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Air Force Medical Service

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Patient Information


21st Medical Group

Commander's Welcome Letter

On behalf of the men and women of the 21st Medical Group, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our clinic. We thank you for trusting us with your care--it’s truly our privilege to take care of you.

Our vision is to be “America’s Premier Medical Group.” Our track record is proof-positive of this aspiration. We recently scored a 94% on our triennial Health Services Inspection! Further, we absolutely aced our triennial civilian accreditation inspection thru the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare—with a 99% rating. We’re proud of these accomplishments, yet even more proud of the advancements to our practice that lie ahead.

We recently launched a new model for primary care delivery, the Patient-Centered Medical Home. This model targets evidence-based practices that will enable us to provide the best patient-focused care possible. We’ve decreased the enrollment ratio of patients-to-provider to maximize the likelihood you’ll be treated by your provider when you need to be seen. This continuity of care will build tight relationships between you and your provider and is just what you’ve been asking for and deserve!

Please take a few moments to review the information presented in this handbook. It will inform you of our services and gives you points-of-contact to help you access the services you need. We have patient advocates throughout the medical group who are dedicated to addressing and resolving your concerns. We also welcome and encourage your suggestions to


us improve our practice. Again, welcome and thank you for choosing us as your clinic of choice--we look forward to seeing you on your next visit.



Table of Contents

Welcome Quick Reference Telephone Numbers

Quick Reference Websites Mission and Vision

Patient Access to Care Line Information General Information

21 MDG Peterson AFB Clinics /Services Aerospace (Flight) Medicine Clinic Aerospace Physiology

Case Management Dental Clinic Disease Management

Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology, X-rays) Exceptional Family Member Program Family Health Clinic

Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) Immunizations/Allergy Clinic


Mental Health Clinic Optometry Pediatrics Clinic


Physical Medicine (Physical Therapy) Public Health

TRICARE Operations/Patient Administration Women’s Health

21 MDG Cheyenne Mountain Aid Station 21 MDG Schriever AFB, Clinics/Services

Aerospace (Flight) Medicine Dental Clinic

Diagnostic Imaging (Radiology, X-Rays) HAWC

Family Health Clinice Laboratory

Mental Health Clinic Pharmacy


Quick Reference Telephone Numbers





Alcohol / Drug Abuse

Preven-tion and Treatment Program 556-7804 Case Management Peterson 556-1987 Case Management Schreiver 567-3719 Dental Clinic Peterson 556-1333 Dental Clinic Schriever 567-5065 Disease Management 556-3695 Drug Demand Reduction

Of-fice 556-1048

Exceptional Family member Program (EFMP)

556-1392 Family Advocacy 556-8943 Health and Wellness Clinic

Peterson 556-4292

Health and Wellness Clinic Schriever

567-4292 Immunizations/Allergy

Infor-mation Line 556-5399

Laboratory 556-1040

Mental Health Clinic Peter-son



Helpful Websites

My Tricare:

Relay Health/Secure Messaging: welcome.aspx


TRICARE Dental Program: dental/public/

TRICARE Retiree Dental Program:

TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy: tmop.cfm. Express Scripts Web site

United Health Care Military and Veterans (UHC M&V):

Physical Health

Assess-ments (PHA) Peterson

556-0215 Physical Health

Assess-ments (PHA) Schriever

567-5858 Public Health Peterson 556-1225 Public Health Schriever 567-3260

Radiology 556-1121

Records Requests/Release of Information

556-1391 Benefits Advisor (BCAC) 556-1016 United Health Care Military

and Veteran’s





Integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.


Drive Optimal Health for Those We serve at Home and Abroad



Trusted Leaders in Health...Serving with Compassion AIR FORCE MEDICAL SERVICE MISSION STATE-MENT:

The Air Force Medical Service mission is to ensure maximum war-time readiness by developing and operating a comprehensive community-based health care system that maintains the health and morale of Air Force members by providing or arranging timely, quality medical service for all active duty members, their fami-lies, and beneficiaries.

During contingencies, this health care system must rapidly expand, mobilize, and deploy to provide medical support to Air Force operations worldwide.

ACCREDITATION: The 21 MDG was fully accredited in 2013 by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) at their highest level.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Normal operating hours are from 0730 to 1630, Monday – Friday. The clinic is closed for all federal holidays, Air Force family days and training days as approved by the 21st Space Wing Commander, the 50th Space Wing Commander and the 21 MDG.


Patient Access to Care Line

Duty Hours; Monday-Friday 0600-1630

(719) 524/526—2273

Option 1 to make,

cancel or request

assistance with an


Option 2 to access

the Pharmacy refill


Option 4 to access

services at Peterson

Option 3 to access

the Nurse Advice


Option 5 for all

questions and

con-cerns about



Patient Access to Care Line

After Duty Hours; Monday-Friday 1630-0600

Weekends, holidays and clinic closed days


Option 1— provides

hours of operation

Option 2 —

con-nects to the

medica-tion refill line

Option 5—allows

transfer to your MTF


Option 3 — use to

cancel an

appointment, speak

to the on-call

provider, surgeon or

dentist or to request

an out of area

authorization for



MiCare (Secure Messaging System)

Secure Messaging

: The 21 MDG now uses a

secure messaging application, called MiCare,

as the primary means of communication

be-tween patients and their primary care team for

routine issues. With MiCare, you can avoid

lengthy telephone calls and missed calls.

You can send a message to your provider, or

your child’s provider, at your convenience and;

Request appointments

Request medication renewals

Request referrals

Receive results of laboratory and radiology


Receive reminders of future appointments

or scheduled testing

Simply ask questions of your primary care

manager or team nurse

To get enrolled for your MiCare account today,

just ask your clinic staff how to get started with




Access to Care Standards: Acute (same day) within 24 hours, routine (new concern but not urgent) within 7 days and well within 28 days.

No Sick Call: The 21 MDG does not have a walk-in clinic or sick call. If you are active duty and sick or injured, please call 524-CARE (2273) to schedule an acute appointment. Scheduling Appointments: In order to provide the most accessible and timely health care possible, our clinics operate on an appointment only basis.

TRICARE Online (TOL): TRICARE Prime patients can schedule most appointments by using TRICARE Online. Patients can go to to register and then schedule appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Appointments made on TOL can also be cancelled online. Prescriptions may now be refilled through TOL.

CARE Line Appointment Call Center: Patients who are enrolled in TRICARE PRIME may call 524-CARE

(524-2273) to schedule appointments, Monday-Friday. The appointing function is provided by contractors through the CARE Line appointment center. These contractors are located in the community and not at Peterson AFB. The CARE Line appointment call center’s normal business hours are between 0600 to 1630, Monday to Friday. It is closed for federal holidays. This number is your point of contact to schedule or cancel appointments, contact your PCM team, report emergency care received after hours or out of area, obtain information about enrollment, claims or referrals, or to obtain general information about the 21 MDG. Please be aware that Peterson staff members are only


Appointment Reminder System: The 21 MDG provides appointment reminder messages. Patients will receive a reminder call 1-2 business days before a medical

appointment. For patient privacy, only the date and time of the appointment will be indicated. For dental

appointments the patient will also receive a reminder call from the dental staff.

Emergency Care: Peterson, Schriever and the United States Air Force Academy do NOT have emergency room services. For possible loss of life, limb or eyesight, call 911. Appointment Preparation: Be prepared for your

appointment. Bring a list of your concerns and other information regarding your illness or injury. It is helpful to bring a list of current medications, vitamins and any herbs or minerals you may be taking.

Arrival Time for Appointments: It is important that you arrive by your scheduled appointment time. This allows the staff to take care of administrative issues, including updating your information, completing paper work, and checking your vital signs. If you arrive 5 or more minutes after your sched-uled appointment start time you may be asked to reschedule your appointment.

If your need is acute, based on a nurse assessment, you may be allowed to wait until other scheduled patients are seen.

“No Show” Policy: A “no show” is any patient who does not keep a scheduled appointment or cancels less than two hours prior to their scheduled appointment time.

Appointments scheduled before 0900 need to be cancelled prior to the close of the previous business day. To cancel an appointment please call (719) 524-2273.


Training Days: The entire 21 MDG is closed until 1230 on the 3d Tuesday of each month for mandatory training. Patients can still schedule appointments and leave messages by calling 524-CARE (2273). Patients may also schedule appointments by using TRICARE online at http://

After hours/Weekend/Holiday Care: If you believe you need care after hours but your health concern is not an emergency, call (719) 524-2273.

Out of Area Care: If you are traveling out of the local area, you are authorized to seek emergency care without pre-authorization. For non-emergent care please call United Health Military & Veterans at (877) 988-9378 for authorization.

Urgent Care Authorizations

All Urgent Care Clinic visits must be authorized by a PCM

or the patient risks incurring a bill

. The Patient

Appointment System may have limited authority to provide

patients with authorizations. If not, then patients


contact a PCM for an urgent care authorization either by

calling the PCM team during duty hours or on the after-hours

on-call physician line.

Wing Readiness Training/Exercises: The 21 MDG participates in wing-sponsored training and exercises that may disrupt services. We will take steps to avoid

appointment cancellations, but your care may be delayed and/or disrupted due to exercises

Base Closure: If Peterson or Schriever AFB is closed due to inclement weather, the clinic on that base is also closed for all services; and all patient appointments for the closed base are cancelled. The clinic staff will contact patients as soon as possible to reschedule cancelled appointments.


Inclement Weather: In the case of inclement weather, patients should watch the local TV stations, listen to local radio stations, or call the Peterson AFB Closure Hotline at (719) 556-SNOW for up-to-date base delay and closure information prior to coming to the clinics. The Schriever AFB Base Closure Hotline is (719) 567-SNOW. For appointments scheduled at or after the delayed re-porting time, patients report for their appointment as scheduled. However, patient care may also be delayed due to staff delayed reporting. If you cannot make it to your appointment due to inclement weather, please call 524-2273 to cancel your appointment.

Patients with Disabilities: The 21 MDG works to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you encounter physical or communication barriers in the clinic, please ask a staff member for assistance. The clinic can provide you with assistance including wheelchairs for use in the clinic, interpreters and translators, and assistance reading or filling out forms or using the computers.

Customer Service Program: The 21 MDG is dedicated to providing our patients with quality health care in a safe, customer-friendly environment. Please fill out a patient comment card after your visit. We value your feedback and use your recommendations to improve care. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with your treatment, care, customer service or wish to report concerns about safety issues, please contact the clinic patient advocates. If you require assistance or have concerns about patient care and safety which cannot be resolved within the service area, please visit our 21 MDG Patient Advocate (room 708) or call (719) 556-1060.


Fire Alarms: For your protection, fire alarm pull boxes are placed throughout the clinic. The Peterson Fire Department conducts routine fire drills during duty hours. Please follow guidance from staff members when any alarm sounds. Active Duty PCS/Separation/Retirement Medical Records Requirements: Medical records will be released no earlier than 10 duty days prior to the member’s final out-processing date for FSO, PRP and Special Duty patients. All other records will be mailed. Proper authorization to col-lect the medical records of family members over the age of 18 years is required. Please visit the TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration (TOPA) section located near the pharmacy for separation/retirement matters. Please call (719) 556-1014 if you have questions.

Release of Information: As required by the Health Insur-ance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Privacy Act of 1974, your medical information cannot be released to any person other than you or a legal representative, without your written authorization. Absolutely NO requests will be taken over the phone because we cannot verify identification. While you have a right to access the information in your medical record, your record is the property of the US government, and the original will not be released to you. You may request partial or complete copies of records by filling out a request form at the TOPA office. If you have questions, please call the TOPA office at (719) 556-4265.

Identification & Eligibility: You must bring a valid, unexpired and non-mutilated Department of Defense identification card for all appointments. Dependents 10 years of age and older are required to have their own ID card.


Other Health Insurance (OHI): The 2569 Third Party Insurance program allows us to collect necessary infor-mation about additional insurance you may have. The 2569 will be verified electronically at every visit to the MTF and will be updated annually.

Referral Management: Once a referral is generated by a provider at the 21 MDG, it will be reviewed by the Central Referral Center staff to determine where you may obtain your specialty care. Care may be provided in one of the local MTFs or from a civilian specialist.

If care can be provided in an MTF, you will be notified by phone within 3-5 duty days to schedule an appointment. If the specialty care is not available in an MTF you should receive your referral authorization letter within 6-10

business days. If you have questions about a referral, please call (719) 524-2273.

Please be aware that all PCM referrals may not be approved. Each referral is reviewed for complete information, appropriateness of care requested and medical necessity. If your referral was not approved for care, you can appeal.

Please review your TRICARE Beneficiary Handbook for instructions on the appeals process. Additionally, not all specialties are available in the Colorado Springs area. You may be authorized to obtain specialty care in another city such as Denver or Pueblo.

If your network specialist believes you need additional medical services, that specialist should contact United Healthcare Military & Veterans at (877) 988-9378 to request additional services.


Safety: If you have any concerns about your safety or think there was a mistake in patient care or medication, please tell a clinic supervisor, any patient advocate or the MDG Patient Safety Manager Ms Maria Bueno at 556-7019. Smoking Policy: The 21st MDG is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking is permitted on Peterson AFB only in designated smoking areas.

Family Members Under 18 Years of Age: Family members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. If not accompanied by a parent the adult must have in their possession a medical power of attorney for the minor. Emancipated minors must carry with them their Proclamation of Emancipation to receive services. In an emergency situation staff will attempt to contact the next of kin to obtain permission for treatment. However, these patients will be treated and or transported as required in emergency situations.


Peterson AFB Clinics: Location, Hours,

Phone Numbers, Services

AEROSPACE (FLIGHT) MEDICINE Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959

Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Thursday, 0730-1200 Friday Appointments: (719) 524-2273

Phone: (719) 556-1260

Patient Advocate: (719) 556-6135

The Aerospace Medicine Clinic provides health care services to 2,700 flying, space, missile operations, special operational duty personnel, active duty guard and reserve members on flying or controlling status, the Fire Department and Life Support personnel. Primary goals are to ensure medical readiness and optimize the health and wellness of our air and space war fighters. Personnel in uniform and on duty have priority. FAA physicals are not available at this facility.

Aerospace Medicine Walk-in Services (no sick call): Return To Flying Status (RTFS)/Return to Controlling Status (RTCS): 0730-0800 Monday-Friday.

In-processing/out-processing for enrollees: 0730-1630 Monday - Thursday, 0730-1200 Friday

Throat cultures, pregnancy tests, B-12 shots, serial blood pressure checks: 0730-0800 and 1300-1330 Monday - Thursday, 0730-0800 Friday. These services are provided by medical technicians or a nurse. If the patient needs to see a provider, he/she will need to call (719) 556-CARE (2273) to schedule an appointment. Wart Clinic: Thursdays only at 1300 –1600.

All PRP patients must report to Aerospace Medicine before any 21st Medical Group appointment except dental.


Annual physicals are required for all active duty personnel. Please schedule your annual PHA up to two months prior to your birth month. PHAs are required regardless of AFSC or job position. Fasting is only required every five years from age 25 onward. Fasting requirements are no food/liquids except water for 12 hours and no alcohol for 72 hours. If you are required to fast for your appointment, you will be instructed to do so by the staff when your appointment is made. If you wear contacts please wear glasses for the PHA appointment.

AEROSPACE PHYSIOLOGY UNIT Location: 799 Vincent St, Bldg 425 Hours: 0630-1530 Monday - Friday Phone (719) 556-4185

FAX (719) 556-7651

The APU prepares personnel for human factor challenges inherent in military operations. We have a three-fold mission: 1. aerospace physiology training for aircrew, high altitude parachutists, USAFA cadets, and Federal Aviation Administration certified civilian pilots, 2. high altitude airdrop mission support, and 3. human performance training.


Location (Peterson): 559 Vincent St. Bldg 959 within Family Health

Location (Schriever): 220 Falcon Parkway Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday

Appointments: By referral or (719) 524-2273

Case Management (CM) is comprised of Registered Nurses who manage the unique circumstances of patients with a particular disease, illness or injury. CMs support patients through transitions of care (from inpatient to outpatient) or who have been newly diagnosed with a complex condi-tion. Wounded, Ill, and Injured Service members will also receive CM.



Location: 1045 East Stewart St. Bldg 1045T Hours: 0700-1600 Monday-Friday.

Phone (719) 556-1333 or 556-1335

Patient Advocate: (719) 556-0160

The Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental care for active duty personnel only. Active duty Sick Call is by appointment only 0700-1600 M-F. Active duty personnel in Dental Readiness Class 3&4, flying status and mobility personnel have first priority for appointments to maintain readiness status.


Location: 559 Vincent St. Bldg 959 (moving to modular temporary space Jun 2014-approx. Dec 2014)

Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday

Appointments: Walk-in via Primary Care Manager or (719) 524-2273

Disease Management (DM) is comprised of Regis-tered Nurses that have been specially trained to care for a population of adults with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, pain, depression, abnormal cholesterol, and asthma.

DMs work with patients to prevent worsening of their medical conditions and to improve their overall

health. This service is an integral part of the Patient Centered Medical Home concept.


DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING (RADIOLOGY) Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday Phone: (719) 556-1121 Appointments: (719) 556-1121 or (719) 567-4819 Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1121

Available services: Routine X-rays, ultrasound, and mammography. For safety reasons, children are not al-lowed in the exam rooms unless they are the patient. The provider who ordered your diagnostic examination will provide you with the results. Copies of your digital images are now stored on disc. If you require a copy of

your exam on disk, please provide the radiology staff with the requesting doctor's name and phone number to verify the requested films.

Routine X-Rays: Walk-in services: 0730-1630

Monday – Friday. You will be given a cover gown in the event you are asked to remove clothing for the exam. A chaperone is available upon request. You will not receive test results from the radiology department staff. Mammography: By appointment only. You will be required to follow specific directions for this exam. Preliminary results will be given at the time of your exam. Please en-sure you have all prior mammogram films from other loca-tions before your appointment date. The radiology depart-ment staff can assist you with the necessary paperwork. Ultrasound: By appointment only. You will be required to follow specific directions for this exam. Please follow all preparation instructions carefully as they are necessary for accurate images. You will not receive test results from available radiology department staff.



Location: 559 Vincent St. Bldg 959 (next to Immunizations Clinic)

Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday

Appointments: Walk-in, Family Member Relocation: (719) 556 -1392

The Exceptional Family Member Program-Medical (EFMP-M) is part of a triad of services (Assignments and Family Support are the other components) that determines the availability of medical and special education services for spouses and children prior to relocation.

All AD sponsors who have dependent family members with medical or special education needs (per DoD criteria) are enrolled in the EFMP-M program. The EFMP-M program is administered by a Special Needs Coordinator (SNC) who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Family Member Relocation Clearance Coordinator (FMRCC) who is an medical administrative member.

Each sponsor who has family members enrolled in the program will receive an annual contact and a record review before relocation. All sponsors relocating OCONUS will also have their family member's records reviewed to en-sure the right level of care and services are available at the gaining location.



Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours: 0730 – 1630 Monday - Friday Appointments (719) 524-CARE (2273)

Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1186, (719) 556-6433 The Family Health Clinic provides primary care services to TRICARE Prime beneficiaries enrolled to Peterson clinic by appointment only. For safety reasons, please bring only children who are scheduled for an appointment to the clinic. Family Practice Walk-in Services (No Sick Call): 5-day blood pressure checks, throat cultures, suture removals,

B-12 or testosterone injections, follow-up wart freezes, and pregnancy testing: 0800-1100 & 1300-1500 hours, Monday-Friday. The patient will not see a provider.

You may request a telephone consultation from your provider/nurse by calling (719) 524-CARE (2273), and select option #2. Based on the time and acuity of your telephone request the nurse will attempt to contact you by the end of the duty day or prior to noon the next duty day.

The Behavioral Health Consultant is a clinical health psychologist working in Family Practice providing services to patients in that clinic.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTER (HAWC) Location: Bldg 560, Room 205 (Fitness Center) Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday

Phone: (719) 556-4292

Patient Advocate: (719) 556-6662

HAWC is dedicated to disease prevention/ health

enhancement. Most HAWC services are open to active du-ty, retirees, reservists, family members, and base civilian employees, some programs are limited to Active Duty only. Exercise programs are restricted to those at least 16 years old. Exercise evaluation/ planning, tobacco cessation, prepared childbirth and breastfeeding classes, nutritional evaluation/ education, cancer/cardiovascular disease pre-vention, stress management, injury prepre-vention, blood pres-sure screenings are offered at Peterson.



Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959

Hours: 0730-1200 & 1300-1630, Monday – Friday Last injection given at 1600

Phone: (719) 556–1118

Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1118

Services are provided to active duty, retirees, and their dependents. Immunizations are given on a walk-in basis, Monday - Friday. TB tests are only administered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. TB tests must be read in 2-3 days after placement. Allergy testing is authorized only for 21 MDG enrolled patients. Referral from your PCM is required. Please bring vaccination records to each visit at the Immunization Clinic. The clinic can complete immunization forms for school/day care. All active duty must in-process through the Immunization Clinic upon arrival. For the safety of our patients, each patient must wait in the clinic for 30 minutes after receiving allergy injections to ensure there is no adverse reaction to the injection.

Allergy Shot Clinic: Allergy injections will be given by appointment only. Monday: 1300-1500,

Tuesday: 0730-1030, Wednesday: 1300-1500, Thursday: 0730-1030. Please call the Immunization



Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours: 0730-1630, Monday – Friday Phone: (719) 556-1040

Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1043

The provider who ordered your tests will give you your results. The Laboratory staff cannot give you results. Services are provided to active duty, retirees, and their dependents. Laboratory results can be obtained by contacting your provider or by enrolling in the new secure messaging system Mi-CARE. Contact your care team for details.


Location: 110 W, Ent Ave, Bldg 725

Hours: 0730-1530, Mon & Wed, 0730-1630 Tue, Thu & Fri Appointments: (719) 556-7804

Patient Advocate: (719) 556-7804

The Mental Health Clinic provides services for active duty members who have issues with anxiety, depression,

stress, psychological or occupational problems, substance abuse, and family advocacy.


Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday Appointments: (719) 524-CARE (2273) Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1065

The Optometry Clinic provides services to TRICARE Prime enrollees by appointment only. The clinic provides both prescription eyeglass services and management of ocular disease. If you need a routine eye exam for new glasses, please call the appointment line. You do not need a referral. If you wear contact lenses, please wear them to your appointment and bring your contact lens prescription and your glasses. Your eyes may be dilated during the exam.



Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday Appointments: (719) 524–CARE (2273) Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1295

The Pediatric Clinic provides services by appointment only to TRICARE Prime 21 MDG Pediatrics Clinic enrolled patients, newborn to 18 years.

Walk-In Services: Throat Cultures, suture and staple removal: M-F 0800-1100 & 1300-1430.

Wart Treatments: Wed 0800-1100 & Thurs 1300-1430. Patient must have provider evaluation of wart w/in 6 months. Patient will not see a provider for these services and these are the only walk-in services provided.

Exception: Clinic closes every Thursday at 14:30

Forms/Notes: Any forms or notes needing a physician’s signature or review can be left at the front desk of the Pediatric Clinic. You will be contacted when your paperwork is ready for pick-up in 3-5 business days.

Newborn Checks: Please call the CARE line (719) 524-CARE (2273) to make an appointment for your new baby within 72 hours after discharge from the hospital.

You may request a telephone consultation from your provider or nurse by calling (719) 524-CARE (2273), and request a telephone consult be placed to your provider/ clinic. Based on the time and acuity of

your telephone request, the nurse will attempt to contact you by the end of the duty day or prior to noon the next duty day



Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours: 0730-1630, Monday - Friday

Commissary/BX Refill Pharmacy: 0730-1700, Monday-Friday

Main Pharmacy: (719) 556-1165 Refill Call-in system: (719) 524-4081 Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1165

Refill Pick up Pharmacy, located in the BX Complex Hours: 0730-1700 Monday-Friday

The pharmacy fills prescriptions from military and civilian providers. Prescriptions can be filled only for those items on the formulary. For items not on the formulary,

TRICARE benefits may be used. If there are questions regarding benefits, talk with the TRICARE Service Center. Information on the National Mail Order Benefit Program is available.

The main pharmacy is located in the main clinic and fills prescriptions written by MTF providers when the patient checks in at the pharmacy. This Pharmacy does not fill handwritten prescriptions written by outside providers. All handwritten prescriptions brought in from civilian provid-ers will be filled in the Petprovid-erson East Pharmacy at the BX Complex. This pharmacy will provide full services 0730-1700 Monday-Friday.

If you need a prescription refilled, call the 24-hour

Automated Refill system. Prescriptions will be ready for pick up the next duty day at Peterson East Pharmacy if called in before 1200 on a duty day; otherwise, please allow an extra day for preparation.



Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959

Hours: 0730-1130 & 1245-1630, Monday - Friday except Wednesday open at 0830

Appointments: (719) 524-CARE (2273) Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1075

Appointments in this clinic are booked by referral only. Please dress appropriately for your appointment. Patient needs to bring or wear shorts for lower body evaluations. You may request a chaperone at anytime for your appointment. Minors (under 18 years old) must have a parent or legal guardian present during the appointment.


Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours 0730-1600, Monday - Friday Phone: (719) 556-1225

Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1220

Public Health provides the following services:

deployment health evaluation, PCS/Special Duty/retraining/ security medical clearances, food service inspections, approval of temporary food booths, communicable disease investigation/reporting, and occupational hearing testing



TRICARE OPERATIONS AND PATIENT ADMINISTRA-TION (TOPA) Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours: 0730-1630, Monday-Friday Phone: (719) 556-1014 Phone: (719) 556-1014 Patient Advocate: (719) 556-1691

The TOPA office provides assistance to beneficiaries in the following areas: referral management, health benefits and dental plan information, TRICARE for Life, medical claims and debt collection, medical evaluation boards, copies of medical records, release of information requests, and patient travel.

The "I want to... " section at is your gateway to:

- Enroll in or Purchase a Plan - File or Check a Claim

- View Referrals and Prior Authorizations - Find a Doctor

- Change Your Primary Care Manager - See What's Covered

- Compare Plans - Manage Prescriptions

Enrollment assistance and answers to common TRICARE questions can also be answered by: United Healthcare Mili-tary & Veterans (WEST REGION) 1-877-988-WEST (1-877 -988-9378) or


WOMEN’S HEALTH CLINIC Location: 559 Vincent St, Bldg 959 Hours: 0730-1630, Monday - Friday Appointments: (719) 524-CARE (2273) Patient Advocate: (719) 556-0510

The Women’s Health Clinic provides gynecological services to female patients from adolescent to geriatric by appoint-ment only. Services include routine gynecological exams, family planning, contraceptive counseling, and walk in pregnancy test requests. Obstetrics services are provided through Evans Army Community Hospital, Ft Carson. Walk-in Depo Injections are done between

0800-1100 and 1300-1530, Monday - Friday. Exception: Clinic closes every Thursday at 1430


CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN AID STATION Building: 1 Norad Road, Suite 1205 Hours: 0730-1630 Mon-Fri

Phone: 474-3597, 474-3596

Dental Appointments: (719) 556-1333 Patient Advocate: (719) 474-3597

Cheyenne Mountain Aid Station provides and supports health care services to promote a fit, ready force and healthy community. Services include SickCall (active duty only), civilian and active duty drug urinalysis testing, dental appointments (limited availability) and emergency re-sponse.



SCHRIEVER AEROSPACE (FLIGHT) MEDICINE Location: 220 Falcon Parkway, Bldg 220

Hours: 0730-1630, Monday – Thursday, 0730-1130, Friday

Appointments: (719) 524-CARE (2273) Patient Advocate: (719) 567-3832

Services available to TRICARE Prime enrollees and de-pendents by appointment: Services include Physicals/ PHAs, flight physicals, Pap smears, returns to duty/ controlling status, vasectomies, pregnancy tests, and gen-eral health needs.

NOTE: Patients requesting a same-day appointment may call the appointment line, and if enrolled in MiCare can make contact through secure messaging.

Walk-In Services for Schriever Flight Medicine Patients: blood pressure checks, suture removals, B12,

Depo-Provera, Testosterone Injections, wart freezing, throat cultures, limited immunizations. Patients will not see a provider.


Location: 220 Falcon Parkway, Bldg 220 Hours: 0730-1630 Monday-Friday. Phone (719) 567-5065

Patient Advocate: (719) 567-5065

The Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental care for active duty personnel only. Active duty Sick Call is by appointment only 0730-1630 M-F. Active duty personnel in Dental Readiness Class 3&4, flying status and mobility personnel have first priority for appointments to maintain readiness status.



Hours: 0730-1630 Monday-Friday Appointments: (719) 567-4292 Patient Advocate: (719) 567-4208

The HAWC is dedicated to disease prevention and health enhancement. The following programs are offered: exercise evaluation/ planning, tobacco cessation/ prevention, pre/post natal education classes, nutritional evaluation/ education, cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention, stress management, injury prevention, and blood pressure screenings.

SCHRIEVER MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC Location: 220 Falcon Parkway, BLDG 220 Hours: 0730-1530 Monday-Friday

Appointments: (719) 567-4619 Patient Advocate: (719) 567-3232

The Mental Health Clinic provides assessments,

education, consultation and treatment services for active duty service



Location: 220 Falcon Parkway, Bldg 220 Hours: 0730-1130 & 1300-1630 Wed & Friday 0730-1200 & 1300-1630 Mon, Tues, & Thursday Phone: (719) 567-3232

Patient Advocate: (719) 567-3232

Schriever laboratory offers routine lab and urinalysis testing. Some patients may need to be seen at the Peterson lab.


Schriever Restricted Area Medical Flight: Location: 500 Navstar, Suite 62

Hours: 0730-1630 Monday-Friday Appointments: (719) 567-4292 Patient Advocate: (719) 567-4208

Consists of Health and Wellness and is dedicated to disease prevention, health enhancement, and Preventative Health Assessments. The following programs are

offered: exercise evaluation/ planning, tobacco cessation/ prevention, pre/post natal education classes, nutritional evaluation/ education, cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention, stress management, injury prevention, and blood pressure screenings, Public Health Services, and Bioenvironmental Engineering.


Location: 220 Falcon Parkway, Bldg 220

Hours : 0730-1130 & 1300-1630 Tues & Thursday 0730-1145 & 1245-1630 Mon, Wed, & Friday Phone: (719) 567-4423

Patient Advocate: (719) 567-3232

Full Pharmacy services are provided. New and refill prescriptions for formulary medications are filled including prescriptions written by both on and off base prescribers. Copies of the formulary are available upon request.


Location: 220 Falcon Parkway, Bldg 220 Hours: 0730-1200 & 1330-1630 Monday-Friday Phone (719) 567-3138

Patient Advocate: (719) 567-3232

Public Heath provides: deployment health evaluation, medical clearances, profiles, food service inspections, communicable disease reporting, occupation hearing testing, and temporary food booths approvals.



Location: 220 Falcon Parkway, Bldg 220 Hours: 0730 -1630 Monday - Friday Closed for lunch: 1200 -1300 Phone (719) 567– 4819

Patient Advocate: (719) 567-3232

Only routine X-rays available. All other services will need to be completed at the Peterson Diagnostic Imaging Clinic.


Evans Army Community Hospital, Fort Carson Address: 1650 Cochrane Circle, Fort Carson, CO 80913

Information: (719) 524-7000

Website: ER services available

10th Medical Group, US Air Force Academy Address: 4102 Pinion Dr, USAF Academy, CO 80840

Information Line: (719) 333-5111 Website:



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