Integral Security Solution

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Integral Security


27th April 2009



Integral Security Solution

● Main drivers:

● People Safety : avoid hazards in operations related to process control , process risk containment , Emergency shut down in case of dangerous or uncontrolled operations , Fire and gas protection to prevent fire and gas explosions , Electrical hazard protection with Arc resistant systems .

● Asset Security : prevent against any damages toward the integrity of the production system ,

environment and asset . Protection against intrusions, terrorism , theft , leakages , and secure fluids containments ,to avoid potential injuries either due to human errors , bad operations ,…. Security systems are more and more used to prevent Safety Hazards including inside or in relations with process..

● Value proposition

Open, Performing and Integrated Security solution from video monitoring to access control, intrusion detection and CCTV system”

● End to End engineering feasibility studies for security

● High performance CCTV integrating specialized cameras applications like ; explosion-proof & Thermal cameras

● Integrated plant-wide security—perimeter, gate, parking, process Control—flare and process monitoring

● Hazardous area coverage for worker safety, and mustering in emergencies.

● Customers Benefit

● Complete information management

● Improved efficiency in response to emergencies

● Reduced risk to people and assets in cause of bad operations or external acts ● Lower cost installation


Integral Security Solution

● Offer description (Product, Systems & services ):

● Integrated Scada systems with the following required performance: – access control;

– CCTV including hazardous areas monitoring;

– intrusion access control in hazard areas with image integration – total right access control in the site

– image treatment alarms for process (leakage)

– under vehicle surveillance and ANPR management systems – badge tracking multi tag identification

– real time fire system monitoring, fault detection alarm & intelligent response – battery & UPS, emergency Generator real time monitoring & alarm

– open integrations to other capabilities, like gate barriers and road blockers – traditional plant-wide security—perimeter, gate, parking, office monitoring, etc.. – refinery Process Control—flare and process monitoring, hazardous area coverage

for worker safety, and mustering in emergencies.


Integral Security Solution

ETHERNET TCP/IP Web Monitoring SECURITY ROOM & Alarms Intrusion Access

Hazardous Fire Evacuation Video Monitoring Video Analytics & Alarms Control Video Areas Emergency System Secure Power


Integral Security Solution

Pressurized Thermal Imaging IP67 Cameras Positioning Systems Ex proof Cameras Access Control Emergency Evacuation Control Intrusion Control Wireless



Total Integration


2.45GHz Semi-Passive RFID

One Integrated System


Interactive Map

Perimeter Alarm System

Who Goes Where and When”:

Access Level ,Time Zone ,Holidays Antenna


Multi-tag identification


One Integrated System

Battery and UPS monitoring and

real time alarming Emergency generator monitoring and real time alarming

Critical environmental real time monitoring

and alarming

Real time access control Intrusion detection

Personnel and event records Digital CCTV integration

Real time fire system monitoring Fire system fault detection reporting Intelligent response to Fire



Under Vehicle Surveillance System

● to provide security personnel with a fast and effective

method of viewing the underside of vehicles, by providing the operator with a clear image within seconds of the vehicle passing over the scanner.

● comparing images between in and out

● to search the undercarriage of vehicles for hidden items including:

● Explosive devices; ● Firearms;

● Drugs and Contraband; ● Persons.


Other Integrated Features

Road Blocker

Tire Killer

Anti Explosion Door & Partition


Dedicated Offer


Explosion Proof CCTV Camera

Explosion-proof Positioning System

●UL/cUL Marine and Hazardous Location


●EC-Type Certified per ATEX Directive

● Class I, Group A&B – Class II, Group E, F,

G, T5

● Class I, Zone I, AEx d IIC, T5

●ATEX – II 1 G Ex d IIC, II 2 D, T5

●Lloyd’s Register Type Approved

●NEMA 4X and IP66

● IECEx Scheme Certified w/ National

Differences for:

●Brazil, Australia, Japan, China, USA,

Canada, and ATEX


24 hour manned security system

– Constant Observation

– Remote access and video analytics may apply

ƒ Examples: Off-Shore Process & Safety

Pipeline Security & Leak Detection • Location

– Limited Power

– Minimal lighting

– Remote – unpopulated surrounding area

– Near water – Ports, coast lines, bays, etc.

• Security Applications

• Equipment Analysis


Solution Approach



=S= Security Offer - summary

Business Model

Schneider Sourcing External Sourcing

All integrated systems Integration guaranteed by turn key solutions

Project Management / Contracting P&EC turn key solution provider

Energy Electrical Distribution =S=

Efficiency Secured Power Supply MGE - APC

cameras (fixe, PTZ, dome, IR ) PELCO

CCTV recording systems (NVR, DVR ) PELCO

Supervision PELCO

Analogic Transmission

only cable


(coaxe, UTP, fibre)

Digital Transmission, Bus LON

Signal PELCO, TAC only cable

(Cat5, Cat6, fibre)


Wireless PELCO

IP active components (switch, router,…) web server fromTAC Hirshmann, CISCO …

High & Low Design P&EC

Access Control

badge, reader, printer, gates … controler


adapted to customer's needs

DLP monitor PELCO, TAC

project management local installer


Physical Anti-intrusion ( fence …)


Intrusion Detection systems (cable


hyperfrequence, IR fence ...) Monitor Wall

Supervision Video Server Superviser



Some Successful

Project References


Successful Installations

●More than 2,000 ExSite Camera Systems in Use Around the World


US and European Installations

Alyeska Pipeline, Alaska, USA

Refinery, Scandinavia


South American Installations






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