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The application of WolfVision Visualizers in

schools, universities and educational institutions



Vivid and convincing


The most important factors for successful presentations in a school room or university setting

are quite simple to name, but not so easy to implement. It is essential for the teacher or lecturer

to capture and maintain the attention of the audience, to present effectively, to create interest, to

encourage excitement and to captivate the students. The WolfVision Visualizer optimally

supports the skills and efforts of the presenter in making a meaningful connection and

communication with the audience. Spontaneous interaction becomes possible when photos,

documents and objects are digitised and magnified in front of the audience, creating a very

tangible and vivid experience that leaves a lasting impression. The idea is not just to create a

good show, but to achieve the main objective: a successful presentation.

Arizona State University

California State University

University of Notre Dame

Harvard Business School

Harvard University

University of Texas

University of Maastricht

University of Warsaw

Medical University Innsbruck

Keppler University Linz

University of Padova

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Gulf University Kuwait

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Aarhus Universitet

University of Helsinki

University of Montreal

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Meiji University

Wifi Wien

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Harper College Chicago

Zukunftswerkstatt (University of Applied Sciences)

FH Graz

Norwegian School of Management

School of Engineering Bregenz

Forestville Central Schools

Lahti School

A selection of existing clients who

are using WolfVision Visualizers


The initial impression of

high quality never goes away


Visualizer and interactive whiteboards

WolfVision Visualizers are to be found in many universities throughout the world. At Meiji University in Tokyo, which ranks among the best universities in Japan, 80 lecture halls and auditoriums have been equipped with WolfVision Visualizers. Mr. Itaru Wada, Manager of the Izumi Campus, emphasises: “Whereas our support staff regularly receive requests about how to use our computers and audio systems, they have not received a single one for the WolfVision Visualizers, despite the fact that they are in constant use. They are so easy to operate that nobody seems to experience any kind of problem and everybody can work with them without any form of training.”

WolfVision Visualizers combine perfectly with interactive whiteboards. Books, 3-dimensional objects or photos can be captured and displayed on the interactive whiteboard, edited, annotated and then archived to the connected PC or laptop. The College of Law at Arizona State University in the US has its own mock-up courtroom for training purposes, and a WolfVision Visualizer is integrated with a wide range of presentation and annotation devices. During trial practice sessions the participants can annotate, draw or highlight on images displayed by the WolfVision Visualizer directly on an interactive whiteboard. Catherine O'Grady, Professor of Law, confirms: “The implemented technologies greatly enhance the courtroom's teaching capabilities.”

We live in fast-changing times. Technology and equipment age much quicker than ever before.

However, there are exceptions and WolfVision Visualizers are such an exception. They are

indeed ahead of their time and will certainly not be classed as outdated in many years to come.

That may well sound presumptuous. However, the fact is that not every Visualizer is

distinguished by timeless, user-oriented design, and not every Visualizer can boast hand-made

production. The WolfVision Visualizer is such a design and can make such a claim. Every stage

of the production process is controlled by specialists who are personally responsible for the

quality of each unit produced. The keyword is quality and it is the main objective. WolfVision is

very proud of the result which, in turn, has led to an exceptionally high degree of customer






The HTL School of Engineering, which is located in Bregenz in western Austria, is a widely renowned educational institution for future technicians and engineers. Dr. Matthias Hirner, who amongst other things is Professor of Physics and Informatics, is responsible for all audio visual equipment at the college. “WolfVision Visualizers enable us to explain complicated procedures much more vividly and in fine detail. For us they are quite simply irreplaceable and it is very hard for us to imagine how we used to teach without them.”

Both teachers and pupils benefit from varied and lively teaching. At the Forestville Central School in New York State, every classroom has a WolfVision Visualizer, a computer, a projector and a VCR / DVD player. Accor-ding to the school's technical coordinator, Michael Murphy, the WolfVision Visualizers are the most used items. “The reason they are so popular with the teachers and pupils is not just because of their ease of use. WolfVision Visualizers are extremely versatile and can be deployed in various applications throughout all school grades and subjects - in science, maths, history and reading.”


Easy to operate – leaving

you free to concentrate on the

content, students and pupils.

Teaching is challenging and demanding, and also requires the utmost concentration. We fully

understand that the key issue for every teacher, lecturer or professor is to concentrate on

delivering an effective lecture. This is why it is very important for us that all WolfVision

Visualizers are extremely easy to use and do not impose any technical challenges on the



“Going green” certainly seems to be the fashion and corporate social responsibility is on everyone's lips at the moment. Social and ecological responsibility at WolfVision, however, has always been a core issue. WolfVision is a family company, and full awareness of subsequent generations and the world that they will live in is, so to say, a part of the company's nature. In addition to the certification for quality management in accordance with ISO 9001, WolfVision also conforms to environmental management standards and is certified under ISO 14001. For a European manufacturer like WolfVision, stringent environmental protection directives also apply:


Certain Hazardous Substances

Ÿ Directive 2002/96/EG WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Ÿ Regulation 1907/2006 REACH – Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. For WolfVision it is a matter of course that the company's innovative strength enables it to go above and beyond the practices stipulated by the mandatory regulations.

Apart from energy saving measures, such as reducing stand-by power consumption, environmental compatibility and friendliness are an integral part of product development. Taking into consideration the very long life cycle of a WolfVision Visualizer and the fact that more than 95% of the product is recyclable, it is evident that environmental conservation is a high priority.

Directive 2002/95/EG RoHS – Restriction of the Use of

WolfVision – the company,

the people and the environment

The new company headquarters –

setting ecological standards

With its new company building, which was completed in 2008, WolfVision has proved its commitment to environmental issues. The design of the workstations and working areas complies with the most modern of standards. The building has an automatic intelligent lighting system which is capable of activating lights in the presence of motion and low ambient light. The air conditioning system, which uses underground thermal energy, has minimal energy expenditure and is completely independent of fossil fuels.




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