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Global network

Deliveries to companies Deliveries to private individuals Deliveries between private individuals




Schenker AB – strong player in a global network

Schenker AB has 4 000 employees in 30 offi ces in Sweden. We off er everything from land transport and international ocean and air freight, to consultancy services and storage and logistics solutions. In Sweden many people associate us with truck transportation, which is where we have our roots. But we have developed strongly in other types of transport such as boat, air and train and within integrated logistics solutions. We also see a lot of potential for the future.

Our goal is to be the most environmentally sustainable logistics provider in the world. This ambition also bene-fi ts our customers’ efbene-fi ciency, as reduced environmental impact requires more effi cient logistics planning. We are part of a global network and can utilize know-ledge, experience and ideas from all the corners of the world. We can also combine diff erent methods of transport – truck, boat, air and train – and create logis-tics solutions with the best possible balance between economic and ecological demands.

The global company

Schenker was started over 100 years ago by Gottfried Schenker in Vienna, Austria. Early on he saw the advantages of public transport of goods – of loading goods from diff erent consignors together. That is still the basis for our operations.

Today, Schenker AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of DB Schenker, which is part of Deutsche Bahn’s trans-port and logistics division. DB Schenker has 88,000 employees at 2,000 offi ces around the world and is number one in European land transport, number two in air freight and number three in ocean freight in the world.

90,000 consignments per day

The Swedish Land Division off ers land transports throughout Europe. There are a broad range of services and products from small, individual parcel consign-ments to complex, customised transport solutions. We deliver 90,000 consignments per day in Sweden and Europe.


DB SCHENKERparcel is a parcel service for companies. With Schenker, sending parcels to companies is simple, speedy and secure, regardless of whether the consignee is in Sweden, Europe or elsewhere in the world. If you have frequent consignments you can also choose from our tailored solutions and in doing so enjoy even more benefi ts. We off er simple, rapid, secure parcel delivery. By simple we mean that it doesn’t matter where your consignee is – all you do is fi ll in one single freight document and we take care of the rest.

Flexible private deliveries

DB SCHENKERprivpak is a parcel service for mail-order and e-trade companies that deliver to private individuals. We have tailored a whole range of intelli-gent services for e-trade companies that need to send parcels to private individuals. Ready-made solutions are available for booking, payment and tracking. DB SCHENKERprivpak also off ers several diff erent modes of delivery. The recipient can choose to collect the parcel from one of our 1,400 agents or have it delivered to their home or place of work.

Sustainable development

Schenker’s ambition is to become the most sustainable logistics provider in the world. 85% of Schenker’s land operations in Europe have achieved their ISO 14001 certifi cates.

Schenker is aware of its responsibility towards the environment. Our goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emission per ton-km by more than 20% by 2020 (Sweden Land transport, 50%). Strategies spanning seven areas will help us reach this goal, for example; Driver behavior (eco-driving, reduced speed), New vehicles, Better fuels and Inter-/co-modality.

Road safety is another aspect of sustainabilty for Schenker – also here driver behavior is one of the key aspects. Schenker work closely together with the sub-contractors to change the attitude towards speeding. Own vehicles are equipped with alco-locks.

The broadest parcel range on the market

Our aim is to always off er the market the broadest and keenest range of products. We have parcel services for both companies and private individuals. We currently deliver over 20 million parcels each year. This has given us experience and routines that are second to none.



to companies

We have a well-established traffi

c network for both domestic

and international parcel transport and we can always

deliver quickly and safely. We also feel it is important to be

located close to you and provide good service. Wherever

you are we are always within reach.


Intelligent parcel solutions for companies

We off er simple, rapid, secure parcel deliveries. By simple we mean that it doesn’t matter where your consignee is – you simply fi ll in one single freight document. If you have frequent consignments you can also choose from our tailored solutions and in doing so enjoy even more benefi ts. If you have irregular consignments to the same consignee you can make use of DB SCHENKERparcel Logistics parcel. If you have a large number of parcels destined for the same consignee on the same occasion you can choose DB SCHENKERparcel Unit cage.

DB SCHENKERparcel Domestic

We deliver your parcels rapidly, simply and securely within Sweden. All you need to do is to fi ll in one transport document and we take care of the rest. We have a simple pricing system and the same price applies throughout the country. Through consolidation we make maximum use of our trucks, which is also good for the environment.

Our traffi c planning system makes it possible to collect later and deliver earlier than other compa-nies on the market. Multi-parcel consignments, a generous rate for bulky items and personal handover are other advantages.

DB SCHENKERparcel Europe

We have the most complete land network for parcel distribution. This means that we handle all transport movements within the same network, off ering your customers peace of mind.

If you need to send a large number of consignments on the same day within Europe you can use our bulk consignments.

If you need to send individual consignments you can choose the Single service.


DB SCHENKERparcel Unit cage

The Unit cage service is designed for those who have a large number of parcels destined for the same consignee on one and the same occasion. You fi ll the cage with as many parcels as you wish up to a maximum weight of 500 kg and attach an STE label.

To avoid the cost of return freight and in doing so reduce impact on the environment, the cage is made of card-board. The cage is included in the service and it can be ordered from your nearest Schenker offi ce. We collect and deliver at a unit price that is the same throughout the country. The unit cage can also be fi tted with a lock to prevent unauthorised access.

DB SCHENKERparcel World

It is just as simple to send parcels to the rest of the world as it is within Sweden and Europe. In our worldwide parcel network your goods are delivered quickly and safely according to a timetable. All that is required is one transport document. We handle any relabeling. And we naturally take care of all peripheral services, including customs clearance.

DB SCHENKERparcel Logistics parcel

The Logistics parcel service is a cost-eff ective solution if you have a large number of irregular consignments to the same consignee. With Logistics parcel you have a more rational order-picking system with a later order stop. You pack and label and we then group the parcels into one consignment.


Flexible deliveries

to private individuals

In line with the growth in the market for mail-order and e-trade

companies, the number of parcels distributed to private individuals

is also growing. Schenker has tailored a number of intelligent services

for those who operate e-trade and have deliveries to private

individuals – DB SCHENKER


. This includes ready-made

solutions for services such as booking, payment and tracking as

well as several different modes of delivery.


Smart, flexible e-services

By linking our e-solutions to your webshop you have an efficient means of payment and ready-made distribution solutions. You also have access to functions for booking, printing out freight documents, checking consignment status, calculating the freight cost and issuing notifica-tion. Your end-customer can also choose from different delivery alternatives and obtain details of the cost and delivery time.

Full control of logistics

With our Logistics solutions you have a clear overview of your consignments and transport costs and you can improve the efficiency of your planning and follow-up processes. You also have access to timetables, you can make price inquiries, you can follow your goods and you can receive transport instructions/receipts as well as invoice/debiting notification.

Specially adapted information services

With DB SCHENKERprivpak we have brought together a range of useful services for those who operate mail-order and e-trade. By linking your webshop to Schenker’s information system you have access to a whole range of useful services that simplify and improve the efficiency of your business and provide your customers with the opportunity to choose from different delivery alternatives.


Miljösmarta transporter

Parecl guide

Contact Schenker



To w



Logistics solutions

Delivery alternatives








Din kund


Enviromentally intelligent


The customer chooses the mode of delivery

With us the customer chooses how and where the parcel is to be delivered. In the stress of day-to-day life it could be simpler to receive a parcel at work or pick it up at an agent near the supermarket instead of having it delivered at home.

DB SCHENKERprivpak Agent

With the Agent service you can send your goods to private individuals and small companies throughout Sweden. The recipient chooses when and where the delivery will take place. We have a choice of 1,400 parcel agents throughout the country. The recipient also has the choice of returning the parcel.

DB SCHENKERprivpak To work

The recipient can also choose to have the parcel delivered to their place to work. This is on condi-tion that the employer has granted consent. An interesting alternative for those who are often busy or are seldom at home.

DB SCHENKERprivpak Home

This is a safe, simple way of delivering goods to private individuals in Sweden. We deliver when the recipient is at home and can receive the goods in person, both daytime and evening.


Now private individuals can also send

parcels through our agents

As a private individual you can now also send parcels via our 1,400 parcel agents. The agent has ready-made packagings for purchase in three different sizes. When you want to send your parcel you visit www.privatpaket.se and book your parcel consignment. You also write out a consignment note which you take with you to the agent when you drop off your parcel.


Schenker is the biggest in Sweden when it comes to land transport which means that we have a lot more goods in our system than our competitors. To make maximum use of our vehicles we consolidate all consignments – goods from different customers with the same final destination travel together. This allows us to use our truck capacity to the full.

Not one single kilometre unnecessarily

Our consolidation terminals can be likened to major

Schenker’s seven points to reduce CO2 emissions

Our aim is to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 50 per cent through to 2020. This is quite a task and not something we can achieve entirely on our own. We need to work with lots of different partners – from our own hauliers to public authorities.

The strategies that will bring us there cover seven areas:

• driver behaviour – eco driving at the right speed • modernisation of our vehicle fleet

Public transport for goods

– an environmentally intelligent system

At Schenker we are economic in our thinking and mindful about the environment. We therefore consolidate parcel deliveries from many different companies. The fact that your parcel travels with other parcels offers you a cost-effective, environmentally intelligent transport solution.


How to contact us

at Schenker

With our own offi ces located throughout the country Schenker is never far away. We work every day to satisfy your transport requirements as effi ciently as possible and with minimum impact on the environment.


Schenker AB SE-412 97 Göteborg Tel +46 (0)31-703 80 00 www.schenker.se Art. No. 1189 ASR Reklambyrå October, 2008





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