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Wireless Communication under Broadband Preventing Reactive Jamming Attacks


Academic year: 2020

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Wireless Communication under Broadband

Preventing Reactive Jamming Attacks

Rahul Dongare, Bhagwan Dongare, Avinash Bhardwaj, Gaurav Pawar

B. E. Students, Dept of Computer Engineering, D.Y.Patil School of Engg, Lohgaon, Pune, India

B. E. Students, Dept of Computer Engineering, D.Y.Patil School of Engg, Lohgaon, Pune, India

B. E. Students, Dept of Computer Engineering, D.Y.Patil School of Engg, Lohgaon, Pune, India

B. E. Students, Dept of Computer Engineering, D.Y.Patil School of Engg, Lohgaon, Pune, India

ABSTRACT: Time-critical wireless application in up-and-coming scheme coordination, such as e-healthcare and elegant grids, have be drawing growing concentration in both manufacturing and academic world. The show nature of wireless channel inescapably exposes such request to jamming attacks. However, obtainable method to set separately and detect congestion attacks cannot be applied straight to time-critical network, whose communiqué traffic model differs from conservative models. We aim at model and detect overcrowding attack against time-critical traffic. We bring in a new metric, message cancellation ratio, to quantify the presentation of time-critical application. A key insight that leads to our modelling is that the behaviour of a jammer who attempts to disrupt the delivery of a time-critical message can be exactly mapped to the behaviour of a gambler who tends to win a gambling game. We show via the gambling-based model and real-time experiment that there in universal exists a phase change occurrence for a time-critical request under jamming attack: as the likelihood that a small package is jammed increase from 0 to 1, the message cancellation ratio first increase slightly (even negligibly), then increases dramatically to 1. Based on logical and new results, we further plan and put into practice the JADE (Jamming Attack Detection based on Estimation) system to attain efficient and healthy jamming discovery for time-critical wireless network.

KEYWORDS: Performance modeling, wireless network, time-critical messaging, jamming attack detection.


Promising time-critical wireless system, such as e-healthcare and wireless authority networks, provide a new model of present wireless network, whose main goal is to attain well-organized and safe communication delivery for monitor and control purpose, instead of as long as data armed forces for clients. Hence, a large quantity of message traffic is time-critical in such network. For example, data mail in power substations which are necessary to be deliver with exact latency constraint, range from 3 milliseconds (ms) to 1 second. Due to their meaning to human beings e.g. e-healthcare and society e.g. power grids; it is of critical meaning to agreement complex ease of use for such time-critical wireless network. However, on the other hand, the communal natural world of wireless channel unavoidably expose wireless network to jamming attack that may sternly degrade the presentation of these time-critical network. Though great development has been complete towards jamming description and countermeasure for conservative network, little notice has been listening carefully on time-critical wireless network.


1. Detection of Jamming Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks using Error Distribution Authors:Ali Hamieh, Jalel Ben-Othman



the system linked. The martial planned and additional security responsive operation is still the main application of ad hoc network. One main confront in design of these network is their susceptibility to Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack. In this paper, we think a exacting class of DoS attack called Jamming. The object of a jammer is to get in the way with rightful wireless connections


Jamming-resistant Broadcast Communication without Shared Keys (2009). Authors: Christina P¨opper, ETH Zurich Mario Strasser, Srdjan Cˇ apkun.

Jamming-resistant transmit message is vital for safety-critical application such as crisis alert broadcast or the distribution of direction-finding signal in adversarial setting. These application split the require for certain genuineness and ease of use of messages which are broadcast by bottom station to a big and unidentified figure of (potentially untrusted) receiver. ordinary technique to oppose jamming attack such as Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) and incidence hop are base on secret that require to be communal flanked by the dispatcher and the receiver previous to the create of the message.



Jamming-resistant Key Establishment using Uncoordinated Frequency Hopping (2008).

Authors: Mario Strasser, Christina P¨opper, Srdjan Cˇ apkun, Mario Cˇ agalj

We think the next difficulty: how be able to two plans so as to do not split any secret set up a communal clandestine input in excess of a wireless means of message channel in the attendance of a message jammer? An intrinsic confront in solve this difficulty is that recognized anti-jamming technique (e.g., frequency hopping or direct-sequence spread spectrum) which should hold machine message throughout the key organization need so as to the plans split a secret dispersal key (or code) previous to the create of their message.


Robust Detection of MAC Layer Denial-of-Service Attacks in CSMA/CA Wireless Networks (2008).

Authors: Alberto Lopez ToledandXiaodong Wang


Carrier-sensing multiple-access by means of crash evasion (CSMA/CA)base network, such as persons by the IEEE 802.11 dispersed organization purpose procedure, contain knowledgeable extensive use owing to their effortlessness of completion. The terminal access these network are not own or forbidden through the system operator (such as in the case of cellular networks) and, thus, terminal might not put up with by the procedure system in order to increase unjust right of entry to the network (selfish misbehavior), or just to disturb the system operation (denial-of-service attack)

5. Optimal Jamming Attacks and Network Defense Policies in Wireless Sensor Networks (2007).

Authors: Mingyan Li, RadhaPoovendran

Standing systems give mechanism to create a metric encapsulates standing for a known area for each individuality inside the organization. These systems seek to make a precise appraisal in the face of a variety of factors counting but not imperfect to unparalleled group of people size and potentially adversarial environment. We focus on attack and defence mechanism in standing system. We present an study structure that allow for general decay of existing standing system



such because bit and packageerrors. More than a fewsolutionsnext to hasty over crowding containbefuture that developdissimilate technique, such as incidencehop, power manage and unjammed bits.


We develop a gambling primarily based model to derive the message annulment magnitude relation of the time-critical application beneathjam attacks. We tend to created time period experiments to validate our associate degreealysis and moreappraise the impact of jam attacks on an experimental power station network. Supported our theoretical and experimental results, we tend tostyle and implement the JADE system (Jamming Attack Detection supported Estimation) to realize economical and reliable jam detection for power networks. We expand a sporting base reproductionto urge the communication cancellation relation of the time-critical request below overcrowding attack. We tend toplace awake coincidental experiment within the direction of demonstrate our psychotherapy and extra assess the crash of overcrowding attack on a replacement authority station system. Base on prime of our educational and new results, we tend toset up and place into apply the JADE system (Jamming Attack Detection supported Estimation) to achieve well-organized and dependable congestion discovery supposed for authority network.



In this paper, we tend to provided Associate in nursing in-depth study on the impact of electronic jamming attacks against time-critical good grid applications by theoretical modeling and system experiments. We tend to introduce a metric, message annulment magnitude relation, to quantify the impact of electronic jamming attacks. We contribute to show via each analytical analysis and time period experiments that there exist action phenomena in time-critical applications below a range of electronic jamming attacks. Supported our analysis and experiments, we tend to designed the JADE system to realize economical and strong electronic jamming detection for power networks. We tend to aim to delivery information or message firmly in wireless application by avoiding the offender that attack the information whereas in transmit. In Broadcast communication, it's vulnerable below an enclosed threat model as a result of all supposed receivers should remember of the secrets accustomed shield transmissions i.e. attack takes place. The open nature of the wireless medium leaves it prone to intentional interference attacks, usually noted as electronic jamming. Anyone with a transceiver will pay attention to wireless transmissions, inject spurious messages, or jam legitimate ones. Hence, the compromise of one receiver is spare to reveal relevant cryptological info.


1. A. Cassola, T. Jin, G. Noubir, and B. Thapa, Efficient spread spectrum communication without preshared secrets,” IEEE Trans. Mobile Comput., vol. 12, no. 8, pp. 1669–1680, Aug. 2013.

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Rahul Dongare pursuing BE in Department Of Computer Engineering, D.Y. Patil School of Engg, Lohgaon, Pune.

Bhagwan Dongare pursuing BE in Department Of Computer Engineering, D.Y. Patil School of Engg, Lohgaon,


Avinash Bhardwajpursuing BE in Department Of Computer Engineering, D.Y. Patil School of Engg, Lohgaon,



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