alerts help you avoid costly downtime by immediately alerting the right people when:

• Quality of service degrades

• A predefined content pattern is identified • Thresholds are exceeded

• Failures occur Alert methods include:

• SMS modem • Digital phone • Email • Pager

report in real-time

ipMonitor’s reporting capabilities include both real-time status reports and configurable historical reports that take advantage of dynamic time-series data.

Live status reports: • Update in real-time

• Are ideal for Network Operations Centers Configurable reports:

• Display current up to the minute data

• Can be cropped and zoomed into based on visible data points • Expose operational parameters and error messages

Report configuration:

• Choose from various graphs, icons and tables • Add corporate logos

• Automatically send reports by email

Use the Add Server Wizard to query a server or device for possible Monitors that can be added. Navigate the list of resources to quickly select individual Monitors or Groups of Monitors to test. Add the New Monitors to your ipMonitor installation.

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ipmonitor –

when uptime is Critical

Can You afford downtime?

Downtime, inaccessible resources and interrupted communications equal lost sales, lost customers and lost productivity. Something no organization can afford and what every IT department works hard to avoid.

Like thousands of other IT professionals, administrators and webmasters, you to can use ipMonitor as your first line of defense against costly downtime. Advanced monitoring features, reliability and ease of use make ipMonitor ideal for testing availability of network resources, resolving outages, pinpointing performance degradations and fixing them before they affect your users.

why You Should Care about Security

Network monitoring and management solutions access and often control critical resources. If an unauthorized person were to commandeer your network monitoring solution, critical assets could be severely compromised.

To minimize these security concerns, ipMonitor includes support for SSL and provides a credentials management system, as well as strong internal encryption, IP Address Filters, detailed User Account settings and various authentication methods for Monitors.

why You need Quality assurance monitoring

Without Quality Assurance Monitoring to diagnose the application itself, measuring the quality of service experienced by end-users would not be possible. For example, the SQL database a Web application relies on is Up but doesn’t return records because access permissions were changed, so rather than displaying content, the Web Application returns an error

To ensure such scenarios do not go undetected, ipMonitor provides a suite of Quality Assurance Monitors that perform synthetic transactions and analyze test results to measure the quality of service end-users experience.

NOC VIEW – Monitoring performance of applications and infrastructure equipment in real-time greatly reduces the time required to identify, locate and troubleshoot network problems.

REPORTING – Comprehensive reporting, includes ability to zoom in to expose operational parameters and error messages.

ipMonitor – “ipMonitor contains a wealth of features

and can closely monitor virtually every networking

device, server or activity.”



Agentless Architecture makes ipMonitor fast to install and quick to deploy. Configuration is easy with features like the Network Scan and Add Server Wizard to help you locate resources to monitor.

web-Based admin

ipMonitor’s web-based interface lets you securely perform adminis-trative tasks such as, manage accounts, set-up credentials, restart Services & servers, and configure Monitors, from anywhere on your network, at home or on the road.

Quality assurance monitoring

Quality Assurance Monitors perform synthetic transactions and analyze results to measure quality of service from the end-user perspective for critical services such as SQL, Mail, Commerce, Web servers and applications.

SnmP monitoring

Built in SNMP tools and Wizards make it easy to locate and set up Monitors for SNMP-enabled hardware and infrastructure equipment such as routers, switches, servers, etc.

windows monitoring

Monitors and configuration Wizards make it easy to test the functionality of SQL, Exchange, Event Logs, Services, Active Directory, Kerberos and key aspects of Microsoft® Windows® NT/2000/XP/2003 operating systems.

Zoomable reports

ipMonitor’s efficient database system retains all Monitor test results for up-to-the-minute and historical reports alike, making it possible to zoom into reports based on visible data points to expose operational parameters and error messages.

SoaP integration

ipMonitor’s industry standard SOAP interface provides secure programmatic access to run-time data and configuration interfaces.

easy on your Budget

You save money because no extra agents, add-ons, plug-ins or databases are required. In addition, ipMonitor comes with 1 year of support, updates and upgrades at no extra cost.

Product Overview 3

ipmonitor –

feature rich and affordable

MS SQL MONITORING –The SQL Server Monitor tests a server’s overall health, and the SQL Query Wizard (shown above) connects to a SQL Server, performs a query, retrieves data and analyzes results for correctness.

EXCHANGE MONITORING – The Exchange Server Monitor tests a server’s overall health, and the Exchange Round-Trip Email Wizard (shown above) tests its ability to receive and distribute email, as well as the ability for users to log in and manage their email.

“If you’re looking for an easy to deploy network

monitoring package that doesn’t cost an arm and a

leg, ipMonitor is a great choice.”

Chad Todd, Redmond Magazine

SNMP WIZARD – Interrogate SNMP-enabled equipment and applications, select OIDs to monitor, and then use the SNMP Wizard to enter test parameters.


Monitoring Features

• Network Scan to locate resources • Add Server Wizard

• Groups & Dependencies • Searchable Monitors List • Mass Edit Monitors & Tags • Configurable Timing Frequencies

for each State

Quality Assurance Monitors • HTTP QA • SNMP QA • POP3 QA • IMAP4 QA • DNS QA • FTP QA Windows® NT/2000/XP/2003 Monitors • Exchange Server • Exchange Email Round-trip • My SQL Server • ADO SQL Query • Service Resource Monitors • Bandwidth Usage • Battery • CPU Usage • Drive Space • Memory Usage • Temperature • Humidity • Fan speed Uptime Monitors • PING • SNMP • HTTPS • HTML/ASP • SMTP • DNS over UDP • DNS over TCP • Lotus Notes • Network Speed • HTTP • FTP • POP3 Alerting Features • Detailed scheduling • Alert escalation

• Failure, Recovery & Information Messages • Tokens for Alert Customization

Notification Alerts • Custom Email • Net Send Broadcast • Simple Email • SMS Modem

• SMS Text Pager using TAP / UCP • SMS Numeric Pager using TAP / UCP • Simple Beeper Integration Alerts • SNMP Trap • Event Log • Text Log • Custom Email Recovery Alerts • Reboot Server

• Restart Windows® NT/2K/XP/03 Service

• Run External Process

• Recovery Scripts supported using the External Process to spawn Microsoft®

Windows Script Host Information Alerts

• Work with Event Log, SNMP Trap, & File Watching Monitors • Process variable content

• Format results and push data to Alerts Live Reporting

• Live Reports for network operation centers • Monitor State information maintained

throughout configuration screens Historical Reports

• Zoom into test data

• Yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly Reports • Custom time period Reports

• Save Reports to a desired location • Email Reports to your customers • Customize Reports with your logo

Security • SSL

• Credentials Manager

• NTLM authentication with IMAP4, POP3 and HTTP

• Digest Authentication with HTTP • IP Address Filters allow & disallow access • User Accounts control access level SSL Certificate Installation Methods

• Self-signed certificates • Commercial certificate vendors • Windows 2k Certificate Services

“Web interface”

• Microsoft Enterprise Certification Authority SNMP

• SNMP Wizard • Built-in MIB database • Numeric or named OID values Integration Features

• Secure SOAP access to config & live data • XML Support to import/export settings Workgroup Features

• Add notes and links to Monitors, Accounts, etc using Tags

• Leave Notes to other administrators Productivity Tools

• Maintenance Schedules • Stop and Start Windows® Services

• Reboot machines • RegEx Wizard Help Systems

• Help expandos within config screens • Context Sensitive help system • Getting Started interface

• Download Tips / find out about updates

ipmonitor –

feature List

• ADO QA • Link QA • SNMP Trap QA • ipMonitor • MAPI QA • ipMonitor QA • Drive Space • Active Directory • Kerberos 5 • Event Logs • Third Party EXEC • File and Directory

• IMAP4 • LDAP • NTP • RADIUS • NNTP • Telnet • IRC • Gopher • Finger • WHOIS • RWHOIS • SNPP


Product Overview 


• 1-year Service Plan

• 60-day money back guarantee • Prices are in US dollars

Support Plan

• First year included in purchase price • Email support

• Telephone support • Portal access

• Upgrades, updates, fixes

Click Here to Download the Free 21-day Trial

• Full feature set included

• Configuration settings are not lost upon registration

About Us

At ipMonitor Corporation, we are committed to delivering quality network monitoring solutions at affordable prices without compromising excellence and customer service. You can trust we are here to serve your network monitoring and management needs both today and in the future. ipMonitor Corporation

15 Gamelin Blvd., Suite 500, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada J8Y 1V4 Sales: 819.772.4772

Support: 819.772.4134 Fax: 819.772.1625

Email: Website:

ipMonitor – It’s a highly flexible,

comprehensive tool that excels

at early problem detection, often

fixes problems without human

intervention, is robust, reliable

and scalable, produces highly

useful reports, is easy to use

and is priced right.”

Barry Nance, Network Testing Labs


$1,495.00 for 500 Monitors

$2,495.00 for 1000 Monitors

$3,495.00 for 1500 Monitors

$5,995.00 for 5000 Monitors

Copyright© 1996-2007 ipMonitor Corporation. All rights reserved. ipMonitor® is a trademark or registered trademark of ipMonitor Corporation in Canada, the United States of America and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. ipMonitor Corporation assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions herein.

Minimum System Requirements

• Windows® Workstation: Vista, XP Home & Professional, 2000 Professional SP3+

• Windows® Server: 2003, 2000 Server SP3+

• Browsers: Microsoft® IE 6.0+, Netscape® 7.5+, Opera™ 7.2+, Mozilla™ 1.4+, MozillaTM Firebird 0.6+ / Firefox 0.8+

• RAM: 256 Megs/500 Monitors, 512 Meg/1500 Monitors, 1 GB of RAM for a 5000 Monitors

Secure network monitoring software you can rely on to proactively monitor,

aLert and reCoVer your critical applications and infrastructure equipment.