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English. Quarter 1 - Module 27: Week 9: Reading words with Silent Letters 'h' and 'gh'


Academic year: 2021

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Quarter 1 - Module 27:

Week 9: Reading words with Silent Letters

'h' and 'gh'

Department of Education Republic of the Philippines



English – Grade 4 Alternative Delivery Mode

Quarter 1 – Module 27: Reading words with silent letters ‘h’ and ‘gh’ First Edition, 2020

Republic Act 8293, section 176 states that: No copyright shall subsist in any

work of the Government of the Philippines. However, prior approval of the government agency or office wherein the work is created shall be necessary for exploitation of such work for profit. Such agency or office may, among other things, impose as a condition the payment of royalties.

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Published by the Department of Education – Division of Valencia City Schools Division Superintendent: Rebonfamil R. Baguio

Printed in the Philippines by:

Department of Education - Division of Valencia City

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Website: deped-valencia.org

Development Team of the Module Authors: Jules John F. Lapitan

Ligaya T. Pasi

Novelyn P. Salvan Cindy Z. Tadeo

Editor: John Wronel O. Esto

Reviewers: Ernesto B. Facun, Jr. Maria Lourdes L. Ruba

Edezar C. Tagadiad

Illustrator: Karen Ivy D. Villegas

Layout Artist: John Rimmon I. Taquiso

Management Team:

Chairperson: Rebonfamil R. Baguio

Schools Division Superintendent

Co-Chairperson: Eugene I. Macahis, Jr.

Asst. Schools Division Superintendent

Members: Jayvy C. Vegafria, CID Chief ES

Wilfredo P. Miasco, Jr., EPS – English

Analisa C. Unabia, EPS – LRMS Joan Sirica V. Camposo, Librarian II Israel C. Adrigado, PDO II




Quarter 1 - Module 27:

Week 9: Reading words with Silent Letters

'h' and 'gh'

This instructional material was collaboratively developed and reviewed by educators from public schools. We encourage teachers and other education stakeholders to email their feedback, comments, and recommendations to the Department of Education at region10@deped.gov.ph.

We value your feedback and recommendations.


What This Module is About

Hello, learner!

It’s time to learn new insights with the help of this module. This module id especially made for you.

This material is self-instructional. The activities are designed for you to work independently at the convenience of your homes.

With this module, you will learn about reading words, phrases, poems, and stories with silent letters 'h' and 'gh'.


What I Need to Know

Hi learner! Reading is a very fun activity. You get to discover things, sharpen your imagination, and widen your vocabulary. In this module, you will come across words with silent letters.

After finishing this module, you are expected to;

1. Read with accuracy words, phrases, poems, and stories with silent letters 'h' and 'gh'; and

2. Write a response (letter) to a story/poem read.

How to Learn from this Module

For you to achieve the objectives cited above, you are to do the following:

• Take your time reading the lessons carefully.

• Follow the directions and/or instructions in the activities and exercises diligently.


Icons of this Module

What I Need

to Know This part contains learning objectives that are set for you to learn as you go along the module.

What I Know This is an assessment as to your level of knowledge to the subject matter at hand, meant specifically to gauge prior related knowledge. What’s In This part connects previous lessons

with that of what you are going to learn.

What’s New An introduction of the new lesson through various activities, before it will be presented to you.

What is It These are discussions of the activities as a way to deepen your discovery and understanding of the concept.

What’s More These are follow-up activities that are intended for you to practice further in order to master the competencies. What I Have


Activities designed to process what you have learned from the lesson What I Can

Do These are tasks designed to showcase your skills and knowledge gained, and applied into real-life concerns and situations.



This assessment evaluates your level of mastery in achieving the learning objectives.


Activities These are additional activities designed to increase the level of your skills and knowledge.


What I Know

Direction: Say the words aloud and look for them in the puzzle.

sight heir height delight hour H R G O H S I G H T E M Y T B I H F V Q G I D T Y K S U H Y C W Q A R R B R F T B H V Y R F H A T S D R K R B H T F E H J J H A L T N H T D I H O R J H M T N T H I G T A T K E N R M L T H H O K G K I U F L E T T T E H O U R O F K D H T W D M M L U P G W D D G I D H N M B Y D E L I G H T





Silent Letters 'h' and 'gh'

Reading words with

When you read stories and other literary texts, you are widening your imagination and vocabulary. There are some words that has silent letters in it. In this module, you will be reading a lot of these words.

What’s In

Read the poem below and do the following activity.

Haira, the Honest Girl Jennalyn S. Datuin

Haira found a wallet,

while she was in the market. Honest as she is,

She gave it to the police.

“Little girl, where did you find this? Come, have a seat in my office.” “Oh! There is no name on it,” said the police We don’t know whom to return this.

Haira answers, “You’re right” We need to return this tonight. It’s still broad daylight;

I hope we can find the owner before midnight.


Activity 1 Write a letter to a friend sharing the honesty of Haira. Here is a sample letter.


When writing a letter, you have to take note of the following: 1. Heading- this may include the address of the writer and the


2. Greeting – contains the name of the receiver.

3. Body- this is where you write the message you want to convey. 4. Closing – examples of closing are; Yours truly, Respectfully


June 09, 2020 Dear Elly,

How are you? It has been so long since the last time we met. I hope you are doing fine. I am looking forward to play with you again. Be safe.

Yours truly, John


________________________ ________________________ Dear _________________, _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ __________________ __________________

Notes to the Teacher

Make sure to check the letter of

your pupil. Check the parts and the



What’s New

The words in the box are the underlined words in the poem. These are examples of words with silent letters ‘gh’ and ‘h’.

honest right daylight midnight

What is It

Here are more examples of words with silent letters ‘gh’ and ‘h’ Words with silent letter gh Words with silent letter h

eight honor weight honors height honorable sight honest delight honesty bright heir fright hour light heirloom right frightful thoughtful brought

phrases with silent letters ‘gh’ and ‘h’ 1. the eight bright pupils 2. a heavyweight boxer 3. a beautiful sight 4. an honest girl in town 5. a frightful scene


What’s More

A. Read aloud the phrases. Underline the words with the silent letters h and gh.

1.three honorable guests 2.a thoughtful son 3.a right answer 4.a bright light 5.one’s height

B. Read the following sentences carefully. Encircle the words with the silent letters g and gh in each item.

1. Bogart gives the right answer to my question. 2. He is the brightest pupil in my class.

3. He is also a very thoughtful son.

4. He loves and honors his father and his mother. 5. He travels abroad with his eight friends and they

visit historical places around the world.

What I Have Learned

Classify the following words.

Words with silent letter gh Words with silent letters h

cough tough high echo ghost laugh thigh christian enough when


What I Can Do

Complete the paragraph below using the words in the box.

delighted honest thoughtful bright novely

Post Assessment

A. Read the paragraph below. Underline the words with silent ‘gh’ and ‘h.

B. Write a response letter about the paragraph above.

John Mark D. Cruz is an eight year old boy. He is a Grade 4 pupil. He is the smallest pupil in class. His height is only 2 feet and 8 inches. Though he’s small, he is the brightest pupil in their class. Aside from being the brightest pupil in class, he is also honest and thoughtful according to Mr. Jusayan, his adviser.

________________________ ________________________ Dear _________________, _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ __________________

Pangasinan is one of the progressive provinces in the country. You will be ____________ to see and visit the place because of its beauty and grandeur.

The people are open minded with _________ ideas to improve the province. Aside from that, they are industrious and ___________.


Additional Activities

Direction: Use the following words in a sentence. 1. honorable __________________________________________________ 2. light __________________________________________________ 3. brought __________________________________________________ 4. heirloom __________________________________________________ 5. eight __________________________________________________



Balajadia J., et al (1999) Fun in English Language 4 JGM & S Corporation

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Edition, 2011) Book Wise Publishing House, Inc.

Rabelas, Grace U., et. al. (2015). English Learner’s Material. Department of Education Republic of the Philippines.


For inquiries and feedback, please write or call: Department of Education – Division of Valencia City Lapu - Lapu Street, Poblacion, Valencia City 8709 Telefax: (088) 828 - 4615


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