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Welcome to the College of Nursing Graduate Program!

The purpose of the College of Nursing Graduate Program Handbook is to acquaint you with the specific policies and procedures of the Master of Nursing/ Primary Health Care – Nurse Practitioner Program and to assist students and faculty as they move through the master’s program. If you have any questions, or require further information, please contact the Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies, CNE and IT.

We hope that your graduate program in the College of Nursing will be as successful and stress-free as possible.

Lynnette Leeseberg Stamler, RN, PhD

Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies, Continuing Nursing Education and Information


Table of Contents

General Information ...4

Registration for Graduate Courses...4

NURS 990...4

Ethics Courses...5

Graduate Student Contact Information ...5

Transfer Credits ...5

Graduating from the Master of Nursing Program...6

Academic Honesty ...6

Publications from Graduate Work ...6

Information Specific to the PHC-NP Option ...7

Potential Supervisors and Committee Members (Faculty Research and Clinical Interests) ...8



This College of Nursing handbook is intended as a supplement to, and not a replacement for, the Graduate Student Handbook published by the College of Graduate Studies and Research, which is available on the web ( It is strongly recommended that all graduate faculty and students make themselves familiar with the general information and general regulations within the Graduate Student Handbook.

Registration for Graduate Courses

This year we welcome students from the southern part of the province, who will be taking selected courses via videoconferencing at a Regina location. In addition, for the second year, we are videoconferencing the graduate seminars to both Regina and Prince Albert. With that comes the need to adjust our registration courses, to reflect on-campus and off-campus students. As we increase accessibility to the program, registration procedures will continue to evolve. For the 2008-2009 academic year, please use the following information.

- all nursing graduate courses with multiple sections are available off-campus. - odd numbered sections reflect on-campus students – those who come to

Saskatoon for their courses

- even numbered sections reflect off-campus students

- for NURS 990 and NURS 994, Sections 1 & 2 are Fall Term, Sections 3 & 4 are Winter Term and Sections 5 & 6 (994 only) are Spring/Summer Term.

- all thesis students are required to register for NURS994 for EACH term that they are in the program.

Nursing 990

Nursing 990 is the departmental graduate seminar and is a College of Graduate Studies and Research requirement. Attendance is required for the duration of the student's program, although credit is granted for only one year of attendance. Students must officially register for a minimum of two semesters of NURS 990 during their time in the graduate program (see above re sections).


Ethics Courses (College of Graduate Studies and Research)

All graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan are required to complete on-line Ethics courses. This affects all students who began their graduate programs in September, 2007 or later. The first course was called GSR985, and was available in 2007-8. Since then the courses have been changed slightly. There are three courses, a general course, a course in ethics with animal research, and a course in ethics with research with humans.

All students are required to take GSR960 – Ethics and Integrity (previously GSR985). Completion of GSR961 – Ethics in Human Research and GSR962 – Ethics in Animal Research are decided by the student’s advisory committee. PHC-NP students are not required to take GSR961 or GSR 962, but may do so. Students register for the courses through PAWS, as with any other course. The Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant or the Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs, CNE and IT, must be notified of completion of GSR961 or GSR962 so that they are entered into the student’s Program of Studies. These courses will appear on the student’s transcript.

Graduate Student Contact Information

Each year, with the permission of the students, we publish a list of graduate students and contact information. This is available only to graduate students and faculty. Please help keep this list updated by notifying the Graduate Program Administrative Assistant of any changes. Please also make changes to your file using your PAWS account.

Transfer Credits

Up to six credit units of graduate work may be transferred to your program or taken elsewhere. This is usually done through the Western Canadian Deans Agreement or the Saskatchewan University Graduate Agreement. Please see the Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies, CNE and IT and/or the Graduate Program Administrative Assistant for the process. If you transfer previously completed coursework into your program, please be advised that your program is deemed to have begun at the time you took the course. For example, if you took graduate statistics in 2006, and wanted to transfer that course into your program which began in 2007, your five year time limit would begin in 2006, not 2007.


Graduating from the Master of Nursing Program

At the end of your program, you will need to complete the Application to Graduate form from Student and Enrolment Services Division. MN-PHC-NP students will be e-mailed the form after successful completion of NURS 993.

Academic Honesty

Students are required to review the university's guidelines concerning academic dishonesty. Students are expected to maintain complete honesty in all academic work, presenting only that which is your own work in tests or assignments. The guidelines are available at:

Publications From Graduate Work

It is expected that students will publish from their thesis work in collaboration with supervisors. Students are also encouraged to publish course work and project work in consultation with teachers/supervisors. The student and the faculty member should discuss early in the process the extent of the faculty member’s contributions, and authorship on the paper or presentation.



Advisory Committee

For MN/PHC - NP students, the Assistant Dean, Graduate Studies, CNE and IT serves as the advisor. Students may partner with other faculty as they develop publishable paper topics, or work with faculty on research projects.


Personal data assistants or PDAs are a required equipment for the NP program. Many PDA resources, such as drug and laboratory programs, are available as a free download through the Health Sciences Library (Lexicomp software). These resources will become invaluable as you progress through the courses and practicum experiences. Hardware requirements and additional information can be found on the College of Nursing web page under PDAs in Nursing. Further information will be provided by the faculty.


A good stethescope is necessary for clinical and lab based skill practice.

Many courses use online sites for additional information – a computer is necessary to access online course material.



Potential Supervisors/Committee Members Research and Clinical Interests

Mary Ellen Andrews E-mail: RN, MN, PhD Phone: (306) 966-8523

Research Focus

- rural and remote nursing

- aboriginal health

- NP practice

- community/school health

- using both qualitative and quantitative methods

June Anonson E-mail: RN, PhD Phone: (306) 765-3333 ext. 7514 Research Focus - nursing informatics - health promotion - transcultural nursing - aboriginal health - interdisciplinary teams Clinical Interests - community health

Other Professional Interests

- pandemic planning

- health promotion

Sandra Bassendowski E-mail: RN, BEd, MEd, EdD Phone: (306) 798-0735

Research/Interest Focus - transcultural nursing - history of nursing

- project/program evaluation

Other Professional Interests

- information technology and its relationship to adult learning


- interface between humans and computers

- adult education

- international health education (Inner Mongolia, India, Nepal, Argentina, Panama, Chile)

Lalita Bharadwaj E-mail: BSc, MSc, PhD Phone: 966-1490

Research Focus

- environmental contaminants exposure and potential risks to human health

- community-based participatory research with focus on environmental chemicals and health

- indigenous perspectives on water quality and health status

Other Professional Interests

- building capacity in the fields on environmental and health sciences

- Associate Member, School of Public Health

Angela Bowen E-mail:

RN, PhD Phone : 966-8949

Research Focus

- perinatal (ante and postpartum) mental health - effects of depression and anxiety on the fetus and growing child

- interventions for depression and anxiety on pregnant and postnatal women

Other Professional Interests

- Associate Member, Department of Psychiatry

Yvonne Brown E-mail: RN, BSN, BA, MCEd Phone: 966-6248


- perinatal crisis support

Clinical Interests

- maternal-child

Lorna Butler E-mail: RN, PhD Phone: 966-6223

Research Focus - health informatics

- knowledge management

- urological cancers sexual health

Gerri Dickson E-mail: RN, BSN, MPH, PhD Phone: 966-6233

Research Focus

- participatory action research methodology used with Aboriginal people and in developing countries, upcoming to focus on transformatory teaching learning approaches

Clinical Interests

- community health and development - women and development

Other Professional Interests - AIDS as a development issue - health determinants

- health promotion - primary health care

Glenn Donnelly E-mail: RN, ENC(c), BScN, MN, PhD Phone: (306) 798-1083

Research Focus

- advanced practice role development

- impact of models of care on outcome and staff morale

Clinical Interests - emergency nursing - pain management

Other Professional Interests - addictions


- nursing telepractice - care delivery models - clinical practice guidelines

Wendy Duggleby E-mail: RN, BSN, MN, AOCN, PhD Phone: 966-6237 Research Focus - palliative care - gerontology - oncology Clinical Interests - palliative care - well seniors

- community health; home care

Other Professional Interests

- Cancer, Culture and Literacy Institute, University of South Florida

- Editorial Board, International Journal of Palliative Nursing

- International Research Consortium on Health Care in the Elderly

Robin Evans E-mail: RN, PNC(C), BScN, Phone: (306) 798-0734


Research Focus

- obstetrical and neonatal nursing

- adolescent mothers

- the nature of nursing practice

Clinical Interests

- obstetrical and neontal nursing - nursing practice

Other Interests - models of care

- informatics and techology and it’s relation to nursing practice


Linda Ferguson E-mail: RN, BSN, MN, PhD Phone: 966-6264

Research Focus

- nursing education practices

- staff development and patient education issues - faculty development and teaching excellence - critical thinking and construction of knowledge

Clinical Interests

- obstetrical nursing

- patient education

Dorothy Forbes E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN, PhD Phone: Contact the Graduate Studies Office - 966-8239 (Adjunct Faculty Member)

Research Focus - informal caregiving - home care

- determinants of health for young-old and old-old - management of symptoms of Alzheimer disease - rural nursing

Clinical Interests

- gerontology

- community nursing - home care

Other Professional Interests

- University of Saskatchewan, Site Co-Rep., Canadian Cochrane Network & Centre

Susan Fowler-Kerry E-mail: RN, BA, BSN, MN, PhD Phone: 966-6214

Research Focus

- pediatric pain and palliative care - child and youth health

- community development - health policy

- interprofessional practice and education


- chronic and acute pain management - palliative care

- child and youth health

At present:

- collaborative community development projects in pediatric palliative care (Middle East, Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom)

Other Professional Interests

- Director of the RBC Community Development Program

Child and Youth Health

- Chair, Dance Saskatchewan Inc. – January 2002 - ongoing

- Member, RBC Children’s Mental Health Advisory Panel – May 2007 - ongoing

Donna Goodridge E-mail: RN, PhD, CHPCN (c) Phone: 966-1478

Research Focus - End of life care - quality of care - chronic illness - aging

- fatigue

Clinical Interests

- end of life care and symptom management, dyspnea, fatigue

- wound and skin care

Lorraine Holtslander E-mail: RN, MN, PhD Phone: 966-8402

Research Focus - hope, balance

- theory-based interventions

- family caregivers in palliative care - bereaved family caregivers

- supports for parents of Type 1 diabetics - primary health care

- qualitative methods

Clinical Interests - home care - palliative care


- family-centered care

- postpartum

Beth Horsburgh E-mail:

RN, BSN, BA, MEd, Phone: Contact the Graduate Studies Office - 966-8239 MSN, PhD

Research Focus

- self care and caregiving in chronic illness - quality of nursing worklife

- health policy

Clinical Interests - adult chronic illness

- nephrology and end stage renal disease, dialysis, and transplantation

Other Professional Interests - research methodologies

Gail Laing E-mail:

RN, BSN, MScN, PhD Phone: Contact the Graduate Studies Office - 966-8239 (Professor Emerita) Research Focus - research methodologies - statistics Clinical Interests - acute care

Other Professional Interests - holistic nursing

- women's health

- alternative therapies

Mary MacDonald E-mail: RN, BSN, MCEd Phone: 966-6250


Collaborative research (intra/inter/multidisciplinary) focusing on:

- scope of practice of public health/community health nursing and enablers and barriers to full scope of practice

Clinical Interests

- community health nursing

- cardiovascular nursing, particularly in respect to health promotion and illness prevention

Other Professional Interests - primary health care - ethics and nursing

- health reform, especially regarding how it is affecting the health, well-being, and coping of nurses

Peggy MacLeod E-mail: RN, BSN, MN Phone: 966-8749

Research Focus

- exercise and fall prevention in seniors living in the community

- appreciative inquiry in evaluation

Clinical Interests

- community health nursing with a special interest in gerontology

- long standing relationship with the Saskatoon Council on Aging, currently serving as Chair of a Task Force on Older Adult Abuse.

Other Professional Interests

- program evaluation, curriculum development - International nursing collaboration

Muriel Montbriand E-mail:

RN, BSN, MN, PhD Phone: Contact the Graduate Studies Office - 966-8239 (Adjunct Faculty Member)


- qualitative research, including life history, grounded, theory, phenomenology, ethnography, and use of mixed qualitative and quantitative methods

Clinical Interests

- seniors’ perceptions about life experiences and illnesses

Other Professional Interests

- social context surrounding use of alternative therapies, especially herbs used by patients with cancer

- as a member of Health Canada Committee for Medicinal Use of Marijuana, extremely interested in research that examines issues for nurses when their patients use medicinal marijuana

Cindy Peternelj-Taylor E-mail: RN, BScN, MSc, PhD(c) Phone: 966-6238

Research Focus

- role development for correctional/forensic psychiatric nurses

- Sexual Abuse Comfort Scale: Educational Needs of Nurses Working with Psychiatric Clients with a History of Sexual Abuse

Clinical Interests

- forensic Psychiatric Nursing - general psychiatric nursing (adult) - impact of mental illness on the family

- boundary issues in professional nursing practice

Other Professional Interests

- Assistant Editor for the Americas - Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

- Editorial Board Member, Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

Pammla Petrucka E-mail: RN, BSN, MN, PhD Phone: (306) 798-1082

Research Focus - rural women


- health policy (health system restructuring) - aboriginal peoples (international and domestic)

Clinical Interests

- community development

Other Professional Interests - professional competency

Louise Racine E-mail: RN, BScN, MScN, PhD Phone: 966-6366

Research Focus

- immigrants’ and refugees’ health across lifespan - immigrant women’s health issues

- francophone populations’ health in the Prairie provinces - influence of race, gender, and class as determinants of health

- application of critical and postcolonial theories in nursing

-delivery of culturally competent care to immigrant, refugee and other marginalized populations

Clinical Interests - concept of culture

-transcultural nursing (research, education, and practice) -concept of cultural safety

-concept of marginalizaton - family caregiving

Other Professional Interests

- Affiliate Researcher, Prairie Metropolis Centre, University of Alberta

-nursing theory development and concept analysis -nursing philosophy (critical social theories, postmodern, and postcolonial as paradigms of inquiry in nursing science)

-health literacy

Donna Rennie E-mail: RN, BN, MN, PhD(Epid.) Phone: 966-6234

Research Focus

- respiratory epidemiology (asthma, related respiratory problems); pediatrics, primarily family-centered - data linkage, injury surveillance in children


- objective measurement of environmental exposures - rural nursing

- exercise tolerance in children - rural health - respiratory - population based research

Clinical Interests

- patient education (asthma) - community health

- rural health

Other Professional Interests

- Associate Member, School of Public Health

Rose Roberts E-mail: RN, BSN, MSc, PhD Phone: 966-6232

Research Focus and Interests - aboriginal health

- breast cancer

Other Professional Interests

- Joint Member, School of Public Health

Joan Sawatzky E-mail: RN, BSN, MCEd Phone: 966-6256

Research Focus

- change and decision-making (their inter-relationships and application in professional nursing practice). Examples of Research Projects:

a) (Master's Thesis) - Job related learning in role change from student to practitioner

b) Hypertensive Clients' Lifestyle Change

c) Quality Workplaces

Clinical Interests

- impact of health reforms on clients and caregivers Examples of Research Projects:

a) patient and caregiver perceptions of an outpatient surgical experience

b) effect of caregiving on health of informal caregivers

Other Professional Interests - Nursing Education


- competencies, curriculum change, academic ethics, learner characteristics, and needs assessment

- Role and Relationships of Professional Associations and Unions

- leadership, membership, accountability Examples of Research Projects:

a) Baccalaureate education for Saskatchewan nurses: A needs assessment

b) Member knowledge of SRNA

Bonnie Schoenfeld E-mail: RN, BSN, MS Phone: 966-6253

Research Focus

- adolescent health

- health promotion in schools - asset mapping

Clinical Interests

- teen pregnancy; teen parenting

- smoking cessation

- sexual health

- health promotion in schools - asset mapping

Other Professional Interests - teen pregnancy; teen parents

Karen Semchuk E-mail: RN, BSN, MSc, PhD Phone: 966-8279

Research Focus

- population based epidemiologic research

- occupational and environmental exposures and health outcomes, risk estimation, methods

- chemical and other toxicant exposures: exposure estimation and risk assessment

Clinical Interests

- community health and community based approaches - etiology and treatment of Parkinson’s disease - health protection

- occupational epidemiology

- agricultural health and safety issues - rural health


Other Professional Interests

- Joint Member, School of Public Health

Marlene Smadu E-mail: RN, BSN, MEd, EdD Phone: (306) 798-1084

Research Focus

- health human resources planning and development - quality health systems and work places

- aboriginal health - health policy - knowledge transfer

- nursing and health outcomes

Clinical Interests

- adult education

- interprofessional education - policy development

- knowledge transfer - primary health care

- aboriginal health

Other Professional Interests

- Sask. Health Quality Council Vice-Chair - President of the Canadian Nurses Association - Vice-Chair of the Saskatchewan Provincial Nursing Committee

- Chair of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute Advisory Committee on Professional Development and Education

Barbara Smith E-mail:

RN, BSN, MCEd Phone: Contact the Graduate Studies Office - 966-8239 (On Leave)

Research Focus

- nursing education, needs assessment, nursing education, sexual and reproductive health

Clinical Interests

- women's health, community, sexual, and reproductive health

Other Professional Interests - continuing nursing education - curriculum development - program planning


Lynnette L. Stamler E-mail: BSN, MEd, PhD Phone: 966-1477

Research Focus

- enablement

- teaching learning – with clients/patients, nursing education, community and acute focus – have completed specific research with breast health, diabetes, child automotive safety

- perceptions of quality care

- nursing education and professional development/scope of practice

Clinical Interests

- community

Other Professional Interests

- Sigma Theta Tau International Inc – nursing honor society

- Nursing education administration

- Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing - MERCURi Research Group researcher - Associate Member, School of Public Health

Norma Stewart E-mail: RN, BSN, MS, MA, PhD Phone: 966-6254

Research Focus

- optimal dementia care environments - health services for rural and remote areas - instrument development for clinical research

Clinical Interests

- assessment of behaviour change of cognitively impaired elderly in relation to environmental context

- psychiatric nursing of adults

- evidence-informed advanced nursing practice

Other Professional Interests


P. Susan Wagner E-mail:

RN, BSN, MS Phone: Contact the Graduate Studies Office - 966-9239 (Adjunct Faculty Member)

Research Focus

- program evaluation - community health and home care services, e.g., case management, palliative care, seniors' wellness programs

- participatory methods of research and evaluation

Clinical Interests

- case management practice, including competencies, context, and impact

- impact of chronic illness or disability on client and family

- quality management

Other Professional Interests

- health care reform - regionalization

- influence of health policy on quality of care

Phil Woods E-mail: RMN, RPN, PhD Phone: 966-6244

Research Focus

- forensic mental health/psych - psych/mental health nursing, - risk assessment management - violence prediction

Clinical Interests

- forensic mental health/psych - psych/mental health nursing

Other Professional Interests - statistical analysis


Karen Wright E-mail: RN, BSN, MEd, PhD Phone: 966-6228

Research Focus

- counselling intervention and therapy - loss, grief and bereavement

- child and adolescent bereavement - family coping

- palliative care

Clinical Interests

- counselling and psychotherapy - community/family health, oncology - loss, grief and bereavement counseling - oncology/palliative care

Other Professional Interests

- president - Canadian Guidance and Counselling Association, 1997-99




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