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Tithis & Nakshatra Lords:

Bhavishya Puarana


Shubhangi Naik, India

(Submitted in March 2008)

strology is a Shastra & while learning a Shastra a true learner reads and

remembers the subject as per textual references so that when he wishes to

refer back to it or pass on that knowledge to others he does so with textual

reference. Apart from this, in order to avoid personal injunctions and personal

theories to creep into astrology one needs to stick to the classics & authorities. It is

generally observed in the net world that we students of astrology & even modern

day scholars are not aware of the rich knowledge the Puranas have in terms of

astrological knowledge and it is for these readers we have from the start brought

out the astrological & remedial scriptural knowledge contained in the Puranas

often ignored. Some modern day astrologers pass this as parampara or secret

knowledge but all this is available in texts if one searches for it. Below are specific

remedies the village astrologers in India have used from time immemorial knowing

its true significance whereas the city breed astrologers ignore it due to lack of

parampara. Until now, this has not been revealed in the net world hence it is

deemed fit that it occupies space in the E Mag ‐ Saptarishis Astrology Magazine for

the benefit of all.

Bhavishya Purana Chapter 102

Sumantu Muni (Sages are also addressed as “Muni”) said:‐ O King! Lord Surya

(the Sun God) likes all the tithis but Saptami (the 7


day of the lunar month) is its


Shatanik inquired: When lord Surya like all the tithis then why charities, Yagnas

done on the Saptami are specifically significant.

Sumantu Muni said: O King! In the past, Lord Vishnu has inquired on this subject

to Lord Brahma, which I now recite to you in the same way as said by Lord

Brahma. Please listen…..

Lord Brahma Said: O Vishnu! At the time of division of constellations, Pratipada



day of the lunar month) and other tithis were given to Agni (Fire God) and

other Gods respectively and Saptami was given to the Sun God. Whoever was




given the tithis became the lords of the respective tithis. Therefore, when such

lords are worshiped on their day with mantras they give desired results.

The Sun God distributed the Tithis in the following manner.

Pratipada (1


day of the lunar month) to Agni (the Fire God)

Dwithiya (2


day of the lunar month) to Brahma (the Creator)

Tritiya (3


day of the lunar month) to Kuber (the God of Wealth)

Chaturthi (4


day of the lunar month) to Ganesha

Panchami (5


day of the lunar month) to Nagaraj (King of the Snakes)

Shashti (6


day of the lunar month) to Kartikeya (the warrior god, also brother of

lord Ganesha)

Saptami (7


day of the lunar month) for Self (Sun God)

Ashtami (8


day of the lunar month) to Rudra (Lord Shiva)

Navami (9


day of the lunar month) to Durga (Universal Mother)

Dashami (10


day of the lunar month) to his own son, Yama

Ekadashi (11


day of the lunar month) to Vishwadev (lord of the world)

Dwadashi (12


day of the lunar month) to Vishnu

Trayodashi (13


day of the lunar month) to Kamadev

Chaturdashi (14


day of the lunar month) to Shiva

Poornima (15


day of the lunar month, full moon) to Moon;

And to the Spirits, the pure and pious Amavasya (15


day of the lunar month, new


The 15


tithis are of Moon. In Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon), the Gods immerse

themselves in these tithis and they rise again in the Waxing phase from the 16


day onward.

However, there is a phase called “shodash” (16th) which is never destroyed. The

Sun God stays in that phase.

This way the enlarging and diminishing of the tithis are managed by Sun god

itself, so the Sun God is the lord of all the tithis.

Now I tell you in brief how other gods fulfill the wishes of their worshipers.

Fulfillment of Wishes

Worshiping Fire god on Pratipada followed by Havan (The ritual consisting of

prayers, chanting, offerings, etc.) gives unlimited grains and wealth.

Worshiping Brahma on the Dwitiya and feeding the celibate Brahmin makes the

person expert in all kinds of learning’s.



Worshiping Kuber on its day, Tritiya makes the person wealthy and also gets gains

and success in all commercial dealings. (Useful for businessmen & job seekers)

Worshiping Ganesha on Chaturthi destroys all obstacles.

Worshiping Nagas (snakes) on Panchami frees the person from fear of poison and

also gets spouse, sons and the supreme Laxmi (the goddess of wealth). (For those

who suffer from Sarpa Dosh)

Worshiping Kartikeya on Shashti makes the person handsome, long lived, genius,

and also enhances ones own fame.

On Saptami, one should worship Suryanarayan by the name of “Chirabhanu”, who

is the Lord and the Protector of ALL.

On Ashtami one should worship Shiva accompanied with bull, it gives abundant

knowledge and beauty. Lord Shiva gives knowledge, frees from bonding and wins

over death.

By worshiping Durga on Navami, the person willfully

passes through all the phases of the life and also gets

victory in the wars and success in dealing with the


Worshiping Yama on Dashami, frees the person from all

kinds of ailments, prevents hell and death sufferings. (for

individuals who are very sick & going through extreme tough


Worshiping Vishwadeva on Ekadashi gives progeny, wealth and land.

Worshiping Vishnu on Dwadashi, the person becomes victorious and becomes

worshipable in the community the way Sun god is worshipable.

Worshiping Kamadeva on Trayodashi gives good look and desired spouse and all

the desires are fulfilled.

Worshiping Lord of the Lords, Sadashiva, on Chaturdashi, one is bestowed with all

the luxuries, plenty of wealth and sons.

On worshiping Moon with full devotion on Poornima (full moon), the person rules

the entire world forever and the ruling is never destroyed.



The person should worship the lords of the respective

tithis with

full devotion

and with all rituals by chanting

mool-mantra, names, anshu mantra and with japas and


If the Pitras (departed souls of the ancestors) are worshiped on the new moon day,

the person’s wealth is

protected and gets life



Worshiping the souls

even without fasting

also gives the same

benefits. It is essential

for the person’s well‐being that the departed souls are kept happy by worshiping


The person should worship the lords of the respective tithis with full devotion and

with all rituals by chanting mool‐mantra, names, anshu mantra and with japas and


Worship done this way the person remains happy on this planet and also on other

planets. He becomes favorite of the lords representing those tithis and is freed from

all unhappiness, obstructions and he becomes handsome, religious and like a King

who destroys his enemies.

Nakshatra Lords

By worshiping the Nakshatra Lord occupying the specific nakshatras, all of one’s

wishes are fulfilled.

Now I tell you about them (i.e. nakshatra).

Worshiping Ashwinikumar in Ashwini nakshatra, the person gets free from all

ailments and becomes long lived.

Worshiping Yama by blue flowers and camphor in Bharani nakshatra will protect

the person from premature death.

Worshiping Agni (Fire god) in Kritika nakshatra with the garland made of Rakt‐

Pushpa (Red flower) and with homam gives desired fruits.

Worshiping Lord Brahma in Rohini nakshatra would fulfill all the desires.

Worshiping Moon in Mrigshira nakshatra gives knowledge and good health.

Worshiping Lord Shiva in Ardra nakshatra gives victory; the person is blessed on

worshiping lord Shiva with Lotus and other flowers.



Before starting journey or undertaking any

work, one should worship the nakshatra

lords to get success in the task, only after

which the work should be undertaken.

Worshiping Aditi (wife of sage Kashyap, mother of Gods) in Punarvasu nakshatra

gives protection to the worshiper’s mother.

Worshiping Brihaspati (Jupiter) in Pushya nakshatra, then Jupiter is pleased and

the person is blessed with wisdom.

Worshiping Nagas in Ashlesha

nakshatra will free one from the

fears of Nagas.

Worshiping the Pitras (departed souls) in Magha nakshatra gives wealth, sons,

animals and servants.

Worshiping Pusha in PurvaPhalguni nakshatra gives, victory, desired spouse and

blesses them with good looks & wealth.

Worshiping Sun God in Hasta nakshatra by Gandha (sandalwood paste) and

flowers gives all wealth and luxuries.

Worshiping Lord Twastha (the celestial architect) in Chitra nakshatra gives a

kingdom free from enemies.

Worshiping Vayu (Air God) in Swati nakshatra gives lots of divine strength.

Worshiping Indragni in Vishaka nakshatra with red flowers, the person begets

wealth and becomes lustrous.

Worshiping Mitradev (Friend God) in Anuradha nakshatra with devotion and

rituals, the person begets Laxmi (goddess of wealth) and long life.

Worshiping the King of Gods Indra, in Jyestha nakshatra, the person gets strength

and becomes rich and superior in wealth, behaviors and karmas.

Worshiping gods and the departed souls with devotion in Moola nakshatra the

person gains heaven and gains fruits of past good deeds.

Worshiping Aap‐ Jal (water god) in Purvashad nakshatra and performing havan,

the person is freed from mental and physical stress.

Worshiping Vishawadev and Vishweshwar, in Uttarashad nakshatra with flowers,

the person begets everything.

Worshiping Lord Vishnu in Shravan

nakshatra with Shvet, Pita and Neel

(white, yellow and blue) flowers the

person gains wealth and victory.



Worshiping Vasu


by Sandalwood paste

and flowers, the person is freed from all

kinds of fears.





nakshatra, the person becomes free from

all `ailments and the curious person

begets strength, wealth and luxury.

Worshiping Lord “Ajanma” who is like

a pure crystal bead, in Purvabhadrapada

nakshatra, gives supreme devotion and





Uttarbhadrapada nakshatra gives divine


Worshiping Lord Pusha in Revati

nakshatra with white flowers gives lots




courage and victory.

Worshiping all these lords as per one’s

capacity always gives fruits.

Before starting journey or undertaking

any work, one should worship the

nakshatra lords to get success in the

task, only after which the work should

be undertaken.

This has been said by the Sun god itself.

Lord Brahma said: Hey Madhusudan!!

You worship the Sun god with full

devotion, because worshiping the Sun

with regular puja, namaskars (bows),

fasting, havan etc and by feeding

Brahman the person is freed from all

1 Vasu-In Hinduism, the Vasus are attendant deities of

Indra, and later Vishnu. They are eight elemental gods representing aspects of nature, representing cosmic natural phenomenon.

sins and finally achieves the abode of

the Sun god.

Thus ends the Chapter 102 of Bhavishya



he child will live for only one year

if Saturn is in the Navamsa (D9) of

Mars with an aspect either from Mars

or Rahu – Chap: 1: Verse 11:

Jyotisharnava Navanitam, an old

classic taught by Lord Shiva to

Goddess Parvati


: See this chart where child died

within 1 to 2 years of birth 19 Oct

2005, 4.00 am, Bulandsher 77E51,

28N24 East of GMT 5.30





Ascendant (9


Harmonic Asc):


Both The Lords

of the rising






combustion the child born will

instantly pass away without any






Jyotisharnava Navanitam, an old

classic taught by Lord Shiva to

Goddess Parvati




from Dragons

Head – A Master



The Kid

Technique: Mr Ashok


he last article by this scribe was very well received & so we thank the readers for their love in accepting new theories. Jyotishis rarely have open chakras & their accepting it is praiseworthy. Some emails were received complaining that the concept could not be easily understood. For this we

request everyone to keep an open mind & not read articles in a jiffy 1 but to spend time applying the methods on various charts, it is obvious that this magazine is for the very advanced pupil & hence students with 5‐10 yrs & above 25 yrs of experience might find it difficult to digest. After writing articles for Shri Ashok Upadhayay we almost gathered the concept of his secret methods so one day we called him and asked if we can apply Rahu to the method and if it would implement itself the 3 rd from it, he said ‘Bingo’ & gave us encouragement. The following is this scribes own methodology with the grace of a mentor like Shri Ashok Upadhayay but faults if any would be scribes and not of Ashok Bhai.

‘Rahu ‘Implements Its Energy’

in the 3rd from wherever it is

placed in a chart’


Ø Rahu implements its supreme energy in the 3rd house from where it is placed.

Ø Rahu makes it either stronger or weaker depending on the natural condition of the Rahu in our charts. Ø This 3 rd from Rahu at times shows

the main events that will dominate in the charts of those who have a significant Rahu (important point). Ø Use in your analysis the planets

placed in the 3rd from Rahu, aspects on it, lordship of that sign & the


Jyotish is no fast food item hence readers are requested to start studies of each article at an auspicious time along with praying to ones Guru. It is understood that student should be running good transits or dasas to grasp subtle concepts of Jyotish.


Ø nakshatra (asterism) lord/owner of Rahu.

Ø One would observe that ‘Yogini Dasa’ works well to see those events that Rahu is showing in the 3 rd house from it, use it creatively & flexibly till one forms one’s own systematic methodology.

Ø See the planets with Rahu & its dispositor in the dasa pattern of Rahu & its dispositor and/or the dispositor of the 3 rd from it the event related to it will happen.

What is presented below is just a rough working guide for scholars to take it further & not the final method.

Chart 1:

In the chart 2 Rahu is in the 1H with Mars, so it implements its energy into the 3H of younger brothers. Incidentally, the 3L of brother Mars is with Rahu and Mars as such is significator of younger brother. Therefore, we can expect this rahu, mars & mandi (a malefic) to deliver something terrible in the life of younger brother. When will this happen, it will happen either in the period of Rahu or Saturn (as it is dispositor of Rahu) or in combos of Rahu/Mars.

One simple way to start with this method is to see where Rahu is placed & use its dispositors to check periods, here it would be Rahu/Sat or Sat/Rahu periods.

Yogini Dasa (with planets replacing Yoginis): Sat MD/Rah AD: 1977‐Aug‐09 to 1978‐Dec‐09

See this period of Sat Main Period & Rahu Sub Period, first and foremost Sat is 8 th from Rahu & Mars (brother), one bad point, next Saturn is in the 6 th house of accidents from 3H of brother. At a very young age her brother expired due to an accident.



Now reverse this period and take Rahu/Sat period which was from July 1993 to Nov 1994. Rahu ‘Implements its Energy in the 3H of travel’ & Saturn is in the 8H of foreign. We asked her if she travelled a lot during this period. She said every month she was out of the country. This way we can see that Rahu has implemented its energies in the 3H of younger brother and short travel thereby giving respective results in its periods of Yogini Dasa.

Chart 2: Heart Attack

This chart belongs to our Guru bhai where Rahu is in the 2H implementing itself in the 4H of heart, in sign of Leo which again stands for Heart as per some classics & there Pluto & Uranus is placed. So one can say that this implementation of Rahus energy is pretty strong since its dispositor Sun goes into the 8th from the 4H of heart.

In this 4H there is Arudha of the 8H which means chronic disease and

death like situation. When will this be implemented in let’s say Rahu

dasa and as its energy goes into the 4H (3rd from it) of Leo, it

can be Sun antardasa, his RahuMD/SunAD worked

during 15th July 2007 to 24th Dec 2007 for a period of 5

months and it was on 4th Sept 2007 he got an heart attack

which shook the entire life of this astrologer for many many

months to come. Thus, we can see how beautifully the

technique works.

Chart 3: Most Wanted Man on

Internet Jyotish Forums


Everyone hates the guts of this man of steel who is known to fight with everyone yet at the same time, people love him for his clean heart. Rahu is in 3H with Yogakaraka Mars the warrior, this energy will be implemented in the 3H of communication. He is known for his 3

To exhibit authenticity of chart data the native was contacted and he himself gave permission to use his name.


throat cutting emails (3H of communication) and his fights (3H has Arudha of 6H –A6 which means disputes) on the forums.

Rahu is in Leo, so in Rahu/Rahu periods of yogini dasa, which runs from Sept 2006 to Aug 2008 one can expect him writing lot of emails, lot of fights (A6 in 3H) which is what happened on the forums. Next he was asked if he had a younger brother and if during the above period he had disputes with him (A6 in 3H) on which he replied in affirmative that during this period he developed inimical relations with younger brother (3H). Incidentally he was also featured on CNBC for 6 times in this period, television field is 3H of communications & Ven aspects it at the same time being trinal to Rahu (Rahu is photography – he was photographed symbolically speaking). Thus, Rahu has implemented itself in the 3H in period of Rahu/Rahu.

Now Rahu implements itself in 3H of Libra whose lord is Ven, so we can expect some events in Rahu/Ven or Ven/Rahu of yogini dasa. See Ven/Rahu, which ran from Jan 2001 to Aug 2002, Ven is in the 9H of father and also 9H of blessings with SL (Sree lagna). This Ven aspects 3H & so does Saturn the 6L, 6H is the house of loans and loans recd so its arudha A6 will show that and this is placed in 3H of Libra (Ven) where Rahu implements, hence he got a loan (A6) from a relative who later wrote it off (blessings of 9H of Ven). However, such an event would be difficult to predict but it can be used to understand the dasa working better.

Chart 4: Different Example – Mothers Sickness & Death

In previous charts we dealt with examples where the 3 rd house from Rahu is empty, so here we take a chart where a planet is placed in the 3 rd from Rahu.

Rahu is in the 7H and implements itself in the 9H where Moon is placed who is the 6L of disease/hospitals where an exalted (big effect) Jupiter is placed. Also moon means mother. So we can expect that in Rahu/Moon (planet placed in 3 rd from Rahu) something can happen in relation to disease/hospitals (Moon is 6L) and maybe mother (moon is natural significator of mother). Rahu/Moon was operation from Jan 2007 to March 2007 during


which Amitabhs Mother went into hospital, the whole of 2007 she was hospitalized. Then after Sun antar will come Jupiter Antar who is 8L from 4H of mother and also ‘The Pre‐ Dispositor of Moon who is getting the implementation of Rahus 3 rd energy’, it was in Rahu/Jup his mother became closer to God at the age of 93 on 21 st Dec 2007

Chart 5: The Saint


Mel Gibson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Grant, Kevin Costner, and Johnny Depp all refused the role. Schwarzenegger later said he was sorry he did not do it. What is written in Fate will come to oneself & that’s what happened to Val ‘The Saint’ Kilmer as he was called after his stunning performance in ‘The Saint’ a remake on the character of Simon Templar created (in 1928) by Leslie Charteris.



Let us first see Rahu it is in its own sign Virgo 5 and it implements itself in the 3H of acting, so one can expect that his Rahu dasa will show all great characters of mystery (Rahu is mystery) & his acting talent coming out in the forefront. Rahu dasa which ran from 1990 June to 1998 June, so Rahu ensured to give top notch movies like 'The Doors' 'The Heat', Batman Forever' ,' The Ghost & the Darkness' & The Saint (got 6 million triple his salary of that of Batman Forever). This dasa made him noticed in the international market.

Now see Rahu implements its energy in 3H, where Ven is placed, the planet for arts. Therefore, in Rahu/Ven/Rahu his film ‘The Saint’ released on 4th April 1997 6 & it became a instant hit displaying his acting prowess.

Chart 6: Ben Affleck

Rahu is in the 8H of sudden fame with foreigners and Jupiter ensures a role on the right side (America in this case). Rahu implements in the 3rd from it where there is Mandi (tensions) and A6 (fight) and its dispositor is Jupiter, this 10H is aspected by Mars (war) and Mars is in 3H of 5

Sanket Nidhi Chp 1 Shloka 30 Virgo is Rahus Svakshetra (own sign)



flying/travel (note this). As we saw earlier first we take Rahu as MD & the dispositor of the 3 rd from it which is Jupiter here so in Rahu /Jup he got the role of a lifetime in the movie ‘Pearl Harbor’ which became a huge international hit. The movie was about war (Mars aspect on A6) & flying (Mars in 3H of flying). Rahu/Jup ran from 16th May 2001 to 14th Jan 2002 this & Pearl Harbor was released on 25th May 2001 just when Jup antar started and with Jupiter in the 7H of public fame, he got it straight with Rahu involved from 8H, it was sudden like Rahu and the gross revenue of the movie was $449,220,945.

Thus concentrate on Rahu and see how its energies are playing up in the charts we see, test it on 20‐30 charts to get the methodology and develop your own system of interpretation even if it is different from the one presented above.


yotisha Phala Ratnamala

7-15 states that Lagna, Yogada

& Vilagna (Ghati & Hora

Lagnas) must be studied for

assessing the effects of the

different houses as per some

sages. It is essential that the

strongest of these must be

taken before arriving at a final



The Un-Crowned King



Sishya, India.

(As written on 20 th Aug 2007, upon request of Mr. K.N.Rao for Journal of Astrology, published in Oct 2007. This article has been further edited & updated. )

ord Brahma said to Kali ‘Alphabet (GU) means Siddha and (R) and (U) imply Shri

Ganesh who is Guru. Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma & Parents are all Gurus of this Earth. Knowledge imbibed with devotion and rational thinking (vivek) is seen in the heart of the Guru. Study of Dharma and Shastras without Guru is futile. He directs in action, thought, devotion and disintegration. One cannot surpass worldly miseries without the help and guidance of Guru. He throws a flash light on the dark illusionary path. Service to the Guru makes one pure in body, speech and thinking’. – Chapter 2, Shri Guru Charitra

Shri C. S. Patel (Chandulal Sarkarilal Patel) whom we loved and respected expired on 14 th Aug 2007 at age of 92. He was more than a Guru and more than a father.

Scribe could learn hardly any jyotish from him but could get so much love that it is indescribable. The deep love & fondness for each other was so immense that though scribe used to call him ‘Chandubhai’ (C.S.Patel: Chandulal Sarkarilal Patel) his daughter once said


that he should be now called Dada (grand‐dad) by me as our relationship had changed. Though he passed away at the age of 92, scribe felt betrayed by him for going so early.

From the moment the news of his death has come in, all the old timers in astrology have written and paid tribute to the marvelous & most important ‘Pioneering Work’ he did in Navamsa, Nadi Jyotisha, Ashtakvarga & Arudhas. How he taught us to use Navamsa dispositors in transits, 64 th Navamsa, Pushkara Navamsa etc was path breaking to say the least. Even Bhrigu Bindu that was mentioned in an English translation of Bhrigu Nandi Nadi, no one knew how to apply it. When Patel Saheb wrote about how to use it, he became so famous that in the West & certain parts of India they called it the Patel Bindu (instead of Bhrigu Bindu). It was in 2006 I realized that what he had written about this Bindu in his books was far less than what he knew about it when he taught few new methods on its application.

He had a trademark, he would only write on such topics in astrology which were unknown or no one had ever written on it, always the 1 st to venture. This is a dangerous pattern & only few masters have exhibited this trend. He took only those works of Nadi which none before him had worked on. This earned him the awe feeling of genuine respect from even his seniors. One may call it that he marketed himself well but scribe sees that his mission in life was to unearth secrets for us. Before his book on Ashtakvarga was published (1957), the general populace did not even know how to calculate and use Ashtakvarga effectively. This also warrants a special mention on his work on Nadi Jyotisha which remains unparalled; till date no astrologer has removed so many verses from rare manuscripts practically unheard of and taught us their applicability. Patels standing as a scholar is so genuine that when a Chennai based astrologer recently wrote a book on nadi jyotisha and made a one line remark negatively on Patels work, thereby his manuscript has been rejected by all publishers. Finally he was forced to go to an astrologer publisher whom he bad mouthed for years & beg to print his work.

He could orally calculate and announce SAV bindus just by seeing chart in 2 secs. Scribe would feel that’s miraculous but he would shout back saying that it means I have not read his work properly. He often would repeat, to understand his work one must re‐read it minimum 3 times. Later when scribe travelled over India it was realized even big time scholars had this same view that to understand the depth of Patels work minimum thrice reading is essential. At times one would find that even singular verses in his book deserved more thought & hard work. In 2004 we worked on few verses from Patels works and realized that many of them had potential for a full fledged system. Scribe secretly worked on this and shared it with his personal friends. The worst part of his life was he never got the full recognition that he deserved, many current breed of authors wrote articles on those methods first expounded by him e.g. ‘Rasi Tulya Navamsa’ ‘64 th Navamsa’ ‘Pushkara Navamsa’ ‘Bhrigu Bindu’ but never gave him due credit. This kind of plagiarism is often found in an unregulated industry like Indian Astrology, though the same astrologers fail to under how come Mercury is troubling them in certain periods when it should be a good period instead. Many of us do not even know that R.Santhanam’s translation of Devakerelam (Chandra Kala Nadi) would not have been possible if not for Patel Saheb who gave him the Part 1 of Devakerelam. Before Patel Saheb could finish the edit of the translation by Santhanam it had already gone into the press. Patel Saheb was one of the first people who taught Devakerelam in his classes, decades back; even the legend of legends Narendra Desai had


learnt it from him. Many decades later Santhanam translated this epic work wherein Patel’s soul was there. Often scribe had to face disgust when scribe asked his Guru Shri Patel to teach him Dhruva Nadi, Budha Nadi & Guru Nadi, Patel would say first master Chandrakala Nadi (Devakerelam) it is the best, the best & the best.

Let us take Patel Sahebs chart and see few events of his life from some different not so used methods. We shall stress more on the event of his death from a liberal point of view and here we would not expound from the traditional angle of yogas etc:‐

Brief Salient Features:‐


Long Life:

8L Saturn is retrograde; this is what he attributed to his long life. This Saturn is 4 th from 9H of father denoting his father’s mother; his grandmother also lived above 90 (writing from memory). Later we would see that this retro Saturn which gave him his long life was also to the one who would take it away. It’s obvious the hand who feeds has the ability and more so right to take it away too. By the way of oblique reference it can be said that 8L Saturn ‘Retro’ in 12H would indicate that this knowledge of astrology is specifically coming from previous life & it being retro would mean it was a specific karma that he had to pay back a debt to the astrological society.


Unearthing Rare Knowledge:

We would look at Jupiter & Rahu.


Jupiter is AK (soul significator) in the 8H, shows that his Atma (soul) is here for Specific Occult Work (8H); also Jupiter in 8H is known to give ability of ‘Mining Out Hidden Knowledge to Light’. Now this Jupiter is in Aq which is noted as a very special sign for Jupiter. Aq is the sign of the Kumba (overflowing pot) in the hands of a maiden; it was the very presence of his daughter (unmarried ‐ maiden) that facilitated him to concentrate on writing so many books even at such an old age of 92. Without his daughters (Kailashben’s) motherly love he would not have completed so many books after the death of his wife. His wife had died many decades back whom he missed quiet a lot and would often tell scribe how great she was. No doubt on 19 th of March 2007 when his daughter died, he shouted ‘My


Mother is Gone, My Mother is Gone’, after that his speech remain changed till the end of his life & it was not possible for anyone to understand what he was saying. To conclude, this Jupiter is in Aq in the very last degree in



Neer Nadi







– the meaning of it is ‘Extra Ordinary Intelligence’ or ‘Super Natural Intelligence’


Neer Nadi

which means ‘Flowing Water of Sea (not river or pond) – knowledge of hidden sciences (8H) flowed to him is how we should interpret it in context of this chart.


Purva Bhadrapada

– Deity is Ajainkyapaad – One of the Names of Sun

v Here Results are due to previous karma, one has to face it compulsory (he could not have avoided not sharing his knowledge)

v Sun is Atma – gives results of SANCHITA KARMA – if it is Good karma, nobody can stop native from getting results or Vice Versa.


Although people take Jupiter for astrology scribe personally take Jupiter for Shastric Knowledge, Venus for Predictions & Rahu for ‘Research, Unearthing Rare Secrets plus Immortal work’ this can be further meditated upon as Rahu drank the nectar (that gives immortality). In Kaliyuga the students of astrology are like Rahu. Let us not forget that Rahu is in Pushkar Navamsa of 9H of higher learning in his chart. Pushkar Navamsa has the quality of ‘Immortality’ & of ‘Regeneration’ as we know. Now this Rahu is in



Amrut Nadi







This amsa is defined as Whatever results good or bad, this is part of Fixed Karma and the result of it one will have to Endure in this life.


Amrut Nadi:

Rahu as such is the one who drank the Amrut (nectar) of immortality & here it is in Amrut Nadi making it Doubly Potent.




The nakshatra lord is Vishnu who has Buddhi (Intelligence) to create & progress, he does hard work with patience. Additionally Vishnu distributes his fruits to the World (remember distribution act of Mohini).

The above characteristics of the nakshatra was profoundly embedded in Patel Saheb: He worked hard strenuously with extreme patience to the extent of apparently being Slow but this was with planning, intelligence & finally he distributed his knowledge as fruits to the world (like Vishnu). Let us reveal this for the first time, another way of looking at the ‘Goal of Life’ in a chart is to superimpose the sign of the Navamsa lagna upon the natal chart; here it is Virgo, which falls in the 3H of writing. He Wrote….


Sanskrit Learning:

He learnt Sanskrit in school which everyone learns in India, but his mastery on it was so phenomenal that to his uneducated wife he taught Sanskrit and they would converse not in Hindi but in Sanskrit throughout the day. This stunned many veterans of jyotish when they would come to his house & they actually felt that she was M.A in Sanskrit. Patel had mastered many systems of Sanskrit on which we have written in the ACVA issue of July 2007. His ability to memorize, recite & sing Jyotish Shlokas (in the tone of vedic matras) used to stun everyone. Scribe was witness to all these over the years when we would sit in the living room and discuss Jyotish and then he would say go to library room, pick up so and so book and refer to so and so page number, the shloka would be dot on that page. He would memorize the shlokas while he used to shave, such was his extraordinary dedication.


Jupiter is Sanskrit Language, the 8H Jupiters powerful 9 th (God’s blessings) aspect on 4H of learning where Moon the LL having the highest shadbala of 128 shared only by Mars, who is


apart from being yogakaraka (Later we would see the other side of Mars) in turns aspects Jupiter, forming a powerful ‘Trident Energy’ Flow. A Chart is all about ‘Synchronization of Energies’. A Stationary Planet is too powerful to be ignored and in this age of Software Astrology, unfortunately no software points that out instantly. This triangular energy coupled with other factors lead to his big rise. Traditionally speaking it was 5L aspecting 9L & 9 th 10 th Dharmakarmaadipati yoga in 2/8 axis. The Crux of this energy goes into the ‘Phala Varga’ ( Navamsa ‐

Divisional of Fruits’‐

is referred to as Fruits Bearing in

Bhuvan Deepika

) and this Mars‐Jupiter are conjoined in 10H of Karma in D9 in the sign of Gemini which indicates ‘Writing’ why more so writing ‐ as one has to observe 10L of D1, what it is doing in D9, to indicate ones Karma & Profession’ and here it indicates writing. Mars the 10L conjoint with Jupiter the planet of Shastric Learning in the sign of Gemini indicating a mercury oriented profession, it made him Company Secretary in a famous Textile Mill of India & also gave him the karma of Writing – both governed by Mercury.



This has to be seen from the 5H from Lagna, Lagna Lord, 5H Karaka Jupiter, AK (here it is again Jupiter) & PK (Venus). All these factors need to be combined in a composite manner.

a) Asc: 5H is empty but gets aspected by 5L himself who is stationary & in turns aspects Jupiter (Mark this planet ‐Jupiter).

b) Lagna Lord: 5H from Moon (powerful LL) has this same Jupiter whose lord is Saturn (Mark this planet ‐ Saturn)

c) Karaka & AK Jupiter: 5H from Jupiter is deposited by a retro Saturn (Mark this planet‐ Saturn)


d) PK Venus: It is combined with Rahu who is exalted in Navamsa & is in Pushkar Navamsa (if we take True Nodes) like the Asc making it doubly strong (Patel was the first one to highlight the importance & usage of Pushkar Navamsa). 5L from PK is Venus who is again conjoined with Rahu the immortal one (Mark this planet ‐




v In 1957 in Sat/Rahu – (refer marked planets), he released his 1 st book on Asthakvarga with his friend/co‐writer Mr.Iyer: observe Rahu & Venus are together. Rahu unearthed this rare secret of a topic and being in sravana distributed it to world. Being truthful by nature one day he confided in me 2 mistakes that he made in his Arudha & Astakvarga books.

v Two planets come to our limelight that is Jup & Saturn (refer marked planets), this shows that during Jupiter‐Saturn Dasas and antardashas something significant can be expected. In Jup/Saturn he meets 3 yogis of rare quality (Saturn in 12H), got some big gains when he was so young & in Saturn/Jup he got more recognition for his work in Ashtakvarga & started teaching jyotish. (Jupiter AD).

Some UnKnown Methods

Scribe would like to bring to attention here some unknown methods so that it would inspire further probing among readers.

Bhrigu Bindu Progression

This technique is derived from a research done on Devakerelam by my friend & student of Patel Saheb, so till his book comes out scribe can reveal only a part of it:

Now the Rahu‐Moon midpoint of 1 st Bhrigu Bindu (BB) is 29Ta39’.

Step 1:

Take 1H of BB as the 1 st year of life and Progress this Bhrigu Bindu for 1yr per house. So in 2007 it would be his 92 nd year, it comes as the 8 th house from BB (Bhrighu Bindu) point of Ta which comes to the 6H of the natal chart which is 8H of death from BB.

Step 2:

6H has 2L of maraca Sun & 12L Mercury, aspected by 8L Saturn. The dispositor of this 6H goes into the 8H from Asc, and dispositors dispositor Saturn goes into the 12H completing the ‘Trident of Shivas Energy’. How could he have gone beyond this 92 nd year? In March 2005 when he was seriously ill scribe got him admitted in hospital, and was very worried for his longevity, then he told scribe to not worry as it won’t be his 90 th year but his 92 nd year.

Bhrigu Bindu & a Non‐Revealed Method

His Venus Dasa was the worst for him; he faced extreme poverty in this dasa and was hand to mouth as he was retired. Some good friends helped him in this period. Then one day he removed an old piece of paper and taught me a technique which he never could write in his books, he said he got this later. As usual he slept in his Jhula (swinging wooden bench) and scribe sat next to him, following below is just 20% of that technique which scribe has forgotten; my notes of this he unfortunately tore by mistake.

‘Observe the Bhrigu Bindu point, when Tr Rahu will come exactly 90 deg behind

it, a very significant Event in Ones Life will happen’


BB is 29Ta, so we have to find when Tr Rahu will be 29Aq in his chart i.e. at distance of 90 deg. This happened on November 22 nd 2006, around that time he had gone to Ahmedabad to sell of his bungalow there, he sold it for a whopping figure, and this removed decades of poverty. Scribe had shared his poverty and griefs of life and this news was phenomenal for both of us. Patel Saheb called and shouted ‘I am signing cheques in lakhs 1 now ha ha’. We were all so delighted & when there was not a ray of light this was it, beloved Rahu had lived to his reputation of giving sudden wealth. Let us remember this position will come once in 18 yrs only, when he taught this to scribe, this scribe immediately predicted to him that around Nov 06 something would happen, he gave a big smile as if he anticipating something. Scribes note of caution, every 18 yrs one will not become millionaire, natal yogas will tell which year, then dasa must support it & transit will deliver the promise. Ofcourse there exists a system wherein for timing events, nor dasa nor transits are required but someone needs to work on it.

Tripavana Lagna

Current breed of Jaimini Internet Scholars have not even heard of this lagna, scribe realized this when he asked how to use this in one of the internet Jaimini forums receiving thereby a very rude retort & no guidance. These are the sad moments where divinity of astrology is lost. But scribe pursued on this & is still unearthing it, so request readers to probe more & share back.

Shri Iranganti Rangacharya’s work says: Add longitudes of Lagna Lord & the Moon. If the number of signs exceeds 12, remove the twelve signs. Now add to this again the longitude of Lagna lord to get Tripavana Lagna.

Controversy: Scribe felt why should we add lagna lord twice so he approached his friend Shri Ravindra Bhagavat, who is doing studies in Jaimini since long & who had access to Mr. Shiv Kumar, from Andhra Pradesh and student of Shri Iranganti Rangacharya.

He clarified

that, at the end instead of lagna lord add Moon Sign Lord.

It made sense but when Shri Bhagavat mentioned the same to Iranganti ji he said no the method as mentioned in his book is correct, so we cannot also ignore such a great scholars words who is considered one of the 1 st Pioneers of Jaimini Astrology.

Irangantis Tripavana Lagna:

Lagna lord longitude + Moons longitude + Lagna Lords Longitude = 7 Sc 03 (let’s call it TPL 1) Alternate Tripavana Lagna Calucation:

Lagna lord longitude + Moons longitude + Moon Signs Lords Longitude = 7Aq (let’s call it TPL 2)

Results of Tripavana Lagna:

This lagna occupied by the benefic planet or by an exalted planet confers Rajayoga, if occupied by malefics gives poverty (ref Pg 42 Jaimini Sutramritam by Shri Iranganti Rangacharya, Sagar Publications, New Delhi.)

TPL 1: 7Sc has aspect of Rahu Venus & Ketu (Ketu is Brahman as per Seshadiri Iyer) in D1 TPL 2: 7Aq in 8H of occult (note this) has aspect of extremely powerful Moon who is lagna lord in D1 & has 9L of elders blessings cum higher learning Jupiter (AK) who is such a unique Jupiter placed there.



No doubt he got Rajayoga as per Tripavana Lagna. Lets time Tripavana Lagna with Chara Dasa.

Chara dasa of K.N.Rao (modified version of a phalita rasi dasa):

a) Sc MD: 1953Dec31 ‐ 1961Dec30: In 1957 he published his immortal work on Ashtakvarga – TPL 1 is present here

b) Li MD/ Aq AD: 1962 Sept30 ‐ 1962 Dec 31: In Aq AD where TPL 2 is placed, on the 10 th Nov 1962 Sri Shankaracharya of Dwaraka Sarada Peetam conferred on him an honorary degree of ‘JyotishAlankara’ at public function. Getting conferred a degree by the Shankaracharya is considered an achievement.

c) Ta MD/Aq AD/Sg PD: 1998Oct31 ‐ 1998Nov20

Ta MD has his Bhrigu Bindu, Aq AD has his TPL 2 & Sg PD is where his Divya Lagna (divine rajayoga giver) is present. He got ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ by American Council of Vedic Astrology on 15 th Nov 1998 at 10.15 pm

Though the above write up does not give us a clear cut method on which calculation method of Tripavana Lagna to choose finally but it is hoped that it incites stalwarts in real Jaimini Astrology to come out of their hiding & guide us by writing extensively otherwise the real Jaimini astrology will never be known to us.


Ayur Lagna: Longevity Lagna

Shri Iranganti writes ‘Divide the birth ghatikas by 5. Add 1 to the quotient and thus the number

counted from the navamsa sign of the Moon gives Ayur Lagna 2 .’

In our chart the Ayur Lagna comes to as Cancer the natal lagna itself & we apply Navamsa Dasa Navamsa dasa (death):

Ge MD: 2005‐12‐30 ‐ 2014‐12‐30 Aq AD: 2007‐07‐01 ‐ 2008‐03‐31 Pi PD: 2007‐07‐24 ‐ 2007‐08‐16 From Ayur Lagna Asc of Cancer

MD Ge is in 12H of Exit containing Saturn the 8L of death. This gives us a brief hint that this mahadasa would be significant in deciding natives exit. Saturn is in the Shastiamsa of Vamsakshara: means no offspring, we should interpret it as beyond this dasa growth will be obstructed (offspring means growth of oneself).

AD is Aq who is in the 8H of Longevity/Death containing the 6L of disease who is aspected by Krura Stationary Mars placed in Shastiamsa of Kaala (malefic – another name of Yama). Around 5 th of Aug 07 it was detected that his throat muscles (Mars in 2H of throat) had given up completely. So the mars that gave him so many things also took things away at the final stage. This Aq gets connected to the Lagna lord Moon and Ketu residing in the head, blood was not flowing properly to the brain is what the doctors detected. Mars &


Ayur Lagna: After this article was published students on internet wrote back saying that Ayur Lagna calculation is not mentioned in any book or by Jaimini Internet Gurus, so such a thing as Ayur Lagna is fraudulent, scribe humbly requests them to refer to authentic work of Shri Iranganti Rangacharya who is one of the oldest legends on Jaimini Astrology.


Moon is blood & flow of blood respectively. Moon is in 4H of chest heart region for which he had to be kept on the ventilator.

PD is of Pisces, the final sign in the zodiac, who has rasi drishti from 8L Saturn & Sun Mer who is 2L & 12L, both planets in malefic Shastiamsa.

Certain other areas like usage of Rudra etc which are controversial in the usage of Navamsa dasa scribe has avoided. Whilst scribe was in Ahmadabad and saw him suffer it deduced that Mars & Saturn are the Deciding factors for his death to happen. On 13 th Aug scribe was taken to a Hanuman mandir where the statue is supposed to have come out of ground automatically (year 1943) in the army camp in Ahmadabad. Scribe was taken here by a Hanuman bhakt (relative of Patel) who walks every Saturday by foot for 4 hrs to reach to the temple since last 15 yrs. It was here and at the Shani Mandir on 13 th scribe prayed that if Ram was suffering would Hanuman have watched it for so long then how come he expects scribe to watch his Guru suffer when the time is already up. In 18 hours Patel Saheb was no more; it took only 3 mins to die when the pipe was removed from the throat (Mars in 2H).

Naisargika Dasa (dasa of the nature):

Scribe has found this dasa very meaningful & cannot be ignored. DOD: 14 th Aug 2007 Sat MD: 1985‐12‐30 ‐ 2035‐12‐30 Jup AD: 2005‐09‐22 ‐ 2013‐04‐17 Merc PD: 2006‐01‐04 ‐ 2007‐12‐31 Jup SD: 2007‐05‐01 ‐ 2007‐10‐31 Sat PAD: 2007‐08‐12 ‐ 2007‐08‐28

MD: Sat is the 8L in 12H of Exit along with being the 22 nd drekkana, AD: Jupiter is the 64 th Navamsa lord 6L in 8H of longevity giving chronic condition, PD: Mer is the 12L in 6H of


diseases with maraca Sun, Mer additionally is the lord of the Vainashika star causing destruction. Sookshma & Prana dasa are of Jup & Saturn respectively.


1) Devakerelam

Predicting through Navamsa & Nadi Astrology by C.S.Patel – Pg 70 gives this verse

‘‘Evil to ones kinsman will result during Saturns transit in the sign identical with navamsa occupied by the 8 th lord or trine thereof or in the sign aspected by the 8 th lord on the degrees of that sign lord.’’ (Devekeralam book 2 page 241, verse 1772‐73)

Additional results: Natives health will suffer, fear of untimely death, one’s own death, calamity in family, native confined to hospital etc’’

All the above is given in Patel Sahebs book & it is how it happened. Now see how it got actualized in his chart:‐

a) 8L Saturn is in 12H making him a powerful candidate & he is in Aries Navamsa, so trines to that is Ar, Leo, Sagi (Mark these signs Leo & Aries)

b) Sat aspects Leo in D1 natal & Libra in D9 from 8H of death (mark these two signs Leo & Libra)

When Saturn transited in leo in its Tritiya Paryaya (3 rd fatal round) it activated sign Leo which is Trine to the 8Ls Navamsa position & also the 8Ls Navamsa Dispositor ‐Mars (another method of Patel) & also Hit the sign (Leo) which is aspected by the 8L in D1 & also activated the sign (Libra) aspected by the 8L in D9 coming in the zone of activation of Mars (creating the paralysis of throat muscles) & on 14 th Aug 07 (death date) the blow happened.

2) Nakshatra of Destruction : Vainashika Tara

This is the 22 nd nakshatra from birth nakshatra but some paramparas (not available on net forums) use it differently and more effectively though it then becomes over simplistic.


a) Take the 22 nd nakshatra from any planet, if in that nakshatra one finds a house cusp or a planet it gets fertile for Nash (destruction) especially in transits.

b) Take the MD lord and/or AD lord, see its natal position, from there count the 22 nd nakshatra that becomes the

‘Vainashika Nakshatra for that Dasa’


c) Observe in above nakshatra direct transits of malefic or transitual aspect, if more factors conjoin it gives result producing.

Before we see this on death, let us see an event that created the playground for his death. Often astrologers only see the main event but do not go back to when was the SEED of that event. This seed is most important event as per some elders.

Birth Moons: Vainashika Nak

Moon is in Swati owned by Rahu (note this planet), its 22 nd nak would be Ashlesha (Vainashika of Moon) owned by Budha, when Tr Saturn was in Cancer (mother) in Ashlesha it was then on 19 th of Mar 07 his elder daughter died, he wept for his mother like daughter who had cared for him since the last 4 decades. Tr Sat was aspecting natal Rahu &


was in trine to ‘Navamsa Mer’ the nak lord of the Vainashika star thereby forming the linkage to deliver results.

Sun the MD Lords: Vainashika Nak

Sun is in P.Shad owned by Venus (note this planet), its 22 nd nak would be Chitra (Vainashika of Sun) owned by Mars (note). Tr Saturn on 14Aug07 came into Leo close to 5 degrees of Mars his throat muscles gave away (Mars in 2H of throat) causing his death, Tr Saturn aspected Chitra the Vainashika to the degree ‘Activating the Dasa lord Sun to give the

Results of Maraca’. Tr Saturn was in trine to the Navamsa position of Ven the nak lord of

Sun the MD & was conjoined with Tr Ven, not to forget a month back it was aspecting natal Venus activating it.

Same can be applied to AD lord Jupiter (in Vimshottari) & we must see that some linkage of Tr malefic with nak lord of natal planet plus vainashika nak star plus its nak lord if they are forming linkage in D1 and/or D9 then results will be given, if in D9 in fixed sign then results are confirmed. This is what loosely scribe has been able to take hints from a non English non Hindi speaking traditionalist while he was teaching to his student. Scribe understands only 10‐20% of that language so error can happen in understanding it.


Below some mails from old timers & seniors in astrology on Patel Sahebs passing away. Dear __,

Please accept my condolences ‐ this is very sad. I always felt close to CS Patel as I had read all his books. His memory and work will remain with us forever.

In sadness. Komilla

Komilla Sutton

Co‐Founder & Chairperson of BAVA (British Astrological Vedic Association) UK

‘Ohh no, a Legend has left us’ – on phone Shri M.S.Mehta, Sr Astrologer BVB

‘Bhishma Pitamaha of Astrology is no more’ – My Mentor & closest friend of Patel Saheb, Delhi.

‘I was so sorry to hear of his leaving his mortal body and I hope we can do 1/10 th of the work that he accomplished for Jyotish. – Brendan Feeley, Sr. Astrologer, USA

Dear ___,

I am sorry to learn of Sri Patel's passing away; I only hope the end was not painful. Yes, I knew Patelji for many years. He even came home to my place for tea once. He was a man of great learning and his knowledge of the difficult Ashtakavarga system and its nuances was phenomenal. His demise is indeed a great loss to the world of astrology.

I pray God to give his family, admirers and students strength to bear this loss. May his soul rest in peace.


Gayatri Devi Vasudev Daughter of B.V.Raman Dear ___,

I was very sad to learn about the recent death of our Guru and friend Shree C.S. Patel. No doubt he has done a lot of good service to astrology and he will be greatly missed

everywhere. I, for one, read his articles in the different astrological magazines more than 25 years ago. You were very close to him and understood his thoughts and ideas better than anyone else I know, so why don't you try to carry on his work and finish what he has left unfinished due to old age, sickness etc. What is your opinion about this?


Finn Wandhal

Astrologer from Denmark Dear ____,

I am grieved to hear about the sad news. We have lost a brilliant astrologer, researcher and a great human being. It is a great and irreparable loss to the world of astrology. I am also aware that it is a personal loss for you for which I am extremely sorry.

Sincerely yours, K S Charak

Sr.Astrologer ‐ Delhi Om Gurave Namah Dear ___,

The world has received great jewels of knowledge from Sri Patel, and hopefully his teachings will live on. I for one will do my best to study, incorporate, and research such teachings and maybe then some marginal service shall have been rendered to that great soul. This is a sad day. Then again, his Atma has been freed from a very difficult physical

condition. We lament, but where he is, is likely to be beautiful beyond words.

ACVA previously honored Patel Saheb when he was the keynote speaker and honored guest at their symposium. I was there at the time and had a direct meeting with Sri Patel. He did not know me, but after passing from the room, patted me on the back and looked straight in my eyes, and I felt a Shakti occurring at that moment. He was very kind and a

compassionate person and he loved the astrologers in particular. All the best,

Robert Robert Koch


Dear ____,

Just a word to say I am very regretful to hear from Gary Gomes of the passing of C.S. Patel and so glad you and Gary created that very interesting article in the last CVA journal. Mr. Patel represents a fund of profound knowledge and is a great worthy and humble jyotishi and a light to all scholars. It is so unfortunate that we are losing him and ironic how the good work you have done in bringing attention to him in our journal has given him some extra recognition in the western world just before he is called on to his next stage of being. I do hope that his ongoing work and his library will be cared for by people who appreciate their value.

Hope you are doing well and are happy! Blessings,

Sat Siri Khalsa

Sr.Astrologer from US


Simplicity & Discipline:

When he was young he went to see movie of Lord Rama with a couple friend. As movie started the couple got up and did Shastang Namaskar in the theatre (such was the company he kept). After movie he went to that film studio where the same actors who played Ram & Sita were sitting outside the sets, there he saw them smoking & drinking he was most upset. Then he had disgust for actors & movies for all his life, he often said this story to scribe and said although one can think how silly of him to have such feelings but it lead him to never watch movies but to concentrate every waking minute on Jyotish which was his love. Such was his way of diverting energy from untoward events into productivity which shaped his Jyotish. Another incident that scribe remembers, whilst in 2006 full year scribe worked with him on his book on Retrogression, scribe would take his laptop to type what he said but he refused for it profusely for days and days, saying that if he wants to change a sentence how it will be done. Although I explained to him that this is the way of the computer which his grandson also uses, he said it did not fit into his logic. He took his slate & white pencil (used in olden days), he would write on it & give me his brilliant smile. He never could understand how I passed his message to his dear student Shri R.G.Krishnan through email or to his grandson in an instant. Every day scribe had to reach his house by 3 pm & would often be late by minimum 10 minutes; as soon as I would enter he would say sharply ‘You are Lateee’. I stopped giving excuses and only bowed down. Such was his way of seeing life through the Simple Bioscope of an old man who was isolated from the world as all his friends & jyotish comrades he had outlived beyond time.

As we wind up this homage to HIS lotus feet, scribe would share his guidance that has helped us & others.

a) He would repeat & repeat ‘Do not Ever tell a lie if you want your predictions to come true’.


b) ‘Do not keep any malice against any astrologer; if not possible keep very little in your heart and head as it corrupts our astrological growth’.

c) Often he would scold me not to study many things at the same time, he would say ‘Study only one topic in astrology for years and years, master it till you breathe it – that’s the secret of my success.

d) ‘Practice Honest Astrology in deeds, thoughts & do not be a connoisseur of marketing yourself as a Guru & Dollar Astrology, the Rishis watch us & control this science, trust me

they watch us. The

repercussions of otherwise acts are too fatal’.

e) ‘If you can’t respect Time by being on Time, how will you predict others good or bad times’.

Lastly, lets note that he had his strengths and weaknesses as a human being, sometimes the weaknesses hurt scribe very very badly, but our love might make his spirit to be next to us forever saying what he would always say when I daily bowed to him that is



(Bless you to be knowledgeable).

Chinese Mystic Chuang Tzŭ


hen Chuang Tzŭ was about to die, his disciples expressed a wish to give him a splendid funeral. But Chuang Tzŭ said: "With Heaven and Earth for my coffin and shell; with the sun, moon, and stars, as my burial regalia; and with all creation to escort me to the grave,—are not my funeral paraphernalia ready to hand?"

"We fear," argued the disciples, "lest the carrion kite should eat the body of our Master;" to which Chuang Tzŭ replied: "Above ground I shall be food for kites; below I shall be food for mole-crickets and ants. Why rob one to feed the other?"


huang Tzŭ and Hui Tzŭ had strolled on to the bridge over the Hao, when the former observed: "See how the minnows are darting about! That is the pleasure of fishes."

"You not being a fish yourself," said Hui Tzŭ, "how can you possibly know in what consists the pleasure of fishes?"

"And you not being I," retorted Chuang Tzŭ, "how can you know that I do not know?"

"If I, not being you, cannot know what you know," urged Hui Tzŭ, "it follows that you, not being a fish, cannot know in what consists the pleasure of fishes." "Let us go back," said Chuang Tzŭ, "to your original question. You asked me how I knew in what consists the pleasure of fishes. Your very question shows that you knew I knew. I knew it from my own feelings on this bridge."



ay I ask," said Tzŭ Kung, "about divine men?" "Divine men," replied Confucius, "are divine to man, but ordinary to God. Hence the saying that the meanest being in heaven would be the best on earth; and the best on earth, the meanest in heaven."


Bhrigu Maharishi’s Blessings

Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi -2


Saptarishis Astrology


he system of timing events to the exact date with dasa is lost or maybe was never there, but with transits sometimes we are lucky to get results, that is once in a blue moon and that too with no consistency. The system presented herein does not mean it is infallible or always one would get the exact date but at times we would be lucky, those would be the moments of the astrologer. This again is as per the rules of the 6 th ring of Saptarishis, which states that normal astrologers (they say) cannot become extremely good in their predictions, tough to believe in this age but this is what was written down.

After we find out 2‐3 events of what would happen in a chart for a particular year of life. Note down the following points in the concerned sign. E.g. if say you get the current age of the native as the 28 th year which means our ‘Bhrighu Chakra Bindu’ comes in the 4H these are :‐

Trigger Points

1. Note the degrees of planets placed in 4H 2. Note the degree of the lord of that house (4H)

3. Note the degrees of the various other planets conjoined with the 4L

4. If any planet aspects the 4H or where the 4L is then note down the degrees of those planets

5. Note down the degrees of the Upagrahas

6. Note down the degrees of the arudha points in both houses. 1

To gain more please start reading this during Sukhla Paksha, on a Friday with left nostril flowing in the hora of Venus.


7. Note down the dispositors dispositor (we are still testing this point) 8. Note down the degrees of the sahams

9. Do not ignore the Asc degree in any house.

There are many more points but let’s keep it simple in the examples below. Chart 1: 97 yr old native, time of birth roughly 3 pm

If one spends too much time on the net forums then one gets vary to touch charts where the client has said it’s not too sure. Some of us infact get into an obsessive habit of correcting perfect birth times. In 2007 this chart was being studied which belongs to the mother of a very good Canadian Astrologer who does western astrology.

Bhrighu Chakra Bindu:

2007‐1910=97 th year=97‐96=1H of the chart where Rahu, Mandi/Gulika & retro Saturn is there, which means a disastrous year for her as so many malefics and Asc Lord in the 8H of chronic disease and accidents & badhak Saturn in Lagna. Natal Jupiter protects the 1H which means the native can escape death though were sure she would die but as the daughter puts its every time we feel she will not survive this fighter survives. So as we have so many planets in the 1H we note the degrees of the planets.

One House =30 degrees= 1 year = 365.2425 days so 1 degree=12.17 days (approx)

Now calculate the days for each planet that you got above in the 1H and its lord Mars, you would get 4 dates, something on these 4 dates would happen. Do not forget transits but for the sake of focusing more on the core technique transits are not touched here.


The badhak lord is Saturn or Rahu for that year, which means badha will come in this year from 18 th Dec 2006 to 18 th Dec 2007 i.e. her 97 th year (1H), now note the degrees of Rahu in 1H it is 24Ar32, multiply by 12.17= 24.32 x 12.17= 298.89 days. Add this to the last birth date 18 th Dec 2006 and we get Rahus Trigger Point as 12 th Oct 2007, as Rahu is the badhak & also GK (Gnyati Karaka – accidents karaka ‐ 8 karaka) hence she had a very serious accident on 5 th Oct 2007.

As you can see our date is 7 days away, what has been observed over many more horoscopes is that this Trigger Point acts as Before or After. Remember how village astrologers predict ‘Yeh Tariq ke pehle hojaye ga or Yeh Tarig ke badh mein hoja ye ga (Before this date the event will happen or after so and so date the event will happen)

Note here that the time of birth is not accurate but still one can predict in retrospect to the Parasari System of Vargas.

Chart 2: Nathuram Godse, assassin of Mahatma Gandhi


He died at the age of 40 which is 4H, the 4L Mercury has gone in the 12H of exit from the world, so note the degrees of Mer which is 14.15, convert this into days which is 14.15 x 12.17=173 days, now add this to the last birth day which was 19 th May 1949 and you get 8 th Nov 1949 and he was hanged on 15 th Nov 1949, seven days later than Mer Trigger Point Date.

Gandhi Assasination:

He assassinated Gandhiji on 30 th Jan 1948 because of which this man shot to worldwide fame (note word fame) for killing the man considered as a thorn in the British Empire. If we


calculate it is the 38 th year of his life, which means 38‐36=2 nd house where Mandi (poison) sits & aspected by Ketu (metal) from 6H of enmity & trinal aspect of Ven 2 the 5L of fame and also the 12 th lord of cause of exit. So we note the degrees of Mandi, Ketu and Venus and calculate date of event.

For brevity take Venus at 20.15 = 20.15 x 12.17= 246 days which added to last birth day you get 20 th Jan 1948 whereas he assassinated Gandhi on 30 th Jan 1948, 10 days from the date of our Ven Trigger Point Date. Also note that Venus is the Amk (main karma) so his main karma in this life was to eliminate Gandhi and that is what happened on the date as per this system.

Chart 3: George Bush Jr.

1 st Term:

Let’s observe the 55 th year which is from July 2000 to July 2001. Before that when you see this chart you see maximum number of planets in the 1H, note this and also the rulers of this house. Now the 55 th year = 55‐48=7 th house which is the house of padaprapti (which means Gain of Position), so note the aspects on this house, a gajakesari yoga (formed by 9L & Asc lord note this) aspect (5 th ) is there on 7H and also lord of it Saturn goes into the 1H, which means padaprapti comes to self. Saturn will behave as 7L more as it is 3 degree & not finally as 8 th lord. Now this Saturn receives the energy of gajakesari yoga of the 9 th lord by virtue of its dispositor going to this Saturn. So this year this man will suddenly become lion and we see the degrees of Saturn, Mer, Venus and convert them into dates as per Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi system.


As mentioned at the start of the article you can see this from another point of view, 2H is the Year of Concern, 2L Moon is in the 4H aspected at 20 degree of it by Venus sitting at 20 degree.



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