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I would like to receive a paper copy of the entire newsletter each month.


Academic year: 2021

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As part of our efforts to protect the environment and lessen the amount of paper we send home, we will only send a paper copy of the newsletter to parents who wish to receive the newsletter in this format. You can choose to receive the newsletter electronically which is accessible online anytime on our website at https://www.winnipegsd.ca/schools/georgev.

Please fill in the form below and return it to the school by

September 25


, 2015

. Newsletters are ready by the end of each month.

To: École George V School (Office)



________ I would like to receive a paper copy of the entire newsletter each month.

_______ I would like to receive the newsletter by e-mail

My e-mail address is _________________________________________ (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY)

An updated copy will always be available for you to access on the school website listed above.

Student’s Name: _________________________________ Room Number: _______


Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature

At times, upcoming events or important information may also be emailed to you during the school

year. If you do not wish to receive these other emails, please contact the school office during the

school year or reply back to the email that was sent to you and we will remove you from

receiving any emails except for the newsletter.

École George V Schoo


265 Grey Street Winnipeg, MB R2L 1V6 Phone: 204-669-4482 Fax: 204-654-2891 https://www.winnipegsd.ca/schools/georgev


École George V Schoo


265 Grey Street Winnipeg, MB R2L 1V6 Phone: 204-669-4482 Fax: 204-654-2891 https://www.winnipegsd.ca/schools/georgev

Principal/Directeur: Manuel Silva

Message from the Administration ...

Welcome back to a new school year! We hope you had a safe, fun and restful summer as a family. The staff at École George V School are looking forward to working with your child. We are all committed to providing a safe and stimulating learning environment that fosters the academic, social, emotional and physical development of each child.

Please take the time to read this whole issue of the newsletter carefully as it has important information for you. You will also be receiving an updated copy of the school Handbook to read through.

With the new school year, we welcome Mr. Derek Tuba as our new music teacher this year. We look forward to his enthusiasm and love of music and the arts.

A reminder that the parking lot off of Union Street is for staff only and there is a designated 15 minute loading zone on Union Street for our families picking up and dropping off children from the daycare. All access through the parking lot doors is now limited to daycare and staff use only as visitors must buzz in to the daycare to gain access. If you require a handicap parking spot when at the school, there are two spots available in the parking lot close to the entrance. You must have a handicap sign visi-ble in your car. All other students and parents are to come into the school using the Grey Street doors to the big building. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe.

Our first fundraiser of the year kicks off with the sale of the Show & Save Coupon Books at $20.00 each. Our campaign will run from September 14th through to October 16th. Order envelopes are being sent home September 14th. We would like to thank you all in advance for your support.

Please use our call back system by calling the school between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. to let us know if your child will be absent. Also, contact the school during the day if your child is being picked up early. If this is the case, please check in at the office to let us know and to sign them out. If someone else is picking up your child, their name will be verified on the list of contacts you provide the school. They may need to provide identification. If they are not on the contact list, you will be phoned to give permission for your child to go with the person and identification will be required.

We look forward to meeting you all at our meet the staff evening on Thursday, September 17 at 5:30 p.m. More information will be coming soon.

Our first Parent Council meeting is on September 23rd at 6:30 p.m. in the staffroom. Please enter through the parking lot doors and proceed to the second floor. Child care provided by Parent Council.

Please remember to contact your child’s teacher regarding concerns throughout the year. Let’s have a successful school year!

M. Silva



September 2015

Upcoming dates and events:

October 5


Lockdown Drill a.m.

October 12



October 23


No School



Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

1 2 3 4

7 8 Day 1 9 Day 2 10 Day 3 11 Day 4

Labour Day


Administration Day NO CLASSES

14 Day 5 15 Day 6 16 Day 1 17 Day 2 18 Day 3

21 Day 4 22 Day 5 23 Day 6 24 Day 1 25 Day 2


28 Day 3 29 Day 4 30 Day 5

Please inform the office if your child will be late or

absent by phoning our callback program at: 204-669-4482 before 9:15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. Thank you. Parent Council 6:30 p.m. staffroom First day N/K classes

Evacuation Drill a.m. Meet the Staff

5:30 p.m. First day of classes

Gr. 1-8

Hot Lunch Day Picture Day


École George V School Staff for the 2015


2016 school year:


Mr. M. Silva Principal

Mrs. S. Hendrickson Head Secretary

Mrs. S. Procyshyn Clerk/Library

English Program:

Nursery/Kindergarten p.m. Room 110 Ms. H. Carson Gr. 1/2 Room 123 Mrs. S. Willms

Gr. 2/3 Room 201 Ms. T. Varnes Gr. 4/5 Room 302 Mrs. L. Mistafa Gr. 5/6 Room 301 Mr. M. Chartrand

French Program:

Kindergarten p.m. Room 115 Mlle L. Beer Gr. 1 Room 112 Mlle J. Fredericks Gr. 2/3 Room 119 Mme. Manicom Gr. 3 Room 111 Mlle C. Blahut Gr. 4/5 Room 203 M. G. Belot Gr. 5/6 Room 304 Mlle. K. Ryan Gr. 7/8 Room 307 Mme. L. Wood Mme L. Lacroix-Pouliot Resource

Mrs. P. Calado Counselor

Mr. D. Tuba Music

Mr. C. Yaremkiewich Physical Education

Mme M. Ott English & French Reading Recovery


Mr. D. Kinash Head Custodian

Mr. N. Lam Caretaker Mr. A. Batiquin Cleaner Educational Assistants: Mrs. J. Fiebelkorn Mrs. C. Jensen Mme. M. Nolan Mr. D. Richard

Home Learning Assistant:

Mrs. K. McDougal

Student Photograph Day

Picture Day will be on September 30. Please have your children at school on this day. Picture retakes will be on November 2.


École George V School



back Program

Telephone : 204





École George V School would like to thank parents and guardians for continuing to use our call-back program and would like to encourage you to keep doing so.

If your child will be away from school or late, please call the school at 204-669-4482 and

leave a message on the answering machine between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.. The call-back answering machine will be checked each

Your message must include:

The date and time of your call

Your child(s) first and last name and room number

Whether your child will be absent morning, afternoon, or all day

Whether your child will be late for school

The reason your child will be absent : sick, appointment, etc.

We appreciate your cooperation with our call-back system.

École George V School will be raising money this September towards the purchase of a new play structure by selling the Show & Save Card and Coupon Book.

The Coupon Book has over $10,000 in money saving offers including coupons for purchases at various grocery stores, restaurants and businesses throughout the city. For only $20 you can experience endless savings with the Re-usable Card and Coupon Book.

By purchasing your Show & Save from us, you will be supporting our school while at the same time saving your family a lot of money. Books can be purchased directly from the office.

Our campaign will run from September 8th through to October 16th. Order envelopes will be sent home September 14th.

Cash payment only.


The Winnipeg School Division &

École George V School will not accept:

Bullying: abusing physically, sexually or psychologically—orally, in writing, online or otherwise

Discriminating unreasonably on the basis of any characteristics set out in the Human Rights


Using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at school

Gang involvement/activity and deliberate display of other illegal activities

Possession of weapons of any kind

Students and staff must adhere to school policies respecting appropriate use of electronic mail and the Internet, including the prohibition of material that the school has determined to be objectionable.


The goals of consequences are:

i. to make children accountable for their actions

ii. to help the child learn from the experience and take responsibility for their actions iii. to implement and support school division policies

• Consequences depend on a number of factors, including the severity of the misconduct, the student’s history of misconduct, the age of the student, etc.

• Consequences range from a quick reminder or an informal conference, formal conference with parents to suspension

• Sometimes, the consequences are natural. For example, the child who teases may find that friends don’t want to play with him/her. The implications for not listening might be an assignment incorrectly done, or a missed opportunity.

If parents have any questions about or wish to appeal disciplinary decisions, the process to follow is: first, speak to your child’s teacher. If the issue has not been resolved after you and the teacher put a plan in place, then you speak to the principal. If you still feel the issue hasn’t been addressed satisfactorily then you could contact the district superintendent. This is the procedure outlined by the School Division and supported by our school.

Parents/Guardians and Community members can

assist the school by:

• Reviewing the Code of Conduct at home (found in school handbook)

• Helping your child develop positive attitudes to school and respect the staff and school properties

• Supporting the school when they can

• Ensuring their child’s good attendance

• Ensuring their child is rested, well fed and dressed appropriately

• Attending all meetings, parent/teacher conferences, school special events

• Supporting the Parent Association

• Supporting fundraising efforts

• Not discipline other people’s children while at school

• Ensuring homework is complete and brought back to school

• Encouraging the peaceful resolution of conflict. Discouraging violent or aggressive behaviour to solve problems.

You are your child’s first and best teacher. Thank you for your support and help.


Peanut & Nut Free School

École George V School encourages a PEANUT & NUT FREE SCHOOL. We have students and staff who have severe allergies to peanuts and nuts. When making

your child(ren)’s lunches, please DO NOT include peanut or nut products or anything that could contain them. Thanks for your assistance.

Lunch Program

If you wish your child(ren) to attend the École George V School lunch program, an application form must be filled and all outstanding fees MUST be paid. The school does not run the lunch program. It is run by the Parent Council. Please contact Jocelyne Walker at 204-416-4207 or come to the office for an application form and to arrange payments.

Volunteer Orientation

Volunteers are always welcome at École George V School. If you wish to vol-unteer for field trips, class events, to work with students etc., you are required to attend a volunteer orientation first. Please contact our resource teacher, Mme Lacroix-Pouliot for further information.

Medical Concerns

If your child has asthma, allergies or other medical concerns, please alert the school office as soon as possible. A plan, in conjunction with the WRHA nurse, will be created so that your child can be monitored and staff will be aware of appropriate actions to take in case the child gets sick. If changes to your child’s health occur during the year, please inform the office so the appropriate changes can be made to the health plan.

Any medications coming to school for a child, must be clearly labeled with the pharmaceutical label and child’s name. Medication, other than an Epi-pen or inhaler, must be brought to the office by a parent and a form providing the school permission to administer the medication must be completed by the parent in the office.

Student Information

You will soon be receiving with your child the Student Description form together with a general permission form. It is important that the school’s information on your child be accurate in order to contact parents/guardians during an emergency.

Please carefully check the form and make all necessary changes on the form. More than one contact person should be on the form as

sometimes it is difficult to reach the main caregiver. Please provide us with alternate contacts who can be reached if we are unable to get a hold of you.

The Student Description form is to be viewed carefully with you making all changes to student information. Please return all forms by September 30th.


Breakfast Program

The Breakfast Program is open to all students in Grades 1-8. Students may join the program between 8:15—8:50 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If you wish to volunteer your time for the Breakfast Program, please contact Kaye McDougal at the school. We would like to thank the following supporters for money/food/volunteers that they provide to keep our program running: Grey St. United Church, Sherwood Lutheran Church, Tasse’s Balkan Foods, Giant Tiger, Breakfast for Learning Grant, Nutrition Council Grant.

Dress Code

École George V School provides a safe and positive learning environment for students. Inappropriate clothing can be distracting to learning and school safety.

In order to be respectful of all people in the building, students are not permitted to wear short shorts or mini-skirts, low-cut tops, muscle shirts, bare midriffs or tube tops. Clothing with inappropriate wording or symbols will not be allowed. Baseball caps and hats must be removed upon entering the school. In winter, students are expected to dress for the cold Manitoba weather in order to be safe when outdoors.

Personal Property at School

Please make sure that all items, especially shoes, clothing, backpacks and lunch kits are labeled so that they can be returned to your child if they go missing. A lost and found is set up in the big building on the lower floor across from the boy’s washroom. The following personal items are not permitted at school: toys, cell phones, camer-as, electronic games, iPods and iPads or tablets.

Bicycle racks are provided for students who wish to bike to school. They must bring their own chains or locks.

The school is not responsible for personal items lost, stolen or damaged at school.


Your Parent Council would like to welcome back all École George V School families, students, parents and staff to this 2015/2016 school year!

What a great summer we had this year with the wonderful sunshine and warm weather! We hope you had a healthy, active, fun and safe summer as well as taking the time to relax and get plenty of rest to prepare for this upcoming school year.

We would like to invite you to become even more involved in your children’s lives and become a bigger part of your child’s school.by joining us at the first Parent Council meeting of the 2015/2016 school year on September 23 at 6:30 p.m. in the staffroom. Please enter the school by using the doors off of the staff parking lot on Union Street. Parent Council requires the following positions for the school year: co

-chairperson, treasurer and secretary. Please submit your names should you be interested in any of these potions to Mr. Neiser. These meetings are held so that together with the school administration and staff, we are all able to work together and make a difference in our school. This being said, with the end in mind, when École George V School ends up with more involvement from parents it results in a safer school and overall a better well rounded and equipped school for the children.



Hello. I’m Mrs. Kaye McDougal, the Home Learning Assistant at École George V School. Drop by the Family Room, which is located on the main floor in Room 103, and say hello. Come in for a coffee, conversation and get information about the latest events in the community when dropping off or picking up your children.

At the Family Room, my goal is to make you feel at home at our school. I look forward to offering a welcoming space for Nursery/Kindergarten families to connect, learn and play together. Please see me with any suggestions or to schedule an appointment.

Our Nursery/Kindergarten programs include:

♦ Craft family night

♦ Literacy and numeracy events

♦ Parent discussion groups

♦ Information, referral and support services

♦ Social events, community celebrations and many more

Your suggestions for additional Family Room activities or ways that I can support you are most welcome. I look forward to seeing you soon!


The Parent Council and Lunch Program would like to remind you that the Lunch Program has changed the way it operates, in regards to payment of the required fee to participate in this program.

The Lunch program is made available by the efforts of your Parent Council and is a fee for ser-vice program. This program is voluntary for families and the school “does not” run this program. The Lunch Program runs on a “pre-payment” system (payment for the upcoming month must be “paid in advance” to be eligible to participate in the program.) Failure of any of the agreed upon conditions in the registration and/or agreement signed by the parent/guardian, will result in removal from the program.

Also, the Lunch Program offers milk to be purchased for 10¢ (ten cents). The Winnipeg School Division covers the remainder of the cost. A card will be available to be purchased as an option to families. This prepaid card will then be used to distribute the milk to your child. You may also send 10¢ each day if you wish. More information is in the lunch program registration forms. Thanks,


Year at a Glance

Sept. 7 Labour Day

8 No School - Admin Day

14 First day of school – Nursery & Kindergarten 21 No School – PD

25 Evacuation Practice a.m. 30 Picture Day

Oct. 5 Lockdown Drill a.m. 12 Thanksgiving

23 No School - PD

Nov. 2 Picture Retakes

10 Remembrance Day Service 10:45 a.m. 11 Remembrance Day

19 Parent-Teacher Conferences 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. 20 Parent-Teacher Conferences 9:00 – 12:00 p.m. Dec. 8 N/K Concert & Craft Night 6:00 p.m.

15 Christmas Concert 6:00 p.m. 16 Breakfast with Santa

18 Last day of school

21 Winter Break begins – December 21– January 1

Jan. 4 Classes resume, Day 1 15 No School – P.D.

20 Lockdown drill @ lunch time

Feb. 5 No School – PD

15 Louis Riel Day

17 Festival Week - Feb 15 - 19 19 Winter Fun Day

Mar. 18 No School—PD

24 Last day of school before break

25 Good Friday

30 Spring Break – March 28 – April 1

Apr. 4 Classes resume, Day 5

11 Lockdown drill p.m.

13 Nursery/Kindergarten Open House 6:00 p.m. 21 Student-Led Conferences 4:00—8:00 p.m. 22 Student-Led Conferences 9:00—12:00 p.m. 28 Volunteer Tea 1:30 p.m. May 9 No School – PD 23 Victoria Day 31 Spring Concert 6:00 p.m.

June 27 Report cards go home

28 Gr. 6 & 8 Farewell 10:30 a.m. 29 No School – Admin Day


Did you knowD..

Healthy eating helps children grow, develop and do well in school.

Eating breakfast, at home or at school, improves children’s memory,

concentration levels, problem-solving abilities and creative thinking.

A healthy diet makes children more settled, attentive and ready to


Healthy eating helps prevent child and adolescent problems such

as obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

Some suggestions of healthy snacks to send to school include:

English muffin, bagel, melba toast, rice cakes, crackers,

plain popcorn, peanut/free grain-based bars

Fresh vegetables and fruits including 100% fruit juice, apple or other

fruit sauce

Milk products, yogurt, yogurt tubes, pudding made with milk, cheese


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