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First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016

First United Methodist Church

310 N. Main St. | Mocksville, NC 27028 336.751.2503 Fax: 336.751.1120 Preschool/Afterschool 336.753.1900



Dr. Glenn L. Myers, Jr. Senior Pastor John Huneycutt Christian Education / Youth Barbara Basham Director of Music Preschool Director Allison Lambert Director of Afterschool Ministries Tommy Dunn Organist/Technology Teresa Lakey Financial Administrator Shane Butcher Financial Assistant Natalie Sanders Custodial Staff Taylor Slye Custodial Staff



Permit No. 46 Mocksville, NC 8:45 AM 9:50 AM 10:55 AM Early Light Sunday School Traditional Worship

Family Life Center Various




Ash Wednesday Service February 10, 2016 7:00 pm

A Lenten Bible study entitled “Forgiveness” is

being offered during the Sunday School hour

on Sundays beginning February 14. The study

will be held in the Family Life Center and is

open to the entire church.

Study books are available in the church office.




for families of preschoolers

thru middle school. Join us to learn more about the 40 days of

Lent, and make a prayer chain to use during the Lenten season.


First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016 First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016



2/7 Karen Lutz, Mary Anne Peele

2/14 Vicki Hendricks, Sandi Howell

2/21 Alice Hanes, Kathy Curry

2/28 Nancy Payne, Doris Snyder


2/7 Clayton Peele,

2/14 Jerry Hendricks, Charlie Howell

2/21 Chris Hanes, Shane Butcher

2/28 Frank Payne, George Snyder


2/7 Pastor Glenn Myers

2/14 Lynne Byerly

2/21 Joeff Williams

2/28 TBD


2/7 Communion

2/14 TBD

2/21 TBD

2/28 TBD


2/7 Debra & Glen Stanley

2/14 Amy & Harold Wood

2/21 Sarah & Don Wood

2/28 Doris & George Snyder




Dick & Betty Ward


John Cottle, Marla Johnson

Davin Brown, Matt Evans


2/7 Pastor Glenn Myers

2/14 Jayne Walker

2/21 Mike Harrison

2/28 TBD


2/7 Communion

2/14 John Huneycutt

2/21 Paulette Hendrix

2/28 Tami Walker


2/7 Lauren O’Connor

2/14 Nevan Ellis

2/21 Patrick Foil

2/28 Burke Rosenbaum


What a snow/sleet storm we had this past weekend! Hopefully, you survived without any

problems other than “cabin fever.” Thankfully, we had no major power outages. We

ap-preciate Donnie Lakey for snow removal from our parking lots and the parsonage

drive-way. Thanks also to those who shoveled our sidewalks to get us ready to re-open on

Monday. Anticipating you will receive the newsletter before Sunday, January 31, I want to

remind you we are having a Fifth Sunday Brunch sponsored by our worship team to bring

together participants from both worship services. The brunch will be provided, so “y’all

come.” Try to have your food and be prepared to start our program at 10am. There will

be a presentation from our Study Committee on future building expansion designed to

make our facilities on the sanctuary side of Main St. handicapped accessible and to

im-prove and expand our children’s ministry and other ministries. The Administrative Board

wants to get a reading from you regarding whether to move forward with this project. I

hope you will join us in the Family Life Center. Be in prayer for the Honduras Medical

Mis-sion team under the direction of Dr. Joel Edwards Jan. 29 – Feb. 7. Our Ash Wednesday

Service to begin Lent will be at 7pm on February 10. The Choir will minister in music and

there will be no Wednesday night meal. On Sunday, February 14 we will celebrate

Valen-tine’s Day. The United Methodist Men will host their wives and widows of deceased

for-mer members for breakfast at 7:30am. At worship we will recognize long-term

marriag-es, have a message to strengthen marriages and offer a renewal of marriages vows at the

conclusion of the worship services


On Sunday, Feb. 21 our Hand Bell Choir accompanied

by Frank Voltz, harpist, will share special music at the 10:55 am service. On Sunday Feb.

28 the Children’s Choir and Puppets will share their talents at both services. I hope to see

you each Sunday and often in between as we make disciples of Jesus Christ for the

trans-formation of the world and our community.


Pastor Glenn


First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016 First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016


7 – 12:15pm – Both Groups – Lunch provided in the FLC + Devotional + Service Project – Build raised beds at Storehouse (Chaperones needed).

14 – 12:15-3:30pm – Middle School – Out to Lunch + Games/Fellowship in FLC + Service Project - Build raised beds at Storehouse (Chaperones needed).

21 – (John – Vacation – Asking for parent volunteers to organize taking the youth to the Hillsdale Youth Revival Event from 6:30-9pm).

21 – 22 – Hillsdale youth Revival (7-8:30pm every night).

27 – Winter Jam, leave at 1pm. Cost is $10, and will return home around 11:45pm. Bring food for dinner.

28 – 12:15 – Out to Lunch + Visit to Jewish Temple (Confirmation Students) (Activity open to both middle & high school; we might need additional drivers and chaperones depending on how many youth want to come).

It is winter, but we are thinking SUMMER DAY CAMP 2016!!! We have

a full summer of faith, friends and fun planned and we would love

your child or grandchild to be a part. Register for one week, or for the

whole summer. For more information, please contact Allison at

336-753-1900 orAllison@firstumcmocksville.org for more information!!!


There are several different scholarships that FUMC Mocksville offers to our graduating seniors. Appli-cations for Blanche Eaton, Letty Smith, & Call Scholarship may be picked up in the church office. The Shane Fleming and Mary Rodwell Scholarships are offered through Davie Community Foundation. The deadline to apply for each scholarship is Monday, March 7, 2016.


First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016 First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016

Charles Hendricks Autumn Care 1007 Howard Street Mocksville, NC 27028 Bailey Brewer Diane Crotts’ Granddaughter Ann Stayer PO Box 333

256 North Carolina Circle Mocksville, NC 27028

Clyde Hendricks

2229 Bermuda Village Drive

Advance, NC 27006 D.C. Blakley 313 Aubrey Merrell Rd. Mocksville, NC 27028 Jim Anderson 2966 US Hwy 64 W Mocksville NC 27028 Velma Daniel

c/o Trinity Elms 3750 Harper Road #601 Clemmons, NC 27012

Margeret Foster

c/o Brookstone Terrace Room # 7

4430 Clinard Road Clemmons, NC 27012

Tilthia Hanes

Clemmons Village #1 6401 Holder Road, Room 4 Clemmons, NC 27012

Isaac & Eli Markland

825 N. Main Street Mocksville, NC 27028 Jack Corriher 144 N. Wentworth Dr. Mocksville, NC 27028 Sara Campbell 142 Greenwood Ave. Mocksville NC 27028 Molly Jo McClamrock Bermuda Commons Room # 403 316 NC Hwy 801 Advance, NC 27006

Von & Madeline Shelton

153 Woodhaven Drive Mocksville, NC 27028 Elmer Stoneman 425 Avon Street Mocksville, NC 27028 Anne Jones 288 Southwood Drive Mocksville, NC 27028 Jackson Hendricks 134 Applegate Court Mocksville, NC 27028 Karen Sykes 161 Deacons Way Mocksville, NC 27028

Cole & Elva Grace Tomlinson

1351 Suzanna Wesley Dr. Winston Salem, NC 27104

Nancy Triplett

248 East Lake Drive Mocksville, NC 27028

Marie Steed

c/o Trinity Elms

3750 Harper Road # 302 Clemmons, NC 27012 Jean Shelton Bermuda Commons Room # 508 316 NC Hwy 801 Advance, NC 27006 Marty Roberts Bermuda Commons Advance, NC 27006 ARMED FORCES FN Collin Russell PV2 Connor Carpenter

PROMISES TO KEEP PRAYERS Please let us know of any addi-tional names to be added or any names which should be removed. We wish for our Prayer List to be current and correct. To contact the Prayer Chain with a prayer request or to become a part of the Prayer Chain, please contact Lillian Sharpe (336.936.9014, bs2005@aol.com) Judy Bailey (336.978.7763, curlyqmom@yadtel.net)


Thursdays at Noon

Family Life Center

Middle School Classroom



Our minister, Rev. Glenn Myers asked us if we would be interested in writing an article for the church bulletin called "Miracles Grow" because there have been so many wonderful miracles that have hap-pened since we began "Deep Roots". So here we go! When forming Deep Roots of course, the first item was where do we locate our garden? Almost immediately two individuals, Marie Collins and Joe Harris stepped forward and gave us permission to use their land for our garden. With two choices, it was diffi-cult to make a decision. We finally went with both! "Start small!" was the strong advice we were given; however, we listened for God's direction and realized that God does not do anything small!

The roller coaster ride these last two years has been just amazing! Two young boy scouts, Warren Foster and Joseph Cartner working for Eagle Scout badges, built raised beds, a lean-to for our Clement Garden shed, picnic tables and a beautiful sign. Our church community and the entire Mocksville Community donated tools, hay, fertilizer, hoses, loads of mulch and now seeds! This ride has been beyond our dreams and imaginations! Tom Brown from Southern States has given us, time and time again, dis-counts on items needed for our gardens and last week Lowes Home Improvement store donated enough seeds to keep us going for years to come! Miracle upon miracle has abounded for us. Whenev-er an issue arose. It seemed that God would provide an answWhenev-er- sometimes instantly! When we wWhenev-ere wondering who we could get to build our raised beds, the phone rang the very second I was praying about it, and Warren Foster's mom asked if Warren would be allowed to build our raised beds for his Eagle Scout project. It has been that way right along. If we trusted in Him, he would answer! Our amaz-ing young youth group has constructed shelvamaz-ing in our Storehouse garden shed and are now plannamaz-ing to build us additional raised beds starting in February. You all have also supported us beyond our wildest dreams with our dinners and other functions. We have tried to keep God as our main focus here to see what it is that HE wants us to do! Sometimes we are on the mark and sometimes we miss by a lot, but our desire to follow his direction has never wavered. God is good, God is kind, God is gracious, God is generous, God is fair, God is Love! We humbly thank all of you for this amazing opportunity!

Administrative Board Meeting

The Board will meet on Sunday, February 21 at 6:00 pm. New members of the Board

will be welcomed. Copies of the 2016 Officer Roster are available in the Narthex or

Church Office and on the church website.


A new cooperative ministry to help homeless families with children in Davie County has begun. Further information will be coming or you may check their website



Feb. 01 Evan Hendrix Feb. 02 Liam Shaw Feb. 03 Bob Bromley Feb. 05 David Hatley Elizabeth Burchette

Samantha Wood Feb. 06 Robert Helms Feb. 07 Jim Latham Millie Miller

Lucas Taylor Feb. 09 Carroll Foster

Jessica Council Charlotte Anderson Feb. 10 Carl Lambert

Chinera Latham Sara Seaford Feb. 11 Terri Butcher Cindy Helm

Johnny Miller

Feb. 12 Taylor McMahan

Dorothy Corriher

Feb. 13 Mary E. Johnson

Jack Pennington

Feb. 14 Joe Butzbach

Kathy Curry Kenny Jordan, Sr.

Feb. 15 Eric Dwiggins

Wendy Shaw

Feb. 16 Jean Evans

Feb. 17 Mary Hendricks

Bailey Marrs Beth Brown

Feb. 18 Wayne Russell

Feb. 19 Stuart Shore

Feb. 20 Chris Dwiggins

Emily Woods

Feb. 21 Meg Brewer

Davin Brown Ellie Prillaman

Bill Seabrook

Feb. 22 Vicki Balsley

Barbara Berry Corbin Dirks

Beth Edwards Dessie Vogler

Feb. 23 Emily Smith

Feb. 24 Vickie Bernhardt Tommy Dunn

Feb. 25 Rachel Howell

Sandy Sheek Tiffany Evans

Feb. 26 Lib Seabrook

Feb. 28 Don Routh

In Memory


Pastor’s Discretionary Fund Glenn & Doris Miller

General Fund The Boardwine Family

Bill & Marie Steed Ann McGuire Joe & Yvonne Butzbach

Rick & Vicky Goforth Phillip Cartner

Andy Bowles

Gina, Raymund & Molly Boutwell Bobby & Peggy Shelton Garland & Margaret Hutchins

Bill & Margaret Overcash Vance & Karen Riddle Margaret & Brown Walker

Samantha Pfaff Chancel Choir Fund Karleen & John Thompson


Blanche Eaton Scholarship Phillip Cartner

Andy Bowles Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

Charles & Patsy Crenshaw


General Fund Mack & Martha Deadmon

In Memory

PERCE MUSSELMAN General Fund Joan Backer CC CRAVEN General Fund Joe & Yvonne Butzbach


General Fund Joe & Yvonne Butzbach


General Fund Joe & Yvonne Butzback

In Honor

General Fund

Clyde Hendricks Scharlene & Elmer Stoneman

Glenn & Susan Myers

By Joe & Yvonne Butzback Backpack Buddies

Chris & Alice Hanes

By Joe & Yvonne Butzbach

Joe & Judy Bailey

By The Boardwine Family Pastor’s Discretionary Fund

Mike Hendrix

By Charles & Patsy Crenshaw

Bill & Martha Bowers

By The Boardwine Family Blanche Eaton Scholarship

Taylor & Kathy Slye

By The Boardwine Family

In Memory


Chancel Choir Fund Karleen & John Thompson


Youth Fund The Cowden Family


General Fund The Boardwine Family

Bill & Marie Steed


Great marriages don’t happen by accident! A Weekend to Remember is a two and one-half day getaway weekend to be together as a couple to invest in and strengthen the foundation of your marriage, no matter how strong or fragile it is. A Weekend to Remember is not a counseling session, and you are not asked to participate in small groups. You receive Biblically centered marriage principles with interactive activities that you can take home and apply to your daily lives in order to strengthen your marriage. This event is sponsored by the organization, Family Life, and you can find additional information by accessing the website www.familylife.com/weekendtoremember 2015/about. The Family Ministries Committee has been encouraging attendance for the upcoming Weekend to Remember event being held 2/19/16 through 2/21/16 at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel in Asheville, NC. You may register and make hotel reservations via the website. We are also happy and excited to inform you that there is another local opportunity on 6/10/16 through 6/12/16 at the Embassy Suites on 5400 John Q. Hammons Drive, Concord, NC if you are unable to attend the one in February. You may get further information on this event at the above website also.

A special birthday wish to Millie Miller who will turn 95 on February 7. Millie’s address

is 891 Yadkinville Road, # 206, Mocksville. Happy Birthday, Millie!

Please call the church office to update the birthday list. 751.2503


First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016 First Church Network FEBRUARY 2016

Sunday, 2/14/16 7:30 AM Fellowship Hall

Sweetheart’s Breakfast

Look ahead to Saturday, May 21


Leave church at 9:00 AM Bikes are available to rent.


2/3 Davie Girls LaCrosse 2/10 - No Meal—Ash Wednesday


Deep Roots Community Gardens “Flirt with Dessert” Soups/Salads/Sandwiches/Dessert


Missions Committee for Central Davie

A LOOK AHEAD Chili Cook-off is March 16 2016

Proceeds will go to A Storehouse for Jesus


The WHEN ministry has taken off! Members of this team have already prepared hot meals for the

resi-dents of the Scottish Inn and Lakewood Motel on Thursday evenings since January 14th. That is an incred-ible accomplishment since members just met that Monday, January 11th and three days later were deliv-ering hot meals to hungry, needy folks. Many thanks go to Dave and Diane Salmon for taking on three empty Wednesday night meals in a row that no other group was hosting. Extra food was prepared at these meals and the reserve food was warmed the following day and packed in to-go boxes along with desserts, fresh fruit, water (milk items for the children) then delivered to both locations. Two generous donations of warm knitted toboggans and mittens and coloring books and crayons were made to give to these children just in time for them to put to good use during the past winter storm. Pastor Glenn went with the team to deliver meals and witnessed first hand the joy and appreciation the recipients of these meals demonstrated.

The goal of the When ministry is to provide food, hygiene items, fellowship and prayer for families who are facing difficult living conditions. The Thursday meal is an additional meal these families receive. Krys-tal Dumas with JUST HOPE has other churches and groups provide a meal for them on Tuesday evenings. Plans are being updated with each meeting and will be shared with congregation members. Many thanks go to all of the WHEN team members who happily give of their time and talents for this new ministry. For more information please contact Jerry Banks, 336.998.8898. WHEN meets Monday, February 1st at 6:30 PM in the Conference Room followed by an Evangelism Committee Meeting in the Conference Room at 7:00 PM.

Western North Carolina Conference United Methodist Women

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program assists members of the United Methodist Church who live within the bounds of the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church pursue an academic course lead-ing to a church-related vocation other than ordained ministry. Scholarships have been helplead-ing deservlead-ing students called to be spiritual leaders in the United Methodist Church since the 1940s. Recipients must attend on of these five colleges or universities:

Bennett College Greensboro College Pfeiffer University Brevard College High Point University Application deadline: March 1 2016

For applications, please contact:

Sherry Sink PH: 336.880.2663

210 Craven Road email: sherrysink@gmail.com High Point, NC 27262

MARY CIRCLE meets Monday, 2/15 at 2:00 PM in the Conference Room. Please bring toiletry items for the WHEN team to deliver to residents of Lakewood Motel and the Scottish Inn.

Exciting UMW News

FUMC-Mocksville UMW is hosting a Yadkin Valley District Mission Study on Latin America in our Family Life Center on Saturday, March 5 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. This is one of the studies, which has been offered at Mission U. In addition to supplying the meeting place, we have been asked to provide a light continental breakfast for an ex-pected 200-plus members from all over our district. Attendees are asked to bring a bag lunch and we will supply tea, coffee and water for lunch.

9:00 – 9:25 Registration & Breakfast

9:30 – 2:00 Meeting (including break for lunch)

Hands On Project will be supplies for UMCOR School Kits. A list of needs for the kits will be provided soon.

We want YOU to be there and will be asking for your help in providing and serving food. Let’s plan to show other UMW members in our district how warm and welcoming a group we are! Please be in prayer that this meeting will be uplifting and inspiring for all who attend.

Teresa West, UMW President 2016

FRIDAY 2/12 6:00 PM Movie

War Room



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