Environment and Sustainability KR Foundation 2021 KR Foundation Brian Valbjørn Sørensen Total

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Project Title Organisation Department Primary Applicant Amount Granted DKK

Children, Youth and Science

Worlds best City of Robots - makerspace as a learning space Odense Municipality Children and Youth Management Sanne Munk Doll 5.013.076

Makerspaces in Lolland Municipality Lolland Municipality Section for School and Daycare Søren Skovbølling 5.600.030

Engineering at School 2020-2023 Engineer the Future Ghita Wolf Andreasen 2.178.290

Practitioners’ network on technological comprehension Absalon School of Applied Sciences Centre for Learning Tools Søren Knudsen 8.940.000 Kids Island Entrepreneurship Academy - Additional grant following the Covid19 crisis Kids Island Nana Christiansen 100.600

Evaluation of science in leisure time Ramboll Denmark Rambøll Management Consulting Lise Nordvig Rasmussen 3.063.688

Workshops Makerspaces 2020 Aarhus University Department of Communication and Culture Katrine Holm Kanstrup 494.000

Politikens Educational Award 2021-2023 House of Politiken Politiken Live Lise Ring 5.100.000

Pilot Study on Denmark's Capacity for Computational Thinking in K12 Aarhus University CCTD Ole Sejer Iversen 407.024

Makerspaces Jammerbugt Municipality School and Daycare Helle Nørgaard Pedersen 6.306.420

Makerspaces af learning labs in Favrskov Municipality Favrskov Municipality Children and School John Klesner 5.609.340

The MakerWorks in Frederikssund Frederikssund Municipality Centre for Children and School Dorthe Christensen 6.775.000

Svendborg makerspace Svendborg Municipality School and Education Søren Rasmussen 2.046.468

YoungScience - Additional grant following the Covid19 crisis Youth School Society Ejnar Bo Pedersen 304.750

Project MakerLab - a gateway to technical vocational education Svendborg Vocational High School Tech Allan Kruse 6.119.000

Boss Ladies vol. 2 Divers Association (Nina er IKKE længere direktør her) Nina Groes 9.500.000

Evaluation design Makerspaces in primary school VIA University College Research Programme for Learning and IT Lillian Buus 2.999.000

Total 70.556.686

Daylight and Building Component Award

Daylight Award Winner 2020: Juha Leiviskä Individuals Juha Leiviskä 450.000

Daylight Award Winner 2020: Henry Plummer Individuals Henry Plummer 450.000

Total 900.000

Environment and Sustainability

KR Foundation 2021 KR Foundation Brian Valbjørn Sørensen 150.000.000

Total 150.000.000

Other Grants

Developing of outdoor activities for alle generations in the village of Ebdrup Ebdrup Community Centre Helle Redke 400.000

Children's games from all over the world Individuals Louise Banke Kristensen 275.000

VB 1968 Soccer school 2021 VB 1968 Jørgen Franck 40.200

New playground for nature nusery Myretuen Nature nursery Myretuen Tina Guldberg Olufsen 170.000

Rhytm - and Toneplace Ansager Township Developmnet Lisbet Steen Mortensen 500.000

Outdoor teaching and campsite Silkeborg Middle School Erik Poulsen 442.843

New groundbreaking planetary system The Tycho Brahe Planetarium Mette Broksø Thygesen 6.050.000

Film production: The Art of Building a Metro Eddy Media ApS Christian Vorting 1.200.000

Everyone is entitled to a great outdoor life YMCA Rinkenæs Karsten Gram 100.000

New outdoor zone in Frederik VI's Asylum Frederik VI's Asylum Mads Elvius 375.000

The light filled green space that creates well-being for people with dementia Aalborg University BUILD - Department of Construction, Towns and Environment Nanet Mathiasen 2.169.610

Garden of generations. Daylight and fresh air for everybody Thorsø Pavillon Peter Dahlgaard 249.000

The Carousel Morsø Municipality Technique and Environment Anne Holm Paludan 1.000.000

Lisbjerg Open Air Arena The Network School All Day Teaching in Aarhus Lone Grosen 3.355.000

Eco-High School - Teaching and Social Activities Outdoors Risskov High School Gitte Horsbøl 2.103.570

Elevating Communal Space The Self-governing Institution Øresund College Niels Kristian Bjerg 2.808.780

Outdoor kitchen, anglers' jetty, learning centre et cetera Society for preservation and information of natural and cultural environments in the Danish Forests Holger Nielsen 450.000

Total 21.689.003

Social Projects Abroad

Developing digital literacy and digital skills for future jobs in the Czech Republic Czechitas, z.s. Lucie Jurystova 7.938.027 Technology across generations (TAG) Secondary technical school and Secondary vocational school Vyškov, funded org. Blanka Jagošová 13.083.783

Let´s Open the Door for Future Střední škola obchodní a služeb SČMSD, Žďár nad Sázavou, s.r.o. Radka Hronková 7.751.232

Centrum - Art Handicrafting Centre Stredni skola a vyssi odborna skola umelecka a remeslna Jana Porvichova 11.250.028

Student start-up for the 21st century as a support of independent creative activity of high school youth Secondary Technical School, Business Academy and Language School, Frydek-Mistek Martin Tobias 2.662.507

Chance for a Change Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta Model Programmes Csaba Hidvegi 13.312.533

Fun4All - Early Childhood Intervention Centre and Playhouse in Budapest - Additional grant Hungarian Down Association Károly Kisari 500.000 “The Green Center” - environment-friendly architecture for children Empowering Children Foundation Monika Sajkowska 1.500.004

Airstrip Generado Foundation Sebastian Cycuła 10.875.027

A Chance to Dignity Lumina Association Dumitrache Mihaela 500.000

Regional Career Guidance Centres Rozvojová agentúra BBSK n.o. Andrea Pavlikova 6.334.735

Total 80.937.426

VILFON - Technical and Scientific Research

Direct extraction of active membrane proteins and complexes for cryo-EM University of Copenhagen Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences Nicolai Johansen 1.906.125 Room-Temperature Generation of Indistinguishable Single Photons University of Southern Denmark The Mads Clausen Institute Shailesh Kumar 1.956.000 Salmonids in hot water: are physiological constraints causing salmonids to die? Technical University of Denmark DTU Aqua Kim Birnie-Gauvin 2.493.250 Data-driven Approaches for enhancing resilience of Multi-Energy systems (DAME) Technical University of Denmark Department of Electrical Engineering Jiawei Wang 2.215.065 Lifetime tracker: using kinetic GPS tags to track animals from birth to death University of Copenhagen Natural History Museum of Denmark Rasmus Havmøller 1.999.609 Electrochemical Hydrogenation of biO-crude (ELHYOs) Aarhus University Department of Engineering Jacopo Catalano 1.776.430 Massive Exploration of the Sequence Dependence of Protein Phase Separation Technical University of Denmark DTU Bioengineering Alexander Buell 1.999.999 ARTIFICIAL OLFACTION: Biological perception, digital encoding, and chemical reproduction of the sense of smell University of Copenhagen Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences Karel Miettinen 1.999.977 GRAZing Incidence X-ray Ptychographic MicroscopY - GRAZY Technical University of Denmark DTU Energy Jens Wenzel Andreasen 1.998.487 Study of electromagnetic communication between chiral drug molecules and its receptor in water Technical University of Denmark DTU Chemical Engineering Michael Bache 1.999.224 Framework grant for Villum Family and Onboarding Support and establishing of The Mobility Foundation The Mobility Foundation 2.000.000

One-step synthesis of green ammonia from renewables Technical University of Denmark DTU Energy Ming Chen 1.762.801

Catch me if you conjugate. Plasmid recovery from complex ecosystems using secreted pilus machinery as a hook. University of Copenhagen Department of Biology Joseph Nesme 1.995.008

Villum family and onboarding The Mobility Foundation Josephine Lethenborg 1.000.000

Reburning of waste plastics for NOx reduction Technical University of Denmark DTU Chemical Engineering Hao Wu 1.991.718

NanoTrain: Programmable colloidal nanomachine University of Southern Denmark The Mads Clausen Institute Jacek Fiutowski 1.984.900 Effective, efficient and robust clustering models for molecular dynamics simulations Aarhus University Department of Computer Science Ira Assent 2.999.854

Data Science meets Microbial Dark Matter Aalborg University Department of Computer Science Katja Hose 2.999.714


Deep Learning and Remote Sensing for Unlocking Global Ecosystem Resource Dynamics University of Copenhagen Department of Computer Science (DIKU) Rasmus Fensholt 14.911.883

Light-AI for Cognitive Power Electronics Aalborg University Department of Energy Technology Huai Wang 2.996.278

CLAIRE : ControLing wAter In an uRban Environment Aalborg University Department of Computer Science Kim Guldstrand Larsen 2.949.763 Searchlight: Integrated Optical Neural Networks for Information Retrieval Technical University of Denmark DTU Photonics Hao Hu 3.000.000

Nation-scale social networks Technical University of Denmark DTU Compute Sune Lehmann 19.658.579

Developing a Chemically Self Sustaining Martian Society Aarhus University Department of Chemistry Kim Daasbjerg 1.912.486 How do mother plants protect their seedlings? University of Copenhagen Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management Chatchai Kosawang 1.997.880

Polymer recycling via monomer reuse Aarhus University Department of Chemistry Alexander Zelikin 1.980.735

Sustainable Synthesis of Advanced Organic Molecules by Asymmetric Catalysis and C-H Functionalization Technical University of Denmark DTU Department of Chemistry Søren Kramer 1.995.404

Villum family and onboarding The Mobility Foundation Stine Kunnerup Laursen 1.000.000

The cellular ultrastructure of Asgard archaea - the ancestors of the eukaryotic cell Aarhus University Department of Biology Kasper Urup Kjeldsen 1.996.114 Using rock surface luminescence dating of stone tools to track early human migration throughout the world Technical University of Denmark DTU Physics Eike F. Rades 1.860.519 Ultrasonic evolution of microalgae: A Darwinian approach for biofuel production Technical University of Denmark DTU Physics Massimiliano Rossi 1.974.551 Transfer of biochemical defence between plant species Aarhus University Department of Agroecology Mette Vestergård 1.986.855 A Novel Voltage-sensing Nano-device based on Flexoelectric Coupling in Lipid Membranes University of Southern Denmark Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy Himanshu Khandelia 2.000.000 Villum Centre of Excellence for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory (QMATH) - Extension University of Copenhagen Jan Philip Solovej 29.998.971 Mid-infrared photoacoustic microscopy: listening to biological molecules Technical University of Denmark DTU Photonics Christos Markos 1.997.935 Remediation of marine dead zones by enhancing microbial sulfide oxidation using electrodes (REDOX) Technical University of Denmark DTU Environment Stefan Trapp 1.999.119 How hot are plasmonic hotspots? Probing the chemical reactivity of plasmonic nanoparticles with electrons Technical University of Denmark DTU Nanolab Shima Kadkhodazadeh 1.999.382 ViralX - Determinants of viral crossing of species barriers University of Copenhagen Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences Alexander Byth Carstens 1.992.576 Lignin mimetics – Polymer materials derived from tree that will degrade at land and in the sea University of Copenhagen Department of Chemistry Frederik Diness 1.998.996 Enable bioelectro-synthesis of chiral amines (EnBioAm) Technical University of Denmark DTU Department of Chemistry Xinxin Xiao 1.999.989 AUGMENT: Targeted upregulation of protein expression using artificial small RNA guides. Aarhus University Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics Søren Lykke-Andersen 1.998.897 Opening the black box: imaging nanoparticle transport in porous media Technical University of Denmark DTU Physics Henning Osholm Sørensen 1.949.074 3D printing of high-performance continuous fiber composites (CFC) for repair of wind turbine blades (PrintRepair) Technical University of Denmark Department of Wind Energy Ali Sarhadi 1.972.855 Enabling User-Accountable Mechanisms in Decision Systems IT University Department of Computer Science Rosario Giustolisi 1.988.652

Magnetic switching near absolute zero Technical University of Denmark DTU Physics Rasmus Toft-Petersen 1.838.249

Printing nature to study nature- artificial 3D-leaves for ecologically relevant studies of bacterial biofilm communities University of Copenhagen Department of Biology Mette Burmølle 1.983.509 Challenging the Current Paradigm for Planet Formation University of Copenhagen Niels Bohr Institute Tobias Heinemann 1.994.436 The singing bird brain: an out-of-body experiment University of Southern Denmark Department of Biology Iris Adam 1.982.600 Metal vapors in catalyst synthesis – a superior route to advanced materials? Technical University of Denmark DTU Energy Benedikt Axel Brandes 1.195.677 Fusion of hydrology and geophysics for a description of surface- and groundwater dynamics in a changing climate Aarhus University Department of Geoscience Line Meldgaard Madsen 2.342.800 Building-LCA of SCALES Aalborg University BUILD - Department of Construction, Towns and Environment Freja Nygaard Rasmussen 2.211.552 Coastal erosion hotspots - where and why? University of Copenhagen Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management Drude Fritzbøger Christensen 2.423.127

Villum family and onboarding The Mobility Foundation Vivian Tos Lindgaard 1.000.000

Insane in the membrane; how to avoid crowding of the Escherichia coli inner membrane? University of Copenhagen Department of Biology Jakob Frimodt-Møller 1.999.608 Virus free high yield bacteria for food ingredients – Electrified ceramic membrane reactors an answer? Technical University of Denmark DTU Energy Bhaskar Reddy Sudireddy 1.988.611 Electronic Tunneling as a Tool for Understanding Electrocatalysts Activity & Selectivity Technical University of Denmark DTU Physics Brian Seger 1.998.508 ClimateCow: Reducing ruminant methane emission by killing methanogenic archaea with viruses University of Copenhagen Department of Food Science (FOOD) Dennis Sandris Nielsen 1.998.965

Cosmic Beacons University of Copenhagen Niels Bohr Institute Adriano Agnello 1.991.128

Does Charge Movement in Minerals Drive Landscape Evolution? (CRACK) Technical University of Denmark DTU Physics Mayank Jain 1.998.788 Hunting for totally new bacterial natural products Technical University of Denmark DTU Biosustain Xinglin Jiang 1.894.671 Mycoviruses: a hitherto unknown member of the soil food web Aarhus University Department of Environmental Science Rumakanta Sapkota 1.999.863

Engineering biological memory in bacteria University of Copenhagen Department of Biology Anders Løbner-Olesen 1.999.768

Surface NMR with long excitation pulses - technicality or game changer? Aarhus University Department of Engineering Jakob Juul Larsen 1.998.266 Engineering bacteria for self-sabotage Technical University of Denmark DTU National Food Institute Anurag Kumar Sinha 1.944.609 Tiny dragons (Kinorhyncha) answering big questions - insights into metazoan segmentation University of Copenhagen Department of Biology Maria Herranz Matesanz 1.901.557 Towards a Thinking X-ray Microscope: Deep Learning to Predict Fluorescence Labels of Cellular Organelles in SXT University of Southern Denmark Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Daniel Wüstner 1.928.550 Methane, a sign of life - what drives its dynamics on Mars? Aarhus University Department of Biology Kai Finster 1.995.290

Villum family and onboarding The Mobility Foundation Vibeke Tyrre Pedersen 1.000.000

Villum family and onboarding The Mobility Foundation Vibeke Tyrre Pedersen 1.000.000

Villum family and onboarding The Mobility Foundation Vivian Tos Lindgaard 1.000.000

Additional Grant - IceFlow University of Copenhagen Niels Bohr Institute Dorthe Dahl-Jensen 1.380.000

A paradigm shift in carbohydrate chemistry: stereocontrolled glycosylation Technical University of Denmark DTU Department of Chemistry Mads Clausen 1.999.865 ATTiKA - Adaptive Tools for Technical Knowledge Acquisition IT University Department of Computer Science Nanna Inie 2.164.063

6D ceramics Technical University of Denmark DTU Energy Astri Bjørnetun Haugen 5.996.330

Drought-induced tipping points in ecosystem functioning: Coupled insights from Earth Observation, DVMs and Field Ecology University of Copenhagen Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management Stephanie Horion 5.985.505 The Effects of Ice Nucleation Proteins on Arctic Clouds (ICARUS) Aarhus University Department of Biology Tina Santl-Temkiv 5.998.619 Bioengineered and compartmentalised bioproduction in photosynthetic microalgae University of Southern Denmark SDU Biotechnology Michele Fabris 7.997.100 Bias Explained: Pushing Algorithmic Fairness with Models and Experiments IT University Department of Computer Science Roberta Sinatra 5.998.067 Quantum Networks with Nonlinear Photonic Devices (QNET-NODES) Technical University of Denmark DTU Photonics Mikkel Heuck 5.996.592 Printed Bio-inspired Hydrogel based Substrate with Adhesiveness & Electrical Conductivity for Sustainable Electronics Aarhus University Department of Engineering Shweta Agarwala 5.998.215 Digital volume correlation – unraveling Fatigue in heteROgeneous eNgineering maTERIals (Frontier) Technical University of Denmark DTU Civil Engineering Alexander Michel 5.999.536

Indoor Chemistry and Air Quality Aarhus University Department of Engineering Kasper Vita Kristensen 5.998.561

Controversial Data and Algorithms (CoDA): Digital solutions to crises of public trust Roskilde University Department of Communication and Humanities Sine Nørholm Just 67.000.000 Bridging social neuroscience and social data science: uncovering interaction and brain mechanisms in social networks Technical University of Denmark DTU Compute Ivana Konvalinka 5.994.860 Adaptive Crawling with a Soft Skin: A Snake-Inspired Soft Robot for Rectilinear Locomotion University of Southern Denmark Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Institute Ahmad Rafsanjani 5.998.400 DECODENSE: Mean-Field Density Matrix Decompositions Technical University of Denmark DTU Department of Chemistry Janus Eriksen 7.999.368 Quantum Metasurface: A Novel Platform for Generating and Manipulating Single Photons University of Southern Denmark The Mads Clausen Institute Fei Ding 5.996.100

Understanding the First Billion Years University of Copenhagen Niels Bohr Institute Charlotte Mason 7.999.725

Machine learning-guided design of materials for low-temperature catalysis Aarhus University Department of Physics and Astronomy Mie Andersen 7.997.528

Trustworthy Quantum Technologies University of Copenhagen Department of Mathematics Laura Mancinska 5.988.977

YIP+ Unravelling the resilience of Arctic marine mammals to future climate change using palaeo-archives University of Copenhagen Globe Institute Eline Lorenzen 3.999.810 YIP+ Physics of diffusive auxin transport in plant cell networks (YIP+) Technical University of Denmark DTU Physics Kaare H. Jensen 3.998.620

Physics of Quantum Information Applications University of Copenhagen Niels Bohr Institute Morten Kjærgaard 7.999.735

YIP+The Hidden Cosmos; Bringing to light the agents of star formation and heavy element production in the early Universe Technical University of Denmark DTU Space Georgios Magdis 3.995.704 YIP+ Neutron stars rattling, shining, and sparkling University of Copenhagen Niels Bohr Institute Irene Tamborra 3.999.029 YIP+ Paving the Way for Biosignature Detections by Characterizing Small Exoplanets Technical University of Denmark DTU Space Lars A. Buchhave 3.999.975

Efficient Recomputations for Changeful Problems Technical University of Denmark DTU Compute Eva Rotenberg 5.996.492

The Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award 2021 - Institution share Technical University of Denmark DTU Physics Ib Chorkendorff 4.500.000

The Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award 2021 - personal share Individuals Ib Chorkendorff 500.000

The Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award 2021 - personal share Individuals Jens-Christian Svenning 500.000

Spinning Around: New generation of Spin-Information Transistors (SANSIT) Technical University of Denmark DTU Energy Felix Trier 7.995.859 The Villum Kann Rasmussen Annual Award 2021 - Institution share Aarhus University Department of Biology Jens-Christian Svenning 4.500.000


VILLUM FONDEN total 752.328.052


Active Senior Citizens

Renovation of spawning banks for trout fish Hjørring Sports Anglers' Society Tuesday Club Jørgen Weinkauff Jakobsen 80.000

Garden tractor Villersø Crolf Club Niels Hammer 16.500

Publishing of: The journey to Myanmar Bogværket Publishers Lisette Kampmann 35.000

Publishing of: The Mejrup Book, moods from a parish in development Web Design and Visual Communication Michael Bjerre Drost 18.750

Digitisation of films Scout Museum North Jutland Kurt Keldorff 20.000

Ultrastructural investigation of the epithalamus, a brain area transmitting light impulses regulating the pineal gland University of Copenhagen Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology Morten Møller 90.000 Symposium for Danish audio-newspapers for the blind and sight impaired National Society for the Visionally Impaired, Eastern Zealand Stevns Club for the visually impaired Steffen Brandorff 35.000

Publishing of: Copenhagen' "import" of Delft fayences 1600 - 1800 Jelling Publishers Lars Topgaard 10.000

Table/bench sets Hammel Gymnastics Association Youth and Senior Exercise Lene Skouborg 15.000

Publishing of: Stones alive Eksistensen Publishing Annette Østergård 20.000

Publishing of: When the World Art came to Northern Jutland Historia Publishers Povl A. Hansen 20.000

Publishing of: FDFs during the occupation BogForm Publishers Jean Seeberg 10.000

Publishing of: Research into well-being1960-2020 Active Senior Citizens Eggert Petersen 15.000

Tourguide system Friends of Springeren Kjeld Holm 75.000

Publishing of: Scrivener in Odense Skulkenborg Publishers Anders Berthelsen 10.000

Mobile Repair Shop Repair Café Kolding Nanna Nørholm 30.000

Soft ice machine Friends of Mellemtoft Lisbeth Steffensen 10.000

The FUT Team - an active senior life in Stepping Stepping Sports Society Anne Busch 25.000

Laptops for board members Bevtoft Region Seniors Grete Christiansen 6.000

Establishing of petanque courses Spjald Youth Community Niels Kristian Kyndesen 35.000

Publishing of: Odsherred 2 Bogværket Publishers Kurt Sørensen 7.500

Publishing of: Martin with the Flute - The life of Martin Jørgensen Kahrius Publishers Lars Christiansen 15.000

Publishing of: Follow the trail Novus Publishers Frans Gregersen 20.000

Levelling thickness planer Furesø Wood and Metal Guild Niels-Jørgen Rafn 30.000

Publishing of "Rosenholmeren" Senior Magazine Rosenholmeren Ole Andreasen 25.000

Publishing of: The Crazy Accordion Player - a Portrait of the Founder of "De Splittergale" - Jacob Hogrebe Kahrius Publishers Thorkil Green Nielsen 8.000

Publishing of: Russenknecht Mellemgaard Publishers Calli Vollertsen 7.500

Active seniors running IT tutorials for refugees Language Café Tårnby Bodil Theill Macfarlane 35.000

Publishing of: The elegies of Propertius Multivers Publishers Ole Meyer 7.500

Publishing of: Spanish Queens Mellemgaard Publishers Nellie Vierhout 10.000

Film and photo exhibition Meeting Point City Josephine Paddison 29.000

Bicycle shed for rickshaws Friends of the Toreby Centre Birthe Albrektsen 75.000

Outdoor benches and tables Hornborg Gymnastics and Sports Association (HGI) Petanque Department Per Rasmussen 20.000

Purchasing of 27 m3 rockdust for 14 petanque courts Auning Petanque Club Finn Skriver Poulsen 10.000

Publishing of: South Africa 1990-94 - the memoirs of a diplomat The Danish Foreign Policy Society Peter Brückner 15.000

Ørsted Volunteer House Ørsted Volunteer House Jane Hansen 100.000

Purchasing of a set of songbooks The Butterflies, The Volunteer Dementia group Anders Bech 10.000

Publishing of: Synopses Attika Publishers Steen Andersen 4.000

New glass oven Rosengård Centre, Centre Council Per Sørensen 15.000

Electric installation in pavilion DaneAge Hinnerup Tingstedets Crolf Club Henrik Wiehe 7.500

The Youth is always right - literary cabaret LiSE Literary Societies Johan Rosdahl 15.000

Improved working conditions for the stone sculpturing group Kunstnergården Society, Dianalund The Stone Sculpturing Group Poul Odgaard 25.000

Bridgemate II BK51 Assens Bridge Club Frantz Dolberg 10.000

Motorboat and miscellaneous equipment Svendborg Shipyard and Slipway Jens Høy von Scheven 20.000

Establishing of crolf club Rødvig Gymnastics and Sports Society Bent Højmann 14.300

Tractor for the Maintenance Team Western Jutland Glider Club Mogens Lund 60.000

Purchasing of training equipment Stubbekøbing Fitness Society Johnny Brincker 30.000

Senior Folk Meeting 2020 Governing Council for the Senior Folk Meeting 2020 Anne-Grethe Nielsen 100.000

Improvement of acoustics to the benefit of seniors Balle Community House Søren Bendixen 10.000

Relief project in Sambuyan Village in The Gambia SVF - The Skagen School - Sambuyan Village Friends Leif Aaberg 30.000

Agriculture school project in Uganda (introduction of agriculture practice during education) Seniors Without Borders - National Council Seniors without Borders - Eastern Region Per Hartmann 18.000

Learning from Bridge Danish Bridge Society Rørvig Bridge Club Hans-Henrik Dræby 20.000

Publishing of: The thin ice of the skin Historia Publishers Lise Andersen 7.500

Publishing of: Life in Clay - Clay with Life Narayana Publishers Ole Møller Andersen 15.000

Renovation of toilets and hall in Birkende Assembly House Birkende Assembly House Helen Folleraas 60.000

Active seniors make H.C. Ørsteds scientific accomplishments come to life The H.C.Ørsted Society Troels Krøyer 25.000

Creative communities Langeland Crafts Association Egon Knudsen 10.000

Birding group DN-Mariagerfjord - building kit for bird nests and insect hotels The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 22.000

IT tutorials for seniors Community House Kirkebakken Kjeld Hansen 46.500

Mowing-team in Halsnæs The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 30.000

Publishing of: Nivaagaard Brick Kiln, history and technology Nivaagaard Brick Kiln Vilhelm Carl Jørgen Schousboe 5.000

Publishing of: Life at Rodsteenseje, a tale from the period 1954-2012 Eastern Jutland Homeland Society Kirsten Eriknauer 15.000

Move & Touch Glostrup Municipality Activity Centre for Retirees and other Senior Citizens Bjarne Knudsen 45.000

Renovation of staircase and livingroom Holeby Community Centre Henrik Andreassen 25.000

SeniorCulture in the 20's Senior Centre Sct. Josef Dorthe Pedersen 40.000

Historical trails along the golden east coast Golden East Coast Søren Holm Kristensen 40.000

Publishing of: People and everything else Klim Publishing Hans-Jørgen Schanz 10.000

Publishing of: Diplomacy in the border region. Memoirs and background 1998-2017 History Society of Southern Jutland Henrik Becker-Christensen 10.000

Restoration of dinghys Sundsøre Yacht Marina Frank Jakobsen 25.000

Publishing of: Once upon a time in Himmerland Skriveforlaget Publishers Erling Boe Christensen 10.000

Publishing of: William Shakespeare: Sonnets (new Danish translation) Vandkunsten Publishers Holger Scheibel 20.000

Exhibition - Natural History of Anholt Anholt Museum Niels Schrøder 25.000

Høegsparken, an exercise- and activity park Hammershøj Civic Society Malene Graakjær Hansen 10.000

Publishing of: In the mirror of the poet Christianshavn Local History Society Ove Bjørn Petersen 15.000

Publishing of: When time goes by, I go along Ådalen Publishers Annette Bruhn 7.500

Publishing of: Jesus and what he was talking about Historia Publishers Peter Rubæk 10.000

New Folk Highschool songbooks Krarup Senior Association Poul Dirksen 15.000

Publishing of: View from the branch of faith Sing new - Network for new psalms dissemination Kirsten Nielsen 25.000

Tournament materials Odder Bridge Club Alex Salling 10.000

Improvement of access to the local archives at Egense Community Centre Egense-Rantzusminde Local History Archives Klaus Johannessen 25.000


Sporting Course Assing Parish Hunting and Shooting Association Torben Bøndergaard 30.000 Publishing of: Street names of Ribe Museums of Southwestern Jutland Museums of Southwestern Jutland Publishers Leif Graves Christensen 8.400

Publishing of: Saint Petri Church in Copenhagen Vandkunsten Publishers Hans Munk Hansen 20.000

Design of cultivation facilities for mussels and seaweed in the Oresound Maritime Kitchen Gardens Copenhagen Kjeld Brøndum-Christensen 25.000 Spinning bikes for indoor cycling for seniors Skalbjerg Sports Club The Spinning Department Bjarne Stenhøj Hansen 60.000

Publishing of: What the maids told Mellemgaard Publishers Bent Hardervig 15.000

Lecture series Karlslunde Senior Centre Anny Dahl Møller 17.000

Establishing of shelter for petanque Seniors of Ørum Region Kristian Hald 10.000

Publication of: Niels Brunse: To translate Shakespeare U Press Publishers Mads Julius Elf 10.000

Publishing of: Anton Meybusch, Royal Court Medalist. Stockholm - Paris - Copenhagen Danish Numismatic Association Preben Nielsen 15.000

Publishing of: Finally the Sun emerged Ådalen Publishers Willy Wiltoft 7.500

Publishing of: Ole Skouboe - a life with football and journalism Mellemgaard Publishers Ole Skouboe 10.000

Publishing of: The Monk from Owl Lake Kahrius Publishers Visti Christensen 10.000

City Park and Senior Activity Nørager Citizens' and Craftsmen's Association Søren Christensen 50.000

Publishing of: Healthy, slender and happy - with climate-friendly food Mellemgaard Publishers Aksel Nissen 7.500

Social activities and well-being Brain Association Esbjerg/Fanoe Mette Vibeke Kristiansen 10.000

Sauna house Lynæs Sea Bath Lis Kristensen 30.000

Publishing of: People and places - Poetry route of Western Jutland - Kaj Munk Friends of Kaj Munk Rectory Jon Høgh 10.000

Publishing of: The Cretan gorges, as I experienced them Mellemgaard Publishers Kirsten Gundersen 7.500

Publishing of: Female sailors in the Mediterranean Ocean Mellemgaard Publishers Hanne Nielsen 11.250

Purchasing of tele loop Hearing Association Høreforeningen Viborg Lokal afd. Allan Hørmann Laursen 20.000

Purchasing of wood lathes Tapdrup Handicraft Association Karl Olesen 20.000

Bridge in Dalum DHG Odense Handball Søren Junker 20.000

Bicycle Exercisers in Langeskov DaneAge Association DaneAge Association Langeskov-Munkebo Louise Qaaviga 20.000

Two electrical ceramic lathes Supporters to Friends of The Umbrella Ebbe Vitt Jensen 15.000

Åbakken's Ecological Fruit Garden Åbakken Ecological Fruit Garden Henning Søndergaard 30.000

Publishing of: The beast. Logbook about a mass murderer. A documentary novel Turbine Publishers A/S Jørn Tranekjær Andresen 10.000

Purchasing of kayaks for senior rowing Dragør Kayak Club Ricco Bøhm Leth 40.000

Purchasing of twin electric bicycle Herning Municipality Activity House Kastaniegården, Centre Council Karin Sandgaard 15.000

Publishing of: Trapped in the Cathedral Ådalen Publishers Carl Frederik Wiwe 7.500

Publishing of: Tales from Gudhjem Lemuel Books Erling Haagensen 15.000

Purchasing of training equipment Men's Meeting Point Odsherred Finn Wulff 20.000

Publishing of: The garden on the moor Trykværket Publishers Knud Lindhardt Halskov 7.500

Publishing of: Ceramic Art -What is it about? Strandberg Publishing Peder Rasmussen 15.000

Establishing a padel court in Skagen Tennisklub Skagen Tennis Club Johan Hessellund 35.000

Publishing of: The Red Corner - I. P. Nielsen 1873-1952 Local Archive for the Labour Movement in Sønderborg Municipality Frode Sørensen 10.000

Purchasing of IT and AV equipment Danish Seniors Danish Seniors Frederiksberg Ole Leerbeck 10.000

New depot building The Self-governing Institution Hobro Community House Hans Jørgen Christensen 40.000

Digitisation Local History Archives Løgstør Gunnar Villumsen 15.000

Publishing of: We believe we can measure everything. A declaration of love for Zimbabwe Turbine Publishers A/S Bjørn Førde 10.000

Full sails ahead Ladby Ship Guild Egon Jensen 24.000

Caps to the volunteers in The Bird Conservation Foundation Bird Conservation Foundation Kristian Dammand Nielsen 30.000

Publishing of: Art fraud - the fight to be right Mellemgaard Publishers Niels Gangsted-Rasmussen 7.500

Publishing of: A visit at a Lacandon Family TJ Film ApS Teit Jørgensen 10.000

Nature care for insects The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 7.434

Billard Table DaneAge Association DaneAge Allerød Asger Jespersen 25.000

Publishing of: Houses of Glass in Copenhagen Frydenlund Publishers Peter Olesen 10.000

Publishing of: Reunion in Tønder Municipality Local History Archives for Tønder Old Municipality Karin Lauritzen 7.500

Purchasing of materials and implementation of stonegrinding workshop Tamdrup Center - The Centre Council Thorkild E. Kay 15.000 Castor - a social meeting point for seniors of Bogense The Selfgoverning Institution Castor of Bogense Henning Gammelgaard 25.000

Publication of: Sct. Martin's Church - history and art BogForm Publishers Bjarne Smed 15.000

Machinery for wood workshop Men's meetingplaces Haslev Torben Kastholm 15.000

Publishing of: The medieval Børglum The Børglum Monastery Plays Gert Hvidberg Jensen 18.750

A new inrigger rowing boat Haderslev Rowing Club Merete Fyhn Davidsen Dypping 70.000

Sound equipment Bramming Bridge Club Bent Sommer 20.000

Trip to Fantasy Island The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 17.217

Loudspeaker and mixer equipment Højslev Kirkeby Citizen Society Dorrit Tranberg 10.000

Publication of: As I saw it - North of The Fiord and The Wild West. Active Senior Citizens Ditlev Davidsen Nielsen 7.500 The green night trailer. Part of the project registration and monitoring of bats The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 15.000

Publishing of: The Bjørn-family from 1667 to 1972 Ådalen Publishers Ole Bjørn 7.500

Save the Well Smack Rigmor - last authentic witness to Danish eel industry Rigmor well smack Association Jørn Ruby 125.000

Palestine in Denmark - a church concert The October Choir Jan Lars Nielsen 12.000

Nature's Day in Middelfart The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 35.000

Song books Grauballelund Activity Council Annalise Kristensen 10.000

Elaboration of printed matterial Boat Guild The Canal Rats - Lynette Seniors Klaus Sørensen 7.000

Publishing of: Jens Long Knife - a story from the very olden days Mellemgaard Publishers Leif Søndergaard Andersen 7.500 Publishing of: The Yellow Wests speak up. Report from a Revolt in France Mondo Grande Publishers - Christoffersen Consulting Mads Christoffersen 10.000

Renovation of Helnæs Fire and Emergency Station Helnæs Local Council Niels Thomsen 25.000

Renewal of FR Inrigger 2020-2021 Fredensborg Rowing Club Niels Asbjørn Clemmesen 100.000

Publishing of: Grandmother's Gold Egolibris Publishing Lene Jensen 7.500

Exhibition: A Drop to the Earth Active Senior Citizens Rigmor Bak Frederiksen 7.700

Publishing of: Rosita and Silas. On new Adventures Mellemgaard Publishers Hans Agersnap Møller Kristensen 7.500

Publishing of: Knud Brugs tells about Ådum Kirkeby Aadum Parish Archives Knud Mogensen 7.500

Publishing of: Those are the pioneers Egolibris Publishing Hans-Henrik Thomsen 5.000

Lawn mower Langelands Beekeeping Association Svend Aage Sørensen 14.000

Publishing of: Motorcycle rides in Europe Mellemgaard Publishers Ejler Holt 10.000

Digital piano for the choir Sangvinum Sangvinum Alice Kiander 16.000

Publishing of: Figures in a parish of western Jutland 1943 Historia Publishers Astrid Schmidt 7.500

Publishing of: Take your grandchildren to school Mellemgaard Publishers Hans-Henrik Holm 7.500

Wax moulds for hive frames Morsø Apiculture Association Henning Vad Jensen 20.700

Chair lift for stairway in Activity Room Association Birkedommervej Jette Varn 30.000

Purchasing of printer with necessary equipment Frederikssund Photo Club Per Deleurang Hansen 10.000

Purchasing of Kayak trailer Tisvildeleje Kayak Club Stefan Hammerich 10.000

Publishing of: The Political Philosophy of Marsilius of Padua Aarhus University Publishers Claus Bryld 20.000

New boiler to S/S Bjoern Danish Veteran Ship Club S/S Bjoern Stig Sune Andersen 120.000


Improved access for handicapped and others Jebjerg Community House Kirsten Jakobsen 30.000

Publishing of: Nanna's Journey Forfatterskabet.dk Bente Hahne Hansen 7.500

Purchasing of television Men's Meeting Points Silkeborg Søren Christian Sørensen 15.000

Activities and equipment Blixen Club Tårnby Ellen Margrethe Kokbøl 15.000

Climate, biodiversity and circular economy The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 10.000

Replacement of kayaks Føns Water Sports Club Poul Kristensen 30.000

Sauna Jegindø Winter Swimmers' Guild Esther Boll 20.000

Publishing of: From here my world goes Art Nordic DK / Winther Graphics Lars Skaaning 10.000

Recording and recital of Kaj Munk's poem dated 1943: The Fallen Patriots' Memorial Fund Ole Rønnest 15.000

Publishing of: Peter L. Vesterdorf - Memoirs of a EU-expert's life in law and politics Trykværket Publishers Peter Leif Vesterdorf 10.000

Documentation of the presence of dormice The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 12.500

Publishing of: In the rays of the sun Frydenlund Publishers Torben Jetsmark 15.000

Publishing of: The happy factory -The story about Bang & Olufsen Operations A/S told from the inside Ådalen Publishers Peter Pasgaard 10.000 Renovation of five high ecclesial murals on gables in Odense Association for conservation of Ecclesial Mural Art in Odense Keld Larsen 30.000

Publishing of: Painters on Christianshavn Christianshavn Local History Society Kristian Hvidt 15.000

Photo equipment and user education Photogroup Midwest Niels Finnerup 50.000

Purchasing of Petanque Bullets Hunderup-Sejstrup Youth and Gymnastics Society Petanque Alex Andersen 10.000

Publishing of: Where do you come from? Ådalen Publishers Masoumeh Dorodian 5.000

Publishing of: Drawings and sketches, Leif Dræby 1960 - 2020 Active Senior Citizens Leif Dræby 5.000

The new edition of the Folk Highschool Songbook Arrild Retirees' Club Valborg Wind 15.000

Danish Marine Pilot History - establishing of website Museum Society of Danish Marine Pilots Poul Himmelstrup 19.000

Publishing of: Soulful Buildings Hovedland Publishers Paul-Erik Lind 10.000

Purchasing and mounting of sound equipment and tele loop User Council of Senior Centre Stepping Midtpunkt Birthe Bertz Thygesen 15.000

Shelter for Crolf Course DaneAge Hinnerup Tingstedets Crolf Club Henrik Wiehe 24.000

Oven for porcelain painted items AL-House Activity Center Per Rhiger 10.000

Publishing of: Power over Justice Demeter Publishers Birgitte Jørkov 10.000

PC and software for OCR-processing Nørre Nissum Local Archives Erik K. Høgsgaard 9.000

Publishing of: SONJA.... Russian Jew, Danish Communist - Docu Novel about the life of Sonja Besiakov Vandkunsten Publishers Salli Besiakov 20.000

Brownies Blues - a musical "kindergarten" for seniors Skulkenborg Publishers Anders Berthelsen 9.000

New tabletennis tables Purhus Sports Society Hans Mikkelstrup 10.000

Wood lathe for Wood Workshop Supporters to Friends of The Umbrella Ebbe Vitt Jensen 15.000

Garden tractor Aulum Allotments Association Mogens Kruse 10.000

Support for the nursing centre friend circles in Billund Municipality Volunteer Social Network in Billund Municipality Anne Eriksen 6.500

Publishing of: History of the gas station Skinne Book Publishers Nils Bloch 10.000

National Management Course Danish Senior Dance Danish Senior Dance - Himmerland Rosa Lilly Skriver 15.000

Publishing of: Disruption - five stories from different eras Historia Publishers Ebbe Larsen 7.500

New scanner / printer Vadum Local History Archives Lars Jørgen Nielsen 4.000

Renovation and maintenance of old fire vehicles Esbjerg Ladder Guild Ivan Haahr Schrøder 40.000

Publishing of: Time goes by, and we go along Ådalen Publishers Ole Bjørn 7.500

Publishing of: Early childhood education 1960-2020 Frydenlund Publishers Stig Broström 20.000

Expansion af wood workshop Creative Center Juelsminde Bibi Blenker 15.000

Manor Swing for Sensory garden Friends of the Club Association Lars Jacobsen 25.000

The Danish Food Bank's Active Seniors in Midtjylland The Food Bank Henrik Olsen 350.000

Pent roof at new barbecue area Fruerlundparken Society Poul Madsen 25.000

Purchasing of bicycle Bicycling without Age Henrik Norrild 30.000

Purchasing of AV- and Sound Equipment Lihme Citizen Society Claus Verner Mikkelsen 35.000

Project Genealogy Danish Veterans Northwestern Zealand Mogens Pagh 20.000

Meals with the heart Meals with the Heart Pernille Rask 50.000

Bandsaw with grinder for Wood Workshop Center Council A-Huset Elsa Bannebjerg 5.000

New mats for training and activities Halsnæs Karate-Do Wickie Schwartz 10.000

Publishing of: Apprentice of the birder Kahrius Publishers Bent Ballegaard Knudsen 5.000

Publishing of: Far away, down by the river Jannerup Graphics Ullrich Rössing 15.000

Bicycle service station in the village of Bække The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 15.000

Counteracting loneliness among seniors Folkevirke Jeanne Bau-Madsen 35.000

Day folk high school at Activity Centre SEA in Skærbæk Activity House S.E.A Rigmor Goth Olsen 15.000

Publishing of: Never forgotten Ådalen Publishers Gerner Bøwig 5.000

Publishing of: The Meteorologist through Fire and Water (preliminary title) Skriveforlaget Publishers Johan Keller 7.500

Communication Matters Seniors Without Borders - National Council Seniors without Borders Hjortshøj Lisbeth Aaen 13.000

Restoration of Veteran car, Opel P4 1933 Hjallerup Mechanical Museum Svend Keller 25.000

Looms for Senior Activities User Council Holme Civic Center Peter Tofft 10.000

Publishing of: Along Danish Roads Kahrius Publishers Niels K. Veien 7.500

Active Senior Men in Grindsted Plantation Red Cross Red Cross Brønderslev Knud Jørgensen 100.000

Lunch room for volunteers The Garden of Ecology Helle Fiskbæk 125.000

Publishing of: My acquarelles and drawings Ådalen Publishers Erik Toft 7.500

Red Cross Aabenraa - relocating to new premises Red Cross Red Cross - Aabenraa 545 Gitte Jarlnæs 88.000

Publishing of: Learning lessons Hovedland Publishers Ole Thage 15.000

The restoration of the pilot boat Ravnen Restauration Group Ravnen Hans Krebs Ovesen 60.500

Publishing of: A fortnigt in the life of Eve - Mellemgaard Publishers Gitte Paracha Thorhauge 7.500

Activation of lonely single men Mens' Meeting Point - Esbjerg Erik Schousboe 20.000

Publishing of: The Cultural History of the Kiss Frydenlund Publishers Karen Vitting Skovbjerg 10.000

Tools and machinery Men's meetingplaces Haslev Torben Kastholm 20.000

Publishing of: After Peace Hovedland Publishers Lars Møller Rasmussen 15.000

New IT equipment Svaneke Bridge Club Mogens Nørregaard 25.000

Publishing of: Daughters of the Handmaid Hovedland Publishers Elsebeth Dissing 10.000

Publishing of: Falling Hovedland Publishers Mogens Fjord Christensen 10.000

Publishing of: Grüsse von Bubschen Mellemgaard Publishers Calli Vollertsen 7.500

Publishing of: The ALS ghost - when Death entered my life Skriveforlaget Publishers Birgit Trembacz 10.000

Publishing of: Art, installations and visual culture Aarhus University Publishers Anders Troelsen 15.000

Recruitment and competence developing of volunteers for improvement of life for the incurably ill people in their own homes Odense University Hospital Palliative Volunteer Network Poul Foss Michelsen 40.000

Publishing of: Eye of the Antelope Mellemgaard Publishers Karl Frederik Nielsen 7.500

Protection against eiders Vejle Fjordhave Society Thomas Drivsholm 45.000

Wood Chipper Bjergby-Mygdal Village Council The Grey Guys from Bjergby Erling Hylle 80.000

Establishing of Thurø Fitness Society Thurø Fitness Society Inge Persson 30.000

Old Boys - 90 years anniversary Old Boys of 1930 Ole Nielsen 5.000

Publishing of: As it ended up Ådalen Publishers Klaus Bjørn 7.500


Publishing of: The path through chaos Multivers Publishers Peter Boile Nielsen 10.000

Publishing of: Intentional events Egolibris Publishing Christian Nyholm 7.500

Restoration of Citizen House Asylgården Asylgården Anny Sulkjær 30.000

House for kayaks Ringsted Rowing and Kayaking Club Anne Mette Christiansen 50.000

New kitchen and replacement of disposable tableware Birkelundgaard Cultural Centre Ivan Warrer 30.000

Publishing of: M3. 17 ascents from the Copenhagen Metro CDklassisk Publishers Peter Dürrfeld 9.000

Association of Musical Potpourri Association of Musical Potpourri Etty Holgersen 36.000

Publishing of: Used Attika Publishers Jonna Gisselbæk Svendsen 5.000

Laptops for IT classes for elderly Skævinge Activity Centre Anna Simonsen 22.000

Projektor and sound equipment Broby Leisure Centre Arne Brunholm 20.000

Outdoors Social Meetings DAB - Danish non-profit Housing Association Toftehøjvænge Housing Department Grete Nielsen 15.000

The biggest outdoor Foucault Pendulum Swinging Svendborg Poul Vase 40.000

Publishing of: Greatest of all is love Historia Publishers Torben Schmidt 10.000

The Blue Allotment The Blue Allotment Trine Labori 50.000

Publishing of: From Bomholt to Bock Gad Publishers Poul Bache 15.000

Publishing of: A story of the Danish Distillery LocalHistoryWest9000 Hanna Mortensen 22.500

Microphone and speaker for DaneAge Nørre Djurs DaneAge Association DaneAge Nørre Djurs Herdis Nielsen 15.000

Publishing of: Milkboy to Cablemaster Hotlines Jørgen Svenson 7.500

Indoor crolf course and IT equipment Øster Brønderslev Sports Club Crolf Department Poul Sørensen 20.000

Publishing of: The catastrophe of Corona passing by Sandvig Publishers Lone Rytsel 5.000

Publishing of: The Presence of the past. The historian Martin A. Hansen Historia Publishers Bernard Eric Jensen 7.500

A creative community is life-affirming in seniorlife Odsherred Theatre Old Stage Society Helle Ankerstjerne 45.000

Building of club house by senior members Sejerø Golf Club Niels-Erik Pedersen 70.000

Publishing of: A good life - after all Kahrius Publishers Sonja Bøjgaard 9.000

Purchasing of exhaust system Rosengård Centre, Centre Council The Wood Workshop Per Vedele Sørensen 18.000

Publishing of: Staunstrup Photographies -Over 400 photos from Old Hilleroed Webers Publishers Lennart Weber 10.000

Renovating of petanque course and establishing of apple grove Active Leisure West Ernst Vedstesen 70.000

Publishing of: Probably for the best! Jensen & Dalgaard Publishers Dorte Karrebæk 10.000

Publishing of: Travelers - Volume 4 Kahrius Publishers Finn Stefansson 5.000

Marine Garden Little Belt Marine Garden Middelfart Henrik Sidelmann Christensen 45.000

New sails for Green Erna Friends of Green Erna Jan Hansen 50.000

Publishing of: Well, how are you spending your time? Hovedland Publishers Johannes Andersen 15.000

Materials for orangery and garden Care Centre Skovvænget John Brauner 30.000

Publishing of: The forest, the road and the town Vinden Vender Publishers Palle Kousgaard 7.500

Purchasing of new computer Næstved Senior Dancers Niels Pedersen 10.000

Balance with Power Design from tape to CD Active Senior Citizens Birgit Lynge 2.250

Publishing of: But I had no grandmother Kahrius Publishers Vibeke Holme Jensen 7.500

Recording of the audio books "The price of Greed", "Gourmand" and "Triple Salto" Riisound Michael Clasen 13.750

Indoor Crolf in Søllested Søllested Crolf Club Asger Jepsen 8.800

Publishing of: Gudrun og Johan Historia Publishers Niels Erik Strandholm 10.000

Publishing of: The Elves' letters Mellemgaard Publishers Per Venzel Mikkelsen-Zalmov 15.000

Center activities Housing Association Bellevue Dpt. 38 Solvejg Beck Schneider 50.000

Purchasing of Inrigger Herning Rowing Club 60+ Rowing Arne Ladegaard 30.000

Creative workshop Horsens Danchurch Social, Main Office DanChurch Social Horsens Kirstine Madsen 10.000

Publishing of: On poetry Ravnerock Publishers Thorvald Berthelsen 7.500

Publishing of: "Northern Railway" Copenhagen-Hillerød-Elsinore Bane Bøger Publishers John Poulsen 15.000

Publishing of: What you should know about baptism Gerhard Hansens Forlag Gerhard Hansen 15.000

Safety update of workshop machinery Vintage Train Society - County Railways of Als Torben Jacobsen 50.000

Collaboration between choir and orchestra for the performance of Vivaldis Gloria The Sejs Choir Søren Christian Sørensen 25.000

Programs for web-radio, readings by Jacques Berg den2radio.dk Jesper Tang 20.000

Rowing machines for seniors SAS Rowing Club Erik Nielsen 25.000

Publishing of: One should Ravnerock Publishers Anne Grete Hvirvelkær 5.000

Publishing of: The Carmelite Monastery of Elsinore 1430-1536 Ankeret Publishers Bente Thomsen 10.000

Publishing of: Gay Liberation Front. The life of an activist. Kahrius Publishers Ole Kongsdal Jensen 22.500

Publishing of: Anthropocene Art Multivers Publishers Ralph Sonne 10.000

Portable loudspeaker-system Danish Seniors City Department Holger Skovkjær 60.000

Krolf in Præstbo Præstbo Citizen and Gymnastics Association Søren Holm Kristensen 4.000

Publishing of: About Adam's sex Multivers Publishers Jørgen Glenstrup 5.000

Project Drop-in Center B1913 Old Boys John Nielsen 25.000

Band saw Horsens Municipality Centre Council of the Hatting Centre Erik Holst Mortensen 10.000

Song books and sound equipment Danish Seniors Korsør Senior Society Inger Petersen 5.000

Korsbæk comes to Skælskør Skælskør Business Society Peter Rye Vadmand 10.000

Copenhagen in 3D Active Senior Citizens Andreas Trier Mørch 10.000

Publishing of: As the sky always blue. Diaries of a Village Boy BogForm Publishers Jens Jørgen Nielsen 7.500

Publishing of: Danish Orthography: Letter - Sound - Letter University of Southern Denmark Publishers Christian Becker-Christensen 20.000

New handicap bus Friends of Solgården and Søparken Elin Lillelund 50.000

IT equipment for the Association's activities Hearing Association Aabenraa Department Kirsten Juul Jensen 6.000

Purchasing of BridgeMate system Skjern-Tarm Bridge Club Poul Erik Strømø 20.000

Publishing of: 'The savage' in European History of Ideas: The limits of humanity Aarhus University Publishers Ole Høiris 20.000

Publishing of: Gale Force 10 Mellemgaard Publishers Tom Oxager 10.000

Building of toolshed and terrace Norddjurs Krolf Club Erik Orla Lund 50.000

Publishing of: Glimpses, prior to oblivion NOF Publishers Niels Ole Frederiksen 5.000

Publishing of: Stone Age settlements at The Nivå Valley - including a catalogue of Limhamn axes Wadskjær Publishers Jørgen Faxholm 10.000 Publishing of: Becoming me along the paths of Viborg from girl to woman Active Senior Citizens Karin Graugaard Sloth 5.000

Publishing of: Maverick Egolibris Publishing Michael Ford 7.500

Rickshaw for outings with the nursing home residents Bicycle Pilots at Lions Park Nursing Home Ole Bertelsen 40.000

Publishing of: Jesus and his path to transformation Boedal Publishers Ben Alex 10.000

Purchasing of kayak Langå Kayak Club Annette Hjuler 25.000

Purchasing a billiard table Holeby Community Centre Henrik Andreassen 20.000

Digitalization of the local history archives of Østerbro Østerbro Local History Archives Anni Winther Saxov 30.000

Bikerides for everyone Støberigården Marie Andersen 30.000

Publishing of: No day without a brushstroke - a biography of Sigurd Swane Gyldendal Publishers Lise Fogh 15.000

Purchasing of tables for table tennis Tommerup Sports - Table Tennis Department Table tennis department Birger Markmann 20.000

Publishing of: Carpentry in three generations Ådalen Publishers Ole Sand Olesen 7.500

Fighting racoon dog in Ringkoebing-Skjerne Municipality The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 70.000


Nursing home residents on a bike ride out in Green Gold in Aarhus Municipality The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 15.000

Publishing of: The Consul in the Home of the Gods Mellemgaard Publishers Birte Andersen 7.500

Re-visiting Sarpsborg Struer Shanty Choir Ole Gamskjær 10.000

Maintenance and care of Nature at Gjerrild Nordstrand The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 25.000

Partnerskabsaftale HF2020 The Danish Heart Foundation Camilla Eklund 1.785.000

Jytte Abildstrøm - Festschrift on the occasion of 50 years at Riddersalen Clemmer Du I/S Jytte Abildstrøm 25.000

Publishing of: The bee-flower grows at the end of the road Mellemgaard Publishers Klaus Møller 7.500

Upgrading of frames for exhibiting stamps and postal history items Danish Philately Society Ib Krarup Rasmussen 220.000

Tools for wood workshop Syddjurs Municipality Senior House Virkelyst Tirstrup Bjarne Pedersen 20.000

Purchasing of Bridgemate-system DaneAge Association Holbæk Bridgeclub Holbæk-Jernløse Ejvin Timm Larsen 20.000

Dissemination of nature and biodiversity in Sønderborg The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 21.300

Publishing of: Kahrius Publishers Lone Hansen 7.500

Publishing of: 400 fast tacklings 2019 Mellemgaard Publishers Poul-Henrik Pedersen 7.500

Owl boxes The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 8.700

Developing of The Rud Thygesen Archives The Rud Thygesen Archives Søren Christian Olesen 12.500

Partnerskabsaftale FS2020 Vocational Seniors Palle Smed 1.365.000

Publishing of: Peculiarity of the mind Sandvig Publishers Lone Rytsel 5.000

Fitness equipment and devices Broager Gymnastics Club Povl Hvidkilde 15.000

Wireless sound equipment Friends of Folksongs Brønshøj Lena Saul 9.000

Establishing of Højby Billard Club Højby Billard Klub Eric Skovsgaard 25.000

Publishing of: Female artists around the LimeFiord Frydenlund Publishers Karen Klitgaard Povlsen 15.000

Bridgemate DaneAge Hvidovre Sønderkær Bridge Club Finn Olsen 20.000

Publishing of: Magic in a Danish borough Elsinore Municipal Museums Town Museum Lone Hvass 17.000

Publishing of: Science, Enlightenment and History in Danish East India Society for Publication of Sources for Danish History P. S. Ramanujam 5.000

Publishing of: Mythical people and creatures - in the Danish Medieval Era Ådalen Publishers Torben Svendrup 7.500

Optimizing workshop facilities after relocating to new premises Møllestien Art Workshops Eva Merete Top 60.000

Publishing of: From the Southern Cross to the North Star Mellemgaard Publishers Carsten Breuning 10.000

Publishing of: People and creatures from the bog Mellemgaard Publishers Jens S. Holt 10.000

New entrance for Valsgård Culture and Community House Valsgård Lecture Society Peter Pedersen 55.000

Editing of music mix for dementia dancing events Zeniors' Entertainment Orchestra Evan Jensen 4.800

Water gymnastics for seniors Humour Club Thyborøn Henning Nielsen 10.000

Therapy mats, wagons and rubber bands Vorbasse YMCA Sports Club Vorbasse Daytime Sports Emmy Schmidt 15.000

Portable sound equipment and renewal of scenographic equipment and costumes The Amateur Stage Sprøjtehus Theatre Anne Kristiansen 25.000

Publishing of: Virgin Mary in Danish Medieval Art Multivers Publishers Knud Torm 15.000

Copenhagen Photographic Amateurs Club's 125th anniversary. Exhibition and Anniversary script Copenhagen Photographic Amateur Club Ove Lyngsie 25.000

New club room Langeskov Bridge Club Jonna Pedersen 11.000

Publishing of: The liberated Tidehverv Publishers Carsten Breengaard 5.000

Publishing of: Your blue blouse - and other love poems Mellemgaard Publishers Flemming Skrydstrup 5.000

Publishing of: Women with chalk, power and love. The history of the first 100 headmistresses in Denmark Multivers Publishers Kirsten Cornelius 30.000

New windows in the club house Middelfart Rowing Club Søren Steen Hansen 25.000

Publishing of: What a life Kahrius Publishers Keld Erik Hermansen 7.500

Civic awakening of 100 years old garden from it's long sleep Team Grey Bente Vyff Petersen 120.000

Renovation of pool table Andy Capp Seniors Bent Christensen 7.000

Publishing of: Copenhagen - The city between waters Bogværket Publishers Peter Schultz Jørgensen 10.000

Publishing of: The unknown Løgstrup Eksistensen Publishing Hans Hauge 7.500

Publishing of: A heavy duty journalist among the stars Mellemgaard Publishers Hasse Boe 10.000

Fun2Go bike Friends of Mosbølparken Birgit Konstmann 35.000

Publishing of: For children and other people - two essays about Karen Michaëlis Multivers Publishers Hardy Bach 5.000

Publishing of: The tale of pipe-maker Chr. Bruun Gistrup, Nøvling and Visse Local History Archives Kirsten Jacobsen 10.000 Education for Senior Council chairmen- development of personal and leadership skills Danish Senior Council Trine Toftgaard Lund 60.500

Publishing of: The Road to Modern Man Historia Publishers Claus Hemmert Lund 7.500

Choir-singing is like a mental epo - Anniversary publication Horne Men's Choir Jørgen Rasmussen 10.000

Publishing of: The forgotten adults. Care for relatives to chronically ill Active Senior Citizens Anne Diemer 7.500

Lawnmowing tractor for Kollund Nature Universe Local Council for Kollund, Sønderhav and Rønshoved Gerda Brink 29.700

Publishing of: Seven interview - about urban planning in Copenhagen Danish Urban Planning Laboratory Jens Clemmensen 20.000

Publishing of: My Naestved DOKOS Publishers Henning Jensen 10.000

New handicap bus to Bøgelund Friends of Bøgelund Birgit Uhrskov Kristensen 30.000

Publishing of: The deceased are still with us Hovedland Publishers Paul Smith 10.000

Publishing of: It all started in Marke desAHjn Publishers Jørgen Jensen 5.000

Publishing of: The Damaged Inside Poetic Bureau Publishers Niels Hav 5.000

Carpet curling for seniors 65+ Fladså Gymnastics Fladså Gymnastics for Seniors 65+ Anne Duelund 30.000

Publishing of: Blues for Bonnie Mellemgaard Publishers Bjarne Gertz 10.000

PlaybridgeDealer4+ OK Clubs in Odense Kirsten Runge 25.000

Card Shuffler Havdrup Bridge Club Henning Druedal Jensen 25.000

Publishing of: The Circus of Life Historia Publishers Annette Bering Liisberg 5.000

Restoration of railway carriage LJ Hj 125 Museum Railway Maribo - Bandholm, Danish Railway Club Arne Jørgensen 15.000

Purchasing of songbooks Danish Seniors Hannæs Seniors Birte Husted Rich 5.000

Publishing of: The three old ancestresses from Dögunin Mellemgaard Publishers Mette Xenia Kiefer 7.500

Chopping area with tools and materials Chopping Club Skærven Dorte Marcussen 30.000

Songs from the bridge - Navidad Nuestra. A virtual Christmas concert Songs from the Bridge Society Margit Jahn 30.000

Senior Activity Garden Seniors of the Southern Harbour Karen Levin Nielsen 20.000

Handicap access ramp Fanø Art Museum Egon Nielsen 15.000

Publishing of: The Colonel's widow and the Radio Guy Spring Publishers Hans Kragh-Jacobsen 10.000

Publishing of: Management Astray Gad Publishers Jep Loft 20.000

Publishing of: The missing Syrian Skriveforlaget Publishers Roar Henry Bruun 10.000

Publishing of: Capulana Factory. Underskoven Publishers Nadja Manghezi 10.000

Exhibition: Tribal eldest Suste Bonnén Photography Suste Bonnen 15.000

Publishing of: Uffe's book (Working title) JB Historie Publishers Uffe Gregersen 10.000

Carddealer and Bridgemate Tuse Næs Bridge Club Jens Peter Jørgensen 15.000

Renovation of pool table Vestbyen - Senior Billard Club Svend Brøndum 10.000

Introduction to Horsemanship for seniors Equestrian Club Vestbyen Cecilie Andreasen 10.000

Publishing of: Delights of the Day Jensen & Dalgaard Publishers Anders Johansen 10.000

Publishing of: Postcard story-telling from Kolding Skriveforlaget Publishers Jens Peter Nikolaj Hansen 7.500

Publishing of: The life and work of Anton Bruckner Multivers Publishers Peter Ryom 20.000

Two side-by-side electrical bikes Friends of Sognelunden Betty Ditlevsen 50.000


Publishing of: So you can have an old hat ! The Maritime Kalvø Hanne Løfqvist 7.500

Publishing of: Backstage Mellemgaard Publishers Kirsten Vaupel 10.000

Documentary: The world is out of focus Klassefilm Julia Mejnertsen 90.000

Midsummer Event at The Holberg Theatre 'Jean de France' in Sorø Academy Garden The Self-governing Institution The Holberg Theatre Niels Vandrefalk Andersen 23.000

Publishing of: The cat in the red dress Mellemgaard Publishers Jack Thimm 10.000

Publishing of: Inspiration Mellemgaard Publishers Torben Jensen 10.000

Biking for Apple Cheeks Assens Apple Festival Society Else Marie Kristensen 30.000

Publishing of: Greatest in life is love Historia Publishers Bente Svane Kristensen 10.000

Upgrade of model railroad Model Railroad Northwestern Zealand John Traulsen 45.000

Publishing of: My 3 fairytale-like gardens Egolibris Publishing Helene Dreyer 10.000

Tables and benches for clubhouse Skovbo Crolf Club Frank Jensen 9.600

Lyshøj Mill - New wings Selfgoverning Institution Lyshøj Mill Ove Knudsen 100.000

Box set with CD and DVD to all the 950 nursing homes in Denmark Music Association "Street singers from Thy" Per Alstrup 30.000

Publishing of: A dangerous adventure on the bottom of the ocean Kahrius Publishers Asta Hedeager 5.000

Nordic Folkdance Festival Ølholm Folkdancers Lise Gammelby 30.000

Publishing of: Tableau Narayana Publishers Steen Andersen 10.000

A place in the community The Tent Association - Dept. 58 Bente Kristoffersen 4.000

Publishing of: Regarding the sixties TJ Film ApS Teit Jørgensen 10.000

Gymnastics Equipment Billund Sports Club Senior Sports Niels-Jørgen Ferslev 10.000

Nature families going to Skovsgaard The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 9.000

Renovation and extention of jetty Mariager Sailing Club Henrik Nygaard 100.000

Activity area and playground Bytoften Project Forum Galten-Skovby Karen Lindemann 20.000

Critters - on land, at sea and in the air The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Jörn Eskildsen 20.000

Authors' Meeting at Stubbe Monastery Rosengård Centre, Centre Council Kirsten Vinther 3.000

Establishing of vegetarian kitchen Kærnehuset Lotte Mulvad 40.000

Digitisation of photograpic archives Gedsted Local History Archives Hanne Kudahl 8.000

Carmen at Hørbygaard Manor House 2020 Country Sight Tuse Næs Alice Faber 40.000

Renovation of fishing cutter Maritimt Værksted HAL 16 The Cutterboys' Guild Per Nederby 25.000

Publishing of: With Love. 75 Psalms written to texts from the epistles Eksistensen Publishing Holger Lissner 20.000

Purchasing of treadmill Norwegian Sequence Training Kirsten Nielsen 25.000

Renovation of pump room at Watertank Ellingebjerg Experience and Culture House Højby Højby Local Council Ole Nielsen 30.000

The Play: Silence is still noisy Theatre Rascals Holbæk Freddy Harthimmer 30.000

Wheelchair bike and reparation of Duo Bike The art of keeping your balance Ib Madsen 18.000

Publishing of: Green Happiness Mellemgaard Publishers Else Jespersen 10.000

Lunch club at Nørremark Church Nørremark Church Mogens Nielsen 7.000

Updating of machines DaneAge Kerteminde Lonely Elderly Men, Wood workshop Ib Solvang 30.000

Treadmill and billiards table The Borup Activists Sven Joensen 50.000

Publishing of: Modern philosophy of mind – Problems, theories and evidence Multivers Publishers Jan Faye 10.000

Purchasing of tables and benches Hersom/Bjerregrav Senior Society Vita Meyer Larsen 10.000

Publishing of: Denmark-Poland. On the border of two cultures Marek Derewiecki Publishers Wlodzimierz (Wladimir) Herman 10.000

Sandplay project at Kasa - a nursing home in Kabale, Uganda Sandplay i Uganda Lisbet Myers Zacho 22.000

Publishing of: 9 Days in May 2016. 9 Days in November 2019 Skriveforlaget Publishers Alex Sørensen 11.250

Royal Court of Viby J. - Embroidery Joint Council in Fredens Parish Else Krøjgaard Andersen 25.000

Wood lathes and tools Senior Workshop Næstved Børge Knudsen 10.000

Publishing of: A family chronicle from 1888-2017 Mellemgaard Publishers Henning Østrup Rasmussen 10.000

Partnership Agreement SLA2020 Local Archives Association Jørgen Thomsen 735.000

Study travels to London, Edinburgh and Schwerin in preparation of biography of Queen Anna of Scotland and England Active Senior Citizens Birgitte Dedenroth-Schou 5.600

Publishing of: Kragerup - manorhouse with a history Active Senior Citizens Poul Christiansen 20.000

Publishing of: Companies in Vestbyen Reminiscense Workshop West Aage Christensen 10.000

Publishing of: Albert Kongsbak - a painter's life from Sæby to Copenhagen and Hanherred Fjerritslev Printing Nanna Westergård-Nielsen 10.000 Publishing of: They never returned! Annie of Frederikshavn FN 196/LO 260 and the crew in 1942 Active Senior Citizens Kirsten Egholm 5.000

Publishing of: Seeds for sprouting - for improved life balance Hertz Book Printers Monika L. Petersen 10.000

Establishing of curling club Trust Exercise Søsser Buch Outzen 10.000

Partnership Agreement DN2020 The Danish Society for Nature Conservation Lars Midtiby 1.575.000

Publishing of: --- Books on Demand Jens Frørup Madsen 6.000

Establishing of heating system to Lightship no. 17 Lightship 17 Jens Broch 50.000

Publishing of: Brickworks in Denmark - Skanderborg Municipality. Vol 5 of series on brickworks in the entire country. Danish Brickwork Initiatives Poul Anton Sørensen 21.000

Publishing of: All hearts speak the same language Historia Publishers Niels Johansen 7.500

Live Storytelling Dorte Futtrup Publishers Dorte Futtrup 10.000

Publishing of: The Trip to Jerne Active Senior Citizens Jørgen Bruun Nielsen 7.500

Svendborgsund Sea Garden Svendborsund Sea Garden Torsten Andersson 55.000

Purchasing of Folk High School Songbooks Vilslev Senior Club Arne Lauritzen 15.000

Publishing of: Discover Gilleleje - glimpses from a fishers' village Turbine Publishers A/S Lars Skov 10.000

Publishing of: The Amber Forest Lapwing Publishing Ian David Lukins 7.500

Publishing of: - Skriveforlaget Publishers Lisbet Foss 7.500

Publishing of: A Spaniard in Denmark Kahrius Publishers Ana Maria Vega 7.500

Publishing of: A short book on homelessness Multivers Publishers Ole Thyssen 20.000

? Kunstnergården Society, Dianalund Bent Lundberg Pedersen 63.000

Green team - Workshop and clubhouse - maintenance, togetherness, and community for seniors Thise Sports Club Allan Christensen 100.000

Publishing of: Letters from Africa 1988-1992 - Zambia Active Senior Citizens Hanne Marie Jensen 6.000

Publishing of: Ole Eklund' Figurative Images Kahrius Publishers Ole Eklund 7.500

Purchasing of J-70 boat Aalborg Sailing Club Thyge Steffensen 50.000

Activities in the Blixen Clubs Greve Municipality Greve Volunteer Center Nicoline Alletorp 30.000

Lathe for workshop Herning Municipality Activity House Kastaniegården, Centre Council Søren Sejbjerg 60.000

PlayBridgeDealer 4+ Hinnerup Bridge Club Lisbeth Pilgaard 33.000

Tent 8 by 12 metres Nursing Centre Bronzealdervej Activity Club Bronzealdervej Else Marie Lerche 10.000

Save a classic - Utzon 45m2 doubleender fra 1927 The Boat Guild Society DELFIN John Hakmann 20.000

Publishing of: In pursuit of happiness Mellemgaard Publishers Dorothea Petersen 10.000

Publishing of: Ice age landforms in Denmark Lindhardt & Ringhof Publishers Michael Houmark-Nielsen 15.000

Publishing of: Smelling the flowers Ådalen Publishers Ingrid Marie Antoni Skadhede 20.000

Publishing of: Post-war Economic and Social Reforms in Denmark. Viggo Kampmann - Man of Ideas and Initiator DJØF Publishers Economics, Politics, Social Science and Organisation Ejvind Damsgård Hansen 11.250

Publishing of: The wild mirror - H.C.Andersen readings The Drop Publishers Finn Barlby 11.250

Publishing of: A countryboy from Ellestrup Ådalen Publishers Jørgen Holm Petersen 7.500

The railway station - the gathered community center Møldrup Civic Society 9632 Mette Almind 39.500

Sauna in Rantzausminde Harbour Sea Bathers Rantzausminde Birthe Jørgensen 30.000




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