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Internet Service Provider Details

As requested by

Chief Procurement Officer

Franklin Regional Council of Governments

12 Olive Street, Suite 2

Greenfield, MA 01301-3313


Thursday February 7


, 2013

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1 W a b M c m W lo b t C S b L t O f b 1 1 W 1. Busine WiValley is are commit broadband Massachus company is mile radius WiValley ha ocal and s broadband through a g Currently, W Sullivan co border tow License for the compan Operating o fiber and w business gr 1.1 Gen WiVa 310 M Keen 866-corpo www 1.2 Com WiValley wa NH. the ess Opera an Interne tted to build coverage etts, South s located in of Keene. as formed state gover access to t grant awar WiValley se unties in N ns in Mas 3.65GHz W ny. on open ac wireless ex rade and re neral Inform alley is a Co Marlboro S ne, NH0343 946-2999 orate@wiva w.wivalley.n mpany Ove as establish . Creating region. tions t server pro ding partne to unserve hwestern N Keene, NH open and nment, and the commu rded, by th erves home New Hamp sachusetts WIMAX; an cess netwo tensions, w esidential se rmation orporation t 31, et erview hed in 2007 an alternat ovider (ISP erships with ed or unde New Hamps H and we f transparen d granting unities we s he NH Dep es and bus pshire, with and Verm d has raise orks such a we will con ervices that registered i 7 in respon ive solution P), operating h communi erserved ru shire and t focus our e nt collabora organizatio serve. In 2 partment o sinesses in additional mont. WiV ed equity fu as the Axia ntinue to e t surpass tr in the State nse to the u n was critica g on both F ties that br ural commu the Southe energy on s ations with ons to ensu 2007, WiVa of Resource n 32 towns coverage Valley has unding esta MassBroa expand our raditional co e of NH with unserved br al for peopl Fiber and W ring afforda unities thro astern port serving com other Inter ure cost-eff lley connec es and Eco s in Chesh and custo been awa ablishing a s dband 123 services i opper wire h a physica roadband n le who wan Wireless ne able and op oughout No tion of Ver mmunities w rnet service ffective and cted its first onomic De ire, Hillsbo omers in a rded a Na solid financ Network, a into comm line techno al place of b needs in So nted to live etworks. We pen access orth Centra rmont. Ou within a 100 e providers d affordable t customers evelopment orough, and number o ational FCC cial base fo and on new unities with logies. business at outhwestern and work in e s al r 0 s, e s t. d of C r w h n n


W C A i e A N o p a F W R e g S W f s C A W r s d a r w i c c O G F a WiValley op Center is a Axia NGN N ncreased c expanding Anchor Inst Network. O optimize pe provide bro areas with l Fiber to the WiValley is Rindge, an expansion p generation Specialties WiValley sp fiber and w solution to a Cost-effect After resear WiValley co resources in solutions deployment and mainte resistance weather, nterference cost-effectiv communitie Our expans Gigabit so FastRoads across the M perates out connection Networks U capacity at our service titutions, Bu Our compa erformance oadband at imited com e Home s a Service d Enfield N projects tha speeds and s pecializes in wireless app a customer tive and Af rching alter ontinues to ntohybrid fi because t costs, low enance co to network accidents, e). Wirele ve soluti es througho sion plans olutions a Network, a MBI fiber av t of the new n point for USA. WiVa t reduced es to provid usinesses any’s strate and cost a a higher pe mpetition. e provider f NH. In ad at take adv d broadban n engineeri proach. W r with autom ffordable S rnative solu o invest ou ber and wi of their wer infrastru sts, and h k outages , and ess is the on for out New Eng

include of cross the and to custo vailablethro w Data Cen a number lley has be pricing for de retail fib and FttH ( egic plan i as appropri erformance

for two Fib ddition, we vantage of nd performa

ing and dep We have ma mated equip Solutions utions, r own reless lower ucture higher (from other most rural gland. ffering e NH omers oughout Ma nter at 310 of backhau en instrume the South ber based Fiber to th s to provid ate. Such c e and comp ber to the H are involv both Fiber ance. ploying com ade a sign pment provi assachusett Marlboro S ul service p ental in est hwest Regi broadband e Home) c de hybrid w collaboratio petitive cos Home com ved in plan and Wirele mmunity bro ificant inve isioning, inv ts. St in Keene providers in ablishing th on of NH. solutions customers o wireless an ons allow W t,providing mmunities in ning Fiber ess techno oadband so estment in t voicing and NH. This ncluding mo he core ban In additio directly to on the NH nd fiber so WiValley to unmatched n NH. The to the Ne ologies to p olutions usi the ability t d network m Tier II Data ost recently ndwidth and on, we are Community FastRoads olutions tha continue to d speeds in e Towns o eighborhood provide nex ing a hybrid to deploy a monitoring. a y d e y s at o n of d xt d a


S I M s S W K i B is o M L W la t s a a C W g f i C t o s f I a Speeds, Pe n all of ou Mbps. For speeds of 5 Scalable, V WiValley ha Key aspect nfrastructur By focusing s scalable. operating c MassBroad Least Envi Where feas arger taller the mounta smaller stru and unders and the reg

Cooperatio WiValley is government facility ordin n a recen Commission the Town. ordinances such as ce fixed wirele nternet acc adopting ne erformance r wireless our custom 50Mbps and Value-Adde as already s of operat re monitorin g on hybrid . Our exis capabilities band 123 N ronmental sible, WiVa r towers are ainous New uctures stra served com ion. on with Co s committed ts. WiValle nance that nt project w n (MRPC) WiValley distinguish ell towers, w ess transm cess with a ew structure e network ar mers off of t d 100Mbps ed Solution invested in ting a succe ng, and cus wireless an sting streng s to expan Network. Impact alley reuse e not the be w England r ategically p munities. mmunity a d to workin ey has help is now utiliz with the T to establis was directl h wireless which are g mitter struct an approve es. eas, we of the MBI or while busin ns n the infras essful netw stomer billin nd fiber bro gths in net nd with H s existing est solution region make placed towe This solutio and with G ng coopera ped commu zed in the S Town of R h a recom ly involved broadband generally tw tures withi ed process ffer service the NH Fa nesses can structure to work such a ng are fully oadband tec twork prov Hybrid Wir infrastructu n for increa es it clear ers to prov on is more overnmen atively with unities by d State of NH Royalston a mended or with the t facilities f wo times h in the tow s and main speeds fo astRoads fib n get speed o build and as bandwidt operationa chnologies, visioning an reless and ure. A core asing covera that the be vide the op consistent t h the comm drafting a H. Addition and the M rdinance fo town of Ro from wirele higher than wn’s zoning ntaining the or residentia ber network s of Gigabi operate a th provision al. we have c nd monitori Fiber so e philosoph age. Our e est solution timal cover t with the s munity and model fixe ally, the NH Montachuse or Fixed Wi oyalston an ess telecom n broadban g districts, e town’s ov al custome ks, we offer it solutions. profession ning, netwo chosen tech ing enable olutions on hy of WiVa engineered is a larger rage for th spirit of the d with loca d wireless H Model wa ett Regiona reless Tec nd the MRP mmunication d towers. B communit verall spirit rs up to 20 r residentia . nal network ork security hnology tha immediate n the Axia alley is tha analysis o r number o e unserved community l and state broadband as reviewed al Planning chnology fo PC. These ns facilities By allowing ies receive t relative to 0 al k. y, at e a at of of d y e d d g r e s, g e o


1 W t 1 W h 1 C M 1 C g 1 W S 1 W e s p 1 W t wiva 1.3 Inter WiValley ha the formal in 1.4 Enti WiValley is https://www 1.5 Cus Currently W Massachus 1.6 Mas Currently W government 1.7 E-Ra WiValley ha Services to 1.8 Sup WiValley cu extended b service nee phone num 1.9 Eme WiValley ha teams mus Quali rconnecti as signed a nterconnec ity Status s a C Corp w.sos.nh.go stomers in WiValley p etts. We p ssachuset WiValley do tal bodies. ate as applied schools an pport Serv urrently pro usiness ho eded. Bus ber and on ergency R as a core b st have the ity of Servic ion Agreem a letter of in ction agreem p registered v/corporate n Massach provides br provide serv tts Statew

oes not pro

for a Serv nd libraries vices ovides sup urs 7:00AM siness Serv line suppor Response belief that c e highest p ce (QoS) to ment ntent and is ment to use d in the st e/soskb/cse husetts roadband vice in the s wide Contr ovide servic vice Provid in MA, NH port to res M to 7:00PM vices receiv rt ticket sys Protocol communicat priority. O o these type s interested e the Axia M tate of NH earch.asp a service to states of Ma ract ces through der Identific & VT. sidential cu M and Sund ve 24-7 tec tem. tions to An ur network es of organ in offering MassBroad . For evid and enter W a numbe assachuset h the Mass cation Num ustomers M days / Holid chnical sup chor Institu ks are des izations. W services. band123 ne dence of o WiValley as er of cust tts, New Ha sachusetts mber so we Monday thro days based pport throug utions and igned to a WiValley ha We expect etwork. ur entity s the search omers No ampshire an Statewide e can prov ough Satur d on the urg gh a priorit Emergency always prov as a strong t to execute tatus go to string rth Centra nd Vermont Contract to vide E-Rate rday during gency of the ty business y Response vide priority relationship e o al t o e g e s e y p


w d f p w 1 W a b n c a c a n e p c c 1 W o 1 W f 1 1 2 3 with the Re design of th future com prepared to wireless net 1.10 Billi WiValley ha a platform s billing, ord network p customer. activities an customer p and current network u encourage payment b customers check paym 1.11 Num WiValley In over 4 year 1.12 Fina WiValley is financial au 1.13 Clie 1. Town of 2. NH FastR 3. Hannah G 1. egional and he next gen patibility w o respond. tworks to s ing Servic as made a solution tha er manage performanc WiValley d nd we prov portal acces t invoices, usage stat online pay by check who prefe ment. mber of Ye c was esta s. ancial Stab s company dits. nt Referen Fitzwilliam N Roads – Exe Grimes Cen .14 Qual d county E neration co with FirstNe At our ope upport the ces significant at enables ement, cu ce and does not ou vide each c ss where th payments, tistics. yment for s for resid r or are re ears in Bu ablished in bility with priva nces NH – Town A ecutive Direc ter – Execut lifications EMS organi ommunicatio et. Durin erations cen community investment us to strea stomer pro monitoring utsource an customer w hey can vie

as well as While we ervices, we dential or equired to usiness Oct of 2008 ate equity i Administrato ctor – (603) tive Director izations in ons includi g an eme nter, we ca y in the even t to deploy amline our ovisioning, for each ny of these with online ew all past s their own e strongly e do allow business process a 8. As of F investors. or – (603) 58 283-5129 – r – (603) 352 New Ham ng Radio o rgency, W rry significa nt of lost co eb 2013, w WiValley 85-7723 - fit cdmonroe@ 2-5063 mak pshire and over Interne iValley and ant spare in ommunicati we have be has not b tbos@wivall @newhamps k@hannahgr d we are a et Protocol d our Emp nventory to ons en in busin een require shirefastroad ctive in the (RoIP) and ployees are create new

ness for jus

ed to have e d e w st e


The syst deta 1 Bria Pres WiV 603-brian 2 2 WiV Kee Our 2 WiV phon mult atten 2       2  staff of W tems, telec ails and the

1.15 Prim n Foucher sident Valley, Inc. -546-7201 nf@wivalle 2. CAI Se 2.1 Geo Valley offers ne NH. W primary are 2.2 Tele Valley curre ne line has tiple numbe ndant, fax t 2.3 Inter  Internet s  Public IP  Business  Wireless  Wireless  Wireless 2.4 Othe  Tier II Co WiValley off communicat ir qualificat mary Cont rvices ographic A s service in WiValley is a ea of intere ephone Se ntly offers V s lots of st ers, voicem to email and rnet / Bro service from P’s s WAN Netw WAN Netwo LAN netwo Guest Acce er Service olocation Se fers over 5 tions infras ions will be tact Area n Massachu able to pro est is in the ervices VoIP servic andard or mail, voicem d many oth adband S m 1Mbps to 1 works orks rks ess Network es rvices and R 50 years o structure d e provided a usetts, New ovide servic North Cent ces to Resid value adde mail to em her services Services Gbps s Rack Space of combined developmen as requeste w Hampshir ce to ANY tral and No dential and ed features mail with sp s. within Data d experien nt, and pro ed to meet t re and Ver CAI on the orth Wester d Small to M s such as c peech trans Center (Kee ce in wirel oject mana the requirem rmont. Our e Axia Mas n portions o Medium siz call waiting slation, con ene NH) less netwo agement. ments of a r corporate ssBroadban of Massach ed busines g, call forwa nference c orks, optica Individua project. e office is in nd Network husetts sses. Every arding, ring calling, auto al al n k. y g o


  3 3 3 The base back or a conn as w used Exte poin engi 3 Expe mun   3 Aga dras com mini 3 The user  Engineer  Engineer 3. Municip 3.1 Mun 3.1.1 Tech technology ed on its l khaul infras a strategic l nects to the well as the s d based o ensions, W nt to point ineering so 3.1.2 Exp ected uplo nicipal exten  Fiber Ext  Wireless 3.1.3 Infra in the infr stically bas mmunity par imal infrastr 3.1.4 End end user r equipmen red Services red Services pal and Sch nicipal Ext hnology y used to d ocation an structure co ocation wh e fiber. Wi specific req on the deta Wireless Mic links with lutions usin ected Upl oad and do nsion is eng tension - 1G Bridge Exte astructure rastructure sed on the rtner. The ructure. d User Equ equipment nt in a wire s for Fiber or s for Commu hool Facili tensions deliver mun nd distance ould be the here we can Valley has quirements ails of a s crowave Br licensed o ng legacy D load and D ownload sp gineered. H Gbps to 10G ension - 1 M e Requirem costs to location f e cost for uipment neededag eless extens r Wireless E unity Broadb ities not co nicipal exte e and ease Axia MBI M n identify a experience at the new specific pro ridges capa r unlicense DSL or Cab Download peed will va Here are ty Gbps symme Mbps to 1.4G ments extend bro for service a simple w gain can va sion could xtensions band Solution onnected a ensions will e of access Mass Broad a communit e in providi w location. oject. We able of 1.4 ed radio fre le solutions d Speed ary based ypical uploa trical capaci Gbps symme oadband t and its d wireless ex ary based o be include ns as CAI’s l vary dram s to existin dband 123 F ty partner t ing enginee As such, a e will engin 4Gbps of th equencies. s. on a num d and down ity etrical capac o an unco istance to xtension wo on location ed in the co matically fro ng backhau Fiber, an ex to place a m ering solutio variety of t neer soluti hroughput, WiValley mber of var nload exam ity onnected m the open ould gener . In the S ost identifie om location ul infrastruc xisting conn microwave ons that co technologie ons that u or simplifie y will not b riables as mples municipality access ne rally start $ Simplest ex ed in the In to location cture. The nected CAI bridge tha onsider cos es would be utilize Fibe ed wireless e providing to how the y can vary etwork or a $2,500 with xample, end frastructure n e , at st e r s g e y a h d e


Req freq 4 4 Yes 4 WiV Hyb othe 4 Expe end abili uplo   4 Eac Base are Insti 4 Wor infra as li our mee uirements uency, the 4. Service 4.1 Will , we will co 4.2 Des Valley will p rid Fiber to er customer 4.2.1 End ected uploa user servi ty for highe oad and dow

 Fiber - 2  Wireless 4.2.2 Infra h project is ed on the m interested itution 4.2.3 Infra rking with astructure, W ttle as a co own resour et our basic (3.1.3) ab cost can be es to Resi we offer s ntinue to of cription o provide ser o the Neigh rs d User Upl ad and dow ce is to de er speed bu wnload exa 20 Mbps to 1 - up to 25 M astructure s unique a market opp to do so astructure a commun WiValley co ouple week rces into pr c market re bove. If a e substantia idential Co services t ffer service of the Tech rvice and e hborhood / load and D wnload spee eliver simila ut also com amples 0Gbps sym Mbps symm e Build Re

and the infr ortunity, W as part of e Build Tim nity or Anc ould provid s. While w rojects that equirements a Gbps sol ally higher. ommercia to Non CA es to Reside hnology extend serv Wireless s Download ed will vary ar services es with an metrical etrical equiremen rastructure iValley has f a long te ming chor Institu e a wireles we do not re meet some s we can e lution is re al and Ind AI Custom ential, Busin vice using olutions to d based on t on both fi increased c nt and Fin and cost t s made the erm contrac ution that c ss network e equire a gu e basic mar enter into a equested w ustrial Us mers? ness and G a combina deliver ser the technol ber and w cost to dep nancing to construc investment ct with any can quickly extension t aranteed ta rket require contract to with require sers Government ation of Fib rvice to res ogy deploy ireless solu loy the netw

ct a networ t into wirele y connecte y provide o residentia ake rate, W ements. If t o engineer ements of ts ber to the sidential, bu yed. While utions, fibe work. Here rk extensio ess extensio ed Commun support or al and busi WiValley will the extensio , install and a licensed Home, and usiness and our goal fo r offers the e are typica on will vary ons and we nity Ancho r access to nesses in a only inves on does no d operate a d d d r e al y. e r o a st ot a


netw 4 For our conn 4 The serv 4 WiV WiV Com impr 4 The Sup pote 5 Plea 6 See work extens 4.2.4 End our wireles network be nections to 4.3 Serv services W vices that ar 4.4 Mun Valley is will Valley has a mmunities th rove our se 4.5 Obli re are no o port from c ential netwo 5. Repres ase contact 6. Other I attached d sions as a p d User Equ ss networks elow $100 a Fiber Ne vices Offe WiValley wil re expandin nicipalities ling to prov a physical o hat have in ervice respo igations fo obligations communitie ork expansi sentative P t us for info Informatio data sheets project with uipment s, WiValley . There a etwork, othe ered ll offer to al ng out of ou s on the A vide service office in Kee terest in ou onse time or Organiz for municip s who choo on project. Pricing rmation on on s for additio the commu y has a goa are site spe er paramete l customers ur Data Cen Axia Mass e to any co ene NH, wh ur service o zations to palities or o ose to add our current nal details o unity al to keep t ecific exam ers will dete

s on any of nter located Broadban mmunity w hich limits o offering, we o market W organizatio value to a t pricing or on services the onetime mples when ermine the c f our netwo d in Keene nd123 Net within the Ax our current s will consid WiValley S ons to mark network ex pricing spe s offered e cost to co n this cann cost to con ork include NH. twork xia MassBr service resp er adding a Service ket services xpansion w ecific to you onnect an e not be ach nect to the Broadband roadband12 ponse time additional re s offered b would add i ur communi end user to ieved. Fo network d, VoIP, and 23 Network e. Based on esources to by WiValley nterest to a ity o r d k. n o y. a


Fiber Meets The Growing Demand For Broadband Services

 Fiber networks cost less to operate and maintain

 “Future proof” your connection with next Generation technology

 Local Service and Support

 Fiber increases the value of your home and Community


WiValley offers the fastest internet solution that connects your home and small business

efficiently and affordably.

However your family uses the internet, we deliver reliable, ultra-fast solutions for your home entertainment or business.

Imagine Your Life




Fiber to the Home

The Fastest Internet Connection on Earth

Shaping The Future With

WiValley Fiber to the Home

 Fiber offers the highest performance possible

 Unlimited data, voice, and video streaming

 Efficient Telecommuting

 Distance learning from your home

 Social networking and media

 Put your life in the cloud

 Complete research and home work assignments in a

fraction of the time

Want The FastestSpeed For Your Home Business?

Super-Fast Internet At Your Home!


Fiber meets the demand for Broadband

 High-quality Internet connectivity

 Flexibility to meet changing business needs  Fiber networks cost less to operate and maintain  “Future proof” your company

 Increased productivity  24x7 network surveillance

 Critical redundancy


WiValley offers the fastest solutions that connect your business locations efficiently and affordably. However your company uses the internet, we deliver ultra-fast, scalable solutions that you can depend upon as your primary or backup


The Future of

Business Fiber

The Fastest Connection For A Business Advantage

Shaping The Future With WiValley Fiber

 Fiber offers the highest bandwidth available  Scalable - Increase speeds as needed  Reliable and ultra-fast connections

 Cost-effective competitive pricing

 VoIP and video conferencing

 The fastest transport for your business data

Want Gigabit Speeds for Your Business?

The FastestBroadband Solution


Wireless Solutions Meet The Demand For Broadband Services in Underserved Areas  Wireless networks cost less to operate and

maintain than copper

 “Future proof” your connection with next Generation wireless and hybrid technology

 Local Service and Support

 Broadband increases the value of your home and Community

Information Technology Solutions

WiValley offers the fastest internet solution that connects your home and small business efficiently and affordably.

However your family uses the internet, we deliver reliable, ultra-fast solutions for your home business or personal entertainment.

Imagine Your Life



The Future of Education With Fiber

Wireless To The Home

Powered By Fiber Speed

Shaping The Future

WiValley Broadband to the Home

 Wireless and hybrid internet solutions powered by fiber

 Unlimited data, video, and voice streaming

 Efficient Telecommuting

 Distance learning from your home

 Social networking and media

 Put your life in the cloud

 Complete research and home work assignments in a

fraction of the time

Want The Fastest Speed For Your Home Business?

Super-Fast Internet At Your Home!


Communications Continuity

Colocation Facility (Keene NH)

 Tier 2 Data Center

 Host servers and applications off-site in a secure conditioned environment

 Continued productivity even during outages

 Critical redundancy through fiber and wireless

 24x7 Network monitoring


WiValley offers the fastest solution that connects your business locations efficiently and affordably even in times of crisis.

However your company uses the internet, we deliver reliable, ultra-fast, scalable solutions that you can depend upon as your primary or backup connection.


Critical Communications

Information Technology Redundancy

Emergency Communications

Powered over WiValley Fiber

 Communication when you need it

 Scalable - Increase speeds as needed

 Reliable and ultra-fast fiber connections

 Communications for disaster recovery

 Conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

 RoIP (Radio over IP) Solutions

Pledge To Be Prepared

What is the cost when you lose your internet?

Access to Communication is Critical




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