The Business of Mobile VoIP: IP Voice Communications in the Enterprise






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The Business of Mobile VoIP: IP Voice Communications in the Enterprise

Description: Over the past several years, Voice over IP has become a cornerstone of business communications systems. The benefits that IP-based communications delivers is being extended to mobile devices through mobile VoIP, a solution which enables VoIP calls to be placed over a cellular data or Wi-Fi network from a mobile device. Business implementation of mobile VoIP is varied and is both, enterprise and individual driven. This report focuses on top-down enterprise-driven mobile VoIP, which In-Stat defines to be associated with an IP or hosted PBX solution.

This report explores the emerging market for business mobile VoIP offerings, covering: -Definition and discussion of business mobile VoIP

-Elements impeding and promoting the adoption of mobile VoIP in the enterprise -Mobile VoIP solutions specific to the enterprise market and analysis of key providers

-Discussion of underlying markets including IP PBX, hosted PBX, and enterprise smartphone adoption -Forecasts of worldwide business mobile VoIP users segmented by implementation type, as well as associated revenue opportunity

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Contents: Executive Summary Introduction - Benefits - Barriers

- Factors to Drive Market Forward Technology Overview

Incorporating VoIP in Enterprise - IP PBX

-- ShoreTel -- CounterPath -Hosted IP PBX --RingCentral

-Varying Approaches by Size of Business Types of VoIP Offerings

- Segmenting the Market - Mobile VoIP Start-Ups -- Cicero

-- Nimbuzz -- Rebtel -- Vopium - VoIP Providers -- Google -- Skype -- Vonage

- WiMAX Providers -- Clearwire - MVNOs -- Truphone - Mobile Operators --3 Mobile

--Telefonica --Verizon Wireless - Shifting Landscape Instances of Usage: Drivers - Cost Savings


- Indoor Coverage - Feature Set -- HD Voice

- Mobile Operators? Business Implementation

- Business vs. Consumer Adoption Impetus - Corporate Guided vs. Individual Guided - Usage

- VoIP Integration with Office Communications Business Mobile VoIP Features

Mobile Operators - The Conundrum - The Migration to 4G

- If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them - Why Do It?

Impact of Wi-Fi Battle Points - OSs

- Device Manufacturers - Apps Store

- Mobile Operators -- Prohibit Services -- Surcharges Forecast

- Business Mobile VoIP Usage -- IP PBX-Based Usage -- Hosted PBX-Based Usage - Business Mobile VoIP Revenues Methodology

- Forecast Methodology Glossary

List of Tables

Table 1. Select Mobile VoIP Service OS Compatibility Table 2. Worldwide IP PBX Lines, 2009–2013 (in Millions) Table 3. Worldwide Hosted PBX Seats, 2009–2013 (in Millions) Table 4. Worldwide Smartphone Shipments, 2009–2015 (in Millions) Table 5. US Business Smartphone Shipments, 2009–2014 (in Millions) Table 6. Worldwide Business VoIP Users, 2009–2015 (in Millions)

Table 7. Worldwide IP PBX Mobility Gateway Revenues, 2009–2015 (US$ in Millions) Table 8. Worldwide Hosted IP PBX Mobile VoIP Revenues, 2009–2015 (US$ in Millions) List of Figures

Figure 1. Business Mobile VoIP Users, 2009–2015 (in Millions) Figure 2. Handset Originating a Voice Call Using Mobile IP Interface Figure 3. Handset Originating a Voice Call Using Mobile Circuit Interface Figure 4. Enterprise IP PBX Implementation Supporting Mobile Calls Figure 5. Enterprise Hosted IP PBX Supporting Mobile Calls

Figure 6. Incidence of Mobile VoIP Usage: Hotspots, Home, Office Figure 7. Leading Mobile VoIP Providers

Figure 8. Low Incidence of Mobile VoIP Usage

Figure 9. Total Potential Business VoIP Users, 2009–2015 (in Millions) Figure 10. IP PBX-Based Business Mobile VoIP Users, 2009–2015 (in Millions) Figure 11. Hosted PBX Mobile VoIP Users, 2009–2015 (in Millions)

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