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Q. What is Alignment?

A. Alignment is the side-by-side working relationship that makes great results a daily reality for both Key Decision Makers (KDMs) and Direct Reports (DRs).

Q. What is The Alignment Factor



A. The Alignment Factor (TAF) is a training program that helps Direct Reports get on the same page and stay on the same page with their business owners.

The program is aimed at two key constituencies: company Key Decision Makers, who are typically the owner or founder of the business, and their Direct Reports, those who report directly to them. The Alignment Factor is based on the same TAB principles and methodologies with which you are already familiar. So, most of the concepts in The Alignment Factor will be second nature to you.

The program uses twelve monthly training sessions, homework assignments, and follow-up coaching discussions to help participants unlock potential, boost employee performance, and increase profits. Participants create and maintain an Aligned relationship that leads to better overall business results and an improved, less stressful working environment. The program is relevant to Alignment challenges between family-member employees of a family business, and is as useful to small and mid-sized businesses as it is to larger ones. For instance, a DR who is an office manager in a family-owned business can benefit from the program as much as a VP of sales in a larger organization can.

Q. Am I required to add The Alignment Factor training program to my TAB business model?

A. There is and will be no requirement for existing franchisees to use The Alignment Factor training program.

As it was designed directly in support of the Driving Critical Success Factor of increasing the revenue per territory, we feel it will be a great revenue generator for those who do choose to use it. Early reports from the field let us know that The

Alignment Factor is also a great entry tool to reach potential TAB members, particularly at larger companies.

The Alignment Factor training program has been incorporated into new franchise agreements as part of our program. If you were in the system prior to 2013’s filing, however, there is not and will be no requirement to use it.

Q. How can The Alignment Factor training program benefit my TAB business?

A. In addition to the income you receive from the training registration fees from both TAB member companies and non-TAB member companies, The Alignment Factor also provides the following benefits to a TAB business:

● Non-TAB member companies may become TAB members

● Opportunity to facilitate strategic team meetings in trainee companies ● Coaching opportunities in trainee companies

● Trainees may become Key Executive board members

● TAB Extra services, such as behavior surveys, consulting, etc. ● Increased retention of existing members

● Opportunities to form and facilitate strategic planning teams with trainee companies’ DRs and KDMs ● Create connection with larger companies in your territory


Q. To whom can I offer The Alignment Factor training program?

A. The Alignment Factor is intended to be marketed primarily to TAB member and non-TAB member businesses with ten or more employees, or retail businesses or non-profit organizations with 20 or more employees. However, any business owner with managers can benefit from the training. It can also be used to address Alignment challenges experienced by family employees in a family-owned business.

Q. How much does it cost to get started?

A. Franchisees authorized to market and deliver The Alignment Factor training program in their territory must purchase the following start-up materials:

● One Leader’s Guide Kit

● One Trainee Kit, for demonstration purpose ● 25 The Alignment Factor soft-cover books ● 50 The Alignment Factor customized brochures The total cost for the start up materials is $1,647.

Q. Are there any required costs after I purchase the start-up materials?

A. No. Once the start-up materials are purchased, there are no other TAF purchase requirements.

You do not need exclusivity to offer and provide The Alignment Factor training. However, in order to retain exclusive rights to market The Alignment Factor training program in your territory, you must purchase three Trainee Kits (i.e., sign up three trainees) during the first calendar year you are authorized for The Alignment Factor, and then purchase a minimum of five Trainee Kits (i.e., sign up five trainees) each calendar year thereafter. If you don’t purchase the minimum number of kits, you can still market and provide The Alignment Factor training ... but TAB may allow another Alignment Factor trainer to also market and provide The Alignment Factor training in that territory.

Q. What are the risks?

A. There is no risk for you or your trainee to sign up for The Alignment Factor training program. If you do not choose to retain exclusivity to market the training in your territory, there are no additional purchase requirements. If, at the end of Session One, the business owner does not see the benefit from the training, the trainee can return the Trainee Kit to you, request his money back and receive a full refund of his registration fees. You can then return that Trainee Kit (in good

condition) to TAB Corporate, and you will not be billed for that Trainee Kit.

Q. What if a trainee decides they want to quit the program?

A. If, at the end of Session One, the business owner does not see the benefit to the training, he can return the Trainee Kit to you, request his money back and receive a full refund of the registration fees. You can then return that Trainee Kit (in good condition) to TAB Corporate and you will not be billed for that Trainee Kit.

If a Trainee leaves the company before the final training session, the KDM can send the new person who is replacing that DR through the entire training program.


Q. Are there any required activities on my part?

A. Franchisees authorized to market and provide The Alignment Factor training program must commit to launching the program introducing at all TAB Boards, a one-on-one launch calling campaign if you get less than four trainees from your TAB Board companies, and commit to making 100 calls per month (20 calls per week) in a continuing marketing effort. When you train the program, you will be required to read the Alignment Factor book and review the Leader’s Guide and the Train the Trainer audios.

Q. What tools are available to help me market The Alignment Factor?

A. There are many tools available to help market The Alignment Factor, including:

The Alignment Factor book (about 300 pages; available on amazon.com in e-book form, and from TAB in

soft-cover form)

● The Alignment Factor brochure customized for you

● The Alignment Factor informational whiteboard video (about 1-½ minutes) ● Common Questions about The Alignment Factor video clips

● PowerPoint presentation for you to present at your Board meetings.

● PowerPoint presentation for you to use with one-on-one meetings with prospects ● PowerPoint presentation for you to present The Alignment Factor at large events ● Email prospecting invitation templates

● Telemarketing scripts for getting prospects to one-on-one meetings.

And, just as they are available to help with TAB membership prospect calling, TAB IMDs are available to assist with you with The Alignment Factor prospect calls.

Q. What do I have to learn in order to train The Alignment Factor program?

A. There is very little new content you need to learn for The Alignment Factor because of our extensive video, audio and Trainee Kit. The factors are mainly a modified method and packaging of delivering information you already know. The

Alignment Factor integrates smoothly with topics often addressed in coaching, such as company vision, critical success factors, TABenosTM and two-way communication.

The Alignment Factor is designed to be easy for trainers to facilitate. The Train the Trainer audio and Leader’s Guide provide a step-by-step outline for each training session, including training videos, discussion questions and exercises.

The Alignment Factor trainers are expected to read the appropriate chapter and Leader’s Guide content for each session, and to listen to the corresponding Train the Trainer audio prior to teaching a session. Trainers will eventually be required to complete The Alignment Factor online training modules, which are in production.

Q. Do I have to provide

The Alignment Factor

training myself?

A. No. Some franchisees may opt to use contract trainers to provide The Alignment Factor training for their business model in the same way you use contract facilitators. You will need start-up materials for every party in your franchise who is marketing (signing up trainees for) The Alignment Factor training program.

Q. What materials do I need for The Alignment Factor?


Q. How is the training structured?

A. The Alignment Factor training program consists of twelve monthly 2-2½ hour sessions, between-session homework and between-session follow up calls. Sessions 1 and 12 are held separately for the KDM and DR(s) from a single company.

Sessions 2-11 are group sessions for all DRs enrolled in the class.

Q. How does the training help the trainee and his organization?

A. Each training session focuses on a specific factor that will greatly improve Alignment in an organization. The Direct Report learns how improving Alignment in each business area will improve business results. Knowledge from training session is implemented in monthly KDM-DR meetings. Between-session coaching calls provide a touch-point to evaluate how Alignment is progressing in four critical Alignment Areas: Commitment, Communication, Culture, and Collaboration.

Q. What are the twelve Alignment Factors?

A. The twelve Alignment Factors are:

● Commitment on Alignment

● Align to PAVE Your Way to Success ● Align on Plans and Priorities

● Align on Weekly Strategic Leadership Team Meetings ● Align on Annual Strategic Team Meetings

● Align on Working Dynamics

● Align on Company Values and Working Environment ● Align on the Company Vision

● Align on Roles and Responsibilities ● Align on Critical Success Factors ● Align on Strategic Direction Initiatives ● Alignment Is Evergreen

Q. Why is there between-session involvement?

A. The keys to Alignment within each of these topics are reinforced and implemented in the company through the between-session homework assignments and the KDM-DR monthly meeting, where the KDM and DR strategize on building or increasing Alignment in this area in their company.

The Skype or phone coaching sessions provide the opportunity for the trainer to touch base with both the KDM and DR, and to help the KDM evaluate how Alignment is progressing in all the critical Alignment Areas.

Q. Can trainees start at any time?

A. Yes. Each session of The Alignment Factor training program is independent of the others, so new trainees can enter the training at any time.

● The Company KDM and DR(s) will always meet with the TAF trainer for Session One - Commitment on Alignment. Then the new DR trainee will join the next training session you have scheduled with other DRs if the DR is going to be training with a group of DRs from different companies.

● When a DR has completed Sessions Two through Eleven, the DR, along with his/her KDM, will meet separate from the group for Session Twelve - Alignment is Evergreen.


Q. Can I provide In-House Training limited to the Direct Reports for only one company?

A. Yes. Typically this is done only if the company is registering four or more DR trainees from the company.

Q. How do I get paid?

Once you register your trainee(s) online, TAB will invoice them. The cost of the Trainee Kit(s) and applicable fees (administration fee, credit card processing fee, shipping, sales tax, etc.) are deducted from the registration fees and the remainder is sent to you in a monthly income statement.

Q. How do I register trainees?

New trainees must be registered online using the Submit New Member App tool on the TAB Intranet,

http://intranet.tabboards.com/Private/facilitatorSite/default.aspx. Click on MEMBERS, and select the SUBMIT NEW MEMBER APP option.

Q. I still have questions. How do I get more information?

Reach out to Jan Kaneta at 303/839-1200, ext. 141 or JKaneta@TheAlternativeBoard.com, or visit www.TheAlignmentFactor.com.


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