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The role of the polarizing zone in the pattern of experimental chondrogenesis in the chick embryo interdigital space


Academic year: 2020

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Fig. 1. Schematicdiagramplatinum needle.parallel to the first incision.of thesurgicalprocedureusedfor limbgrafts.1
Fig.5. Dorsalviewof thesameexperimentallimbasinFig.4 underscanningelectronmicroscopeshows growthof the graft adheredtothe third digit
Fig. 9. ScanningelectronembryoZPA from chick embryo leg bud at stage 19-20 wasgrafted.micrographof a chickat st.age 29 five days after a fragmentofNote the ectopic digit (arrow) associatedwith growthof the graft and persistenceof theinterdigitalmembrane.X 75.


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